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Looking Forward Season 4, Part 7: Lord Varys

“Hello my old friend.  It’s been a long time”

Don’t look now, but someone unabashedly dressed as Oz has returned.  For those of you that celebrate the annual ritual of dawning masks and face paint and dressing up like ghouls and goblins at the end of October, I come offering a treat on this fine fall day.

Since there are too damn many of you to pass out individually wrapped pieces of sugar-based concoctions that will surely melt your teeth, a man must resort to his writings as the proverbial olive branch.

And what better substitute on Halloween than a Spider?

Read on my fellow GoT fiends, but only if you dare.

Greetings from House Oz where a man has been enduring a few life-altering modifications that have consequently stunted the availability of writing opps.  My apologies.  It has been a long time indeed.

Let us not dwell in the past, for I am never far away.

Now, lets disclaim together, for on this post it could be more warranted than ever before.

Varys was not on my original list of topical characters to cover in this series.  Okay, in all honesty there never was such a list.  But, Varys would likely have not been added if not for some loud commenting voices asking for such (looking at you 3eyes and Jentario).

Apparently, watching the Unsullied non-book readers writhe in the unknown is more fun to some than others, and I always aim to please.

But Varys presents a different challenge than others.  He is, for lack of a better word, incalculable to many of the Unsullied.  The man has motives that may be better explained in the written verse, although I have no proof that they are.

Here is what we, the viewer, know:

  • Varys made it all the way from the slums of Myr to sit at the small council table.
  • He did so without a famous or powerful name or land or titles that accompany it.
  • Varys is a eunuch.  Now that I mention it, there are quite a few of them in the world of GRRM….. Theon, The entire Unsullied army, I am sure there are others.  Why is manhood removal so popular in the world of Thrones?
  • This unfortunate removal act was performed on Varys by a sorcerer who he was able to capture via Fed-Ex shipment during Ep. 4 of Season 3  (if it fits, it ships apparently).  Oh wait…. That’s USPS.
  • Varys does not like magic or sorcery for the reasons mentioned above.
  • Varys serves the realm as noted in his dungeon conversation with Ned Stark, and does not appear to be predisposed toward any particular house as of yet.  He simply serves the realm and whoever is in power.
  • Varys is a former actor, a fact that Ned brought up when he said, “You learned their craft, and you learned it well.”

The Spider Speaks

A Few Favorite Spider Quotes (other than the one at the beginning of this post).

“Wisdom oft comes from the mouths of babes” –Spoken during Sansa’s plea for her fathers life to Joffrey.

“Actually I rather enjoy him.  But he would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes.” –Spoken to the Queen of Thorns regarding Littlefinger

“Power resides where men believe it resides.  It’s a trick.  A shadow on the wall.” -Spoken to Tyrion regarding power.

“Oohh…. The Queen mustn’t know.  I love conversations that begin this way.”

“A man with ambition and no morals.  I wouldn’t bet against you.” –Spoken to Littlefinger from one of many memorable interactions between the two in the throne room.  Here are few more memorable ones between the two connivers:

“Do you lie awake at night fearing my gash?”

“The Lysa Arryn of chairs.  Shame you had to settle for your second choice.”

Alas, there are so many.  Add your own in the comments if the inclination strikes you.   A man digs all Varys quotes.


Spider Season

So what does our Lord of Whisperers have in store for Season 4?  An Unsullied man can only venture a guess, as the tools for educating have been banned from House Oz.

We all know that Varys has said that he serves the realm, but whom would he really like to see on the Iron Throne?  I truthfully don’t know if he is predisposed to anyone, but lets pretend he is and go for it.

Joffrey: The current little shit in power.  Nah.  Varys may be happy with his current situation, but deep down he knows that Joffrey is not likely to live long with the decisions he is making.  With that in mind, Varys starts looking for other possible replacements and whom he should align himself with in order to be able to continue serving the realm.

Tywin:  Maybe.  Although Joffrey is King, we are all aware of who is running the Kingdom right now.  That’s right, Paw Paw.  So as long as Joffrey is alive, there wouldn’t seemingly be much difference.  But should Joffrey die…..

