Valar Morghulis

For nearly 5 and a half years, I have lived and breathed Game of Thrones. Not a day went by that I didn’t think of the show in some way. Not a day went by that I didn’t read the comments on this site, scroll through the mentions on our Twitter, read my email inbox and ponder what, if any, posts we could make that day. And after 5 and a half years, I am ready for a break. That is why I have decided to step down as editor of, effective today.

Taking my place will be both a familiar, but fresh face. Zack Luye, creator and host of the Game of Owns podcast, will take over as site editor. I have worked closely with Zack for the better part of a year and feel he is the perfect candidate to take up leadership of this site and this community. He is passionate about Thrones, he knows what it takes to produce great content, and, most importantly, he has the site and the community’s best interests at heart.

All the rest of the WiCnet writers you know and love will remain. So in effect, the site won’t change much, if at all. You’ll still get Ours is the Fury’s amazing ability to uncover every single casting on the show, FaB’s crazy Twitter recaps and Hear Me Roar’s love of anything that has to do with numbers and graphs. And, of course, Oz will provide his Unsullied take on everything.

And you won’t be completely rid of me! I’ll still be coming here and commenting regularly, I am sure. I will probably pop on GOO from time-to-time to give my thoughts on the latest episode or trailer or bit of casting news. I may even write an article or two, if the mood strikes. But as far as the day-to-day running of the site, I’m no longer responsible for that.

And I’m excited about that! I’m excited to just be a fan again. Just to sit back and watch the show each week will be a lot of fun. To get to read the latest news and rumors, without having to worry about who is going to post it on the site will be refreshing.

And I’m excited about where Zack will take WiCnet next. I know he has some great ideas, that you all will hopefully hear about in the coming months. I can’t wait to see the site continue to evolve and solidify its place as the number one source for Game of Thrones news.

I’d like to thank all the people who have helped me make this site what it is today. The writers, of course, for all their hard work in authoring posts and helping moderate the comments. To HBO, for recognizing the site early on and including us in their publicity and promotion for this show. To George R. R. Martin, who’s mention of us way back in the beginning really helped get us going and put us on the map in the ASOIAF community. And to you all, the readers, for visiting the site faithfully and for reading and discussing everything Thrones. Without you all, I probably would have stopped long, long ago. Your interest, your excitement and your feedback have made it all worth it. So thank you!

And with that, I will sign off. It’s been a fun five plus years. I’m looking forward to enjoying the next five as a reader and follower!

-Phil aka Winter


  • This site has been fantastic for GoT fans. Thank you very much for the hard work, your devotion to the books, the show, and more importantly the fandom. Good luck….I know the transition will work out great.

  • Well this is a bit unexpected. Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication, WinterPhil!

    EDIT: Just out of curiosity, Zack is Unsullied, isn’t he? That could be a bit problematic when people forget to tag spoilers in the comments. Either way, though, I am very much looking forward to seeing what direction he takes the site.

  • You’ve been a good and fair editor, Winter. Good luck and thanks for all the work you put into this site!

  • Thanks for everything you’ve done Phil, we wouldn’t be anywhere without you :) you’ve earned this break!

  • Well, I wasn’t expecting that… I wish you all the best, Winter and I hope you’ll be having a great time as just a fan.
    Remember to Always Support the Bottom! ;-)

  • Thank you so much WiC (Phil) for all of your hard work, dedication and creativity! I came here after the show started to find a community that was positive and supportive of this great show AND the books that spawned it. I’ve been lurking since. You’ve done a wonderful thing here and should be very proud. Best wishes in your future endeavors!

  • Thank you for everything you’ve done for this site, the show, and this fandom. I hope you enjoy being a fan again :D

  • Zack Luye is Lightbringer? I noticed he is not acknowledged in the post.

    At any rate, thank you for your contributions and years of hard work on the site WinterPhil.

  • Thanks so much for all you’ve done Phil! You will be missed. And congrats to Zack – great choice!

  • Thank you, Phil. I rarely come out of lurker mode, but I can’t think of a better time to do so. WiC is what it is because of your vision and tireless devotion to bringing us the best of the best when it comes to all things Game of Thrones.

    Bravo, good Ser! May your future be bright and bountiful!

    *standing ovation*

  • Thanks WinterPhil. I’ve been a fan since inception and feel you’ve done a fantastic job. You will be missed!

  • You’ve done a man’s job sir, and you are to commended. I-and many others I suspect-are going to miss you. I certainly hope to see any writings you might do, here in the future. Well, here’s to an “easier” season four! :-)

    The North Remembers!

  • Good for you, Winter! Running this site along with a “real” job and a family must have been tough. You will be missed, but I’m sure Zack will do a fine job too.

  • great site you created you did good work. Not a day goes by in years that I don’t check it. Good luck with whatever your going to be doing.

  • We will all miss you and your excellent work Phil.

    I am interested, what will you be commenting as? Will Zack become Winter is coming or will he just be called Zack and you will remain Winter is coming? If first, will you be called your GOO name Winter-Phil or just your actual name?

