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WiCnet Awards Season Three: Best Supporting Actor

Time again for voting to open on a new WiCnet Award category and I think this may be the most hotly contested one yet. The category is best supporting actor and we’ve got five nominees for you to select from. This was easily the hardest category to narrow down the nominees for, there are just so many great performances in this show. But, after much deliberation, these are the five we chose. Vote for your favorite and then take to the comments to debate the choices!

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  • It’s between Conleth, Liam, and Michael for me. Can I get back with my vote in a couple of months? I don’t think I’ll be able to reach a decision any time sooner…

    [edit: I wasn’t referring to the obvious mistake in the poll title, but simply to the fact that it is impossible to say which one is “best”]

  • Haha season 4, could this be a foreshadowing as to which characters will play a prominent role in the upcoming season?

    Anyway I vote for Michael McElhatton, the guy just nailed it as Bolton throughout the entire season.

  • I’m a huge fan of conleth hill but not sure he had enough to do this season. I’ll go for Michael mcelhatton – so creepy and coolly detached, perfect.

  • Michael McElhatton for me, though Conleth and Stephen are strong runners-up. I almost voted for Varys, but he didn’t have much to do in S3, aside from telling stories from his childhood.

    “Forever young”

  • Stannis baratheon ofcourse.

    I think this is his last season as support aswell I guess? Seeing many of the chapters in adwd focussing around him.

  • McElhatton’s Roose Bolton. I’ve been waiting to cast this vote for a while now. He was perfect. A ruthless calm permeated his performance and he never overplayed his…position.

  • Michael all the way the guy just oozes menace . The others are also excellent but I think roose just clinches it

  • Voted Liam…

    Conleth didnt have that much to do this season.

    Michael wasnt enough put on the first line (this shall come !)

    And it was so tough to chose between Stannis and Davos…

    But Liam is such a perfect Davos !

  • These polls are impossible! Too many good options. They were all amazing, and this was hard to choose, but I voted for Mike McElhatton. He’s perfect as Roose and doesn’t get enough recognition.

  • I think Stephen Dillane belongs in the best actor category. Stannis is a main character IMO. Did he just not get enough screentime?

    It was difficult, but I went with Michael McElhatton. He’s nailed Roose both in season 2 and 3. He’s exactly what I pictured. He also does a good job scaring me.

    Will Charles Dance be in the best actor category? I hope so, because he was great this season.

  • It was a tuff choice between Conleth and Michael, but i ultimately went with the latter. Only because i think Conleth didn’t have that much to do this season, and Michael was fucking awesome!

  • If it was that hard to narrow it down to those five, then how are we supposed to choose just one?!? Honestly, they were all amazing but I’ve always loved how Varys was portrayed in the show… especially this season.

  • I was torn between Varys and Stannis before ultimately going with Varys. A tough decision.

    Both really excelled this season, which “peeled back the onion” and we saw more of them. Both are morally grey figures who do not fit into simple black and white categorizations of good and evil. Season 2 presented Stannis as almost a villain, or at least, an anti-villain (a step below anti-hero on the scale) with understandable goals. For Season 3 I was worried that they’d run out of things for Stannis to do – but rather, it allowed time to show different facets of Stannis, specifically that we got to see his family. This is an entirely different side to him. And it couldn’t happen in Season 2 due to screentime restraints (in season 2 they weren’t even sure if Shireen would ever be introduced into the TV series).

    But all in “Kissed by Fire”, we see that Stannis has a wife and a daughter. That his wife had a string of miscarriages and only ever produced a sickly daughter. That his wife is disturbingly in awe of him from afar as a religious fanatic but not really a warm relationship – but that Stannis doesn’t blame her for the failure to produce a son and seems to honestly pity her. This draws some criticisms, but they contrast Stannis with Robert – Robert was a lecher who felt it was his right to screw every girl he could get his hands on. Stannis has one….magical sex ritual to conjure a demon, but on his own volition confesses to his wife, because he’s all about not breaking rules. He honestly seems to like Shireen, but he’s not really used to having friends or relationships so he comes off as well meaning but awkward. And in the later episodes we have Melisandre and Davos as the two angels on his shoulders, Davos trying to convince him that the entire reason he asked what to do with Gendry is because he knows what Melisandre wants to do is wrong.

