Game of Owns: Deep Breath

Episode 194 – Deep Breath

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Clash has passed in the show’s rearview mirror, and it is time to look forward as Season 4 so quickly approaches. Your hosts of GOO have a question, will you help?



Discussion Topics
The afterglow
What would you like to see?
Where is the fourth host?
Taking the ride together
Our first live show, IndyPopCon!
Game of Thrones, Simpsonized
A quiet call to action


  • My own goes to Baelor Breakspear because you guys havent read the Hedge Knight and done an episode on it and dont know anything about him.

  • Yes, would enjoy. There is a reason to do so before season 4 too… can’t say without approaching spoiler territory though.

  • spacechampion:
    How about reading the Dunk & Egg stories?

    Why in the world would you encourage someone to read the other GRRM fantasy series that will mostly likely never be finished? You’re cruel.

  • Atreyu: Why in the world would you encourage someone to read the other GRRM fantasy series that will mostly likely never be finished? You’re cruel.

    Because I have no doubt both will be finished.

  • Dunk & Egg would be awesome – they’re brief enough that you could finish them before next season starts, but long enough that you could cut each one in two to stretch them out a bit if you wanted.

    There’s also The Princess and the Queen, that just came out recently. Might be a little dry and confusing for the podcast (it’s written as a history with lots of similar Targaryen names), but it’s an option!

    Another thing I’d love to hear is some discussion of non-spoilery fan theories, and/or a look back over the prophecies and visions that have happened in the first two books and some speculation on those.

  • Zoomed through Feast for Crows in the past 3 weeks and now onto Dance of Dragons for the 3rd time. I love this series, book and show. Its awesome.

  • I want to hear more of the distant wolf. Maybe a commentary on each episode of season 3. Then a prediction for each character in season 4. That should add up to 21.


  • 1. Dunk & Egg
    2. review the history and lore sections that are released on dvd (and YT)
    3. If you want to read one specific chapter from asos that will not spoil season 4 for you but is really awesome, do Bran II. One of my favorite chapters of the series.

    In no particular order

  • I honestly think you guys should just jump straight into Storm. I’m shocked and disappointed you aren’t, actually.
    You can’t run a podcast on user-submitted internet memes and scraps of news from an upcoming season; it’s gonna be a bone dry couple of months if you do. And getting into Dunk and Egg, or any other shorter novel seems more detrimental than anything else.

    About 75% of A Storm of Swords has already been covered in season 3, so it’s not like you’re gonna be jumping with everyone into unknown territory. And by the time you start to catch up to where the TV show left off, S4 will already be in full swing. I think it’d be MUCH more interesting if you were reading the book somewhat closely to the show adaptation at the same time. You’d get twice as much content to stretch out from that and it would keep things varied.

    No matter what you do, you’ll always be outrunning the TV show. You can put it off now or put it off later, but it’s a problem you’ll have to face eventually.

  • PLEASE do the Dunk & Egg novellas! They are so freaking good, and won’t spoil anything in the series (although is does provide a lot more context to things that happen in the series proper). You could do Princess and the Queen after that and be done just in time for season 4.

  • Here’s my random thought:

    Go person by person or House By House of where they left off last season and where you want/expect/hope their storyline goes in Season 4. 1 episode per storyline/person/house previewing and predicting season 4. And of course, crackpot theories, cause those are always fun.

  • Yea I totally agree with the people who want you guys to do Dunk and Egg. It gives some great background/history for the ASOIAF series without running into spoilers. I also loved your season 1 commentary and would love to hear the same for season 2. The history and lore on the DVDs is awesome too and can be found on youtube.

  • I seem to be in the minority, but I support waiting on ASOS until after the season and then being able to dedicate 100% of your attention to it in the off/on/whatever-season.

    I’m in support of Dunk & Egg. Haven’t read them myself and this would provide me with a great excuse to do so.

  • So we have

    1. Dunk and Egg – a Chapter at a Time – on Mondays and Fridays

    2. History and Lore of Westeroes(should be done almost like a Commentary Episode where you listen to a few and talk about each after – with pauses in between the Audio of each for Eric to go “Waaaaaaht!!!” – 1 Hour per Episode.

    3. WGOO

  • Indy Popcon has just been Googled! I’m about 90 mins from Indianapolis and will be buying tickets!

  • BrendanSnoq:
    Here’s my random thought:

    Go person by person or House By House of where they left off last season and where you want/expect/hope their storyline goes in Season 4. 1 episode per storyline/person/house previewing and predicting season 4.And of course, crackpot theories, cause those are always fun.

    Agreed ! By the time they discuss every storyline s4 will be around. Also, the History and Lore stuff seems like a great idea.

  • Cerulean Snidget,

    Agree you all go to one-two shows per week in this gap season, S2-S3 commentary would be great way to prep for S4. Then one show a week during HBO season, and then go full steam on 3x/week reading ASOS. I really appreciate the time and effort all four of you put into the book reads – Don’t want you to get burnt out!

  • I think a combination of Dunk and Egg and Season 4 predictions character by character. A Season 3 rewatch would be nice as well. Wait till after Season 4 for ASOS.

