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GRRM to host special Game of Thrones screenings at his Santa Fe movie theater

Those who closely follow George R. R. Martin’s LiveJournal (yes, he really has a LiveJournal), likely already know that Martin recently bought himself a movie theater in downtown Santa Fe.

The Jean Cocteau Cinema is an old movie theater that was on the verge of being torn down, before GRRM swooped in. Since his purchase back in August, the long-shuttered cinema has reopened and has been screening various old and obscure movies in its 120-seat, single-screen theater. And starting in January it will begin a special Game of Thrones screening marathon.

So, by special arrangement with HBO, the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe will be presenting a GAME OF THRONES retrospective. New Mexicans — and lucky tourists passing through at the right time — will have a chance to see the show the way only VIPs and cast members and critics have ever seen it before, at private screenings and premieres — on the big screen at a movie theatre.

Starting on Monday, January 6, and continuing through late March, the Cocteau will be presenting weekly screenings of GAME OF THRONES, in order. Some weeks we’ll show two episodes, some weeks three. I expect to be on hand personally for many of the screenings (though, PLEASE NOTE, probably not all), to introduce the episodes beforehand, answer questions afterward, and sign a few books as well. And it may be we will have some other special guests as well, either in person or via Skype. Can’t promise anything as of yet, but we’re working on it.

The screenings are completely free and admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. You can see the full screening schedule below.

Winter Is Coming: This is really cool. I wish I lived a bit closer to Santa Fe so I could go to one of these. If anyone does get a chance to go, be sure to let us know about it. You’d be one of the lucky few people who could say they’ve watched Game of Thrones with George R. R. Martin!

Monday, January 6 season one, episodes 1-3,
Monday, January 13 season one, episodes 4-5,
Monday, January 20 season one, episodes 6-8,
Monday, January 27 season one, episodes 9-10,
Monday, February 3 season two, episodes 1-3,
Wednesday, February 12 season two, episodes 4-5,
Wednesday, February 19 season two, episodes 6-8,
Friday, February 28 season two, episodes 9-10,
Monday, March 3 season three, episodes 1-3,
Monday, March 10 season three, episodes 4-5,
Monday, March 17 season three, episodes 6-8,
Monday, March 24 season three, episodes 9-10


  • I think it’s safe to say that given the date of the last episode screening, March 30 is our season 4 premiere date…especially given that season 3 of girls wraps the week before.

  • What a neat idea!
    They need Rodrik Cassel, Osha, Syrio and Septa Mordane to run a daycare next door so I can leave my kids to practice their archery and knitting whilst I view the show for 8 hours.

  • How are they going to present it I wonder?

    A. Edit all/both the episodes shown on one day into a 100-160 minute movie?
    B. Show each episode one-by-one with a breather in-between?

    It won’t matter either way, I live over 6000 miles across the pond from Santa Fe and will have all the boxsets by late February (which can’t come soon enough either).

  • Omg. So excited – it is a bit of a drive for me but can make it in 6 hours. Now just have to decide which date would guarantee entrance!

  • This is so cool. My company actually manufactured the new projector they installed in the single screen theater. Wish I could leverage this to get to meet GRRM :)

  • loki,

    How do you know he isn’t writing it now? Even a band on tour usually writes lots of material for the next album. In George’s case, the band is Metallica. A string of good releases every 2 years, followed by increasingly-longer waits for lesser works due to a constant touring schedule.

  • Actually, I would love to go to one of these showings and see how GoT translates to the big screen, but it would be a cross-country trip for me. Will the NC-17 parts be edited out for “free” public viewings? Will there be an age (no children) restriction in place? Did GRRM and HBO make a deal for these showings? I know the S3 Bluerays will be out by then, so are they simply planning to use a blueray player and projector as the display mechanism?

    As I have stated before, I am also trying to get a local theatre to show some GoT episodes (preferably S4). I haven’t had much luck thus far. I still believe there is a business angle to pursue (regarding public ticket-based HBO screenings of new GoT episodes on the big screen) but I would like to know the concerns of bringing GoT to a public screen. I’ll follow this closely, but would like to know more.

  • I wonder how much Santa Fe is paying GURM in Tourism funds. That place is a dump.

    If you rearrange the letters in Santa Fe you get fake Arya

  • Rygar,

    Santa Fe is like “Ef Santa” which is FUCKING SANTA. Santa Claus will play fake Arya!!! Santa does look a bit like Arya, both of them have ears for instance. Nice thinking, D&D.

