Halloween 2013, Game of Thrones-style

This year, Game of Thrones fans once again topped themselves creatively when it comes to costumes. It’s no surprise that many people found the Red Wedding particularly inspiring, since the bloody affair is perfect for the holiday. Enjoy our second annual costume parade, and have a happy Halloween! Talisa, Robb, Roose and Catelyn: Red-Wedding style

The Frey Band

Left to Right: The Hound, The Lord O’ Bones, Ilyn Payne, Lyanna Stark, a Silent Sister, Rhaegar Targaryen, a Fossoway archer, and friends

Shae, Joffrey, Jon Snow, and a Dragon

And some of our readers even brought Game of Thrones into their Halloween decorating schemes.


Ours is the Fury: Thanks to all the WinterIsComing readers who submitted photos over the last few days! You can check out more Halloween costume pics on our Tumblr. The official HBO Game of Thrones tumblr also has some fantastic Halloween costumes on display.