Looking Forward Season 4, Part 8: The Wall
By Oz of Thrones on in Editorial, Speculation.

The_Wall_from_the_southFirst of all…  Happy New Year!  Here’s to 2014 being a prosperous one for each of you and may we all experience an epic Season 4.

Join me for a walk in a winter wonderland.  The Wall looks to be an exciting place to be in S4, and the Unsullied, non-book reading army like sleigh rides.

Changes are abound (at The Wall and elsewhere), so let the climb commence…

Before we venture to the North, we must pass through the South…

So, I have a friend (note this is singular).  And I live in the deep south of the United States.  And sometimes that friend asks me things pertaining to GoT.  And sometimes it’s annoying.  But sometimes, it’s just plain amusing.  Before I dive off of the Wall, here are a few sample questions from this particular friend’s inquiries.  I hope you enjoy our beer-battered, fried pickle Q&A.

And before someone makes a snide remark about me making fun of southerners, just keep in mind that I am one… and dang proud of it, damn ya.

Q: “Hey…. When is that guy gonna light that big fire?  You know, the one the North ain’t never seen?”

Oz:  “Good question.  Mance seems like a wise, calculating character.  Considering he joined the forces of the cave men, the giants, the wildlings, and multiple others he is obviously not someone that can be taken lightly.  I’m not sure that lighting a fire is even what Mance meant in the literal sense.

Either way, I look for the attack to be soon during the next Season due to the fact that some Wildlings are on the other side of the Wall already and Mance knows that the Crows are in disarray.  Now is the time to strike.  The real question is, how does time translate when you’re dealing in one hour increments on HBO.”

Q: “Huh?  Um, okay.  So, when exactly is winter coming?  They been talking ‘bout it for three dang years and it don’t seem like it’s that snowy and cold just south of that Wall.”

Oz: “Fair enough.  I have asked myself this same question.  I am sure that book readers have a better answer for you than I do, but it does seem like winter has been coming for a long time and is not in any hurry to get there.

The short answer is that seasons don’t work the same way in Westeros as they do on planet Earth.  The seasons last for years.  So I can only assume that it takes a longer period of time for the seasons to actually change.  However, it is a valid question given how long the show has been talking about it and the fact that Ep. 101 is titled “Winter is Coming.”

So, enough of that.  I try to regularly talk to different people about the show to maintain a clear perspective of what casual viewers are curious about.  I study the show because I am obsessed.  But it is important to remember that most others do not.  Perspective.

Now, on with the Countdown (because ending a year and starting a new year without some sort of mindless, unscientific numerical based list is inexcusable)!

Five Questions about the Wall in Season 4

Number Five! (Imagine your own brief musical intro here)

How many Crows?

Let’s face it, the known is not good and the unknown could be worse.

Here is a shot in the dark at deductions based on past narrative.  In Season 1, the Old Bear and the Maester speak to Tyrion regarding the numbers of the Crows and essentially ask him to speak to Cersei about sending more help.  At that point, the Bear tells Tyrion that they are under 1,000 men.

Yoren was on his way with a few more recruits until they ran into trouble due to the search for Gendry.  So far as I can tell, no other recruits have made it up there (at least none have been shown although Ser Alliser states to Jon and Sam that more were coming before they took the Black).

An unknown number went with the Jeor beyond the wall and many of them were apparently killed in the unseen battle at the beginning of S3.  There were also an undisclosed amount of “dead crows” seen by Orell.  So, how many are left?

A random guess is maybe 800?  (This is where book-readers start laughing their assess off at myself and the Unsullied).  Jon tells Tormund that there are 1,000 men at the Wall, but that can’t entirely be accurate.

Regardless of number, the Crow leader has been slain and the whole flock (insert proper name for large gathering of Crows Here) seem to be in horrible disarray.

Number Four!

Was that Ser Alliser Thorne?