  • I recently discovered the podcasts and the website and I love them both. I wish you start ASOS immediately because I’m rereading the books too. I have never read the Egg Novellas so if you guys decide to read them I’ll get them.
    I can wait for this season. Martell is my actual last name so that makes House Martell my favorite House.

  • I was hoping you would jump straight into the Storm of Swords, actually. It is a bigger book so it might take you a whole year to read it (with 10-week-hiatus during season 4).

    Dunk and Egg novellas are a great idea but I would wait a little longer before reading them because they contain sort of a backstory for a few characters in A Dance with Dragons… and it might be interesting to read them just before Feast/Dance. Just my two cents. :-)

  • sveva,

    There’s only a dozen more chapters in ASOS, they have more than enough time in the offseason between Season 4 and 5 to get through it. They got through Clash with a couple of months to spare, next year that couple of months can be used to finish Storm

  • I was sort of hoping you’d go into ASOS right away, but I can certainly understand your reasons for not doing it. And there are plenty of other things you can do in between. Dunk and Egg stories is a good option, and something I’d listen to (even though I haven’t read them myself). Any interviews you can wrangle, too.

    I very much enjoyed your commentary specials you did for Season 1, and since I’m hoping to find the time to rewatch past seasons before April, I’d love it if you’d do those for Season 2 and/or 3. (And if time won’t permit that now, then during the show season like you did last year would also be great.) Rewatching with GOO in your earholes – oh, wait, that sounds so wrong – rewatching along with you is a treat.

  • Is the podcast not working for anyone else? It’s not playing for me here, when I tried downloading it I got a ”Can Not Download because file is corrupt” message, and it appears to not be on Itunes yet.

  • Brody:
    Is the podcast not working for anyone else? It’s not playing for me here,when I tried downloading it I got a ”Can Not Download because file is corrupt” message, and it appears to not be on Itunes yet.

    Did you try downloading directly from the main GOO site?

  • HodorDoor,

    Not sure but this looks like Ascent that I have been playing for the past year – if that is what you are referring to, check it out – lots of fun

  • Renly’s Peach,

    The issue with this is that I’d hate for my reading experience of asos to be cut into parts(especially since I’m reading the books along with show for the first time), they’d only manage at best the first 18 chapters and won’t pick up until after S4 which would honestly not flow very well.

    I think this downtime would be great to delve into new things. I love theorizing and predictions, sadly if Selina was sill available I would have suggested doing an unsullied s4 prediction episode and a sullied one (I’m unsullied but I sympathize with the book readers). I think it would be hilarious to do episodes predicting the story line for every character, and then coming back at the end of S4 and seeing how much you got right (or terribly wrong)

    Also if they do decide to do Dunk&Egg I’d be game I’d love an excuse to read them.

    S3 commentaries is a good option for those who want to rehash and refresh before the new season as well.

    lots of good options and I personally vote for a nice mixture of prediction/theory episodes, and Dunk&Egg

  • Haven’t read Dunk & Egg yet, so hoping you’ll oblige with those. Parallels, prophecies, history & speculation… just please reconsider taking the entire week off! Cheers!

  • I’m a long time GOO fan who has been VERY exited for you to read aSoS. Doing the owns chapter by chapter with you guys is something that helps tie me over on the long wait. It gives me something to be exited about and look forward to THIS week and EVERY week. I must express my disappointment about delaying the aSoS read through, but only because you asked for our opinions. Please jump in to aSoS A.S.A.P. I’m already going through GameOfOwns withdraw and Dunk and Egg won’t remedy that. Thanks.

  • Sometimes I wonder what order that GRRM prefers his ASoI&F fans read the supporting D&E material. Did he want the fans to read the D&E tales after certain ASoI&F books or as an isolated experience? For me, it does help to read the available D&E tales before Bloodraven is introduced/explored. I also think that “The Princess and the Queen” should be read before the next anticipated “dance of dragons” in order to be aware of the ridiculous/crazy behavior that the Targs are capable of.

    Also, after ASoS (regardless of what you do with the other material), I think the GOO crew should do themselves a favor and read AFfC/ADwD in chron/parallel order, according to the wonderful “Boiled Leather” work done a few years back. That would be fun to follow.

    In any case, do carry on, sers (and missing mi’lady).

  • I’ve been looking on the UK Amazon recently and have been unable to find any D&E material besides the graphic novels, which I imagine are great and all, but I’m after the plain text. There’s no sign of the supposed Knight of the Seven Kingdoms compilation either, which sucks because I wanted to make an audiobook of the expanded material during the wait for TWOW.

  • Wouldn’t mind an episode or two recapping what each character is doing or where they’re at as we head into season 4. The evolution of the character and predictions on what’s ahead?

  • I would enjoy Season 2 and Season 3 commentaries, it is fun watching the show along with the GOO crew!

  • I support Dunk & Egg, and History & Lore.

    But one thing that’s obvious to me would be a comment track for season 2, with book 2 fresh on everyone’s mind.