  • loki,
    Wouldn’t it be funny if some loud TWoW activists, dressed up as Dothraki invaders and White Walkers on horseback, showed up at the screenings with much signage and posters to insist on more info about TWoW’s status? We could exuberantly read and review excerpts from the new chapters, boisterously pontificate the deaths of major characters and episode titles in S4 and beyond, annoyingly debate the unforgivably late entrance of fAegon into the storyline and vividly discuss how amazing our next pizza will be, before we order it.

    (Seven-thirty-seven down over ABQ)

  • That’s not fair, the show is mainly filmed in Ireland. Why not use one of our many disused buildings for such a venture?? Yeah I’m jealous the yanks get to see this kinda stuff first but that’s life innit?

  • I wouldn’t be so sure about the March 30th premiere date. According to this Hollywood insider guy it will be on April 6th. Okay, now I know most of you will think “what the hell? that is just some perv website about nudity” and your right but if you look through that websites archives this guy obviously has inside details about movies and TV shows and doesn’t just make stuff up, so if he says it will be April 6th there is a good chance it will be.

  • I stopped by the theater for a film in August. Its a wonderful little place. i think I will be visitng again in August. Hope I hope a cool event like this will be happening over bubonicon ’14!

  • Greenjones,

    “The back streets of Old Town and the coastal hotels redressed into fortresses were a sight to see…”

    Can’t tell if she’s talking about Split, Dubrovinik, or Westoros

  • Colty:
    Hodor’s Bastard,
    You should ask these questions on his blog. He responds to a lot of comments

    I appreciate your response. Thx. I’ve thought about it. So far, I’ve only gone through the local theatre owner, who has contacted HBO directly. Now that GRRM has found a way (probably via a special deal) with HBO to show the episodes on a big public screen (concurrently when S3 DVDs are just starting to go on sale!), I will be more open about it. Free screenings with the author is one thing; paid ticket-based public screenings on a Sunday evening is another thing altogether.

  • Hodor’s Bastard,

    This is not a bad idea. The key to this is fan inspired, yet vendors and theatre could
    benefit as well. Imagine if Ommerang or similar beverage / ale and snack sponsors
    would sell there, with a small fee going to the theatre. During intermission, GoT
    song parodies heard on the sound system,would help pass the time. This effort would
    be less intensive , given that celebrities and traveling artifacts won’t add to security
    measures. I would suppose that ” Lamprey Pie ” would be an off- menu item.

    Here in the East Bay ( San Francisco Bay Area ), different cities host small and intimate dinner theatre, complete with sofas and hot food. The films are often vintage, but any cult classic ( old or new) may air as well. A woman next to me ( past visit ), was enjoying a class of wine and a gourmet cheese burger, as she sat at small dinner table. I sat in an oversized recliner ( :

  • I was lucky enough to see episode 1 last year on the big screen at one of the HBO pre-screenings in Texas and I can say it is well worth seeing on the big screen. Nothing was cut out of the episode and the tickets were free (maybe we had to show ID for over 21 but I think that was because of the free GoT beer). Im hoping they do those again this year.

    I wish a local theater would do that every week – it really does amazingly well on the big screen.

  • This sounds like such an incredibly awesome idea, especially with GRRM himself being there. Its one of those things I really wish I could attend but sadly I cannot.

  • Amazing. I’m actually in the right place at the right time for a change. Jean Cocteau Cinema is 10 minutes from my home.

  • I’m so jealous I would love to go to this! I would pay money to go see this show on the big screen (and I think this is the only show I can think of that I would). They did it for Doctor Who, but I guess HBO is more guarded about that kind of thing than the BBC.

  • Valyrian Plastic:

    How do you know he isn’t writing it now? Even a band on tour usually writes lots of material for the next album. In George’s case, the band is Metallica. A string of good releases every 2 years, followed by increasingly-longer waits for lesser works due to a constant touring schedule.

    Very good comparison actually.

  • I saw the first two episodes of GoT on the big screen in London (presented by Sean Bean, Mark Addy and Harry Lloyd). It was a great experience, one I can thoroughly recommend. The show looks great on the big screen :)

  • Rygar:

    Agreed.Metallica has been shit since their third release as well.:p

    Hey, “And Justice For All” was good, although the production wasn’t.

