Editorial Season 4 Speculation

An Unsullied takes on Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing

Yeah… I know this is late.  So sue me.  I’ve got Ozlings to feed.

Fourteen and a half minutes of dragon-coated bliss.  I will admit I was merely just expecting clips from the 1st pre-released trailer with maybe a couple of yet-unseen bonus clips.

But what we got was a feast worthy of a post from your resident viewer-only.  Let’s get into it…

I like disclaimers, so here is the featurette version… proceed with caution:  I have NOT delved into any comments to get some inside scoop on all of the unknowns delivered in this epic season teaser.  I was so elated by it that I did lurk into the comment section of the featurette post itself only to voice my excitement and to gauge interest in an Unsullied write up.  I quickly exited stage left.

That being said, I will definitely get some characters, locations, and ideas completely wrong (as well as the proper spelling of).

The point of this fine post is to try to give the Sullied an idea of what some (not all) Unsullied might be thinking after viewing this magnificence.

PLEASE, do not put spoilers in the comment section.  The mods do their best, but they all have jobs and responsibilities too.  As much as we would love to make a living on this fine site, we just don’t.  So be respectful of the Unsullied army, and I will make sure the Unsullied army respect you.  (They shall be punished with nipple removal if they do not).

Oh, and one more thing… as difficult as it is to not drop hints for the Unsullied, please try and refrain.  None of that  “hey Oz, you need to go back to point X on the video and notice that guy sitting on the rock with his pants pulled down halfway with the burnt ass cheek… pay special attention to him”, or something of the like.

So, here goes!

The Quick Hits

The quick clips at the beginning were hard to follow, but I will give it a shot…

Let’s make a sword!

Joff and Marg about to seal the deal.

Man on a horse with a banner I couldn’t delineate.

Dungeon hallway?

Mad Tyrion

Sam attempting to get to first base with Gilly.


Serious Snow

Snowy Sansa?

Mhysa Part II

Jaime’s good hand

Littlefinger/Lysa Love?

King Crossbow (holding the singing sword)

Arya making her second (technically third) kill?

Oh shit… is that Jaime fighting Bronn?

Sansa escape?

Marg talking to QoT?

Bran warging at the Weirwood Tree, as coached by Hodor

Melisandre with mystery woman

Sansa escape?

Cersei and Tywin looking like Lannisters.

Who is this guy getting bum-rushed in the street? And what does it say on the wall?  Kill the master? Don’t answer that.

Snow snowing on somebody’s ass

Mountain v.3? Oh hell yes.

Ygritte getting ready to plant another one in Snow?

A Knight charging against a guy standing in front of Dany and the Unsullied (Daario?)

How far do you want me to go with this?  These were just the clips at the beginning.  Holy crap.


The opening quote from Jon Snow I assume is in reference to the current state of affairs at the Wall and of the Crows.  Much has transpired there while he was coercing with Mance and hot tubing with Ygritte.

In the interest of time (and space) I won’t say much about the cast interviews here.  I do enjoy hearing how the cast feels about certain aspects of the show.  In other news, McElhatton has apparently not showered since Season 3 wrapped.  And I don’t care.  Team Bolton.

And as Dinklage says, where do you go from there?

A Lot Of Action

The first part seems to center on the future of Tyrion, which is fine by me.  There is a reason Dinklage is an Emmy award winner and fan favorite.  I don’t know what the hell he has done, but the outcome doesn’t seem promising.  Won’t make baby with Sansa?  Caught with Shae?  Slapped the King?

I hate to see the guy mistreated because he is “guilty of being a dwarf”, but the issues at hand (or possibly with “the Hand”) have got my attention.  Add the Jaime dynamic back to the mix, and I simply can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Oberyn Martell

I will step out here and guess that this guy is the infamous “Red Viper”.  Vengeance is mentioned and it seems he has some sort of beef with the Lannisters.  And I’m quite sure that is our new guy squaring off against the Mountain in the circle in the opening clips.

