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Game of Owns: Shadowvag Part II

Episode 158 – Shadowvag Part II

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ACOK Chapter 42: Davos II
Game of Owns is here with a solemn vow to lead the collected masses into another lonely weekend, riddled with tales of treachery on both sides, and an evil shadow from the…insides. It’s the second part of a once long forgotten episode, enjoy!


Discussion Topics
Speaking of fruit..
The Shadow’s true nature
Edric Storm
Supporting Stannis
Image of Shadow
Owns of the Chapter
Tweets, Email, Reviews!
A call for Costumes!


  • WiC:
    [2nd time] Please note that the previous GoO is still mislabeled and misnumbered. The two prior GoO episodes are labeled “Episode 156 – Dany’s Litter”. The previous GoO needs to be re-labeled “Episode 157 – Riot”.

    I may have to create my own shadow baby and send him your way if nothing is done about this.

  • there is a great line in the film Citizen X where Max Von Sydow tells Donald Sutherland and Stephen Rea “You know – Together you two make a Wonderful Person”