    So Stannis was better than last season, though more subtle.

    At the same time, however, Varys also had a stand-out season. He explained his backstory with the sorcerer (what’s in the box, Varys? What’s in the box?!),

    So Varys is acting *within* the storyline, switching between “pleasant, foppish courtier” mode and “serious” mode.

    Basically I went with Varys because I know that Stannis will get more to do later, but Varys’s big moment was the speech explaining his past.

  • I didn’t vote for him but I do think they cast a perfect Roose Bolton – detached, creepy, vaguely polite but cool. Utterly nailed it. Roose is a psychopath – not in the overt way Ramsay is, he’s got more self control…

    …but still, human emotions seem utterly alien to him. And he still enjoys “torturing” his enemies. At first his torment of Jaime, needlessly toying with him that Cersei might be dead, might have seemed to the casual viewer like just a bit of dark fun – but really, it wasn’t just a bad joke, Roose was taking utter delight in dragging out the torment of someone else – for no logical reason or goal.

    That way he just seems…”off”. Even when talking to Walder Frey in “Mhysa”, he seemed…”polite”, but he has that fake, forced smile.

  • Wow. This is a really, really, really difficult choice.

    Dillane didn’t have enough to do this year other than his great work in “Kissed by Fire.”

    Going to eliminate Liam too. He’s great as Davos, but felt his better stuff was in the previous year, though his scene with the great Lucian Msimati as Salladhor Saan was awesome. His conversations with Gendry and Shireen were great, too. And yet, I’ve got him fourth.

    Conleth Hill’s been killing it as Varys for a long, long time. Had some great individual moments – the way his register changes as he gets emotional with Littlefinger, telling him “Everything I did, I did for the realm.” His attempt to buy off Shae, and of course, the man in the box.

    I really want to just vote for Michael McElhatton, too. Spot-on as Bolton, and he did a lot with the brief moments he had, but I found that most of his work was pretty much brief; I might still think of him as a scene-stealer than a supporting actor. Feel free to disagree.

    I think I’m going another way, though, with John Bradley as Sam. Had to play so many different emotions and faces. Sad-sack Sam was well in effect of course early in the year, but building up courage to get Gilly out of Craster’s Keep, standing up to the White Walker, getting to use Jeor Mormont’s lines from the book with his conversation with Maester Aemon, and his best scene – where he discusses his father – brings it home for me. After he protests the idea of naming the baby Randyll, when Gilly asks if he was cruel like Craster, his way of saying it: “Different manner of cruel,” really gets it.

    On another day, perhaps Hill, perhaps McElhatton, but I’m going with Bradley.

  • Shiiiiiiiet
    Okay, okay, I can do this. I don’t like Dillane at all, and Conleth is ever perfect but I didn’t like his stuff this year. This leaves me to choose between Liam, Michael and John…
    *gives up*
    *hangs self*
    *from the dead*
    Apparently no one recognises the amazing amount of work John puts in, so I am going with him

  • Btw, do share – is Dance going to be included in best actor category or did he not make it into this one? (Which would be weird)

  • I love all the other actors in this category…but to me Conleth Hill did it once again. From his interaction with the Queen Of Thorns to his little repartee with Littlefinger, Varys as a character and Conleth Hill as an actor remain as mysterious ever, and I love that. If ever a actor became his character and melted into him, then Conleth Hill and Varys are it. Whenever the man acts or as it is, the character speaks, there are dimensions behind dimensions in everything he says and does.

    “Hello my old friend!”, I mean that single line from that extraordinary scene between Varys and Tyrion pretty much says everything, and still sends chills down my spine even as I’m just quoting that bit of dialogue!

    Conleth Hill, Varys, winners by a longshot!

  • Roose. All nominees are great and maybe if there was a ‘best new players’ award (even though he technically wasn’t new this season), I would vote him there instead of here. But the way he looks at Cat when she discovers that he’s wearing chain mail is spot-on treachery. It shows the calculated yet calm psychopathic tendencies that I had pictured Roose having when reading the books perfectly. Excited for what comes next!