Now, assuming the above is correct, you better be a badass with a name like “Red Viper” (or be the driver of a Dodge sports car combined with being a badass).  Furthermore, if you are going to go one on one with the Mountain (regardless of which Version you are fighting), I sincerely hope you know what you are doing.  Otherwise, Pedro may be looking for work sooner than later.

Oh, and it looks like he is making out with this girl I dated in High School.

King Crossbow

First of all, Maisie cracks my shit up.

To reinforce the Future of Joffrey and his inevitable demise, a scene is shown of him mouthing off to Jaime about not being around to help at the Battle of Blackwater.  The growing list of people Joffrey continues to piss off is becoming insurmountable.  I am happy to see jackass #2 (Ser Meryn) will be returning.

Purple Reign

Had the Bbsus2 chord kicked, I’m pretty sure I would have fallen of the couch.

The Royal Wedding just looks phenomenal.  This show rarely disappoints.  Here’s hoping that Prince cameos as the wedding singer.

The Sets

I’ve said this before, but during the Season I feel like we are all treated to a feature film every Sunday night because of the grandiose sets alone.  It may be the new TV of House Oz, but they seem to look even better in S4.


Emilia mentions that the cities that have been liberated are in revolt due to a lack of structure and/or leadership.  I’m not sure where this is headed other than the possibility of some backtracking by Dany and the Jedi to clean things up.  I’ll be honest here… the statement somewhat reminded me of the state of affairs of Iraq after Saddam was ousted and how the country seemed out of control following.  The comparison of the two is likely way off base, but it was the first thing that came to mind as I tried to make a mental comparison.

Now, on to the dragons…

One aspect that admittedly has not crossed my mind during my loose analysis of this show is the possibility that the dragons would not mind their mother.  Emilia hints at this in the interview along with THE MAN saying, “They’re dragons Khaleesi.  They can never be tamed.”

This new twist is intriguing to say the least and really brings a newfound interest on my part in the Dany storyline.

Jon Snow

As we have all discussed at length, Jon’s story and Kit’s subsequent acting have been a bit controversial for the duration of the show.  I maintain the belief that Kit is a good actor and has merely been a victim of his situation and the associated writing.

I am hopeful that this will be Kit’s best season.  He looks to have a very big part at The Wall, which appears to be a major location for events to unfold in S4.

Weirdest Thing the Cast Has Had to do

Someone please remind me of which episode Hodor shows his Hodor.

“I don’t know what they’re paying you, but it’s not enough.”  Eternal words of wisdom from John Bradley.

And Brienne seems entirely too happy about biting off a man’s ear and spitting it in his face.

For Fun

I don’t know that I can say anything more witty that hasn’t already been said about the Dancing Lannisters, other than it would be a cool name for a band.


Kit has this one right… Bronn does have some of the best.

That time when Hodor said “Hodor” was hilarious.

And who is the “nothing” guy?  Again, don’t answer that.

Saddest Death

Bran lost a bet and had to wear a Cyndi Lauper wig for his interview.  But Luwin’s death was horribly sad.

Robb, Cat, Ned of course.  Hell, there have been many sad deaths in their own way, with the exception of maybe Viserys and Craster.


Now, here we go.

As mentioned, the Wall looks to be a point of emphasis in S4 and I’ll take more Tormund anytime.

“Things get going much more quickly.”  Were things ever slow on this show?  The cast and crew talk of more action sequences, which is fine by me.  But I do hope the show doesn’t make things more action-packed just for the sake of.  GoT has always had a good mix IMO.

No building to one climactic moment.  Does this mean no Epic 9?  Or does this mean that every episode is an Epic 9?  This makes the show sound like anything can happen at anytime, even more so than in previous seasons.

We get a brief shot of Ramsay looking ominous and bloody.  I can’t wait to see that guy again, especially if we get a scene with he and Roose.

Jaime seems to be presenting Brienne with a new dress of armor, which hopefully means he is taking care of the she-beast and making sure she is treated well.  Then Brienne and Marg are seen together, potentially hunting King.  Could Brienne be sworn to protect Marg next?

Stannis!  There have not been many clips of the man, but this one with Davos looks like they are once again sailing together.  Headed North perhaps?

