Funko’s tiny Game of Thrones figurines get even tinier

Funko, the makers of the popular Pop! vinyl figurines, is going to shrink your favorite Game of Thrones characters even more.

Next month, they will launch a line of Game of Thrones Mystery Mini-Figurines. This new line will feature 15 characters, all shrunk down to about 2.5 inches tall. They will be sold in blind boxes, so you won’t know which one you got until you open it (hence “mystery mini-figurines”). Characters include Robb Stark, Ayra Stark, Ned Stark, Jon Snow, Ghost, Shaggydog, Jaime Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, King Joffrey, White Walker, Khal Drogo, Daenerys Targaryen, Rhaegal, Drogon and Viserion. We’ve got a picture of the full line-up below.

These mini-figurines will go on sale on Feb. 15 in the US for the suggested retail price of $6.99-$7.99 each. Or you can pre-order some now from the HBO Shop.

Winter Is Coming: As Ash would say, “Gotta catch ’em all!”


  • I don’t like the blind box deal….I want to know who I’m getting. I’d even pay extra to get the one(s) I want.

  • Why are there not more female characters? Cersei, Sansa, Margery, Brienne, Melisandre, Queen of thorns etc?

  • I like that they do this sort of thing and they’re kinda cute, but there’s no way I’m throwin’ down 7 bucks without even knowing which one I’d get. Maybe if they were only 2 or 3 bucks…

  • Ya that’s a fairly steep pricetag for a blind draw… could easily spend upwards of a couple hundred bucks trying to get em all.
    It’s a goo thing I’m not tempted by toys…
    Books, however… Does anybody know where one can find the novellas? I’m guessing amazon… An are they still just parts of larger collections? Please excuse the hijack…

  • So they are duplicating some previously-released characters, but smaller versions? They should do it right and only include truly smaller characters, like Tyrion, Rickon, Tommen, Penny, CotFs, Lady, SweetRobin, S2 baby dragons, etc… as part of this bunch.

  • Hodor’s Bastard,

    That would suck. You just listed some of the least likeable characters in the series. I would pay money to not have Penny in my house. Anyhow, she hasn’t even appeared in the show yet. After writing this paragraph, I think you were joking.

  • Jentario,

    I quite liked his idea… Tho ya… Not sure about Penny specifically. I have a feelin there is much more in store for her…………

  • Hmm, well you’ll be able to trade for a complete set on Craigslist at least. I think they should give several figurines in a pack for more money if they really want to push people’s gambling buttons.

    I like the designs but I’m disappointed they are only doing these characters though. It seems like they could at least get behind a push like Star Wars figurines for the real collectors. Star Wars had figures right down to background people with no lines. Game of Thrones seems like a great marketing opportunity to get people to recreate scenes in miniature.

  • Jentario:
    Hodor’s Bastard,
    That would suck. You just listed some of the least likeable characters in the series. I would pay money to not have Penny in my house. Anyhow, she hasn’t even appeared in the show yet. After writing this paragraph, I think you were joking.

    Lol! ;) I thought I had a point to make….but it is indeed silly….

    These things make really fun gifts, btw.

  • NO BRAN??? Everyone is there but Bran? What’s the deal? Why is Bran always the one that get ignored? Is there some evil illuminati conspiracy behind this? Trying to make everyone to forget about the poor little Bran?

  • I wish they’d come out with some nice, detailed action figures instead of keep popping out this Funko crap.

  • Rygar,

    I’ve also got this Theon one, but my dog mutilated it by eating a certain appendage. Actually, it might be worth more now…

  • Jentario,

    Least likable? I’ll give you that for some of ’em (Penny and SweetRobin), but Rickon doesn’t show up enough to be really disliked. And Tyrion’s a fan favorite.

  • [email protected] Stark says:

    Gimme that Drogo :drool: !!

  • Skipjack,

    Good point. And I like the idea of a collection of figurines a la Star Wars (extras and all). Unfortunately I think the lack of a child fanbase makes this concept pretty unrealistic, simply from a market standpoint.
    But ya, toys that are actually toys. No offense to anybody who’s into it..(one of my best friends has the original funkopoppin hound)… But for me these toys are really a celebration of plastic garbage without a function

  • If only Neca could get the Game of Thrones licence.

    Would love a Hound figure and Beric with flaming sword.

  • I really don’t know what people see in these things. I personally think they’re all ugly and incredibly simple. Get a real artist to do miniature figures like Kotobukiya.

