Game of Thrones Interview

Miltos Yerolemou on Syrio Forel, Arya’s journey, and more in video interview

After treating us to a great interview with Ian McElhinney yesterday, Flicks and the City has released another great Game of Thrones interview from Collectormania with Miltos Yerolemou. Although Syrio Forel has been missing from our screens since the debut season of Game of Thrones, Miltos gives great insight on the creation of the show, Arya’s journey looking forward, and the popular fan theory that Syrio and Jaqen H’ghar are one and the same.

Talking points:

  • Recalls the very first days of work on Game of Thrones
  • His Red Wedding reaction
  • What advice Syrio would give Arya for future seasons
  • Will we see Syrio again?
  • His thoughts on the Syrio is Jaqen theory
  • Who he would like to see on the Iron Throne
  • His vote for best Game of Thrones death


  • Miltos Yerolemou is awesome…but is this post really necessary?

    Firstly, there have already been loads of interviews with him over the years. Secondly, he’s not revealing any new news. And thirdly, he’s not on the show anymore!

    Oh and fourthly,


  • “Tomorrow, you will be on time.”

    I just went back and watched “Lord Snow,” where he makes his first appearance. An underrated episode, honestly, as it’s quite good at starting to pull the tension just a bit tighter, and this guy just kills it in his first scene, and all others.

  • Family, Duty, Hodor,

    I think it’s not that he wants people to remember he was Syrio, but he wants them to forget he’s played a bunch of Neanderthals on the BBC. I agree, this was worth sharing in a comments section, but not a post of its own. Why don’t they just say “Game of Thrones Interview” and drop the 3 & 4 from the headline. He hasn’t mentioned by name since season 1 and never mentioned at all in season 3, and it’s obvious he’s not showing up now. Some of his lines made it sound like he’s read the books though (Arya takes the coin to Braavos).

  • It’s good to see an actor that still supports a show even after leaving.

    I don’t think syrio will be back.

  • I’m really looking forward to the interviews with the actress who played Septa Mordane and the actor who played Jory Cassel.

    All kidding aside, I loved his Syrio, but you should consider placing some of these interviews in one single post instead of posting each one individually. Especially when you have multiple interviews from the same source.

  • I was intrigued by his hemming and hawing at some of the questions…. We really don’t know what’s going to happen, do we? We’ll have to wait and find out!

  • OK I love Syrio (both in the book and the show) and I love Miltos… But honestly, why the hell is he still being interviewed about GoT and why do we care? Noone’s still interviewing Harry Lloyd or Sean Bean or Mark Addy about GoT, so why is Miltos somehow still relevant to the discussion?

  • Tolgeros,

    They did interview Addy at least, and got him to do a 40 minute GoT panel last year at Wales Comic-Con. There’s no way they’d get a-hold of Sean or Harry, because unlike Miltos they’ve managed to move on from it all.

    In fact, they’ve already interviewed Miltos before and even asked him about the Jaqen theory then, but his reaction was very different. He is the British Jason Momoa basically (albeit over a foot shorter).

  • I always assumed that Syrio might be Meryn Trant, whos face he took after their fight when he protected Arya.

  • Rygar:
    Sorry but he’s not bald.

    I wondered how long it would take someone to say that. I wonder no longer. It had to be you.

  • Ross:
    One month today! (well, for you lucky Americans anyway…)

    Hah! As if you’ll wait more than that! ;)

  • … they are interviewing him because he’s a nice guy who loves Game of Thrones?

    is that a bad thing now? Are we all supposed to mock and deride former cast members? I hate being behind the cool kids trends.

  • hodor,

    I hope so, and why isn’t he walking his ass over to the Motor City Comic Con? I know my whole fencing team would freak out.

  • It makes good sense, that Syrio and Jaqen are the same. Jaqen was recruited for the Nightswatch from the dark cells, and thats excactly where they would have put Syrio, if he was captured, or if he surrendered on purpose.

  • Crozyr:
    I always assumed that Syrio might be Meryn Trant, whos face he took after their fight when he protected Arya.

    If Syrio was posing as Meryn Trant, he would have never agreed to beat up Sansa. Arys Oakheart refused it, and Meryn could have done the same.

  • Too many people complaining about news posts and “why is this news” stuff. Quit bitching already. If you don’t like it, don’t come here. As long as it’s Game of Thrones related, it’s worthy of a post.

  • Susie-Q:
    I was intrigued by his hemming and hawing at some of the questions….We really don’t know what’s going to happen, do we?We’ll have to wait and find out!

    It’s odd, we know , some time back, he had lunch (dinner) George, and he did mention to Geroge that he would like to come back as Syrio. As usual Geroge was non comment about it … but then GRRM has never said HELL NO!… lord knows what GRRM told Dave, Dan and Bryan in Santa Fe early last year. I am sure the three of them were fishing for enough info from George as how to write season 5 (…. I have the suspicion that HBO has also green lighted season 6, heck Dave and Dan have not let on there will be a season 5, while, by all evidence, there will be!)

    On the side, I never heard of Miltos Yerolemou before he was on the show, tho IMDB lists him with a lot of chops, still since GOT he has not seemed to work for 2 years, he has something now. Maybe he does stage work , which IMDB is awful at listing.

  • Ser Lucas Tyrell:
    Why are the scripts Syrio-numbered?

    LOL I know, right?! Jaqen H’ghar will change that syrio-number in a heartbeat once he gives the gift of mercy, easier than his face! Pointless.

    I was surprised though to realize how security for the GoT scripts works. Especially since books and online spoilers for them are available, so the element of surprise is gone. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong.

  • Well I for one really enjoyed this interview, not sure why there is so much bitching about it on the comments.

  • Family, Duty, Hodor,

    Why are so many people making complaints lately like “is this post necessary?”
    Seriously, I would rather see a new post everyday, even if it’s just another be about another photospread in a magazine or an interview with a past actor, then clicking to this page and seeing nothing new.

    People need to stop complaining so much.

  • KG,

    MCCC? I might actually be there this year, as a friend of mine has mentioned wanting to take a few of us, his treat (he recently had a nice monetary windfall).

  • Absalom Crane,

    Oh :) It’s usually a pretty good time, all around. Good guests, too. Couple of years ago I got to meet Sandahl Bergman, which was beyond awesome.

    Keep me updated if you are going to stop in.

  • Syrio has never been my favorite character in the books. I appreciated his role as Arya’s tutor and enjoyed his “Not today” line, but that’s it.
    Miltos gave this character something more in my opinion. This and his involvement in the fandom gives him strong rights to be noticed on this site.

  • Loved this interview!
    Why are so many people complaining about the posts? I love to hear about any show-related news or interviews – so the more posts the better! If you’re not interested in a particular post, don’t read it.

  • hodor: Does he now make a living from going to conventions?

    I don’t know whether he does or not, but if I got the chance to go to different parts of the world going to conventions because of a job I’d done I’d probably take the opportunity, though Collectormania is his “home turf”.

  • Ser Lurksalot,

    Your message board name along with Hoyti von Toyti’s is one of those that brings a smile to my face – it’s witty. If I was choosing a name now I would probably choose a different one; not that it bugs me to reveal that I’m not 21 anymore ….. but I might go for something wittier now.

  • He went VERY suspicious when she asked if he would come back – “I can’t talk about that”…

    I’m still hoping for a return. We don’t see him die on the show or the books, he could have escaped or could be a faceless man. Doesn’t have to be Jaqen H’ghar, there are many of them.

    Maybe that’s why he is doing interviews – remind general public about Syrio before he makes a surprise return…