And who the hell is Baelish looking at?  Dear Lord, let it be Lysa.  It doesn’t look like its Lysa.  But I want some Lysa.

Judging by Hodor’s face, things may not be going so well beyond the Wall.

Then Maisie says that the good guys are coming back.  I did not think that was possible in this show.

And before it comes to an end, this is said:

“We hope people, when they come out of the season will feel that the impact of the season as a whole will be greater than the impact of the previous season.”

Every time something dramatic or climactic happens on the show, I always ask myself how they are going to top it.  But somehow, they always do.

Could this be the best season yet? 

Sullied or Unsullied, no one can answer that.  But it looks to be the most action-packed of them all.  As per the norm, I am always looking forward to meeting new characters.  But I am most interested in the old characters that have not had scenes together in the recent past or ever before… Jaime/Tyrion, Jaime/Tywin, Jaime/Cersei, Littlefinger/Lysa, Ramsay/Roose, Snow/Alliser Thorne, etc.

The question on whether or not the dragons will be bigger has already been answered…  yes, slightly.  That shot shows someone about to be barbecued, but what struck me was the damn size comparison between the two.

Stupid question time:  Is the shadow of the dragon flying over King’s Landing?  I don’t care if you answer this one… just make sure it’s a very short, non-descriptive answer.  I don’t know where else that would be, but I am only doubting myself because of the shock of the dragons potentially making it over to Westeros this season.  At the pace of slave city liberation, I did not see this happening until Season 5 or maybe even 6.  But once again, I know nothing.

That’s it for me Ladies and Sers.  I will return for the off-season Looking Forward Season 4 finale soon and maybe a quick thought post on the #2 trailer.  The only thing that is really puzzling me about the 2nd trailer was the back of the head of something that looked like Xerxes and the Albino had a baby, and got really big, like fast.

And remember, NO SPOILERS in the comments.  But feel free to say Hello.  It’s always good to talk to you guys!

Hasta luego, be nice to each other, and may there be peace in your realm. –Oz

“Unbowed.  Unbent.  Unsullied.”


  • Thank you, Oz. Awesome as always!

    To answer the Hodor’s Hodor question, that was in Season 1, ep 7 or 8 or so. Apparently, Richard Madden constantly ran around with little Hodor, to the delight of his younger show siblings.

    To answer the dragon’s shadow question, I do believe they want us to think that’s a dragon over King’s Landing. And being sullied isn’t the least helpful here – I don’t know what it means.

  • >Is the shadow of the dragon flying over King’s Landing?

    It´s the Red Keep, without a doubt. Other than that… i guess we´ll have to wait and see.

  • “Is the shadow of the dragon flying over King’s Landing” That Is King’s Landing, without a doubt. I wouldn’t be able to reveal more than that even if I wanted to. I have no idea what’s happening there.

  • Everyone’s been speculating on that dragon shadow over King’s Landing since the first trailer. Conclusion? Nobody knows. Either it’s simply promotional or we’ll just have to wait and see.

    I too am looking forward to the old character mashups. Like Sam and Aemon in the last episode. I didn’t think they’d bring back Thorne, but I can’t wait to see his stuff. Whether it will be like the book or not…

  • Satin,

    Hey, thanks Satin! Much appreciation.

    I knew the Hodor scene had to be early due to Osha’s hair nest. Just couldn’t place it.

    And thanks to you all on the feedback concerning the dragon fly-over. Been scratching my large melon trying to decipher that one.

  • Oz,

    I’m impressed that you got almost everything of the video and I won’t tell you the parts you could have said more about.

    Hodor’s hodor was in Season 1, Episode 8 “The Pointy End” and to the dragon “who knows?”. It may that someone near Daenerys copied the Red Keep… :D

    PS: Please excuse my bad English…

  • I’m totally sullied, after season 1 I couldn’t wait to watch what happened next. Still, I always appreciate your commentary Oz!

    I am really looking forward to this season because I really believe that there are enough huge moments for every episode to be an “epic 9.” And that’s all I have to say about that!