As most of you are aware, I avoid spoilers like the plague and am sworn to do so from this day until my last day.  However, occasionally a picture pops up on this fine site that grabs my attention.    A few months ago, it was a pic of Alliser Thorne.

Now for some categorical, unsolicited honesty:  I initially hated this guy in Season 1.  However, after reviewing the Season, I grew to respect him.  He plays no different role than that of a drill sergeant who is there to train recruits and give them skills that offer them a better chance of survival.  His tactics could be considered harsh, but I had football coaches that were considerably worse.

If Ser Alliser is coming back for S4, will he be the new Lord Commander?  What will his relationship with Jon be now that Jon has shown his allegiance to Night’s Watch?  Will they work together?  Will they still despise each other?

Alliser’s reemergence is captivating to say the least.  “You will die… (pause for dramatic effect) like flies.”

Number Three!

What role will Rast and the Keep Band play?

Speaking of pics that got my attention, a pic of Craster’s Keep popped up here recently which got me thinking about Rast and his merry band of outlaw Crows.

As you may remember, Rast is a rapist and the fact that he may still be at Crasters having his way with the daughters doesn’t sound very encouraging.

But Rast and the band must also be aware that winter is coming and that there are many dangers that lie beyond the Wall.  Rast also has it out for Sam, which is yet another reason that leads me to believe that his crew could be headed there sooner than later giving us just another fly in the ointment.

Number Two!

How will the upcoming battle play out?

Let’s review.  We’ve got a group or flock or gamut or something of Crows with low numbers made up of old men and misfits in complete disarray protecting the Wall.  There are Wildlings on each side preparing an imminent attack.  Then we’ve got Rast and his crew presumably still at the Keep who knows they need to get south of The Wall.

Obviously, there is a door open there for the Keep guys to join the Wildlings.  It is safe to assume that Rast and the boys will not be rejoining the Watch since he murdered the Old Bear.  However, if they offer to help protect the wall against Mance and the Raiders in return for passage through the Wall, maybe it is a possibility.

And then there are the Walkers, which could throw a wrench in the whole damn party.  Will Mance be in process of attack only to get flanked by the white walking dead?  Will he be forced to fight alongside his old brothers just to survive?

The possibilities are damn near endless, and that’s why speculating on this show is beautiful.

But what if there were yet another contingent to deal with?  Another fly?  Another factor?

The number one question in the sociopathic Unsullied mind of Oz is….

Number One!


Melisandre sees the battle in the snow.  She tells Stannis that the real battle is in the North.  The only place that has had a large amount of snow is of course at The Wall and beyond.  So the question is, will Stannis crash the party?

Stannis is due to make a move.  He pretty much stayed cooped up with the Red Leech Lover and Dungeon Davos at the Dragonstone Inn for the entirety of S3.  So what happens if the mannis heads North?

From a non-book reader perspective, the move makes sense on a number of levels.  Stannis believes he is the one true King as does Ol’ Red.  Stannis seemingly doesn’t have the numbers needed for a direct attack on King’s Landing or anywhere else.

If Stannis does indeed venture to The Wall, it seems plausible that he would join forces with either the Wildlings to help them get south and defeat the Crows (thus earning more men for his cause), or to join forces with the Night’s Watch in exchange for support in his bid for the Iron Throne.  Either scenario is intriguing although things are never that simple in the Game.

In either scenario, Stannis would have a chance at controlling the Wall and the men that protect it… and that could come in handy in his quest to rule the Seven.  Then again, maybe the Walkers just kill them all.


Now, let’s talk other futures

FanSided:  I’m not going to say much about this as I simply am a man without a whole lot of information.  But I do know this:  The FanSided network started with a fan site not a whole lot different than WiC.net.  Yes, the content was about American Football, but the idea to appeal to a particular fan base was generally the same.

I haven’t met the owners, and I don’t personally know Patrick, but I would say that the last thing they want to do is run off the regular readers of this site.  Their goal like any other web based, ad-driven site network are page views and clicks, which means they will definitely want to attract new readers.  But I assume they also know that running off the locals just to bring in the tourists is never a good business model.  They want them both.

