• It’s not spoilers to say that the scar-headed guy among the wildlings is a new wildling leader character, one of Mance’s other lieutenants. Styr, leader of the Thenn wildlings.

    He was actually IN the first half of book 3 and climbed the Wall with Jon Snow, but got cut from Season 3. Apparently he was “always there” in the background.

  • Dolorous Ned:
    I’m dreaming of a White Walker
    Just like the ones I used to know…

    …Where the cold winds shatter,
    And Wildlings scatter,
    To flee cruel undeath in the snow~

  • Regarding theories about the White Walker at the end being this character from the books…

    “the character in question” as depicted in the books always wears a hooded cloak so you never actually see his face. So it’s probably a real stretch to say this is him (unless drastically redesigned). Confusing this White Walker with “the character in question” would be an even worse mistake than mistaking Shae for Oberyn Martell’s wife.

  • King of the Ashes,

    It’s veiled carryover bile from the Shae mix-up last podcast. If I see any more of it, I’ll kick it at the root.

    That said, I’m also surprised any seasoned reader would mistake that armored Other for Coldhands. I’ve seen that reaction everywhere. In the books, his features are always obscured, and there is zero incentive for HBO to show that card at this point if the show is holding. None.

  • Arya’s list does not get bigger after ACoK. It only gets smaller, in fact. There have been no additions since. Only the tv show is moving things around.

  • The Dragon Demands,

    Which is almost as big a mistake as thinking that Ellaria Sand is Oberyn’s wife. The Red Viper isn’t married. You see how this works? Everyone makes mistakes. The mature thing to do is to stop whining about them and move on. You, like the rest of us, are not infalliable.

  • WompWomp: on. Would you kindly cut it out? That note is awful tired.

    That wasn’t condescending passive-aggressive. That was wry sarcasm. Do I need to use emoticons or something?

  • You and I know that Ellaria Sand is a paramour, but given that these Unsullied don’t even know what a paramour is, I was trying to simplify it for their sake.

  • The Dragon Demands,

    I know. It’s crappy. Now imagine you’ve dedicated your free time multiple times a week to a fancast for years in a voluntary effort to entertain and engage and you’re met with the same slow-motion backhand in response to an honest mistake (as opposed to a calculated jab).

    Think about it.

    Mya Stone,

    The omission of Ilyn Payne was sadly noted. On the bright side, Wilko Johnson is about to release a new album he collaborated on. His response to his cancer diagnosis has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

  • No one has brought up that Illyn Payne is no longer on Arya’s list. Is this official confirmation that the part will not be re-cast, as the actor has had to leave the show because of illness? That’s unfortunate. Not sure if this counts as a spoiler, so blacking out just in case some might consider it such…

  • BrendanSnow,

    I did, but the fact that he’s not one of the major players on the list (and the fact he’ll be forever absent now) means they had no reason to put it in the trailer. Meryn’s on the list for maybe-killing Syrio and the Mountain and Polliver for her abuse in Harrenhal, but they just don’t fit right now. We’ll get the full list I’m sure, but right now the focus is on the Lannisters.

    Adding Melisandre was a nice touch though, given they never met in the books but she has great reason to resent her now.

  • Eric – they’ve translated valar morghulis in the show before – most recently with Missandei and Dany. “All men must die.” “Yes, but we are not men.”

  • Also I really wish sullied/book readers would stop tweeting winky winky hints at GOO and posting in unspoiler text comments on WIC and other sites. You think you are being super coy but you aren’t.

  • zaprowsdower,

    That’s my opinion on a lot of the stuff Micah says too. But apparently making any negative comment means you are a man-child who should like the podcast entirely or leave.

  • Excited for Friday’s episode to find out what you have in store for us in the now-official “pre-season” for the “on-season” now that we’ve completed the “post-season” of the “off-season.” Or is it the other way around?