  • The battle is between John, Liam and Stephen this season (mostly because they had more screentime). I went with Liam because I love Davos the most :)

  • Wow, absolutely shocked to see the lack of support for John Bradley as Sam! Don’t get me wrong, Roose, Stannis, and Davos play their parts very well, but I can certainly envision replacements doing equally good jobs — say, if the actor suddenly passed away.

    On the other hand, John Bradley is one of the few actors in the series who I feel defines the character, who is such a perfect fit that I can’t imagine anyone else playing that character — especially after his performance in season 3. Same for Conleth Hill as Varys, and Gwendoline as Brienne, and a few others, but Conleth Hill deserves his award for past seasons more than this one, I feel.


  • Conleth Hill as Varys appeared right off the pages for me, but yeah it’s a shame he wasn’t onscreen more.
    On a side note, does anyone have ANY info on whether Beric, Thoros, or Anguy’s actors are known to be filming for S4 ?

  • I’ve been voting for Conleth the previous two years. He continued being fantastic this season, but he really wasn’t in that many scenes.

    Despite strong contention from all others I’m voting for Liam. I think he improved upon his embodiment of the character, and I absolutely adored his interplay with Shireen.

  • I don’t think Michael McElhatton really had enough screen time.

    Conleth Hill , should have, by now, been nominated for an Emmy.

    Liam Cunningham has been infectious, wish he had a bigger role.

    They were all good.

  • No, my father’s Name is Randyll Tarly.

    Randyll!? Thats a Handsome name, Randyll.

    Please dont name the baby Randyll.

  • Excellent choices – I love them all. My vote went to John, who I adore as Sam. Such memorable scenes this season: his discussions with Gilly in the cabin…his meet-up with Bran, Hodor, et al. John has successfully transformed Sam from the weepy coward into a smart, confident, and (yes) brave leader. John is also a charming, intelligent young man who enjoys this role.

    I also have to mention Liam’s tender, honest scenes with Kerry Ingram and Joe Dempsie. Wonderful!

    Garlan the Gallant:
    On a side note, does anyone have ANY info on whether Beric, Thoros, or Anguy’s actors are known to be filming for S4 ?

    I’ve been wondering this for weeks now.

  • Roose Bolton had the most impact on me this season. Much more so. Easy decision for me at any rate. The rest of you may struggle. :)

  • Man, this is a hard one!
    They are all fantastic and I love them all in very different ways.
    Conleth Hill and John Bradley bring the characters to life in the exact way they were described in the books. Stephen Dillane is quite different from how I imagined Stannis but his take on him is brilliant. Liam Cunningham has elevated Davos to make him even better than he was in the books IMO. However my vote in the end went to McelHatton because of his ability to do so much with so little. Every line he spoke was important and special and I found myself listening extra carefully to him, in the way that characters are described as doing in the books.

  • Davos for me. Always partial for the Onion Knight! I hope that one of these days/years he gets to have his way with Mel.

  • Man…

    McElhatten was great. He killed it.

    Liam Cunningham makes me love Davos, who I consider dull in the books.

    Stephen Dillane owns Stannis… though I thought he had better material last season.

    Conleth Hill is flawless.

    But I have to go with John Bradley. Just absolutely exceptional.

  • Stephen Dillane. amazing actor. the moment (not the whole scene, just the moment is enough) when Stannis meets the ‘reborn’ Davos is amazing. wonderful job.

  • Technically only Michael McElhatton count as a supporting actor, the other four are all main characters. So my votes go to Roose Bolton.

  • This is really tough. Stannis and Varys didn’t have enough to do, but how can I choose between the Onion Knight, the Slayer, and Roose the Loose?

  • I voted for Michael just because he and the writers pulled off Roose’s slow burn completely perfectly, bringing a peripheral character triumphantly to the fore as the season progressed.

    But a strong case could be made for any of the others as well.

  • Yago:
    Bolton. Would’ve gone for COnleth Hill, but there wasn’t enough of him :(

    Ah, that’s the problem with eunuchs! :-)

  • For me it was between Conleth, Liam and Michael.

    Conleth is always great.

    Liam was fantastic in the scene where he wants to kill Melisandre.