Stannis: No.  Varys has made it clear that he does not like magic or sorcery and he considers Stannis to be under the power of the Red Priestess and the Lord of Light.  Varys even proclaimed how awful it would be to Tyrion before the battle of Blackwater.  But wouldn’t it be cool if he let the sorcerer out of the box to attack Melisandre?

Hodor:  Possibly.  Hodor would surely follow all of The Spider’s recommendations for the realm unless of course Littlefinger got to him first.  The again, Hodor may be as afraid of spiders as he is thunderstorms.

Theon: Very unlikely.  What happens when the non-existent bumps against the non-existent?  Not much.

Dany:  Quite Possibly.  We know that Varys is from across the narrow sea and he has been prone to mention Dany and the Dragons on multiple occasions.  But I see two problems with it…. 1.) Varys doesn’t like magic.  Does this include fire-breathing dragons?  And 2.) Varys has stated that he wants peace, and with Dany there would likely be a huge war before there was peace.

Tyrion: Yes.  Sure he has no apparent right to the throne, but hell who does these days?  The viewers were treated to decent amount of screen time between the Varys and Tyrion during Season 2, which led to a (spider) sense of mutual admiration.   King Tyrion… Far fetched?  Yes.  Out of the realm? No.

Renly: Yes.  But he is dead.  If you assume that Varys believes the rightful King should be a Baratheon, then Renly would have seemingly been a good fit for a spider.  But, oh yeah, he is dead.  By the way, if anyone dresses up as a shadow baby for Halloween, please send pics immediately (unless it is graphic pics of a couple of peeps reenacting the birthing).  If that is the case, keep it to yourself and hope that the authorities don’t ever search your hard drive.

Littlefinger:  Hell no.  But damn, it would be fun to watch.


Spider Scenarios

Of course, everything that Varys does or says typically depends on the action of others unless he is weaving a web of his own.  So, let’s throw some scenarios….

Joffrey and Margeary marries as planned: The Queen of Thorns and the Spider get drunk and visit the garden together for some “Spider Time”.  Upon conclusion, they are mutually happy that there is no reason to ever ask the philosophers about what would happen.

Littlefinger weds Lysa and they come back to King’s Landing as a couple:  Varys is obviously overjoyed that his best pal has returned and they give us another epic interaction in the throne room with Lysa watching, only this time Robin is hungry and Varys becomes aroused.  In a puff of smoke, Varys grows a set and subsequently starts a Eunuch’s Anonymous group which aids in regrowth.  (The Queen of Thorns comes back for seconds and exclaims, “Varys Growing Strong!”)

Wow, I am sick.

More suitably, if you do not like accepting responsibility (like me), we can always lay blame on the true culprits (again, Jent and 3 this is all your fault).

But in all Spider Seriousness, this is what concerns me: I enjoy Varys’ character so much that I am almost expecting to lose him soon.  It seems the more I begin enjoying a character, the more likely it is that he or she may meet their end sooner rather than later.

Those of you that follow me know that I am sucker for neurotic logic.  Dost thou recall the old saying, “loose lips sink ships”?  Varys talks.  A lot.  And I am beginning to wonder if Varys is talking too much and to the wrong people.

Littlefinger discovered what Ros was up to, and she paid the price courtesy of the Crossbow King.  Now, Varys has gone to Shae and attempted to run her out of town.  Was this of his own accord or did someone put him up to it?  Do we even know yet or is my brain leaving me in my ripe old middle age?

Either way, I think he may suffer some backlash from the Shae and the Spider conversation (look…. another Disney spin-off!!).

Then again, we are talking about a Spider who manages to spin the web around anything that comes around him.  Perhaps he will be just fine and I am merely grasping at straws to make off-season conversation.  But I must admit that this show has turned a reasonable optimist into an eternal pessimist.   For all I know, I am next.  Hell, you might be.  I typically like to leave you with a dose of glad tidings, but you will get no such luxury on a day full of hauntings.  So with that said, Trick or Treat em eff’s!

OK…. That’s it for me today kiddos!  Happy Halloween if that is your thing.  Hope I brought you a treat you will never forget.  Don’t forget to post your pics, especially if you dress up like Kentucky Fried Kraznys.