With that being said, I believe the owners and the content guys will listen to all of you in terms of page items that you like (or more likely dislike).  A page re-design was inevitable whether FanSided was involved or not.  We wanted to make it better, and we still do.

However, I want you all to know that this deal for me has never necessarily been about money.  I do what I do here primarily for the interaction with you guys and gals and because I am utterly obsessed with the show.  The truth is that my continued presence on WiC has come to fruition because the vast majority of you voiced your opinion to keep me here, and for that I owe you all a debt.  And the Oz always pays.

Change happens.  You all know that.  The question becomes is it for the better or for the worse?  Yes, there are going to be a few more ads.  Yes, there will be a few more links.  And no, not everyone will approve.  But if the foundation remains and the WiC fan base stays in place, they will have little choice but to listen.  You have my word that I will go to bat for all of you to pay this debt.  Granted, my persuasion may not be worth much, but there is power in numbers.  If you run, there will be no one for them to listen to.

So, let’s give it a shot.  Let’s give them a fair shake.  And let’s all remind Patrick that everyone that frequents WiC has been trained on how to flay a man.  You don’t want that Patrick.  It doesn’t have a happy ending.

That’s it for me today, WiCsters!  I hope you all enjoy the New Year and we get a trailer sometime soon.  Six seconds just ain’t enough.


Don’t forget to listen in Sunday night for the WiC.net Award Show on youtube.  It should be a lot of fun!  A man is scheduled to appear on the show with Phil and The Gang if the sedation is not slurring my already horrid speech (going under the knife tomorrow… getting older blows).

Hasta, and may there be peace in your realm for the New Ano!


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  1. Ragman's Harbor
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    Glad you’re back Oz. Love your reviews and guesses.

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    Happy New Year Oz.

    Also, that’s a really great shot of the wall.

  3. Hexonx
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    Ah, a breath of fresh air from the putrid stink surrounding the FanSided post. Great job again Oz. Always look forward to your speculation. Remember also that there are 3 categories of the Nights Watch; Stewards, Builders and Rangers. Since most of the Rangers went with Mormont the vast majority left of the “800 or so” are not trained fighters (or at least not very good ones).

  4. House_Tully
    Posted January 2, 2014 at 1:03 pm | Permalink

    I’m a book reader (since 1997!), so I’ll tread lightly and only reply to #5.

    The stated numbers (below 1k) at the wall before Mormont took forces north included all 3 manned castles. Whatever the number total lost at the Fist is going to be significant, because I’m assuming they sent their more able fighters. The remaining crows at the wall are split between those 3 castles, and they lost leadership at the Fist and then at Craster’s.

  5. House Mormont
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    These are fascinating to read, and it’s a murder of crows I think…. relevant huh

  6. Balerion
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    Happy New Year!

    Glad to finally read you again, you have been missed!

    Please do Sansa or Kings Landing next time :)

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    A group of crows is called a murder. Dun dun dun!

  8. Ffiferoo
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    A group of crows is a murder (how appropriate)!

    I’ve had some discussions with Unsullied co-workers and my brother who is slowly working his way through the Blu-Rays, and they tend to run along the lines of “who was that guy?” and “why did that guy kill that other guy?” so those seem like pretty typical questions to me! I’m impressed with how much you’re able to follow, Oz, since I imagine it’s like when I watched The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time and spent the whole movie confused between Aragorn and Boromir, but on a much (much) larger scale.

    Also thanks for weighing in on the Fansided thing – I know I’m among the users who are appreciative of the site staff chiming in on this to address concerns. No one is ever going to be completely satisfied, but it helps to know that everyone is being heard!

  9. Turncloak
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    Good job Oz! One thing: they are called “white walkers” on Game of Thrones. “Walkers” are the name of zombies on that inferior television show but I’m sure u knew that :-). Anyway let’s get Kingslanding next

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    Happy new year Oz. Good to see another of your posts. I enjoy reading your speculations and theories.