  • Awww Thanks WinterPhil…. I’ve been a fan of this site for about 4 of the 5 years and ive always felt a part of this ever expanding community… so thank you for leading us and cheers to zack for another 5 awesome years…

    ps… will zack be taking house words for a name?

  • Thank you so much for your past dedication (all the great posts) and future foresite (leaving us with another passionate fan).

    I have very much enjoyed coming to this site for all kinds of tid bits and up dates and thankfully you are handing it over to someone else to continue your hard work, rather than just abandoning us to the Winds of Winter ;)

    Good luck and thank you.

  • Thank you for all of your hard work, Winter! You’ve created the best website for Game of Thrones news, discussion, and sheer fun on the internet, as well as a community that will exist as long as the show runs – and hopefully longer. That’s no small accomplishment, and one that you can and should be extraordinarily proud off. Enjoy the extra time you’ll have now – you’ve certainly earned it. See you in the comments section!

  • Winter, thank you for everything.

    The speed at which the site picked up news. The thoughtful analysis. The casting posts. I’ve been following this site since before the pilot was filmed and your work never stopped impressing me.

    We’ll miss you. Enjoy your well-deserved rest.

  • Awwwwwwwww, man. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy this season! You’ve made dark days brighter for so long.

    Lightbringer <— Zack?

  • Always support the bottom, Phil.

    If Zack brings the same enthusiasm to the site as he does to the podcast we’re in good hands.

    Put up your sword, man!

  • Valar Dohaeris
    Always support the bottom!

    I’m an infrequent poster, but have been following daily since the start as well. Thanks “WinterPhil” (as they say on GoO!) for a great job that led to you writing in books and being mentioned in ADwD!

    It’s certain we feel a little apprehension to not be in your responsible hands anymore, especially with the concerns over joining a network of fan sites… But I wish the best to Zack as well, may he choose good House Words for a nickname!

  • Sad to see you go, Phil. You will be missed. You created a wonderful site that was informative, positive and well-run.

    Best of luck in all that you do! Please stop by here for a visit now and again. It won’t be the same without you.

  • Constant lurker for ages, never felt the need to comment before, but thank you! You will be missed!

  • Another rare poster, frequent lurker wishing you the best and giving you many thanks for all that you’ve done.

    Enjoy your rest.

  • Add me to the list appreciative of all you have done Phil, what an amazing place you have created and grown over the past five years, a job very well done!!!

    I think Zack will do a great job here, he probably will need to sully himself or end up being spoiled, but either way I look forward to what he will bring to the table.

  • Enjoy your break, you deserve it. You’ve done a great job and capable hands will take over for you. This is such a great GoT site. Enjoy the new season!

  • Another rare poster who whises you the best ! Thanks for everything you’ve done for the community.
    And glad to see Zack from GOO is taking over, he’s taking on a big responsability but I’m sure he’ll do great (I don’t think he is Lightbringer btw, I seem to remember Lightbringer said he was Sullied on a comment section once, and Zack isn’t).

  • The bells of the great Sept of Baelor are ringing tonight. Thanks for the hard work and devotion to making this my favorite Game Of Thrones site.

    Always Support The Bottom!

  • Best of luck, WiC. Know that what you’re leaving in the capable hands of your successors is really an awesome legacy.

  • I have been reading this site for years and have never posted a comment. Winter, we will totally miss you! Always read everything you put out there. Great luck in y our life! Thanks for everything.

  • Thanks for all you have done Winter, its people like you who make being a fan of not just ASoIaF so much more enjoyable but a fan of Fantasy as a whole. The news, the information, the rumors and jokes you supplied us with have made this site what is today, this site is your baby, your creation and I don’t doubt you now leave it in good hands. Thank you WiC for everything you offered us, it was all very much appreciated.

    -Valar Dohaeris, good sir and may I say, you served us well!

  • Thanks Phil.
    Just a good old plain thank you.
    Your work has been very much appreciated.
    May you forever walk in the light of the seven (or the old Gods if you prefer ;-)

  • Thanks for the fantastic website! I’m not the most frequent poster, but rarely a day has gone by in the last 5 1/2 years without me checking the site for excellent articles and news about my favourite show.

    All your work is greatly appreciated! Hope you enjoy the rest, and the all remaining seasons!

  • And now your watch is ended. May the old gods and the new watch over you Winter is Coming; I’ve been reading this site for almost the full five-and-a-half years, and you’ve been a fantastic editor.

  • Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes! They really mean a lot.

    This is a bittersweet day for me. On one hand, I’m going to miss running this site. It’s produced so many great memories and has resulted in lots of unique experiences. Getting to be one of the first to read the pilot script, flying out to LA to meet George and David & Dan and Dinklage, watching that first bit of footage from the show, The Maester’s Path and Always Support the Bottom, the moot in NYC with Finn Jones, being mentioned in ADWD, publishing a magazine, Skyping with Kit Harington; all crazy, fun, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But all good things must come to an end.