  • FictionIsntReal: Hey, “And Justice For All” was good, although the production wasn’t.

    Absolutely, I think it would be my favourite metal album period, if it wasn’t so thin-bodied. AFFC is the St. Anger of books. Full of new and different ideas, some good and some misjudged that prevented fans from really enjoying it.

  • I was kidding. I like the bleakness and lack of bass of Justice. Fitting, actually.

    But a departure from the speed metal that made Kill em All, RtL, and MoP so great

  • Rygar,

    Seriously?! Santa Fe is fucking awesome. Yeah, there’s no shiny Apple Stores or Starbucks on every corner, but the place has so much history and character. Did you know you could get a hotel and go to a restaurant in Santa Fe at the same time that Columbus was “discovering” the Americas? In my opinion, Santa Fe embodies the culture of the American West that is slowly disappearing from the country. There’s just something magical about the place. Not to mention, the food is fucking incredible. I go to Northern New Mexico every chance I get. I’m not surprised at all that such a brilliant man as GRRM lives there.

    Sorry for the rant. I just really love Santa Fe.

  • Sweet! I’ll be visiting that part f the world in march! I’m gonna have to try and make it! If its free, even better for an Aussie backpacking around America!

  • I wish everyone fun who’s able to watch Game of Thrones with George R R Martin. No less than i had while watching it with Miltos Yeromelou, Peter Dinklage and Jason Momoa.

  • So… He only writes at home, and he’s only home for a few months out of the year, and most of his time is spent with the cocteau, working on anthologies, and watching football or planning his next trip… gotcha…
    At this point, you couldn’t pay me to go to any of his events – the more people suck up and chase him around trying to kiss his backside, the less motivation he has to follow up on the very works that got him into this position in the first place……

  • Mike,
    We can’t fault him for enjoying success. We can only hope that he retains the desire to finish his epic tale in a manner that respects the millions of fans that helped him become successful.

    (That being said, …….Arrrrrrrrgggghhhhhh!)

  • Hodor’s Bastard,

    He has already failed to do it in a manner that respects the fans that helped him in this success… I would argue that all we can hope for at this point is that he finishes it at all… preferably before we pass on… My mother has already passed while waiting for the next book, and I know a few others that will likely do so… at this point, I’m not so sure I’ll make it to WOW, let alone DOS… but I’ve resigned myself to it for the most part – it’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing I can do about it, either…

  • Mike,
    Whoa…Hang in there, man! Have you read the D&E tales or TP&tQ yet? They are entertaining. Or dive into the Westeros threads and theories to laugh, diss and blow your mind. Or read some of GRRM’s older works, like “The Sandkings”…awesome award-winning short story.

    Especially at this time of year, when things can be glum, try some light-hearted Christopher Moore to tide you over…”The Stupidest Angel”, “Lamb”, “Bloodsucking Fiends”, “You Suck”, “Bite Me”…..and my favorite “A Dirty Job” because it deals with tragedy and death in an uplifting, mirthful manner.

    In any case, Happy Holidays to all!

  • Hodor’s Bastard,

    Actually, I read Donaldson and Feist to pass the time – They actually take their “jobs” seriously and – whoa, wait a minute – write. Donaldson goes to work every day, to a separate apartment (his office), and sits at the keyboard writing… Sure, there are times that he has to force himself to do it, and he wasn’t even looking forward to writing the last installment of TCOTC in the first place – he didn’t think he was a good enough writer yet, but he recognized that he was getting older, and would not have the time to finish it if he didn’t get started. I don’t know how Feist works, but apparently he does – and he does it very well – his characters are at least as developed as Martins, if not more, and his story lines are cohesive and deep. After reading the first 4 of Martins books, I figured he had something going for him, but now I wonder – I read DWD, and frankly I found it rather disappointing. I’ve seen a lot of criticism over AFFC, but in all honesty, I found it far superior in content, character development and plot momentum than DWD. DWD seems to jump all over the place without any cohesion whatsoever. Why would I, or anyone else for that matter, no be unnerved by this taking 5 years? What can we expect from WOW, after having seen such a travesty? But even so – The overall story is unbelievably wonderful, and I would love to see it finished while I still have eyes good enough to read for myself. Sure, I can busy myself enjoying other authors and/or stories, but that doesn’t address the issue of a story left hanging, does it? No…

  • Hodor’s Bastard,

    He’ll Absolutely keep you busy for a while – start with Magician Apprentice, and you’ll have oh – i dunno – about 25 books to go from there, lol… they’re wonderful books, including the few that he did as collaborations…

  • GRRM doesn’t have any appearances scheduled until the end of May, which is unheard of. He’s got to be settling in to do some major work over the next five months. I’m sure it won’t be 100% ASOIAF but let’s not be moaning about him traveling too much during the time when he’s not traveling.