    Michael however was just perfect in every scene, and his first conversation with Jaime is like the Roose of the books stepped onto the set. He gets my vote.

  • In this category, there’s some of the best actors in the series. In the end, I voted for Stephen Dillane (with Conleth Hill being a runner-up). The scene with his wife, I think, was his best. All were good (I’ll even agree with some of the more “controversial” writing decisions), but that one was gold. He barely spoke, but the expressions on his face said it all. You could see he’d much rather face his wife’s anger (due to admitted adultery) than her resigned zealotism and grief. … So yeh, before I start listing and commenting all the other scenes, let me cut to the chase. All of the nominees are great, but Dillane really goes that extra mile with his role — resulting in a subtle and layerd performance, only a talented actor is capable of.

  • Bolton or Stannis. This was my hardest choice of this year’s polls. Since that Roose will probably have much more screen time (I hope) in next seasons I voted for the “One true king of Westeros”…

  • This was so hard for me, especially as I think Conleth Hill does an amazing job as Varys, but had to go with Liam Cunningham – he made me like and empathise with a character that I found kind of boring in the books. Plus all his scenes with Shireen were adorable!

  • And I forgot to give Roose an honourable mention because holy crap! That guy killed every scene he was in – tbh he made the scenes in the North bearable because I couldn’t stand Robb/ Talisa and he is also … much better looking than how I pictured Roose in my head … (that also goes for his son)

  • I have not looked at HBO’s GOT page for a long time now.
    I notice they now have only one category CAST.
    I guess one judges for one’s self who is ‘main’ and who is ‘supporting’ , but that’s ok.
    Tho there is a line

    separating cast no longer around or who we have not seen in a long time.

    Odd omission on that page.
    Roxanne McKee who played Doreah , while Amrita Acharia (Irri) is listed, even tho I am sure she had a smaller speaking role.

    Eugene Simon and Lancel had a fair role seasons 1 and 2 but is he gone for good?

    Poor Joseph Mawle … Benjen has been gone so long from both the books and the show that there is no idea where or what he is?

    Steven Cole as Kovarro vanished in season 3, one wonders just where her blood riders are?

  • actually voted twice, per phone and computer ;)
    went with liam and michael, they were both superb this season.
    conleth is a effin genious, but he was best in season 1, and he didnt have enough impact this season.
    hard vote!

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    Also…I’ve just seen the trailer for the new, upcoming HBO show, “True Detective”, and wow Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are the leads in the first, 8 episode season. Apparently the series will feature a different cast and a different case each season.

    Below is the link to the IMDb page where you can also find the trailer :

  • loco73,

    Yes, True Detective is the one upcoming series that I am most looking forward to (after GoT). What a great cast!

    Also, too bad about Eugene Simons – really enjoyed his Lancel.

  • I want Roose “Heisenberg” Bolton. Went to youtube to look at Roose’s season 3 scenes and Michael Bolton (singer) popped up – Ew – not exactly the same thing. My b/f wants Davos – cool scenes with saucy Salladhor Saan and sweet Shireen. My b/f is actually cleaning his bathroom this morning – so Davos it is!

  • I picked Liam, I just adore the warm, natural way he plays Davos. He is such a tonic from all the schemers and psychos.

  • This will probably be the toughest one to decide. I couldn’t even really rely on a BS method by which to eliminate anyone.

    Went with Conleth Hill. He’s always great, but I get chills every time I think of his “man in a box” monologue.

    And is he really in it significantly less than other seasons? Or in it less than Roose? It seems like the way they do Varys is keep him in the background, but he heavily features in a couple episodes. S1 he was mostly in EP 5 and 9, S2 he was in EP 3 and 8, and this season he was a major character in EP 4 and 6. I could be wrong tho…

  • LittleCatPaws:
    I picked Liam, I just adore the warm, natural way he plays Davos. He is such a tonic from all the schemers and psychos.

    Put Davos in a locked room with Mel without her potions and other pocket wonders and we’ll see how that turns out. I bet they don’t play tiddlywinks together.

    “Et tu, Brutus?”

  • Michael McElhatton for sure. I wasn’t quite as into the portrayal of Stannis this season as compared to last season.