    And like I said in the post, I could really use this break. My career has taken off recently and that has got in the way of me putting as much time into this site as it deserves. Add to that a new baby and a new house and the concept of “free time” becomes completely foreign. You’ve all probably noticed a lack of posts the past few months and the lack of updates to our informational pages like the cast page or episode guide. This was a direct result of my lack of time. So I’m glad to be handing the reins to someone who can devote the proper amount of time and energy to the site, so that it may realize its full potential. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss it, at least a little bit.

    Thankfully, the site itself isn’t going anywhere. I made sure to leave it in good hands. So I plan to get my GoT fix like everyone else, just now I’ll be on the other side of the curtain!

    Thanks again everyone! And good luck to Zack and crew!

  • As an infrequent poster and one who was not here from the beginning (but from just prior to the start of Season 1), I’ve greatly enjoyed this website and check it every day (almost without fail) for GoT news and/or commotion. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into it, WiC, and may you now sit back and enjoy.

  • Thanks for creating the best GoT fansite on the internet. There are a lot of them out there but this is one I’m always checking everyday. I’ll hope to see you around here in the comments section.

  • Long-time lurker, first-time poster….

    Picking up the Game book back in the late 90’s, no one cared. It steadily grew and I found this site out randomly in the beginning. At first, I tried to follow others like Westeros but those people, although passionate, didn’t feel like my kind of fan. Very judgmental and never seemed happy. And then my buddy, WIC, would drop mad knowledge about obscure castings or rumors or whatever. This site has been my Fire and Ice Beacon, a site of enjoyment for many of us wading through the murky obsession that is GRRM’s crazy-ass saga. You have built a pillar of strength for us all and you will be missed. You were always the calm one (outside of obvious excitement like when it was originally greenlit) and it was your steady hand that led this ship.

    Thanks for everything. When April 6 comes around and I bust open my Game of Thrones dark beer…first sip goes to you, my friend.

  • Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, Winter. You’ve played an immeasurable role in aiding in the connectivity of this fandom. Enjoy playing the fan now. You’ve so much more than earned a break.

    I know I don’t post much, and I don’t really know anyone around here, but I know that much.

  • Thanks Phil,

    For giving us a place to share our thoughts and to express feelings of excitement, frustration, anger, pure joy and basically every emotion possible while discussing all things related to GoT…

    I come to this site several times a day, and will continue to do so, to get my GoT high and to talk about GoT with fellow fans.

    This site is awesome and we all appreciate your hard work and dedication to give us the best possible place to discus GoT topics.

    Hope to continue to hear from you from time to time.

    Good luck bro!

  • Thanks Phil, for your support of the show and tireless dedication to its fanbase. And, on a personal note, I appreciate the many opportunities you gave me to engage with the viewers, particularly early on when I was a newbie writer. I do hope you enjoy Season 4. Don’t be a stranger.

    All the best. What is dead may never die!


  • I’ve been following this site since the beginning, when the idea of an HBO+ASoIaF=Award-Winning-Televised-Program seemed almost too good to be true, too fragile an idea to share with friends…(“Anything more than a whisper…”)… but at the same time, also too tempting an idea not to fantasize about, to believe in.

    Over the years fans like me have gravitated towards your site, this black-holed nexus of everything GoT. And you gave us so much in return–information, casting, trailers, theories, exclusives, etc. No doubt, you are a pioneer and prime participant of the GoT phenomenon. Thank you so much for this terrific site and for all your hard work.

    -Valar dohaeris

  • Thanks so much for everything you’ve done! I love this site, it’s been a great resource for news and a link to the community since I started watching/reading. Thanks for all your hard work, and Valar Dohaeris!

  • Winter- As a long time fan but first time commenter, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing website. I have been a weekly and sometimes daily visitor hoping to catch a glimpse of the latest that is Game of Thrones since the days you first told me GOT might have an outside chance of getting a pilot greenlighted. Valar Morgulis

  • Winter, thanks for everything. I’m not sure when I first found this site, but it was very early on. I’ve been on here every day (at least every workday) since. I spend just about every break I take on this site. You’ve built a great site and I can’t thank you enough for the countless hours I’ve spent over the last 5 or so years reading the articles and comments.

  • Bryan Cogman,

    Bryan! Great to see you honour Winter in this way by visiting. How’s season 5’s writing coming along? Hehehehe.

    Loved your commentary for Kissed By Fire with Nikolaj and Gwendolin Christie btw.

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  • This is the best GoT site I’ve found, so thank you for everything you’ve done building this site and making it wjat it is today.

    I particularly liked your episode recaps. Clearly written with the enthusiasm of a fan, but also observant of what makes GoT such a good show, and critical when you needed to be. Haven’t been on here nearly as long as others, but from the little I’ve experienced I already know how great a debt O and others owe you for your dedication and hard work.

  • Another sometime poster, long time reader adding to the thanks.