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    This one needs a f****** trailer and he needed it yesterday.

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    Is it just me or does anyone else wish that GURM would create a bastard character at the Wall named Roger Waters?

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    Ah, the timely distracting post
    As a dedicated Sullied, my tongue is tied. I can only once again voice my appreciation for your work, Oz, and plead you turn your might unsullied gaze to House Lannister next, since you quoted lord Tywin so passionately in the end
    (one of those days I am going to win, I just know this)

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    I can’t wait to get a little bit of Wall footage!

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    Happy New Year to you too, Oz :smile: Great article as usual.

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    Oz – You rock! Happy New Year to you and all your Ozling hoard. Now – the Walker v White Walker controversy. If only the showrunners had just stuck with what they are called in the books, The Others! (and, yes, GRRM beat JJ Abrams to that tag.)

  18. A Man Grown
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    Is it just me or does anyone else wish that GURM would create a bastard character at the Wall named Roger Waters?


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    Why? So he can put another brick in the wall?

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    Hey Oz, you should make a review for each season before season 4 comes along! I really want to know your opinion of the first 2 seasons

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    Great to have you back, Oz. Another wonderful, intuitive post.

    Good luck with the surgery. I can sympathize with the “getting older” comment.

  22. Oz of Thrones
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    I have disrespected the White Walkers. The Ravens are gathering round House Oz as we speak.

  23. Hexonx
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    Oz of Thrones:

    I have disrespected the White Walkers. The Ravens are gathering round House Oz as we speak.

    I hope you picked up the Dragonglass dagger Samwell dropped. Otherwise we may have to burn you.

  24. Oz of Thrones
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    The long wait for the Lannisters has almost come to an end. A man thanks you for your patience.

    Happy New Year to you as well Jen@House Stark, and all of you great people. Please forgive my extended absence.

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    And isn’t that just SOOOOOO perfect a name…

    A group of crows is called a murder. Dun dun dun!

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    Wait … picture of Alliser Thorne? I didn’t see that one.

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    OZ!! So happy to read u again. Happy new year to Ozette and the Ozlings! Thank you for your perspective on the change. As long as the community remains (and remains positive) the rest is just…well, window dressing. ;-)

    Looking forward to your next installment.

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    Bran might also have something to do with all this north of the wall business.

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    I didn’t see Oz respond to the Murder of Crows info, but who could ask for a better term in relation to a group, especially in this context.

  31. House Mormont
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    Yoooo you know what we can expect from the wall in season 4? Kit with short hair!


  32. Oz of Thrones
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    Indeed I have not, but that is about as perfect as it gets (or so it seems).

    Ashara D,

    Thank you! Happy to have you take the time to read it. As long as one or two of you guys enjoy, I shall remain (and assuming FanSided meet my demands). **Evil laugh**

  33. Pepi
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    Ah. Thanks! :)

  34. Clemence
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    House Mormont,

    I’m sorry to break your dreams, but even if it’s a bit shorter than usual, his hair has mostly just been pulled back with some hair gel for the shoot…
    And since filming of season 4 wrapped late october, any hair change won’t be seen in the series (his hair cut then would just grow back before the start of season 5).

  35. Jentario
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    Good post as always. I want to see Tyrion and Sansa next. Or maybe Jamie and Brienne.

  36. Shane
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    I think it was around 300 that he ventured north with if I remember correctly. It’s also important to note that it is 1,000 men who are stationed at castle black, there are more at Eastwatch by the Sea and the Shadow Tower. It’s also even more important to note that the Halfhand brought some more men as well If my thoughts are correct it should be around 400.. but 600 seems like the very most they would have had… Regardless, whether there are 1,000 at the wall or 400 at the wall, they are vastly outnumbered because there are over 100,000 wildlings.