  • This is hard but I went with John Bradley as Sam. He really does a great job at portraying how pathetic and scared Sam can be from the book to the screen.

  • LittleCatPaws:
    I picked Liam, I just adore the warm, natural way he plays Davos. He is such a tonic from all the schemers and psychos.

    So true ! If you also got to read all chapters in ASOIAF referencing ser Seaforth,
    you’d offer praise to his steadfastness and sincerity as a man and statesman.
    Whether a bannerman or pirate, I’d want Davos watching my back. Too bad we
    we never got any description of his wife.

    The list is reasonable , and I narrowed my picks to two , quite
    easily ( Cunningham vs Dillaine ). Dillaine won my vote.

  • James Bond Bolton for me! He goes from just another sidekick to creepier and creepier and then literally sticks the knife in.

  • I voted Varys. Though he doesn’t get as much screen time as some of the others, he is very close to my favorite character on the show. As someone else mentioned, he’s been killing it since the beginning.

    Then I read people’s comments and wished I had voted for Roose. He didn’t get me last season, but he was perfect. Something about his delivery, and the way he has something a little dead and a little cruel behind the eyes. I completely buy the calculating psychopath that can almost pass for normal, until… Tywin Lannister sends his regards. Awesome. Can’t wait to see more in S4.

  • Going with Michael, Liam being a close 2nd, both are perfect in there roles so I just rolled the dice lol.

  • Davos and Sam is not supporting at all.
    Varys in not nearly in this season.

    Id say Tormund, Olenna or someone else.
    Roose is a good pick

  • I voted John Bradley as Sam, love him! Stannis is a boring character, and i don’t like that he gets “pushed around” by Melisandre (that’s my impression, anyways). And Roose… no way in heck. Not one of those love to hate, just hate that character (no offense to the actor, though).

  • Voted for James Bond Bolton, he’s been the breakout character of the supporting characters for me this year. If nothing else, just for those eyes when Catelyn pulls his sleeve back. Gives me the shivers.

    Stannis will have his day during the march on Winterfell, I hope.

  • ATG,

    Absolutely. He understands that Roose is all understatement, all subtle glances and perhaps he hesitates for a split-second before moving on. And those eyes…

  • [email protected] Stark says:

    WildSeed: So true ! If you also got to read all chapters in ASOIAF referencing ser Seaforth,
    you’d offer praise to his steadfastness and sincerity as a man and statesman.
    Whether a bannerman or pirate, I’d want Davos watching my back. Too bad we
    we never got any description of his wife.

    The list is reasonable , and I narrowed my picks to two , quite
    easily ( Cunningham vs Dillaine ). Dillaine won my vote.

    Hey Wildwoman! :hugs: I picked Stannis too, great minds and all that.

  • All of these guys are great, no, awesome! I cannot really make a choice to just one. Personally, I really like the Varys character his “do everything for the good of the realm” sounds so patriotic, and his soft-spoken manner just makes him appear to be a good person. Davos is a good man all around, he loves his family and is dedicated to the King(Stannis), and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Yes, I believe he is attracted to Mel but Davos love for his wife overcomes any affection he may feel toward another woman. As to Roose Bolton, he is a sociopath but he hides it under the veneer of being a soldier and leader. He is an excellent villain, cold but intelligent he knows how to play his hand. Michael did a terrific job portraying this complex character. And, Stannis is Stannis. Dillane does a good job portraying the obsessed King who seems willing to sell his soul to sit the Iron Throne. As to Sam, I like this character. He is such a good guy. I loved the Gilly-Sam love story in the books and I hope it is shown in its tender expression in later seasons. John is a perfect Sam, I don’t think they could have ever chosen a better person to portray Sam.
    So, I just cannot pick just one. All these guys are terrific in the roles that they have. :)

  • sherry:
    …Davos is a good man all around, he loves his family and is dedicated to the King(Stannis), and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Yes, I believe he is attracted to Mel but Davos love for his wife overcomes any affection he may feel toward another woman.

    I’m a Davos supporter but may I ask how you think he is attracted to Mel? If given the chance, I think he would try to stab her in the chest….again.