    *plays Dylan’s Farewell On Spotify, twirls cape.*

  • As one of your very first readers I say thank you! You rock Winter!! Thanks for building such a great site. Don’t be a stranger. (Pun intended)

  • Thanks for keeping my sanity intact!
    If not for this site, youtube would have been my daily dose of GoT.
    I have known this site for a long time, but I joined, cause no site is better.
    Its a special community, maybe because its the GoT elite fans.
    Thanks for gathering this fandom around!

  • DUDE!!! You created the only site I visited daily, and when I say daily I mean every fucking day. Congratulations on your work, family and life and I wish you happiness. Weird to say that to someone on the internet but you deserve it.

  • Thx Winter for sreating this awesome site, been visiting daily ever since I first stumbled into Westeros half a year before the show premiered…

  • KG:
    Winter Is Coming,

    Consider your bottom to be always supported.


    This stuff takes an insane amount of effort and time…I don’t really know how you did it. When I first started posting here I thought it was just another fansite, and then you guys started interviewing the cast and GRRM himself. Also, years back I met you at the NYC moot and you were surprisingly laid back about all this. Solid work, brother. May your statue always mark the entrance to the halls of House Gatewatch.

    And this new guy…he better prove his braid if he’s going to manage a rampant horde like this lot! (That is to say: good luck, Zack).

  • Thanks for building this website and the community, the break is certainly deserved. Good luck to Zack.

  • I rarely post but I visit this site regularly and read all the tweets. I read the books when they first came out- always hoped that someday others would have a chance to appreciate them as much as I did, and was amazed to see just how successful it turned out to be when people actually got a chance to see it. This site has greatly increased my enjoyment of an already great show and I just really wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the work you’ve done.

    As someone who has a tendency to overextend themselves with web projects, I certainly understand the need to pass the torch, but I’m sure the site will be in great hands!

  • Another rare poster just offering his thanks and best wishes to you, Phil! I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you’ve poured into this site over the years – and love that you finally get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with the rest of the fans!

    As for Zack, I’m really excited for his part in WiC. The entire cast of GOO are wonderful people, and it’s always great to see these two forces collide! Good luck Zack!

  • How does one run this website and remain unsullied? Or will they leave Eric as the only unsullied on that podcast (disastrous)?

  • I stumbled across this website in 2011 and since then not a day has passed that haven’t payed a visit. Though I rarely post anything on the comments section, I love to see what people are talking about. The amazing content and impressive professionalism — a trait not all too common on fandom websites, unfortunately — make WiC one of my favorite places to hang out on the web.

    Thank you for all the hard work, dedication and love put into this.

    Kudos from Brazil :-)

  • Thank you for all your work and dedication, Winter! I’ve been a daily visitor/lurker for years and so appreciate all you and the others have done. Good luck in all you do. And welcome Zach!

  • Thank you, Winter. You’ve made this a great site, in fact the first (and so far only) fandom site which has convinced me that it’s worth my time. And I’m sure Zack and the other contributors will keep that level of quality up.

  • Thank you, Phil for all the work you have done to create a home for all of us who love the show and the books. “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

  • I have been reading the website from almost the beginning, commented sometimes but not often. I still love the show, but stopped reading every comment a couple of years ago, then stopped reading every post, the obsession dissipated a bit for me, but luckily I stumbled upon this one, you made the site great and it was a blast! Good luck with whatever you are doing and good luck to your successor!

    Always support the bottom, almost forgot about that :D

  • I cam here today to find the episode titles, like last year, on this day… And I find this…

    Oh Phil! What will Summer do without its Winter? :(

    Thank you for everything you did with, and for this site. Great place for fans to gather. Came here everyday since February 12′ when I discovered GoT. It’s been 2 years… 2 wonderful years!

    Best wishes for your future Phil! :)

  • Phil, Lord Winter of Wyknett,
    I am thankful that you started this site and ran it they way you did, without that I would never have had my share of GoT adventures and memories either.
    I salute you! Enjoy your life, and good luck with everything. Beyond that, no need to get soppy – it’s not like you won’t be around anymore ;)

    Always support the bottom.

  • I’ve been reading this site literally since day one, and I don’t comment a lot, but I have to say thanks for the amazing work you’ve done! Good luck on all future endeavors!

  • Happy to hear that you’re leaving because of a career on the rise and family and not because of negative feelings about the site.

    Will you still be posting as WinterIsComing? I guess @WiCnet is still the twitter to follow?

  • Can’t edit my comment…

    Thank you for all your time spent on the site! You’ll be missed. I’m certain Zack will do a great job, but I’m a bit concerned about his unsulliedness…

  • Thank you for everything Winter. This site has been the best GoT fansite for me. Take care.

    Always support the bottom.

  • Man. I knew, that the season 4 poster was bad, but you didn’t need quit because of it.

    Seriously thank you for giving us all the news for so many years.