Couple of personal notes:

I have somehow convinced 10 people on a Board of Directors that I am the right man for a particular job, so if you see a little less of me it is simply because real life has gotten in the way and a man must pay his debts.  It’s not because I don’t love you.

And for those few of you who wished me a Happy Birthday last week, many thanks.  I am not worthy of your kindness.  Older is supposed to equal wiser.  It doesn’t.

Remember…. I am Unsullied, and there are other haunted Unsullieds lurking.  Please, no spoilers on this post.  Say hello, or trick or treat, or something witty.  But NO SPOILERS, for spoilers are scary.

Be safe, don’t bite the hard candy, and may there always be peace in your realm. –Oz

“Unbowed.  Unbent.  Unsullied.”

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Halloween Bonus: I did this for the Ozlings last night.  Yes, I realize it’s not the sigil.  But close enough, yes?  Oh well, the kids were happy.  Happy Haunting!


  • Wall, Wall, Wall, Wall, Wall, Wall, Wall, Wall … (Nice read for a dirty Sullied, keep ’em coming and congrats on the new job).

  • [email protected] Stark says:

    I like the reference he uses in conversation with Lord Balish regarding his junk, “and we were so close” :giggle:

  • I have a gallon of milk of the poppy at my house, I give a shot to each parent that comes by with their kids! Stop on over Oz!

  • Great read! But you are forgetting a scene in season 1 that could give a hint to where his loyalties lie… When him and Littlefinger are having that discussion about when was the last time they’ve seen each other, and Littlefinger mentions he had seen him with a certain “foreign dignitary”.

  • Orboro,

    I remember it well. But I didn’t necessarily take it as a hint. I remember thinking “well, it is probably just a little bird filling him full of information about the Targaryen girl being alive”.

    And if I’m not mistaken they go to a small council meeting shortly after that encounter where Robert says he wants her dead. Then again, maybe I am getting them mixed up.

    Either way, I didn’t see it as a hint to who he supports. But maybe it is.

  • I can’t think of anything non spoilery to say so I will just share a little anecdote. One time my friends and I were inspired by Varys to wonder what sex is like for a eunuch. We posited that a puff of air comes out. That turns out not to be the case, but it was really hilarious.

  • Oz of Thrones:

    I remember it well.But I didn’t necessarily take it as a hint.I remember thinking “well, it is probably just a little bird filling him full of information about the Targaryen girl being alive”.

    And if I’m not mistaken they go to a small council meeting shortly after that encounter where Robert says he wants her dead.Then again, maybe I am getting them mixed up.

    Either way, I didn’t see it as a hint to who he supports.But maybe it is.

    Did you not recognize the “foreign dignitary”? We’ve only seen him in the first season, but he certainly played an important part in the pilot, and I think he’s a big hint as to who the Spider probably supports.

  • I have no regrets!
    Anyway, great post once again. Do the Wall next, that one is ripe for speculation.

  • Ser Tahu:
    Great post as always.

    Could I request a ‘Looking Forward: King’s Landing’ next?

    More like “Looking Forward: King’s Landing Part 1 of 2466369″1.”

  • Oz….you are the man, that is all. Oh and also congrats on the new gig, you are most worthy I’m sure my friend, and that is all.

  • Love your Varys quotes! Keep it up Oz. And you people can’t expect unsullied to remember every little scene especially those that happened in season 1 :p.(talking about the foreign dignitary). Also, it’s nigh impossible for an unsullied to make much of anything from that 1 scene alone as they don’t know how it fits in context yet.

    Anyways congrats at becoming a CEO OZ! If that’s what u were referring too with meeting a group of board of directors :-]

  • As for your next post I would like to hear your thoughts and speculation on Tyrion/The Lannisters/Kings Landing

  • its great people are trying to spoil it for Oz.

    Bookreaders to Unsullied: “Are you sure it’s not important?” lmao

  • arden:
    its great people are trying to spoil it for Oz.