  37. House Mormont
    Posted January 2, 2014 at 5:46 pm | Permalink


    dude there was a picture of him and I think it was John Bradley in around November and he had the same as it was there, but I just thought it was him having it pulled back

    and I know it’s slicked back but considering just how much hair Kit had, it’s definitely a lot shorter.

  38. Dragonslayer
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    If I remember correctly these numbers only appeared in the books. Can a mod please spoilerblock it.

  39. Amnesiacps
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    Oh yes!

    But only if he is trying to take control away from the Lord Commander.

    Then just decides to go and build his own wall instead.

  40. Clemence
    Posted January 2, 2014 at 8:41 pm | Permalink

    House Mormont,

    Well I didn’t see the pic you are talking about so I can’t say any thing… but the photo of him that appeared a few days ago on Tumblr – where he is celebrating New Year’s Eve with other members of the GoT cast – showed him still having a decent hair length… 10-15cm or so. We’ve seen Kit with that length before.

  41. FictionIsntReal
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    The Wildlings don’t believe in submitting to someone just because their father was king. Stannis will hate them.

  42. NimbusWarrior
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    Happy new year! Season 4 is going to be amazing, I am praying for it…

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    Plese do Bran and North of the wall next.

  44. Sid
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    Is it just me or does anyone else wish that GURM would create a bastard character at the Wall named Roger Waters?

    best wic post ever

  45. Hodor's Bastard
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    Is it just me or does anyone else wish that GURM would create a bastard character at the Wall named Roger Waters?

    “Mother” as sung by Jon…

    Mother do you think I’ll ever know your name?
    Mother do you think I’m a traitor and insane?
    Mother do you think they’ll break our wall?
    Ooooh aah, Mother should I treat with Mance?

    Mother should I run for Lord Commander?
    Mother should I trust the men of my watch?
    Mother will they betray my plan to save the North?
    Ooooh aah, is it just a waste of time?

    Ghost, oh Ghost, where have you gone?
    The Undead are gonna make all of your nightmares come true
    Your brothers might just put all of their knives into you
    Stannis is gonna help only if you bend the knee
    He won’t let you fly but he might let you lead
    Mel and Val will keep you cosy and warm
    Ooooh Babe Ooooh Babe Ooooh Babe
    Of course Rhlorr’s gonna help save the North!

    Mother do you think Ygritte’s good enough…for me?
    Mother do you think she’s dangerous…..to me?
    Mother will she tear your little boy apart?
    Oooh aah, mother will she break my heart?

    Ghost, oh Ghost, where have you gone?

  46. Giantsbabe
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    There were some other pics of Kit about in the holidays where he had decent length hair plus his facial hair still. Around this time they also do shoots in character to promote the new season for upcoming magazine editions, so he is keeping it for a while longer I assume. There is also quite a nice pic of Kit in costume off set with that little doll thing of Jon Snow (what’s it called again??), where we also get a good look of what his facial scars will look like. Nice long hair there too. I’m on my phone, so maybe someone can post the pic.

  47. OldeCrone
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 1:06 am | Permalink

    We’ll have to send the 3 Billy Goats Gruff after the troll “you’re retarded”

    On average I’d say more people like Oz’s posts than not. Being serious, the books, where I live at least, are hard to get on library loan and they are not cheap books.

    Oz I’m sure you can shrug off the negativity.
    I’m concerned that fansided might encourage trolls.

  48. Joshua Atreides
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 6:51 am | Permalink


    He was the best of the lot because every time he ranged Beyond the Wall he would never get frostbite or hypothermia he would just be comfortably numb.

  49. FIRE-n-BLOOD
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 8:25 am | Permalink

    The wall will be interesting this season. I am sure most people assume that is where Stanis is headed because of Davos showing him the letter. While it would be nice to have the wall be a climatic episode 9, that would make Stanis be in transit for 8 episodes if he were to get there at all in time for a “battle in the snow”. It makes Dany’s storyline from season 2 look exciting.