  • Thank you so much, Winter/Phil, from the bottom of my heart, for making this site THE place to go as a new fan of GoT and ASOIAF in general. The community you have created here has been as much responsible for fuelling my addiction to the show and books as GRRM’s writing and David and Dan’s excellent showrunning. You will be missed!

  • A shock to my system! A WIC without Winter-Phil?

    Happy for you and sad for us. You’ll be missed.

    This site is my neighborhood coffee shop where I sit around with friends or strangers and sip the fresh steaming brew at the start of the day.

    I’m so grateful for your years of resourceful dedication. I’ve taken so much from this site and occasionally feel guilty that you ask nothing in return. So here is my heartfelt gratitude, and my best wishes for a terrific life. Please come visit once in a while.

    Zack is welcome and, no doubt, will do his best to Phil the vacuum.

  • Thanks a lot for your hard work! I came here since before the first season and there were times I checked this site many times a day. It is still my favorite site on the net.
    Hope you enjoy your much deserved break!

  • Rare poster here… You will be missed WiC… Thank you for the hard work and dedication… *sad face*

  • Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into the site over the years, Phil! I think I first came here a little before season 2 aired, but this site has been such a great place to meet other fans and engage in cool discussions. So, thanks for making a place where we can all get together. Hope you enjoy getting back to just being a fan! I’m sure Zack will do an awesome job, too.

  • I’m a little confused about how an Unsullied can be EiC(will he not be uber-spoiled?) but congrats either way :) We’ll miss you, Winterphil

  • Winter, thank you very much for five years of consummate dedication – the work and love that went into developing and maintaining this site was epic. And Phil, wherever your Path takes you, you will always remain our Lord Winter of Wyknett. Always support the bottom!

  • Thank you so much, Phil. You’ll be missed, but breaks are important. Take care of yourself!

    And all hail our new overlord, Zack. Welcome!

  • Thank you very much for creating this site and all the effort you put into it.
    WiCnet has become part of my daily life – right from the beginning.

    What is dead may never die!

  • Thanks for all your work, Phil. You’ve put a lot of effort into the site and made it a good and informative one to visit. I know that the GoT Wiki’s ability to retrieve information about the show has been made much simpler by WiC’s in-depth coverage. Good luck with your future endeavours!

  • I have visited this site daily for almost 3 years but this is my first comment.

    Thanks for everything, Winter. :)

  • Than you so much for everything. The ASOIAF fandom can be dark and full of terrors, but this site has always been an open an welcoming comunity – even with the occasional debates getting out of hand.
    WiC’s been my go-to site to read during breakfast (and over-analyze trailers far too late in the night) for years and I’ve loved every minute of it.

    Good luck to Zack!

  • I’ve visited this site almost daily since its inception; to this day it remains one of the few websites I truly keep up with and pay attention to. You created a great website, Winter, one that’s been a huge, major boon to the fan community. Thank you for your service. Your watch may have ended, but worry not; your bottom will always be supported, now and forever.


  • I, too, am one of the many, who have been coming here since very close to the beginning, but who haven’t commented a lot, especially after the show started airing. WinterPhil, thank you very much for this terrific site, which I still check daily. Thanks for all your hard work and best of luck with your career and your family. You will be missed.

    Welcome to the new powers that be – may you enjoy the support of the fans, just as Phil did before you.

    Always support the bottom!

  • Dear WiC,
    many thanks for those many years. As I found the site in its very early days, I am astonished that it has already been 5 years. But looking back, you have done great deeds and made this site into what it is today. And now your watch has ended!!!

    take care and good luck

  • Thank you Phil. Have read the site for a long time and am addicted to it, it’s an integral part of watching the show. I spend more time here anticipating and posting/reading about the show than actually watching the show. Again, best wishes and cheers to free time and relaxation.

  • Sad to see you going Winter, thanks for all the work you’ve put in to here bringing it to where and what it is. Haven’t had much of a chance to listen to any GoO myself so at this point Zack has some big boots I hope he can fill. Best of luck to him and good luck with your future endeavours and hope we still get to see you around here as much as we can.

    Valar Dohaeris

  • Valar Dohaeris, WinterPhil! I’ve been here almost since day one, predominantly a lurker, sometimes a poster. Thank you for all the work that went into this site and for all the hours I’ve spent here while I was supposed to be working.

  • I haven’t physically commented on here in ages, but I do still check the site regularly, and I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the work you’ve done here Phil. was the first and only online community I got truly involved in, and the sense of comraderie on the site helped me get through so tough times. The articles, news, and discussion on the site were always something to look forward to, and you created a small place on the internet where it really felt comfortable, homey, and dynamic at the same time.

    Thanks for all your hard work, and best of luck in the future! I look forward to reading your thoughts in comment section with rest of us, haha. (:

    Always support the bottom!

  • Huge_Floppys:
    This seems a little fishy….why the sudden step down…

    Lol, let the conspiracy theories begin: Winter Gate full force ahead! :-) (really, Phil answered all the “why’s” in his two posts…)

  • Since discovering this website, a day has rarely passed without me checking it at least once. This has to be the best GoT website out there and its all thanks to your leadership. Much love and peace in you life brother, you will be missed and I only hope the new lead editor is half as good as you were.