    As for the dragon shadow, people keep insisting it’s a not yet seen city in Slaver’s Bay, but it looks distinctly like KL to me. I have my reason’s for thinking either is possible, but more likely it’s the former.

  • OZ!! Welcome back! Great as always. So much of this season seems to be a surprise to everyone, so I’m looking forward to hearing from you and Ozette after each episode. Can’t wait!

    ps: Cyndi Lauper had me rolling!

  • Saying you, as a book reader, have no idea what’s happening with the dragon over King’s Landing is suggestive in and of itself.

    Here’s what we can tell you. That is King’s Landing. That does appear to be a dragon’s shadow and scream over King’s Landing.

  • Mr. Oz Ser:
    Your posts and FaBios Twitter recaps are the 2 articles I most look forward to during the year. So good to have some humor sprinkled on the dark tale of ASoIF. Thanks for providing the high point of the day! (Work sucks this week)

  • I really cannot understand people’s complaints about Kit’s acting. I do believe, however, that this is an extremely small group who has somehow created an outsize presence due to highly vocal whinging.

    I do wonder if it’s Sullied or Unsullied who fall more into this minority, though, because as a book reader I find that Kit’s portrayal is one of the most truthful to the books (not that the others aren’t).

  • Delta1212,
    I sincerely hope it met at least some expectation. I had great intent to post the week of, but damn life got in the way.

    Ashara D,
    Thanks Ashara! Lauper was my first thought. I was hoping “Time After Time” would kick in during the interview.

    As long as one or two enjoy, I’ll be around. And I’m hoping that the whole season is Epic in iteslf, but I still want an “Epic 9”. Tradition.

  • Greg,
    Thanks Greg. Always good to hear from you.

    The comment was simply to say that I have mouths to feed which requires other responsibilities including long hours at the place that writes my name on a check. The kiddos will always come first.

    But man, I hope you are doing well!

  • The Dragon Demands,

    Oz said no spoilers and no hints, You should not even mention the books. You have read them; I have read them (every book at least 7 times) but we should not give book information to the Unsullied.

  • I think it’s odd people bought into Daenerys’s Targaryen “blood of the dragon” insanity and are surprised at the suggestion the dragons would disobey their “mother.” Head of house Stark died in the first season and it doesn’t occur to them that these dangerous fire breathing animals might act like dangerous fire breathing animals? The concept of her being their mother has never been anything more than the Targaryen egotism at work. She buys into her own family’s hype, so I guess many of us do too…

  • Dragonslayer,

    He/she can’t help it – we have asked asked dragon to stop but think that is all there is in his/her life. Oz is probably just skipping those theses.

  • Patchy Face:

    He/she can’t help it – we have asked asked dragon to stop but think that is all there is in his/her life.Oz is probably just skipping those theses.

    I know but a man must try to bring justice to these threads.

  • Great as always Oz! I am so very much looking forward to your posts later this year when the show is back on the air!!!

    Also, it appears everyone else is doing a good job of answering or not answering your questions, but I would skip over “The Dragon Demands” post if you haven’t read it already.

  • Great post as always. So close to season 4! So excited! Some of my favorite scenes in the series (so far) are coming up.

  • Excellent write up as always, Oz. Nice to have you back. Looking forward to 10 weeks of fan site write-ups and the hurly-burly of misreadings, spoilers and the nit-picking mania of fellow obsessive (and very, very Sullied) fans.
    Go Team Wolf

  • Wow Oz, loved your post. It made my day. I’ve been waiting for it impatiently. I like the way you put everything in perspective. Currently I’m sullied, but after this season, I will be unsullied like you as I only read up to the 4th book. Take of Ozette & the Ozlings and stay warm on your couch. Keep posting!!

  • The North Remembers,

    Kit’s lack of acting skills is the weakest link in an otherwise great show. He was so bad last year that I actually winced in one or two of his scenes. If HBO hadn’t already botched the Mountain casting so badly, I’d suggest that they ditch Kit for someone better next year. Looks like we’ll just have to wince it out with Kit until the bitter end.

  • Impressive. If most show watchers were as perceptive as Oz, I think D&D would take a slightly different approach.