    But what if the battle does take place in episode 9 then Stanis would have to be there well in advance to the battle. While his army is smaller than the wildlings, they are seasoned and several episodes to prepare for battle, I don’t think the wildlings would have much of a chance, especially those south of the wall. The other option would be an early in the season battle at the Wall.

    Also in transit to the wall is Janos Slynt, your friendly backstabbing former lord of harrenhall, former commander of the city watch, formerly known as “wait who’s that guy again”. If I remember correctly when Tryion got rid of him he said to put him on a ship, and Allister Thorne was in kings landing with the hand from the wright that Jon killed and Tryion told others to send him away.

    The wildlings south of the wall were going to attack Castle Black, do they wait for Mance or do they let the Watch prepare for them now that Jon escaped and could give it away?

    As to how many men at Castle Black? Total men < 1000 (season 1), men from castle black and shadow tower killed at the Fist of the First Men, remaining men split between 3 castles. 200-300 at the most 150 maybe as worst case.

    How many men do the wildlings have south of the wall? In the episode where they climbed the wall it looks like only the three teams of 4 and only one makes it up. The next episode they clearly have more, how many? I am unsure if it is ever talked about. If the plan was to take Castle Black by surprise they could expect to be outnumbered to begin with so my wild guess is they had to send at least 100-200.

  50. dragonreborn
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    It’s been a very bad day and I typed w on the browser (yes thats enough for it to understand I’ll get here) saying “if there’s no trailer yet, I’ll suicide”. well, at least there is an article from Oz. So, “not today” :))

    This time you have ask very good questions and I want to talk about them somewhere else, but not here of course!

  51. Ghost
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    House Mormont,

    Kit wore a wig in season 1, so I dont think him having short hair is a problem.

  52. Dragonslayer
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    Great post as always Oz…


    You’re surely a bookreader (Alliser Thorne was never seen in King’s Landing in the show.
    @mods, can you please do your duty?

  53. House_Tully
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 11:39 am | Permalink


    The less than 1k number was for the whole of the Night’s Watch, not the just men at Castle Black.

  54. loco73
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    I must admit that this complete news and media blackout on GoT is quite surprising. Hell even over at HBOwatch they got nothing except an article that apparently Obama likes watching “Game Of Thrones”, “The Wire” and “Boardwalk Empire”. Even while we were waiting for Season One to start, we got some tidbits of information a lot sooner than this. At least an image, something besides 3 seconds in an HBO year ender.

    Either production on Season Four has run over in terms of time, budget etc and now the amount of work in post production is just overwhelming and pushing things back, or something is afoot and amiss with HBO and GoT. While the series has garnered enough of a following , financial success and critical acclaim, it is just weird that everyone has been soo tight lipped.

    Then again being the second most pirated show on the net for a second year in a row might have something to do with that…I guess the best chance to get something new will be around the time that “True Detective” premieres on Jan 12.

  55. Joshua Atreides
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 12:03 pm | Permalink


    My guess is that we are going to get a teaser/trailer or In Production Vid when True Detective, the next HBO masterwork premieres. From a marketing standpoint it makes perfect sense to air a teaser/BTS vid the moment they release a potential hit series.

  56. Lef
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    And here come the doomsayers, just like last year.

    The show is now one of their biggest hits, they just don’t need to advertise it as much as pre-S1.

    Everything’s fine. Just be patient and relax.

  57. loco73
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

    It was just a musing Leif Garret. Don’t worry about “Here come the doomsayers”… I’ve been coming to and posting on this website when this show was just a rumour and most people didn’t know what “Game Of Thrones” was, so I’m familiar what happens “just like last year”.

    Besides I am relaxed, especially even more so when someone tells me to be relaxed.

    So what do we take from all this? We are all relaxed.

  58. loco73
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 12:29 pm | Permalink

    Joshua Atreides,

    Hey nice to hear from you. Thanks for the reply. And yes I think you are right. “Banshee” is coming back, “Girls”and “True Detective”, so I suspect that at some point either those will present some opportunity for new GoT stuff. It will probably be either a trickle down type of deal or release the flood gates…

    Happy New Year to you Joshua! All the best in 2014!