    Always Support the Bottom.

  • Thanks Winter for all your hard work over the years! I love constantly checking this site for all the latest on the world of game of thrones. Your work and the work of the other amazing writers and editors on this site make a lot of people very happy! :D

    Oh! And welcome Zack!! :D

  • You will be missed Winterphil! I couldn’t imagine running a fan stie for 5 years. I would get bored after 5 days =]. Thanks for everything

  • Thanks for starting this site Phil, I’ve visited nearly everyday since the beginning when we were all excited about the pilot!

    But you decide , today of all days, my birthday that is, to step down! Nice pressie….NOT!

    Anyway, take care & good luck.

  • As high as honor! Phil, I can not thank you enough for your contribution to this ravenous fan-dom. May a thousand and one eyes watch over your future journeys…….


  • And now your watch has ended. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours Phil! This site has meant so much to so many people (including me) over the years and that’s all thanks to you and the other admins.

    It was one big thrill for all of us. Thank you man, thank you so much!

    Cast Phil as Euron!

  • Thank you for all your hard work and effort into forging this community, Phil. We all appreciate your dedication. It’s good to take breaks from time to time and I hope you get to enjoy some surely much-needed relaxation time. Thank you for everything.

  • Phil, you have created the go-to site for the series – always the first place I check for news – and you have been a perfect moderator all this time: fair, informed and never heavy handed. Thanks for your time at this place that so many of us have come to enjoy over the years. Your work here is truly appreciated and you will be very much missed as editor – but glad you will be sticking around to chime in when real life allows. Thanks for all you have put into!!!!

  • I’ve been a faithful WICnet reader since 2010. Thanks Phil for all your hard work, and dedication. This site makes my work day much more enjoyable.

  • I have come to this site for the past 5 years almost everyday and it truly feels like the home of the fandom. All because of Phil, thank you for all the days! No one can ever thank you enough for all you have given to this fandom, all the effort and work and dedication.

    I wish you all the best! You will be missed

  • I never realized how much I take this sight and crew for granted. This has always been THE site. I come here everyday. I have often told my friends that I would wear a t-shirt. Thank you for all of your updates and dedication. May all the Gods watch over you and yours in all of your future endeavors.

  • Phil (Winter),
    As a long time reader I just wanted to say thanks. Back when they announced that HBO was optioning these books, there was no place to go and find every little scrap of news I craved. I commented about five years ago that this site was a god send and it still is. I never got a chance to go to a moot or Con to meet you guys (Fab, HMR, OITF) but if you are ever in my neck of the woods (you most likely know where that is, we are the home of Oakland Raiders south) I owe you all a beer. Thanks for your shared passion of these books and show, your good humor, and your tolerance. I look forward to seeing you around in the comments. And The Eagles still suck.

  • Just another longtime reader wanting to wish you great success in your endeavors. This site has been a constant gem for me and has made any slow days at the office much more pleasant. You have created a wonderful community. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

  • When the Rangers beat the Flyers tomorrow I will weep at the fact that you will not be here for me to rub it in.

    Good luck and best wishes to you and your family!

  • Thanks WIC! Great job and sorry to see you go… this is your baby and I hope you continue to enjoy as a fan.

    Speaking of Zack becoming the leader of WiC – that’s really interesting! For one thing, Zack is only semi-sullied, correct? I mean unless I’m getting the GOO guys mixed up, I thought Mycah and Selena had read all the books and Zack and Eric were unsullied past aCoK, and that only because of the readthrough we were all doing with them.

    Anyway I feel like it could be… awkward… for Zack to remain unsullied if he’s hosting WiC. He’s not going to be able to be a moderator, for example, of spoilery comments without being spoiled himself.

    Well, regardless I’m interested to hear from Zack about his plans for the site!

  • Valar Dohaeris! Although I don’t post here often I read this site every day since the begining.

    Phil, good luck to you and what ever you maybe upto from now on.

    I hope the fantasy football league will continue to live on as well! (Go Birds!)

  • What you have accomplished with this site, Phil, is truly inspiring. To start from “nothing” and ending up actually having an impact on the show – both actors, and, I think, producers, are truly something special.

    This site is not just a cool and informative site for me. It’s become like a hobby. You’ve earned your break, thats for sure.

  • Phil,

    It’s been really cool to see your ideas evolve. Hard to believe that it’s been that long now. Enjoy being in the passenger seat, man.

  • Thanks a lot for everything, Phil. I think I first stumbled on the site in October/November 2010 and fell in love with it, most of all because of the amazing community and the awesome webmaster (and also FaB’s posts, obviously).
    I also have to say that it was a really bad period and this site really, really helped me get my mind out of things. So.. thanks again? So much.

  • Valar Dohaeris

    GrandMaester Phil thank you for all you ve done for this site and for the fandom.
    Thanks for inspiring many of us to do some bit of “work” for the site.
    Without hesitation this site has been my best internet experience by far.

