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Halloween 2013, Game of Thrones-style

By Ours is the Fury on

This year, Game of Thrones fans once again topped themselves creatively when it comes to costumes. It’s no surprise that many people found the Red Wedding particularly inspiring, since the bloody affair is perfect for the holiday. Enjoy our second … Continue reading

Looking Forward Season 4, Part 7: Lord Varys

By Oz of Thrones on

“Hello my old friend.  It’s been a long time” Don’t look now, but someone unabashedly dressed as Oz has returned.  For those of you that celebrate the annual ritual of dawning masks and face paint and dressing up like ghouls … Continue reading

The North Remembers: October 2010

By Hear Me Roar on

Do you know what happened three years ago in October? The almighty chairgate, that’s what! :) Happy days. Eros Vlahos (Lommy Greenhands) and Ben Hawkey (Hot Pie) were cast. As was Ian Beattie in the role of one of the … Continue reading

Game of Owns: The Costumed Man

By Winter Is Coming on

Episode 160 – The Costumed Man iTunes | Download | RSS ACOK Chapter 44: Tyrion X In true day-before-Halloween spirit, join your four heroes as a discussion filled with shadow and dark places provides a fresh perspective on the troubled … Continue reading

David Nutter talks the Red Wedding

By Winter Is Coming on

A new interview with director David Nutter has been published over on the Directors Guild of America website. Nutter talks in detail about the filming of the pivotal Red Wedding scene. Here is an excerpt: Q: I understand you shot … Continue reading

MGoT: Dragon’s breath

By Winter Is Coming on

A new entry to the Making Game of Thrones blog has just posted. In it, Cat Taylor details the process of testing the dragon’s fire for season 4. Once the bursts come more regularly, a few begin people stop and … Continue reading

Game of Owns: The Halfhand

By Winter Is Coming on

From the better-late-than-never department, here is last night’s Game of Owns, wherein your friendly neighborhood podcast hosts discuss the WiCnet Awards, the Halfhand and the Halloween costume contest. Enjoy! Episode 159 – The Halfhand iTunes | Download | RSS ACOK … Continue reading

WiCnet Awards Season Three: Best Death Scene

By Winter Is Coming on

It’s time to vote for the next category in the WiCnet Awards. And since it’s Halloween week, we’ll go with the best death scene. Take a look at the grisly nominees after the break and then cast your vote.

Halloween is Coming

By Ours is the Fury on

Every year, Game of Thrones characters are a popular choice for Halloween. The amount of work put into costumes by fans is outstanding. So once again will be showcasing the fandom’s costume highlights this October 31st. Submit a photo … Continue reading

Game of Owns: Shadowvag Part II

By Winter Is Coming on

Episode 158 – Shadowvag Part II iTunes | Download | RSS ACOK Chapter 42: Davos II Game of Owns is here with a solemn vow to lead the collected masses into another lonely weekend, riddled with tales of treachery on … Continue reading

HBO one step closer to offering streaming-only access?

By Winter Is Coming on

With a dearth of Game of Thrones news, I thought this recent development in the world of cable news was worth a post. Many here have complained about HBO GO being restricted to HBO subscribers only. And while that is … Continue reading

Game of Owns: Riot

By Winter Is Coming on

Episode 157 – Riot iTunes | Download | RSS ACOK Chapter 41: Tyrion IX Game of Owns returns four host strong as the Lannister going-away party draws to a close, directly in the center of crowded and dangerous city streets. … Continue reading

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