    Bookreaders to Unsullied: “Are you sure it’s not important?” lmao

    Yea that is dissapointing to say the least

  • Responsibility accepted, O Great and Powerful One, and deep appreciation for this Hallowe’en treat. Lord Varys didn’t seem to support Robert’s command to kill Dany, although he had no choice but to obey, however, his conversation with the “foreign dignitary” seemed to imply that he was quietly spinning protection around her. Hoping to see if that conversation is followed up in Season 4. He was rather loose-lipped in Season 3, but he may have been distracted by the USPS delivery. At any rate, I refuse to believe that he has played all of his cards.
    Full marks for your art work and Happy Hallowe’en!

  • Ser Tahu,

    Yes you may. I might kick the Wall next and do KL to blow out the end before the season starts. Thank you Ser!


    It is your fault. But great suggestion. And you got it.


    That is very nice Tabes. And I hope you are right about the gig. :)


    The truth is that I did remember it. But I just didn’t give it much weight considering Varys hears whispers from everywhere. And it’s not quite CEO, but rather Exec Director. But thank you!


    And Happy Halloween to you!

    I admittedly shamed myself tonight and dressed up like Drogo.

    What did you guys get into??

  • I’m Sullied, I’ve read the books, but I still love these posts, it’s interesting to hear an Unsullied perspective on the show, and your “unspoilt” opinions about what could happen next. Nice job, Oz, a great read as always, keep it up!

  • An unexpected, pleasant surprise this article about Varys. He is one of my favourite characters because of Conleth Hill, whom I adore. Personally I view him as the best incarnation of a character alongside Peter as Tyrion and Maisie as Arya.

    Can’t wait to see more of Varys in the future, and the reveal to whom he is truly loyal.

  • I think Varys serves the people, rather than the realm. He does not believe in feudalism, and does not value one nobles life higher than one peasant. He wants to find the best King, so the realm can prosper. He likes Ned Stark for the job, but once he loses the power, Varys has no interest in helping him anymore. He will not risk his own position, and hence thousands of peasants and soldiers lives, for one Lord.
    However cynical it may seem, this does essentially make Varys a good guy.

  • What I gather from this is that you have no idea what Varys will do, and unlike the other characters, you can’t even think of something serious :). Well, welcome to the club :)). I just hope that D&D decide to keep him as mysterious as in the books. They did the opposite with Littlefinger. Sure, they haven’t showed yet some of his actions, but his motivations are out there.

    Anyway, back to Varys… he is working in King’s Landing since the reign of Aerys, so almost 20 years. A man so smart and with so much information, most likely has plans going back a long time… that’s why, I really don’t believe anything he says. He doesn’t want the good of the realm, that’s for sure. In the books, some motivation for him has been presented…. I don’t trust even that completely.

    PS: “King Tyrion… Far fetched? Yes. Out of the realm? No.” Sorry, but that is really out of the realm. Viewers maybe are a little confused as to how much are dwarves hated in Westeros. Peter Dinklage is great, so maybe we forget it, maybe D&D decided not to focus on it…. but nobody respects Tyrion, and nobody will. He would not be able to control a kingdom. The lord of Casterly Rock, maybe, but only backed by a strong king of Westeros. IMO

  • Go back so Season One and watch the scene where Arya chases the cats into the dungeons… then you should know where Varys’ allegiance lies.

  • That’s a fairly impressive pumpkin.
    (no that wasn’t a quote between the QOT & Varys in case you’re wondering!) ;)

  • Why do we think Varys opposed the assassination order against Dany and tried to “spin protection” around her? He sent the wine-seller assassin, Jorah Mormont was to win a pardon, and it only failed because Jorah defected from being a double to triple agent.

  • Love these, really. And congratulations on your new job! I would really lkke to have a looking forward to the Kingsguard and Barristan Selmy. I realize it must be very hard for an Unsullied to get track of the whole lot of them, but it would be nice to see your detailed thoughts about Obi Barr Kenobi

  • Amazing pumpkin!

    There may not be any answers about Varys, but you are definitely asking the right question, i.e, who does Varys want in power? That’s really the crux of his character IMO.

    And thanks for the miscellaneous speculation, I had a good giggle. :-)

  • Varys’ webs are a slow burn and should be enjoyed that way.

    Very entertaining read though Oz, and congrats on the job! Sounds like you’ll be a bigshot.