  • Fiest’s early books were good and I would recommend the original ‘Rift War’ to anyone. The later books, the final one excepted, were not so good. Maybe it was just me but I found the constant redefinition of the ‘dark forces’ to be pretty frustrating. As I mentioned though it did pick up at the end.

  • Yeah, Feist’s early books were decent, popcorn entertainment. He had good pacing and some pretty good ideas: MAGICIAN is rather subversively brilliant in not really having a ‘bad guy’ as such, which was rather unusual for the period.

    Somewhere around the end of the SERPENTWAR series, Feist lost his mojo. He got divorced and was apparently taken through a wringer in the courts for money. That’s when we got all these irrelevant side-novels that did nothing to advance the main story and simply flatulated about non-entity side-characters no-one cared about, because he needed the cash. By the time he got back to the main storyline, he clearly didn’t give a toss any more. There are massive plotholes going through the later books in the series and huge continuity errors. Large chunks of the books don’t make much sense because of this. Even worse, having started with a rather subversive (if mildly so) take on epic fantasy, he got much more traditional and boring the further he went along, with dark lords and chaos gods coming in and some pretty generic plot twists.

    Those first 11 books (the Riftwar Saga trilogy, the Empire Trilogy, the first three Serpentwar books and the two stand-alone novels inbetween, PRINCE OF THE BLOOD and THE KING’S BUCCANEER) are great fun, and HONOURED ENEMY (actually written by William Forstchen) is excellent as well, but the other 18 novels in the series are simply not up to scratch.

    And to be frank, even at his best Feist was not remotely in Martin’s league when it came to plot, theme or character development. For that, you need someone like Scott Bakker, J.V. Jones, Steven Erikson (particularly his earlier stuff) or – maybe – K.J. Parker.

    So… He only writes at home, and he’s only home for a few months out of the year, and most of his time is spent with the cocteau, working on anthologies, and watching football or planning his next trip… gotcha…

    He does only write at home. The, “He’s only home for a few months out of the year,” thing is BS though. Last year I think it worked out that he had about eight weeks out of the whole year away from home. More than most people have holidays for, but not exactly a massive amount. He also doesn’t run the cinema, he has a large team of people doing that for him, as he spent quite some time making clear on his blog when the thing first came up.

    As was made very clear, he decided it would be a good idea to recharge the batteries after ADWD to work on some other projects and went a bit overboard with them. They’re now all out of the way and have been for a few months, so hopefully we’ll see what effect that has had on the writing of TWoW soon.

  • Thanks for the Feist info, folks! It is always good to have some background (reader thoughts) before diving into something new.

    Adam Whitehead,
    I’m still hoping for a TWoW publishing announcement by the end of 2014!

  • I don’t think 2014 is possible. GRRM’s modus operandi is that – despite promising never to give updates – he starts talking a hell of a lot more about the book as he enters the home straight and starts providing page counts. That starts 12-18 months before the book actually comes out, sometimes earlier. Since he’s not doing that now, he’s either exacting a form of PR discipline we haven’t seen before, or the book is going to be mid-to-late 2015 at the earliest.

    If GRRM wishes to prove me wrong though, that’d be absolutely fine :)

  • Adam Whitehead,

    You’ve pretty much summed it up on Feist. Also agree on Scott Bakker – his writing really is magnificent. I honestly do not have a clue if the main character is good or bad or just mad as a mouch hare.

  • It’s really generous that it’s free of charge and all that…but to my minds eye, there will be a riot when 1000’s of people show up for a free screening with only 120 seats! I live “across the pond” as well, and I’m sourly tempted if not for the risk of showing up and not getting in. And I say this with my loathing of traveling to the USA post 9/11 (all this security stuff that they mangle you through these days really does take the fun out of traveling – Treating you like you’re a criminal until proven innocent, fingerprint taken…bah, the terrorists won!)