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Game of Owns: The Dead Wedding

In the latest installment of Game of Owns, your intrepid hosts take a look at one of the most pivotal chapters in the whole series: Danys journey into the House of the Undying. For you books readers, it is a chance to revisit some old prophecies. And for the Unsullied, an opportunity to possibly get a glimpse of the future.

Episode 165 – The Dead Wedding

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ACOK Chapter 48: Daenerys IV
This new episode marks a turning point in the show, where dreams become reality and fear of future devastation and misery haunt Daenerys Stormborn as she travels through a labyrinth of sorrow.



Discussion Topics
An incredible chapter
Trouble adapting to screen
Enter the funhouse
Lady Westeros
The Dead Wedding
The Song of Ice and Fire
Blood of the Dragon
Three sets of three
So much prophecy
Owns of the Chapter


  • This chapter of course has been thoroughly analyzed by fandom but you guys will have more fun if you figure it out yourself. And you will have to come back to it and think about it again and again and again.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this particular podcast. Having read A Clash of Kings almost 4 years back…its nice to listen to the commentary you provide going through each chapter one by one because some of it is forgotten throughout the entirety of the 5 current books. You all discussing the different imagery that Dany observes through the House of the Undying and giving your personal opinions on what they all could mean was great and helped me remember just how great that chapter was. Keep it up!

  • Yeah. Deffinatly a great cast. Sometimes I’m indifferent to having the Eric and Zach being unsullied but it was worth it for this cast. I loved listening to it and having micah go through it scene by scene and help explain and theorize a lot of the thing I’ve wanted to scream through the airwaves back at them. There are so many eyeopening visions that dany takes us through and even though a lot of the visions can be viewed through different lenses and be viewed to mean different things there Chapter alone is the bases for probably half the crazy crackpot theories that are out there. So many owns to be had this chapter. But mine has to be to that little blue rose growing in that ice wall.

  • I think one of the many ways the show fell down was in not showing the House of the Undying scenes from the book. And I don’t understand why, as it seems like a great way to get some exposition out of the way in a visual format.

  • I’ve been waiting for you to do this chapter ever since I found out you were doing a read through of ‘A Clash of Kings’, not least because it was my favourite chapter of the book, and it was so different to what they did in the TV show (which has been my only real letdown during the translation onto the screen)

    So now that it is finally here, all I can say is: boy did you guys deliver!! easily my favourite podcast you have done to date! It had all the detailed analysis of what Danny experienced, speculation about what it all might signify, and possible consequences in the future, and to top it all you had the reaction I was hoping for which was “This is frikkin’ great, why wasn’t some of THIS put in the TV show!” (I’m paraphrasing)

    To wrap up, a thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing episode, give yourselves an own! :-)

  • My own goes to you guys for blowing my mind with all your theories as to Georges meanings! Loved the chapter, loved the anaylsis just love it all.

  • I’ve been so looking forward to this episode! Thank you guys for really picking the chapter apart, I loved hearing your opinions – it’s only too bad Selena wasn’t able to join!

    One thing I thought was interesting was your speculation regarding the vision of Rhaegar. (I’m going to spoiler this for speculation, although I don’t think there’s any info here from future chapters/books) I’ve always accepted it as a given that the woman he is with is Elia, and that when he refers to a third, he means a third child, after Rhaenys and newborn Aegon. At this point Daenerys wouldn’t have been born, so I feel like he can’t have been talking about her as another head, and I don’t think he meant himself either. A lot of people speculate that one of the major possible justifications for Rhaegar and Lyanna to have actually married in secret rather than just having had an affair would have been for Rhaegar to have a third legitimate child, since Elia was apparently quite sickly after having the first two, so I think Rhaegar was speaking about his children.

    I think it’s important to keep in mind the kind of grandiose prophecy-type stuff that a lot of Targaryen characters (Viserys and Dany included) are portrayed to get sucked into when looking at this, because there have been several instances when they were mistaken. Rhaegar may have heard this about the dragon having three heads at some point, and felt that it referred to himself or his children, when in fact it was actually referring to Dany and her as-yet-unidentified companions (who may or may not even be Targaryens). I love all of the prophecy stuff in the books, so it’s always been disappointing (though somewhat understandable) when the show has omitted those elements. The one thing I really think they could have at least thrown in for the readers if nothing else was the blue flower growing in the wall, being that Dany was there in the show version.

    Also, I would like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the aforementioned Zelda references, and that Drogon as Navi has been the best visual yet. (How do you say “hey, listen!” in High Valyrian?)

  • Great episode, but I feel like Micah spoiled too many things for the other cast members in the episode. The “white lion” and the “grey smiling lips” visions in particular are impossible to understand for people who have not read further in the series.