    Oh, and it looks like he is making out with this girl I dated in High School.

    Say her name!

  • WeirwoodTreeHugger,

    How do you know that’s not what I meant? LOL.
    If that is my worst screw up on this post, I consider it a success. But I’m sure it’s not. :)
    Anyway, happy hot tubing to you if you are so inclined.

  • ive had a thought about the dragon sequence and im ready to get shot down ….but what if thats a model of kings landing made for dany and 1 of her dragons just happens to be flying overhead …cut from that scene to the real kings landing with say king crossbows wedding day …. we’ve seen stannis have his map table …. we’ve seen this new city in the trailer with pyramids and it seems very advanced…. what if some1 presented dany with a model to plan battle strategies …. im sullied so i know that doesnt happen in the books (is it a spoiler if i tell you something that doesnt happen in the books) but thats just another way i thought of to explain this shot …. plus it does look like a model in the trailer and that cud explain y the water seems to look a lil weird in contrast to the structures….

  • Owen Douglass,

    hey mate no one has asked you to read his posts ….besides theres alot of people here even the sullied 1s who enjoy his posts so yeh cud you please back off

  • Oz, nice job. The unknowing perspective is refreshing. Please don’t leave this site in the final seasons when we all will be Unsullied and every post about the plots will be speculative.

  • Ignore the trolls; there are more likers than haters anyway. I like to read something with a bit of wit. Some of the fandom take things too seriously. I’ve been “trolled” in the past and initially was amazed at the venom and spleen coming from someone who didn’t even know me [that wasn’t on this site though]. Rest assured there are folk who like your posts.

  • Hi Oz,

    Your thoughts make interesting reading as always! Good job.
    (Don’t feed the trolls) merely treat them with the utter contempt they deserve.
    You just keep on keeping on Oz – we love the thoughts & speculations of unsullied. :)

    P.S To you I award a gold star, to the trolls, I bite my thumb at them! Huzzah!

  • Rygar,

    My pleasure Rygar, and to
    Uno, and
    Turri, and all of you. The majority of this community is overwhelmingly supportive and accept my posts for what they are.

    Owen may have been a little harsh, but I respect his opinion. “Hideous imbecile” is a little much I suppose. But I have likely spewed some digital diarhea at times, although that was not the intent.

    But the thing is, to a person who takes the books with the utmost seriousness, I can understand why a post such as this might be perceived as disrespectful of the fine of work from which it originates. But I assure you, it is not. I have the utmost respect for GRRM, D&D, Cogman, and all other professionals who have anything remotely to do with this show.

    Show is not even a fair define for what GoT is. It is an epic television production that IMO is ground breaking and will change the measure of future series. Otherwise, I would not take what little free time I have to contribute.

    But what I enjoy most besides GoT itself is this community, and as long as the majority of you guys want me to hang, I shall do so.

    To Owen and Greg and others who share their relative disdain of what I was asked to do here at WiC, I would suggest just skipping them. No points awarded has no meaning to me, for I was never in the running for Internet contributor of the year.

    However, if you guys want to join us in discussion and speculation, which is all we non-book readers have, then the door is always open.

    My apologies for getting on the box. Carry on.

  • Thank you for the awesome analysis, Oz!

    The dragon’s shadow: I really, really hope this means Daenerys is finally coming to Westeros. She has her army, she has practised conquering cities, it should be awesome…

    Jaime fighting Bronn – I missed that… Wow. Strange. Could this be somehow related to Tyrion in shackles?

    And I’m really interested in what the Red Viper guy is going to do… I do have a (most likely very bad) theory that he’s going to kill Joffrey. It might be a coincidence, or a red herring, but looking at some GIFs and stills of the duel he fights against the mountain, Joffrey is nowhere to be seen in the stand (but the other Lannisters are, as well as Margery, if I’m not completely mistaken).

  • Speculating and making scenarios is wonderful fun, OZ. First time I’m reading an Unsullied’s take on a clip. Very interesting.

    “you better be a badass with a name like “Red Viper” (or be the driver of a Dodge sports car combined with being a badass).”
    Loved the Dodge bit! LOL

    Rygar, you little devil. I’m mopping the imaginary blood gushing from the knife to the heart! Well done.

