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‘Catch the Throne’ tracklist unveiled, first song debuts

Just a day after fans learned hip hop artists will be releasing a mixtape of Game of Thrones-inspired music, even more details about “Catch the Throne” have been provided, courtesy of Billboard. The full tracklist has now been unveiled, and Billboard reveals that some performers “nerded out” more than others, with rappers like Common making multiple specific references to the show. Three artists took on each season, with Big Boi, Bodega Bamz and Magazeen handling season 1; Kilo Kish, Daddy Yankee and Dominik Omega on season 2; and Common, Snow Tha Product and Dee Goodz tackling season 3.

The tracklist for “Catch the Throne”:

1. Big Boi – “Mother of Dragons”
2. Magazeen – “Iron Throne”
3. Bodega Bamz – “Win or Die”
4. Kilo Kish – “Magical Reality”
5. Daddy Yankee – “Born to Rule”
6. Dominik Omega – “Arya’s Prayer”
7. Snow – “Fire”
8. Dee Goodz – “The Parallel”
9. Common – “Interlude/The Ladder”
10. Wale – “King Slayer”

As a bonus, one of the songs has made its debut already. “King Slayer” by Wale heavily features the main theme from Game of Thrones and samples from the late Ned Stark.

Ours is the Fury: It’s a fun track, and I always love seeing how people play with the main theme. As for the rest of the mixtape, I’m not familiar with a lot of the artists, but I’m curious to see what Common has created and about these Red Wedding references he’s apparently worked in.


  • dig,

    Sorry, but it is FOLK music (or “filk”) that goes best with Fantasy. Doesn’t require an amp, electricity or reverb and distortion like just about every metal song out there. Folk music is also exactly the sort of music that characters within a fantasy setting would actually recognize as music, as opposed to metal which would probably make a fantasy character think the gates of hell were opening around them.

  • I love it when people match music with fantasy or scifi that isn’t the expected type. I just find it interesting and energizing. Not that I don’t love dreamy, LOTR-style music as well, but we don’t have to accept one style of music all the time. Especially for a project like Catch the Throne when it’s not even being used within the show itself. I know the electric types of music may seem incompatible with the world but I don’t really care when I’m just relaxing and listening.

    I thought Dominik Omega’s name sounded familiar. He’s that guy! Cool.

  • I like the song and Wale is usually someone I pass on. Glad to see that Snow tha Product was included on this. I’m always surprised that she isn’t more well known.

  • My Gods. First time I’ve heard different takes of the GOT theme that actually made me physically cringe.

  • Yago: Ugh. Is this really news?

    It’s an official Game of Thrones-related promo recording…so yes. If you don’t like hip hop, no one’s making you listen. But I’m not a huge hip hop fan, and I’m enjoying it so far. So give it a try. :)

  • It’s pretty good. Unless you hate rap/hip-hop. Which I’m sure a lot of people here does.

  • Yea its pretty simple. If you don’t like rap don’t listen to this. Skip this article, it’s not for you.

  • The Wale song is alright I guess, I sure hope the rest of the mixtape is better though… much better.

  • Ozymandias:
    It’s pretty good. Unless you hate rap/hip-hop. Which I’m sure a lot of people here do.

    Yeah, I, for one, can’t stand hip hop. It’s, along with punk, probably the most opposite style of music to my favorite style, progressive rock/metal. A true antithesis to prog.

    Those Blind Guardian songs mentioned above, on the other hand, are great, but then, of course, BG is all about fantasy themed music. The band’s vocalist/lyricist Hansi Kürch is a HUGE fantasy fan, and the band has been making an orchestral production about The Lord of the Rings for many years now (it will not be metal). Hopefully, that’ll be finally released this year or at least next year. Or the year after that. Wait!…is GRRM involved in ít somehow…it seems to be following a very familiar pattern to certain books I love…

  • Ozymandias,

    Most people have been predicting for a while that episodes 2 (PW), 8 (RV vs Gregor), 9 (The Battle at the Wall), 10 (Only Cat, Tywin’s death, UnCat). will all be episode 9 status, which would be the possible 5th one? Dany taking Mereen seems to be a fairly elaborate setpiece, maybe that episode? Unless they break with most people’s expectations and put the RV vs Gregor in episode 7, and Tywin’s death in episode 8, which is always a possibility.

  • Hew,

    Very excited about Omega’s song too. I’ve been listening to his first one countless of times since I found it

  • WildSeed:

    you disrespect all the ” white people ” that prefer this genre of music style.

    I might get flamed for saying this, but I catch a whiff of racism in the angry protestations about this promo.

    Sorry neckbeards! Fantasy isn’t the exclusive property of white guys.

  • I actually do like some hip hop…but this just seems awkward….. I much more prefer some type of classical or folk music for fantasy themed music

  • It’s too bad legitimate fan rappers like Adam WarRock are completely ignored in favor of famous people who (for the most part) have only a passing interest in the series. I mean when you can get Common and Big Boi to rap about Game of Thrones it’s not surprising that the focus will be there, but the actual quality of the lyrics in the Wale track previewed here are pretty terrible.