  59. Patchy Face
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

    Joshua Atreides,

    Agreed – Look for trailer, behind the scenes, buzz, something, on January 12. What I really want to see is premiere date – HBO and D&D must have decided on schedule by now!

  60. Jimbo
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    Haha – Yay! Love reading the Oz articles and the unsullied’s theories! :)

    Canny wait for a S4 trailer!!

  61. A Man Grown
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    Someone needs to make a comic strip called Stannis the Mannis.

  62. Lef
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

    loco73: I’ve been coming to and posting on this website when this show was just a rumour and most people didn’t know what “Game Of Thrones” was, so I’m familiar what happens “just like last year”.

    I was a lurker here from the very beginning, so I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make..


    Either production on Season Four has run over in terms of time, budget etc and now the amount of work in post production is just overwhelming and pushing things back, or something is afoot and amiss with HBO and GoT. While the series has garnered enough of a following , financial success and critical acclaim, it is just weird that everyone has been soo tight lipped.

    Then again being the second most pirated show on the net for a second year in a row might have something to do with that…

    sounds a lot like doomsaying to me.. but since it seems that everyone is relaxed, then fine, I guess.

  63. loc073
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 2:32 pm | Permalink


    You were a lurker from the very beginning…so? I’m not exactly sure what point you are trying to make here either? Yet you went off the bat without knowing me , “here come the doomsayers”…I don’t know you either…so that is that.

    I’ve been long enough on this site to know and realize that the series has reached a point when HBO does not need to promote it as agressively or as early as possible. Whatever I said was a musing. I think Joshua Atreides made his point quite clear about when we might expect new information, promos, trailers,pics etc

    I was wondering if maybe the work left in post-production, given what is to come in Season Four, and the fact that oftentimes, post-production work is sometimes even heavier and under more pressure than even initial production/principal photograpy, has perhaps pushed back the release date, or changed something in the dynamic of the show, maybe there have been some changes in the crew etc. who knows?

    I also added that perhaps they are unusually tight lipped and guarded more so than in the past, maybe due to the dubious or priviledged distinction, depending on which side of the debate you are on, that this continues to be the most pirated show on the net. So in that case they are even more guarded and weary of having anything leak ahead of time. HBO is pretty manic, and with good reason, when it comes to its propietary content and intellectual property.

    It was, as I said just, a musing, in this in-between downtime when there are few morcels of official information. This is kind of a “winter blues” type of deal for GoT fandom at this time of the year…I certainly don’t want anything negative to happen, I am a fan of this show, otherwise I couldn’t care less.

    So yeah lets all continue to be relaxed and not take this discussion somewhere it shouldn’t go. Happy New Year to you and be well!

  64. Oz of Thrones
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 3:31 pm | Permalink


    Actually, I was thoroughly amused. Aside from the originality of the chosen name of the poster, the whole “read the f’in books already” comment solidified the knowledge or lack thereof of said commenter. But hey, there’s always one.

    I do share your concern regarding the possibility of increased trolling with Fansided. Additional readership is welcome but they will have to be prepared with well-informed and qualified moderators or we will turn into a full-fledged spoiler zone.

    Thanks for commenting today Crone!

  65. GeekFurious
    Posted January 6, 2014 at 7:19 pm | Permalink

    The predictions are probably the most fun a book-reader can have with these things. Because it is highly entertaining to see what the unsullied are imagining since it often fits with what we were thinking while reading the books.

  66. mewcat
    Posted January 6, 2014 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

    Hi Oz,
    Hope you are feeling well and recovering from your knife wounds. Winter is here, is it not? It made it to the deep south where I also live….do you live so deep that you bleed black and gold? Anyway, hope you are well. ENJOYED your post and your musings. Looking forward to your next post.

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