  • Oz of Thrones,

    Its definitely Kings Landing, since the VFX team actually pointed out where locations we’ve seen in KL are on that one shot. And thats a dragon’s shadow. I’m guessing its a dream or a promotion though.

  • I just noticed in the wedding cap…..
    Ian Beattie —Meryn Trant.
    The hardest working small speaking part on in the series.
    In four episodes now … someone should shag that guy for a con somewhere.

  • Strider,

    “All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not touched by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring; renewed shall be the blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king.”

  • Oz I’m sure you know, but that kind of bile is never a real opinion. Just lighting oneself on fire and shouting “Look at me! Please!”

    I always enjoy your posts, precisely because I am an obsessive ASOIAF reader, complete with favorite theories and analysis and all of it. You definitely hit more than miss.

    As for the future of television, I’m really not sure how much influence GoT can have. On the one hand, it’s (mostly) faithfully based off a well established series of books, plenty of those around. The budget and craft are impressive, but perhaps less so when you look at what blockbuster movies are costing these days. TV has often reached to become blockbuster material, but only relative to movies and that is still true. It would be hard to justify spending this kind of money anywhere but HBO. A couple other channels might go in for a big budget, but I can’t see that as being a trend rather than just a marquee show for that network.

    As for the storytelling, I’m hoping this season it becomes more conventional. Less of a buildup towards a huge payoff and more evenly paced. It seems like that from the previews, and I think that’s only going to be better. It is an unconventional story but but the delivery isn’t very innovative, so it should play to its strengths.

  • I’m a Sullied just wanting to say ‘Hi’. I always enjoy reading the Unsullieds’ predictions and am always impressed by how intelligent they are, if not always correct but they always make a lot of sense. Re: Kit’s acting: I believe Jon Snow grows slowly from boy to man over the series and the changes in him are supposed to be important. Benioff & Weiss have changed a lot of the characterizations from the book (i.e. making Cersei nicer than she is supposed to be) so it is difficult to know if they will keep true to book Jon. In this sense it’s great for us Sullied because we can also look forward to a bit of the ‘unknown’ that lies ahead.

  • Rygar
    Someone knows his Tolkien! (Or maybe that’s my name)

    “I am Aragorn son of Arathorn, and am called Elessar, the Elfstone, Dúnadain, the heir of Isildur Elendil’s son of Gondor. Here is the sword that was broken and is forged again! Will you aid me or thwart me? Choose swiftly!”
    I take it you’ve chosen? #BookCanonFTW

  • Oz of Thrones,

    That’s literally just a troll. It’s way too over the top to be taken seriously and there’s not much point respecting an attempt to troll.

    I do respect your attempts to be respectful, regardless, though.

  • Delta1212,

    I have unrealistic hopes and dreams of a peaceful commenting system where constructive criticism is welcome but no one is disrespected. Alas, it seems hopeless. But A man can dream. :)

  • The Dragon Demands,

    See this is the type of nonsense that I have tons of patience for. I concur, you are fully acquitted of spoiling anything.

    Edit: I actually didn’t read your post first time. Doing so now, yes, you spoiled.

  • The point is that it’s not up to book readers what the Unsullied choose to speculate about. They will find out when the show airs what they are right about. Stop trying to guide the conversation on an Unsullied thread. Indeed, not only are you spoiling things from the future for them, you are spoiling it for the rest of us who like to see what conclusions people jump to.

  • For example:

    I have made a specific point of flat out NOT talking about Dany and when she does or doesn’t arrive in Westeros to any of my Unsullied friends.

    They ask me all the time, “Is THIS the season when she will get back to Westeros?’

    I only answer, “I dunno.”

    It would be spoiling for me to tell them anything regarding that.

  • Book-readers: do NOT comment on the speculations on the Unsullied. The books should not be discussed at all in these posts. We’ve been over this, you all know better. The posts will be deleted.

