Game of Thrones takes home three Visual Effects Awards

Awards season continues to roll along and after the 12th annual Visual Effects Society Awards on Wednesday, Game of Thrones now has a few more trophies to add to its collection.

The show was the big winner for television at the ceremony at the Beverly Hilton, taking home three awards, including:

  • Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program, for “Valar Dohaeris”
  • Outstanding Created Environment in a Commercial or Broadcast Program, for “The Climb”
  • Outstanding Compositing in a Broadcast Program, for “The Climb”

Check out this video to see a sampling of the stellar VFX work created for season 3 of Game of Thrones:

Ours is the Fury: Some of the special effects work is so incredibly subtle and well-done that we don’t even notice it happening in a scene until it’s pointed out. Congratulations to the Game of Thrones team on the well-deserved wins!