Game of Owns: The Hedge Knight III

Episode 200 – The Hedge Knight III

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In this third installment of The Hedge Knight, Game of Owns turns 200 and rests on the shoulders of Dunk himself as the tournament at Ashford is now officially underway.



Discussion Topics
GOO turns 200!
The tourny at Ashford
Expert Egg. Fishy?
The challengers appear
Prince “fights”
The Laughing Storm
Aerion Brightflame is an ass
Owns thus far


  • Missed the second podcast, but glad to hear these will continue.
    Never understood really, why ser Lyonel was referred to as the
    Laughing Storm. Even the Tourney didn’t clear that up for me.

    More novellas may give readers a tidbit here and there, of
    past events. Maybe Dunk just might recollect some tales
    not spoken of previously, as he and Egg travel northward.

  • WildSeed:

    Never understood really, why ser Lyonel was referred to as the
    Laughing Storm. Even the Tourney didn’t clear that up for me.

    It’s explained somewhere. He had a habit of laughing during combat. “Storm” because House Baratheon are the Stormlords.

  • Congrats on 200 episodes.
    You’ve been the podcasters of summer, but winter is starting to come for you.
    And I mean it in a positive way.

    On another note, all my owns go to Dunk because I just love him.

  • My Own of this section goes to Ser Humfrey Hardyng…not only for winning 12 matches against worthy opponents throughout the day but also for backing up Dunk in the Trial of the Seven even with a shattered leg …just because he wanted to get even with that big jerk Aerion.

  • Chickenduck,

    Thanks ! The ” storm ” part always made sense , but I never considered
    a ” laugh in the face of the enemy ” connection. This is very logical and
    corrects my perception. Somehow I equated the laugh as a ” nervous laugh “,
    and ser Lyonel is anything but that. *>*

  • Valyrian Plastic:
    On a related note, this young English pianist and composer has created 2 superb and moving tracks for a theoretical Dunk and Egg movie, with more planned for release later. They don’t fit the tone of Ramin’s compositions but they’re still magical.

    I loved these. Originally I had planned to integrate some of the score into our Hedge Knight episodes, but there just wasn’t enough time to properly integrate the tone with our blabbity words. He did an amazing job on them, though.

  • Zack Luye,

    They are amazing, even if there are no pianos or oboes in Westeros. The first one reminds me a little of the Fawkes the Phoenix theme from Harry Potter and Adele’s cover of “Make you Feel my Love”. Journey to Ashford is a little closer in tone to the series, but it also makes me think of the Kirby game soundtracks (I loved playing the GBA versions years ago).

    GRRM has brought the possibility of a D&E series before apparently. Twice! But he’s been noted for saying he wants to do anything between 6 and 12 of them, so nothing’s ever certain.


  • For those of you interested, if you go to Amazon and put in “Dunk and Egg” You can get the Graphic Novel Version of “the Hedge Knight”, which I just got, cause it looks amazingly cool, and I’m a comics nerd.