Halloween is Coming

Every year, Game of Thrones characters are a popular choice for Halloween. The amount of work put into costumes by fans is outstanding. So once again will be showcasing the fandom’s costume highlights this October 31st.

Submit a photo of yourself in your GoT-themed costume, and it could be featured at on Halloween, along with other great costumes from around the net. Here’s a look at last year’s WiCnet costume parade.

How can you participate? You can send us your pic via Tumblr, submitting it as a photo or as a link to the picture if it’s hosted elsewhere. You can also tweet us your costume look @WiCNet. If you’re not on Tumblr or Twitter, you can send in links to your hosted photos through our Contact page.

Happy Halloween, and we look forward to seeing what colorful, creative and occasionally gruesome costumes the fans come up with this year!


  • Won’t be dressing up as a GoT character. Way too much work involved to pull it off nicely. Looking forward to see what people come up with though. I’m guessing we’ll see alot of Dany/Khal Drogo/Jon Snow. Hoping someone tries to pull off Jaqen though :]

  • Kind of off topic, but I have been listening to Carice’s songs and I think you should check it out, guys. She’s just THAT good.

  • My planned Halloween costume was going to be Baldwin IV, the leper king in Kingdom of Heaven but that fell by the wayside. Looks like I will be going the Richard Harrow route this year.

  • That Stark boy,

    Yeah her music is pretty swell. Wish I could get it in Canada though. Its not available on Canadian itunes nor do any of the brick and mortar record stores that I frequent carry it. So far I’ve only been subjected to her great sound via Youtube.

  • I’ve wanted to cosplay as a GoT character for years, still haven’t worked out a recognisable costume that I could feasbily construct without spending too much.

  • Soooooooo, totally off-topic, but Ducksauce plays Renfield on the new Dracula series with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It didn’t suck, but it was kind of slow. I will give it another watch to see it it picks up the pace.

    He ain’t no Eric Northman, that’s for damn sure. :)

  • Darkstar,

    Lol omg I watched Dracula too and noticed Ducksauce right away…

    I’ll give the series a few more shots but I really thought the action sequence when Dracula was up on the roof was awful.

    Made me think of how hard it is with TV budget funds to pull off a high quality action sequence…

    I pray season 4 of GoT will have amazing action scenes but it will be so hard to pull off seeing so many other TV series attempts at a good action sequence fail so hard.

  • Darkstar,

    And yes I noticed the guy who stars as Dracula, IMO, not having that powerful camera presence that’s draws you in.

    The original Spartacus star and the Vikings star and Sean Bean had that “on camera” presence that this Dracula guy lacks…

    But I’ll still give it a watch, lots of times a good TV series, anime series, or any series for that matter takes several episodes to draw you in…

  • Arthur: I’ll give the series a few more shots but I really thought the action sequence when Dracula was up on the roof was awful.

    I hear you, it really was lacking. The airing came as a surprise, so I watched
    without any expectation. Rhys -Meyers is typically a hit or miss, but it could
    be the production .

  • Joshua Atreides,

    Sky – who show “Game of Thrones” in the UK had an interview with her, I think after Episode 10 Season 3 and she sang at the end of the interview with her band. If you google “Thronecast” on YouTube you MIGHT find that interview. Warning:- the interviewer is a tad annoying.

    Changing the topic, the new “Dracula” is not so hot, which is a shame because I liked Katie McGrath in “Merlin” and Victoria Smurfit in “Trial and Retribution” a police drama. Apart from the one people on this thread have called “Ducksauce” I’ve not seen previous work by the other actors in “Dracula” so can’t judge if their previous work was better. I am not really a fan of source material being changed radically. When I first watched “Game of Thrones” I hadn’t read any books so I didn’t know of the changes but “Game of Thrones” (twitty Talisa excepted) has been a lot more faithful [at least to the first three books] than the new TV “Dracula” is to Abraham Stoker’s novel.

  • Watched Drac. Meh. But kudos for NBC for trying something different. Rhys-Myers is okay and he will surely gets some hearts a pounding. I still prefer Rudolf Martin’s Dracula from season 5 of Buffy. Also Xander was the perfect Renfield. “Yes master…bater.”

  • Anyone know if season 4 is still filming or if it’s done? I just saw Jack Gleeson in my city. Don’t think he would likely be here unless he was filming something, GoT related or not.

  • The DakStar,

    I think the filming of the season usually wraps on the beginning of November.
    However, Joffrey dies on the start of the season, so he doesn’t have much to film on this one, even though he has a lot of time on screen.
    Where do you live, by the way?

  • Did anyone else see that there is a porno called “Game of Bones”? The trailer is hilarious!

  • That Stark boy:
    Joshua Atreides,

    I’ve been listening to her here:

    Oh man…I’d sure like to “Bed. Her. Now”! LOL…on a more serious but un-thread-related matter, I’ve just seen our Maergery aka Natalie Dormer, in Ridley Scott’s “The Counsellor “. Cast by the one and only Nina Gold, Ms. Dormer has a small role, but surely one I won’t forget…

    Our Melisandre, the delightful Carice Van Houten, as well can be seen currently in “The Fifth Estate” with Benedict Cumberbatch.

  • Forgot he probably didn’t have a lot to film.
    Yes to dark knight. Also
    Jack reacher
    I am # 4
    Perks of being a wallflower
    Super 8 for some recent stuff.
    That Stark boy,

  • The DakStar,

    They don’t film in the US. But they are still filming, though I’m pretty sure Jack is finished filming his material. Josef Altin(Pyp) tweeted last week that he was filming and working with Neil Marshall. I think it’s safe to assume that they are filming the big battle at the Wall right now.

  • The only character I could pull off would be Lyanna, and no casual fan would know who I am :(

  • Off topic:
    You can pre-order GRRM’s new Tyrion book a day early and save 40% off retail, which is interesting. However, what I find really interesting is that the cover is depicting Tyrion as having white hair.

  • Braincandy:
    Off topic:
    You can pre-order GRRM’s new Tyrion book a day early and save 40% off retail, which is interesting.However, what I find really interesting is that the cover is depicting Tyrion as having white hair.

    “One green eye and one black one peered out from under a lank fall of hair so blond it seemed white.” – Tyrion’s description by Jon Snow, A Game of Thrones, Pg. 48 (UK paperback).