  • haltwhogoesthere:
    I think it’s odd people bought into Daenerys’s Targaryen “blood of the dragon” insanity and are surprised at the suggestion the dragons would disobey their “mother.”Head of house Stark died in the first season and it doesn’t occur to them that these dangerous fire breathing animals might act like dangerous fire breathing animals? The concept of her being their mother has never been anything more than the Targaryen egotism at work. She buys into her own family’s hype, so I guess many of us do too…

    You mean she bought into the hype and started to believe that she walked into the fire during a blood magic ritual and managed to stay alive and unharmed and hatch three dragons, which she has been taking care of since their hatching, like a mother? Really, what could have given her that idea?

    Oh, wait…

    I also have no idea what you mean by “it doesn’t occur to them that these dangerous fire breathing animals might act like dangerous fire breathing animals”. Uh… they know. That’s why everyone is afraid of Dany and her dragons. That’s why everyone was afraid of the Targaryens while they had dragons. Which they were able to control – just like the Stark kids are able to control their direwolves, also big, scary, dangerous animals – and ride. Which is how they conquered the Seven Kingdoms in the first place. That’s not “family hype”, that’s the history of Westeros.

    And what does Ned’s death have to do with dragons?

  • In recent news: A motorcyclist got starstruck when he saw Peter Dinklage on the street and died in a resulting accident right before his eyes, awful stuff. Petey was very shaken up about it :(

  • Fun read as always!

    When it comes to the dragon shadow I would have to agree with Davy – even the Sullied are scratching their heads over that one.

  • House Mormont,

    Haha – this is so funny. We have come full circle – you are citing from the GQ article about Peter D. which I read and linked to through this site!

  • What I find brilliant about the way the series has been delivered to the Unsullied (like some of my friends) is that they no longer trust their own instincts about where the story is going. A good friend was recently talking to me about where he thinks season 4 will take us and he kept saying “But I know that won’t happen because that seems too obvious” and I wanted to say “Martin doesn’t care if it is obvious. He’s not trying to trick you” but I didn’t. Because then he’d have realized he was right all along.

    (spoiler tags for his benefit in case he reads this)

  • DragonDemandsToSpoil,

    Unsullied don’t necessarily READ the dang wiki if they want to STAY unsullied!! What don’t you get about Oz and Fury’s warning?! DON’T POST THAT STUFF HERE, PERIOD! Geesh!

    Go hawk your wiki on the Sullied discussions.

  • Turri,
    Ah, I’m glad people haven’t forgotten about that :P. I was going to post something about it when I finish doing season 4.

  • Tabes,

    Greetings Tabes! I admit that I have not (that lack of time thing was no joke). However, the DVR has TD ready for me. The reviews have been excellent. You approve of the show?

  • arden,

    As an book reader/sullied myself I think that list is fantastic. The only one I would change is Bronn as I don’t think he’s impure/evil

  • arden,

    At quick glance and attempting to abstain from arguing every individual label attached, I would severely disagree with the majority of them also. It’s almost like trying to label good and evil in terms of republican and democrat. It’s an act of futility. There is no black or white, only shades of gray.

    Do I think that their are viewers that think of Tywin as evil? Of course. But as in real life, there are no absolutes.

    Good point of discussion though. Which one did you disagree with the most?

  • arden,

    Correction! It’s the best police/detective/crime drama show on TV, and one of the overall best shows on TV right now. That said, it is hardly compareable to GOT for instance, but not because it’s any better or worse- because it’s just too different to be compared.

    But yeah it’s definitely an amazing show. It takes some time till it picks up the pace, but the characters, the writing and the directing are all amazing. Worth the watch, beyond a doubt.

  • I enjoy your unsullied posts Oz.You got hungry OZlings to feed we understand.I’ve been waiting for this post.Lookin forward your review of the trailer.

  • I enjoy your unsullied posts Oz.You got hungry OZlings to feed we understand.I’ve been waiting for this post.Lookin forward your review of the trailer.

    PS:You watch TD as well? :D

  • Good to hear your take on things Oz, always fun to hear unsullied’s views :)

    April cannot come soon enough!