    You ll be missed as editor – but I wish all the best for you and your family!

  • WiC! I’ll miss you, buddy.

    Like some others, I’ve been coming here for 5 years (!). And I truly mean it when I say that this site made the experience of GOT so much better. As much as I love the show, I almost think the best part was the anticipation. Especially between 2009-2011, during the very first castings and early promo marketing, the pilot, the green light, and the lead up to Season 1. I’ve often thought back on those times and how fun it was, and how much things have changed since then.

    So good luck and best wishes, and a sincere thank you for providing so many hours of speculation, anticipation, and fun.

  • Goodby Winter, my routine for the last 3 years of loving this show was

    Wakeup, click news website, check gaming news, then

  • Thanks for everything Phil, one of my favorite sites on the web and one I check and spend time on far too often. For instance, right now, posting from work…

    I’m sure the site will be in good hands, and I want to shout out my appreciation to all the other writers here. A great editor and a strong team have made WiC what it is and will carry that into the future. Good luck with your next steps and keep us posted.

  • Winter, you deserve the break! This is by far the best fan site for GOT that I’ve ever been to and I am sure it will continue to be. Welcome to the world of us lurkers!

  • I don’t post much, but I’ve visited this site more days than not since nearly the beginning. I just had to stick my head out and thank you for all your hard work feeding my GoT addiction. These past five or six years wouldn’t have been the same without you or WiCnet. I’ll certainly support your bottom in your future endeavors!

  • Phil,

    I found this site last summer, enjoy reading it every day now. Loved catching up on everything reading all the old posts too, haha. Good luck w/job and family and Enjoy your time being a fan!!

  • ‘And now your watch has ended’

    Thanks Winter for everything you have done, this has been my essential GOT go to website for the last 2/3 years.

    Good luck in all your future projects.

  • Valar Dohaeris!

    I’ve been mostly lurking here since well before the show actually aired. Thanks for all of your efforts on our behalf.

  • Wow didn’t see that coming lol. Thanks for founding this site dude, it was awesome having you here.

  • Thanks so much for all your work – you’ve made something truly great in the internet world – this site is wonderful! Have a great rest of your life.

  • Lurking under my bridge most of the time, this news lured me out again…

    Thanks for enriching my life!

    Cheers, Klaus

  • [email protected] Stark says:

    Jeez, first the Red Wedding, now you’re leaving, Phil :sobs: You can always visit us at Geeks :hugs:

  • Gosh – I missed this post yesterday. Phil – thank you for all of your hard work and for putting together this great site. My b/f and I talk about you guys all the time at our house. We will certainly miss you. Best wishes to you and your family and please keep posting!

  • Dang…you have been awesome Phil. Thank you for everything you have done. This site has been fantastic, and you have done tremendous work here over the years. You will be missed, but you deserve the break. Enjoy it man, and take care.

  • Thanks very much WinterPhil, for creating such a great place for fans to gather. It’s success is a testament to your hard work. I will miss the good sense you bring with your commentey as well, so I hope you keep that up from time I time.
    All the best.
    Good luck. Bueno suerte. Chok dee kap!

  • Phil, a hearty thanks from myself and all the team at Campfire for representing such an amazing part of thecommunity. That first moot was amazing and we’ve been a fan of yours ever since. Good luck in everything you do :)

  • I very (very) rarely comment here but I read every article and check in at least once a day and just want to say best of luck Phil, enjoy being a major fan again without the stress of what to put on here!

  • Phil, I can’t improve on any of the wonderful comments that have been left here. All I can do is thank you for all of your hard work and love poured into this site. I hope your future contains few “-gates” and much bottom support.

  • I am sad to hear this just because you bring so much to the site that it’s hard to imagine it without you, but at the same time it’s great that your life is so full of good news and positive developments elsewhere that it simply means you don’t have time to give as much here. Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work. This community is a great one, and we’re here because of you.

    Best of luck in the future, and we’ll all be glad to see you here when time permits.

  • Wow. This site has been part of my daily routine since the books were first optioned. I may have only posted once or twice, but I have benefited tremendously from all of your hard work. Thank you so much for that. Good luck dude, what is dead may never die.

  • As one of the many lurkers and daily readers of, I add my thanks and best wishes to you, Phil.

    Thanks for the memories!

  • And now his watch has ended, Good luck Phil.

    Welcome Zack, You shall from this post on be know as The King in the North!

  • Winter Is Coming,

    We understand , and salute you, in your new career and family. All the best !
    Thanks again for making this site a destination place, and your courage to
    put in the work. Here, here !

    ……. and now his watch has ended ( well, for now anyway ) *>*

  • Ser Tahu:
    Well this is a bit unexpected. Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication, WinterPhil!

    EDIT: Just out of curiosity, Zack is Unsullied, isn’t he? That could be a bit problematic when people forget to tag spoilers in the comments. Either way, though, I am very much looking forward to seeing what direction he takes the site.