  • “Is that your usual line, Lord Varys? Are you here to seduce me?”
    “A little obvious, perhaps.”

    spacechampion: There are a lot of goats to feed.

    Oh, dear!

  • RE: the possibility of Varys being pro-Daenerys, don’t forget that Arya spied him conspiring with Magister Illyrio in Season 1.

  • Oz of Thrones,

    Just saying it kind of irks me when Bookreaders nudge Unsuillied saying “oooh noo go rewatch it, it’s important…etc” There’s something with this fan base that really loves spoiling things for people.

  • Best Varys quote:

    “Storms come and go, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling”


  • Cool article.
    Anyways, Varys is such a great mystery, that even as a Sullied it is difficult to tell what his true intentions are. Off course, from the books we know much more, but still not enough. And because of his special speaking style (even when telling the truth, telling it in a way to totally mislead his conversational partners), you can never be sure about a word what he says or has ever said, which is quite annoying, as most of our “factual” information about him even in the books comes from himself :-)

  • arden:
    Oz of Thrones,

    Just saying it kind of irks me when Bookreaders nudge Unsuillied saying “oooh noo go rewatch it, it’s important…etc” There’s something with this fan base that really loves spoiling things for people.

    Yup well said.

  • I haven’t read the books but am obsest with the show and i remember the conversation they explicitly said they needed the wolf and the lion to delay their fallout because it was too soon and viserys wasnt ready..but then they were like theres nothing we can do the wolf and the lion will be going at it..so my point is its not a spoiler and it is something that should be reminded to people that forget it seeing how the show had a scene with varys clearing conspiring with the targaryens

  • I want to congratulate you, Oz. Your “Looking forward” are amazing stuff in terms of how an unsullied speculates about what’s to come. I want to ask you to do a post of what your prostects are about The Lannisters (Paw Paw, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion & Joffrey), now that Jaime is back in King’s Landing, it’s going to be a hot spot in the story. And also if you could do another post about Brienne of Tarth, what you think will happen to her in King’s Landing, giving the fact that the Tyrells, who might think she could have something to do with Renly’s death, are also there.

  • Awake Iron!,

    Thank you , Mr./Ms. Iron. I am sincerely happy that you enjoy them. My thoughts are to venture to The Wall next, and then cap it all off with the Lannisters and Joffrey (along with a miscellaneous post on odds and ends). Brienne would be quite a challenge (I didn’t look under your spoiler tags just to be safe). But I plan on including her in one of the Lannister posts for sure!

  • As a partially sullied I enjoy your speculations about where the story might or might not go, Oz. From some of the comments it is obvious that “you’ll never please all the people all the time”, but I think you’ve a broad enough back (figuratively speaking) to ignore the trolls that the biggest Billie Goat Gruff never “saw off”. For one, I will look forward to your future speculations. Now I must drag myself away and actually do some work …..

  • Turncloak,
    To be fair, even the Sullied don´t know everything. There are still two books left, and sometimes we are just as clueless as the Unsullied, so pointing out previous hints aren´t necessarily “spoilers”, but a reflection of our own speculation. :)

  • DanyNieve,

    Thats not the point

    I remember it well. But I didn’t necessarily take it as a hint. I remember thinking “well, it is probably just a little bird filling him full of information about the Targaryen girl being alive”.

    And people who have read the books are straight up telling Oz that it IS a hint to find out his loyalty.

    When Cat tells Robb “You cannot trust Walder Frey” Would you want someone telling you “That scene is really important! Don’t forget it!”

  • Arden

    This situation was completely different. Varys was talking first hand about delaying the war because drogo wouldn’t strike before his son was born. This isn’t the king in the north’s bitch mother voicing her opinion that no one cares about, its the actual character revealing his intentions on screen. So if Walder Frey had a scene where he said “If he backs out of this, I’m going to kill them all!” Then pointing this scene out isnt spoilering, just showing people a scene they dont remember that spells everything out. Ending this rant by saying that this scene is huge for this post considering you are predicting who he is allied to and this is like the only piece of evidence in the show as of now. It should have been included in the dany prediction like ya before drogo died he wanted them to take over. The only thing that could have changed his mind is the dragons, but he really hasnt had any other hints of his allegiance since the dungeon scene.