  • LMAO at Burnt Ass Cheek! And thanks for the great post Oz :) I’m another unsullied, have recently got the books, just no time to read them yet. I can’t wait to see what happens to Tyrion and Arya, they are my favorites at the moment. And i hope someone kicks Joff’s ass!

  • arden:
    Hand of the Kingslayer,

    Isaidon tv right now

    Oz of Thrones,

    I think the most I disagree with is Arya, people automatically assume shes “good” cause shes a Stark. Probably Tywin too because he’s not “evil”. Ramsay is evil

    I dunno, ordering murder of babies, mass murder of entire families, rapes/gang rapes of teenage girls, and sending horrible ammoral brutes to perform large scale murder, rape, pillaging and burning of smallfolk as an act of war, seems pretty evil in my book. And that’s without even getting into what a wonderful father he is. What exactly does Tywin have to for you to find him evil?

  • [email protected] Stark says:

    Another great article, Oz, the great and powerful! Always look forward to your work.

  • [email protected] Stark says:

    The North Remembers,

    Kit’s lack of acting skills is the weakest link in an otherwise great show.He was so bad last year that I actually winced in one or two of his scenes.If HBO hadn’t already botched the Mountain casting so badly, I’d suggest that they ditch Kit for someone better next year.Looks like we’ll just have to wince it out with Kit until the bitter end.

    Wow, you ser, are asking for the attack of the Kit fans happening in 3, 2, 1…..

  • Oz of Thrones,

    It looks as if the moderators have removed some of the more vicious trolls’ remarks. If somebody disagrees with another person’s comments then one doesn’t have to be Einstein to express an opinion to that effect politely. When you mentioned “Ozlings” it made me think of “goslings” but please don’t think I’m saying your kiddiewinks are little geese. It is true that sometimes life gets in the way and one has to concentrate on work. I say that as a partially retired person – outages in my landline broadband supply meaning I have to use the dongle at present don’t help. Seems to happen in the rain and we have had a lot of that in the UK over the past couple to three months. Wildseed and Joshua Atreides and I haven’t always agreed but they have always been courteous to word their disagreement in a non-offensive manner [sorry for taking your names in vain JA and Wildseed]. I think I offended a lady unintentionally once with something I said about CSI but that was a while ago.

  • Thanks for the post, Oz! I always look forward to reading your impressions and speculation. Takes me back to when I was still Unsullied all those years ago and trying to guess where these crazy books would take me. The appeal of your posts is partly that of watching someone experience something you love for the first time, and partly that sick satisfaction you get when you’re watching some unsuspecting person do the scary maze after it’s already scared the crap out of you. Keep ’em coming (when life stuff permits, of course)!

  • Could someone answer this without dropping a spoiler? Should we expect to Blackfish at all in season 4, didn’t see him in the previews and I liked him. I’m thinking he’d be set on freeing his nephew, cuz they’ll both obv be pretty pissed and hope one of em kill Frey.(please don’t answer that part though)….thanks

  • Ox, thanks for all your time, energy and passion for posting.
    Your respectful acceptance of criticism speaks volumes ;-)

    As an avid (dare I say vapid) fan of Tolkien who tried to re-read the Hobbit 30 years later after being dumb-struck by Peter Jackson’s masterpiece of our beloved epic fantasy genre.
    I re-read the complete Triology with abandon before LoTR was released. Yet I could not really see how I become so infatuated with that childish book, The Hobbit.
    All due respect to Tolkien, the Hobbit blessed me with a love of books all these many years.

    Which brings me to the point… those who compare a beloved book and then nit-pick an artist’s vision to show case a great story in another medium usually involves emotion that can blind even the best of us (guilty as sin).

    I’m just now watching the third season on Rlu-Ray, I firmly believe Martin is proud of HBO.
    Just hope he’s proud enough to finish the darn series lol.

    I have stopped buying or even renting movies and normally just buy them used online to resell.
    I must admit that I did buy all box set’s pre-order, this last being the most expensive, not sure if I can get back my $30 for this set.
    Most I could get with the Ble/DVD combo is $25.

    My way of thanking HBO and the rest of the Ant1-Christian Hollywood machine for their liberal propaganda.