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Game of Owns: Monday Newsings

Episode 199 – Monday Newsings

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Dunk and Egg enjoy a brief leave of absence to allow your heroes an opportunity for catchup on some of the exciting news and official releases bleeding into more hype for the upcoming Game of Thrones season.



Discussion Topics
New S4 Episode titles!
The Lion and the Rose
The Breaker of Chains
What these writers could mean
The raven
George’s new “excerpt”
Listener Owns


  • Ok. i dont like when ppl say characters not in AFFC were ‘left out’…. character’s that were not in AFFC were not ‘left out’…. AFFC and ADWD are the SAME TIMELINE… so obviously the show will portray the timeline as the story is meant to be told….

  • You have to push people towards Dreamsongs. Some of GRRMs other works in that book beyond The Hedge Knight are so noteworthy. The Sandkings(which inspired Outerlimits, Simpsons, and Futurama episodes), Meathouse Man which is like saddest thing ever, and after ou read some of the Tuff stories you’ll wants Connelith Hill cast so badly…

    I got the Audible version to – killer.

  • Atomix,

    I’ll have to get that book one day. I just read “Dying of the light” and absolutely loved It. While It does have some of the flaws you might expect from an author’s first novel, it’s just beautifully written. And I was really surprised how many of the characters seemed to be early versions of ones we all know from ASOIAF.