  • Imagine the joy on people’s faces when they open their mystery box and see Joffrey leering back out at them!

    ….and no Sansa??

  • Brock,

    Whoa, thanks for the link!
    I guess there is not much young teen girls watching Game of Thrones. Isaac is what, fifteen?
    In a couple of years when he does something else he is going to be a heartthrob and I can sniff and proudly remember the beginnings of his journey

  • I want me some Jon Snow!!!! Yes indeed…by which I mean the figurine…of course! He’ll look soo cool with Ghost on the side…now if we could get Mormont’s raven, the package would be complete!

    Oh and yeah to all moviegoers here, stay away from “47 Ronin” AND “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”….awful fucking movies…waste of time and money…

  • Wow, they all look really pissed off, except for Dany who looks smug and Arya who looks paranoid. Well, that’s ASOIAF for you I guess.

  • I think Sophie Turner may have just commented on the trailer a few hours ago. There are many users that call themselves by character names, but I’ve never seen one posing as an actor. Especially after Google raped us and forced us to use Google+.

  • Sister Wrister:
    Books, however… Does anybody know where one can find the novellas?I’m guessing amazon… An are they still just parts of larger collections?Please excuse the hijack…

    The first post in this thread from Westeros all the info you asked for. If you wan’t to read the novella’s in English than you’ll have to buy larger collections (see the thread for the specific one’s).

    If you wan’t to wait than I think that they are releasing all three D&E tales in 2015 as a compendium called “a knight of the 7 Kingdoms” or something like that IIRC.

  • No Cersei love. Again :(

    Will probably still buy these though – too cute. I’m a sucker for this shit.

  • They remind me of the collectible minifigures from Lego. Blind bags, you buy a bunch and end up getting three of the same in the bunch.

    I absolutely hate blind bags! It makes way for silly “rare and hard to find figures” which jacks up their price on eBay. I don’t want to spend 7 bucks (well it will probably be close to 20 bucks per figure if they are released in Australia, knowing the silly price difference here) on the same figure I’m going to get numerous times.

  • Veltigar,

    Thanks very much Veltigar. I know with just a bit if digging I could have found this, but well, I’m lazy and I very much appreciate your response.
    Can’t wait to read these, I’m jonesin for more of this world…

  • Sister Wrister,

    Too bad you have to buy the anthologies in order to get the novellas. The D&E novellas give you quite a bit of insight into Targaryen rule, the Blackfyre pretenders and Bloodraven. They are simple and fun reads….although Dunk really needs to get laid at some point.

    TP&tQ gives you all the meaty dragon fighting and Targ v Targ chaos you will ever need. Enjoy!


  • Awesome. Now I’m stoked. I have read some about that era of westerosi history and its totally fascinating. I really can’t wait to get my hands in these…
    As for Dunk… Seems his lineage is a bit… Awkward in that regard ;)
    I have some thoughts about some happenings in the north that may have been related….the whole honor guard stuff…
    Oh, and dude. Sunday is coming!!! I will be rooting for your dothraki for the AFC… Didn’t we discuss this briefly months ago?!!!
    Hodor’s Bastard,

  • Sister Wrister,

    :) Indeed we did! Enjoy the games. Should be quite the battle! Can the Fox outwit the Lion?

    Btw, Aegon being a hedge knight’s squire is one of the quirkiest yet coolest ideas that GRRM has had. I hope he does continue the grand history lesson that are the D&E tales! But first…TWoW dammit!

  • Greenjones,

    No it wasn’t. At least not on the site. Maybe someone tweeted about it, I don’t keep that much attention to the twitter feeds.
    Btw, can somebody explain this sentence to me? I’m a second language speaker/writer and usually have no problem with English texts if there aren’t written in an too intellectual kind of style, but this I just don’t get:

    To be honest with you, my like of it when I actually had to audition for it, it didn’t feel like an attainable thing because it shot so far away and it was nothing but brilliant European actors, so maybe that helped.

    Pardon me? What is Pedro Pascal trying to communicate here? :-D

  • Abyss,

    That’s because his saying “my like of it” isn’t grammatically correct. He’s saying that since he liked the show so much and since its shot so far away from where he lives, that he didn’t expect to get the job.

  • Greenjones,

    Thanks for explaining. The part you quoted had the wording that made the least sense to me. Actually, I was pretty sure that something wasn’t right there, but since it was a quote, I wasn’t entirely sure. ;-)