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Game of Owns: The Hedge Knight II

Episode 198 – The Hedge Knight II

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Amidst a royal entrance and campsite intruderling, Dunk faces a few unexpected problems. In order to compete in Ashford’s tournament, Dunk must prove that he is a knight.



Discussion Topics
Campsite surprise
Dunk needs a voucher
The Targaryens ride in
Studying a man’s fight
Preparing for tomorrow
The first Lord Dondarrion
Meeting the Hand
He needs a new sigil
Owns of part 2
Owns thus far


  • Please tell me they stopped the awful Sam impersonations. Love that they are reading these but I hated that bit in the last podcast

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  • Very good episode, although I’d have liked to know beforehand how many pages each episode would cover.

  • Great episode
    It’s good that Micah decided to keep his real voice. I have no problem with the Sam impersonation, but I LOVE Micah’s voice, I don’t understand why he would
    change it.


    Awesome. 4 stars.

    That’s very brave of you. I hope you’re well prepared to meet Kristian Nairn and his huge …um … “weapon”.

  • I’ve never read the Hedge Knight or Dunk and Egg or whatever it’s called.

    I guess I can still listen, although I won’t know what they’re talking about.

    Maybe I should read these.

  • I had read the Hedge Knight a while back and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am glad that GOO decided to cover this in their Podcast. Awesome!!!!!!! PS I love Micah’s REAL voice also.