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New Season 3 Blu-Ray Clip: The Strength of the Tyrell Family

The Hollywood Reporter has released another new preview clip from the special features of the Game of Thrones Season 3 Blu-Ray. This clip takes a look at the strength of the Tyrells, mostly in thanks to the women, and in particular their matriarch Lady Olenna. Diana Rigg and Natalie Dormer share their thoughts, and Charles Dance even likens Olenna to his own character, Tywin Lannister.


  • Nice to see this clip ;) We certainly get spoiled these days :D After so many months of drought we are showered with news :)

    There can be only one Euron (Mads Mikkelsen) :p

  • Have we not seen this before?
    Maybe on the show, rather after an episode.
    O well , one of the few times we see and hear Rigg talking about the role.
    I have not seen her at any of the Red Carpet things.

  • Boojam,

    It was part of a new character featurette for season 3, so yes it’s far from brand new. It’ll be one of the smaller extras then, along with the wildling and marriage featurettes.

  • KG,

    Definitely, she was brilliant in this, and in Doctor Who last year alongside her daughter. They’d better give her some good material to work with this season. More than her moaning about the weather (though there’d better be Rains ;).

  • I do love how D&D have built up the Tyrells in the series compared to the book. I anxiously await how the second half of Storm of Swords plays out with this stronger focus.

  • Let us briefly review the amazing accomplishments of the MIGHTY Olenna Tyrell:

    1. She got her cheese served first. (That was probably it, but let’s be kind.)

    2. She failed in a plot to marry off Sansa, outmaneuvered by Littlefinger, etc.

    3. She succeeded in paying more for the upcoming royal wedding (half the cost). That’s a win, I guess…?

    4. She also succeeded in caving in to Tywin’s (the real boss) pressure by agreeing to marry Loras to Cercei, thereby, theoretically, guaranteeing that House Tyrell will be heavily influenced (maybe controlled?) by the Lannisters.

    Truly, a “powerful” matriarch… lol.

    This show tries too hard to make all the female characters appear uber intelligent and all the male characters appear quite dumb.

  • Prince of Pentos,

    She was conspiring with Littlefinger the moment he arrived in Highgarden. The plan was brilliant; LF would give her choice words about Joffrey that would make her suspect he’s not the lovely boy she wants her Margaery to marry and get his formerly-betrothed to rat on him and confirm it. Littlefinger or Olenna steal the rare Strangler crystals from Pycelle’s chambers, then work them into a hairnet that Dontos the spy can give to Sansa, thus sneaking the poison into Joffrey’s wedding feast.

    At this point the marriage to Loras is off (if it was ever really on to begin with) and Sansa’s been hastily wed to Tyrion, which was probably not on their master-scheme, given that it makes her a major suspect. Littlefinger hires jousting the dwarfs to sow seeds of hatred between Joffrey and Tyrion, making him number one suspect in the eyes of the onlookers. As the crowds are distracted, Olenna or one of her grandchildren slips the poison into the King’s cup, which Margaery was also drinking from, so it’s highly likely she was in on it too. Tyrion is arrested, Sansa is safely in Littlefinger’s hands and Margaery won’t be married to a monster. A monster who may provoke Loras into murdering him, thus becoming Kingslayer mk.2. Tommen ascends the throne instead and everything goes to plan, until Varys begins to sow his own seeds.

    I’m not sure how much of that will play out through season 4, though that’s when people are going to start realising she’s an actual force to be reckoned with. Like show-Pycelle, she feigns her frailty so she won’t be seen as a major threat, even Littlefinger admits he rather admires her, but whether it’s as a friend or an enemy is not so certain. And of course if you’re Unsullied then I’ve wasted 2 paragraphs on talking about how she’s not getting caught in other player’s plans. I wish I had a grandmother as cool as the Queen of Thorns.