    I’m with you, on both points.

  • WildSeed:
    Winter Is Coming,

    We understand , and salute you, in your new career and family. All the best !
    Thanks again for making this site a destination place, and your courage to
    put in the work. Here, here !

    ……. and now his watch has ended ( well, for now anyway ) *>*

    +2! (+1 is not enough)

    All the best WiC.
    Valar morghulis!

  • Phil, just wanted to say thank you for this website and all the time and effort you put into it. I had not been a part of a fan community before GOT. When I first heard that HBO was making this show, I jumped on the internet to find out what the show was about. I think the first site I found was Winter is Coming. I immediately started reading the books and then took to the website, to learn about casting news, production news, etc. I still check the website on a regular basis because the content is always interesting and exciting and it is an overall great place to come to as a fan of the series and show. Thanks again!

  • Speaking of Valar Morghulis anyone know when the new Ommegang Beer is being released?

  • Wow, Phil, I’m happy to hear the good news for your “other” life but sad to see you go. I’ve been visiting (and occasionally) posting here for five years!

    I met you at the NYC Moot and it was like meeting a movie star. You handled all the eager faces and million questions with grace and enthusiasm.

    Then Finn Jones walked in and the boat tilted the other way, and we got to see you be a big fan as well.

    It’s your ability to lead and also be such a fanboy that made this site great, and while I’m sure it will survive you and be great in its own way, it will never be the same. Thank so much for so many years of service!

  • Winter/Phil,

    What can I say? It’s sad to see you go. We had the pleasure of meeting during that great event that was the NYC moot. That happened ages ago. I felt part of the community and, while since leaving NY a couple of years ago I’ve not been as assiduous a follower as I used to be, I never forget to check in every now and then. And what do I find out today? That you are stepping down. I’m sure it was a tough decision, but I wish you best of luck in your life post

    Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for making us closer to the TV show than we would have ever been without this site. I’m always proud of saying to friends and acquaintances that I was one of those who followed the production of the TV show since before it got greenlit. And I thank you for that.

    All the best,

  • Thank you for you efforts over the last few years, I have very much enjoyed the site. Hate to see you go but the break is well deserved. Best of luck in all future endeavors.

  • I have been a long time lurker (since before the show started) few time poster, but thanks for everything that you have done Winter! This site has been my game of thrones fix for the past few years that I would check at least once a week, usually once a day. Incredible as it sounds that a fan site could improve upon an already awesome show like Game of Thrones, you and WIC have done just that.

    Always support the bottom!

  • Valar Dohaeris Winter/Phil!!!

    I remember when I first stumbled, yes literally stumbled, upon this new site called “Winter Is Coming! I had just found the “A Song Of Ice And Fire” novels and was slowly getting into the world Martin so artfully created. Then I heard rumours of a potential series being shopped around to HBO. As I wanted to find out more information about that potential series, my search brough me here!

    Now almost six year later, I can’t imagine another source of information as well as getting my daily dosage and intake of all matters related to “Game Of Thrones” from anywhere else.

    I have been priviledged enough to be part of this community almost since the beginnig and benefit from all the work that Winter et al. did on behalf of all us fans. What made this site special to me, was the inherent sense of community it radiated from the very start. A community brought together by our love and appreciation for both the TV series as well as the novels.

    I have been lucky enough to partake in many of the treads here, read funny, sad, angry, silly, intelligent, fascinating, creative and insightful comments, the natural outgrowth of the articles Winter/Phil and his merry brotherhood without banners churned out for the rest of us.

    I hope and wish for all this to continue as long as possible. You cannot put a price on creativity, passion and the boundless power of imagination!

    As for you Winter/Phil, I wish you all the best in you personal and professional life, and may you be healty, prosperous and surrounded by love always! I hope you succeed in whatever endeavours you will undertake!

    Thank you for your work and for your effort! It is much appreciated!

    And since I live in a northern country, and I guess that would make me a northerner, of course a very weak copy of those brave souls living in the shadow of the Wall, I will conclude with this:


  • Slightly late to the party but even though I’m more lurker than poster I had to add my own tribute.

    I’m another one that’s been visiting the site since the very beginning. Back then, I was ridiculously excited (and perhaps slightly nervous) about asoiaf becoming a show. I knew very few people who had even heard of the books (that’s changed now – thanks show!), so it was fabulous to find a special place on the interweb where I could see my own enthusiasm reflected. I still visit this site all the time and truly think there’s nowhere better for GoT info.

    So thank you for all your hard work, Winter! And for kicking this whole thing off to begin with. Especially in those years before the series aired, casting clues and every small production detail, this website has been the shizz.

    And kudos to you for being able to simultaneously maintain a Real Life career and existence on top of all this! Maybe your next blog should be teaching time management.

  • You’ve deserved our thanks cubed, Winter, for you’ve managed to create site about the show about the book. Browsing WICnet consumed more time than the reading the book and watching the show combined, I guess, but I it was and it still is worth every minute.