  • Lord Davos,

    Yes ! It’s about respect for any format .
    It’s up to the listener to decide whether it’s just noise, or not.
    Let’s not forget this is to promote the GoT series. These artists already have record deals *>*

  • WeirwoodTreeHugger: I might get flamed for saying this, but I catch a whiff of racism in the angry protestations about this promo.

    Sorry neckbeards!Fantasy isn’t the exclusive property of white guys.

    well stated ser !

  • A,
    So because there are few black people in GOT it means no black people like game if thrones. What about people who are neither white nor black? are they also not aloud to like the show?

  • Awesome news — I’m looking forward to the release.

    I listen to a lot of genres. Hip-hop, jazz, classical … Don’t like most of the stuff that’s playing on the radio nowadays, though.

  • Hew,

    Thanks for this, I listened. My nephew would listen to this than to pay
    attention to my lecturing him about GoT, any day. It grabs the attention
    of any person already familiar and prefers this genre, or newbies that
    only became curious because of the ” Red Wedding ” episode ( big media
    spillover ). My ear is a bit dull to the rhythm , but so what *>*

  • Yago:
    Ugh. Is this really news?

    What is up with all of the “[insert featured content here] isn’t worth its own post” nonsense? Is debunking newsworthiness the new black around here? is great for compiling a bunch of GoT-related items, great and small. I guess nobody remembers the desolation of the dry season. We’re literally and figuratively (as far as GoT goes) on the verge of Spring, and all some folks can do is complain.

    I don’t care much for the featured track, but I’m looking forward to a lot of the participating artists. The themes in explored in hip-hop do mirror those of ASOIAF very well in some cases, so the collaboration is more apt than some would readily admit. I just hope more than a few of them exhibit the untethered passion for the material first demonstrated by Dominik Omega in 2012. That was one grand love song to ASOIAF, not just GoT, and took me greatly by surprise. Even if only one or two songs have that cherished quality to them, this whole project will have been worth it.

  • A:

    Count the amount of black people in GoT, then get back to me. What, done already? Exactly. :D

    That’s just all the more reason to feature a promotional item like this—to show that, despite the sometimes-questionable presence of people from ethnic minorities on the show, GoT isn’t trying to limit itself to a Caucasian audience.

    My favorite musical tribute to ASOIAF is still “To Take The Black” by The Sword, but that’s just a matter of taste!

  • Hip-hop and GOT

    just doesnt mix, get back to me when they get Amon Amarth or Ensiferum to do a mixtape.

  • Reza,

    There you are again! Thought you were a rapper?!!! Ohhh wait… It’s RZA I’m thinkin of. Well his “tracks” would cut you in two anyway.

    Wali sounds drunk. I’d love to hear Del get down with thrones, but he’d probably bring aliens into the mix.

    Also, the Sword kicks ass!

  • Sister Wrister,

    LOl! Stop messing with me sister!

    I donno Im just so biased when it comes to rap! But I guess I should be more open minded especially if the songs “cut me in half”! But I think more appropriately they should have some European Heavy Metal bands do these songs! You know…like have Nightwish or Rammstein do some GOT songs!

  • This is the downside of Game of Thrones becoming more and more popular. I was already wondering how much more they can humiliate the series. I guess I’ve found the answer.

  • A:

    Count the amount of black people in GoT, then get back to me. What, done already? Exactly. :D

    What relevance is that? The lack of PoCs on the show is an issue but has nothing to do with the viewership.

    And I wish people would stop pouting and saying “GoT/fantasy and hip hop doesn’t mix” soley based on the fact that they aren’t a fan of the genre. You might be just a tiny bit biased?

  • Omega’s “Arya’s Prayer” is simply mind-blowing for any GoT fan who enjoys rap. I’ve been listening to it for the past 2 hours almost on loop. Insane song.
    Honorable mention to “The Ladder” by Common, very good aswell

  • I usually like Kilo Kish but not as into this track as others. It’s kinda weak. I love her voice though. I was hoping for better representation from the only lady on the album. I don’t know what exactly I was expecting from her, but something better.

    Also, for people saying Rap and GOT don’t go together. People might have said that about Rap and Martial Arts, yet we have Wu Tang… One of the best.

  • So instead of having characters of color with meaningful storylines, they think a mixtape will get more viewers of color? Smh

  • I’m a big Wale fan but that track is lacking. Still a pretty cool idea by HBO. Looking forward to giving the rest a listen.

  • I love the spirit of trying to make GoT more inclusive of various fans with various tastes, but yeah, this track is kind of an awkward mashup. I hold out hope for other tracks, though. :-)

    I used to ONLY be into indie, southern, and classic rock, but then I got into dance music for more workout-playlist variety, and that led me to hip-hop via Ke$ha. Picking random Songza playlists has also helped me broaden my musical taste. I recommend that app (or website – to anyone who is interested in being painlessly introduced to new genres.