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Game of Thrones: The Exhibition opens at SXSW

If you live in the Austin area and ever wanted to climb the Wall, now’s your opportunity. This weekend, the traveling Game of Thrones exhibit arrived in Austin and set up at the SXSW festival.

Visitors enjoyed a selection of artwork, props, costumes, and weaponry from the show including items from the upcoming fourth season, which we’ll share below. (Oathkeeper!) Some fans even had the opportunity to sit on the Iron Throne, or ascend the Wall in an Oculus Rift virtual reality experience. The latest themed beer from Brewery Ommegang, “Fire and Blood,” was also launched this weekend in Austin.

The festivities began Friday on the red carpet of the opening night party, with Thrones stars Gwendoline Christie, Maisie Williams and Kristian Nairn. They were joined by hip hop artist Common (a contributor to Catch The Throne) and other celebrities attending SXSW such as Felicia Day.

As you would expect, the Iron Throne was a popular destination at SXSW, with Seth Meyers, the new host of Late Night, getting in on the action.

In addition to the beautifully crafted costumes from season 3 on display belonging to characters such as Sansa and Cersei, visitors were treated to exhibit items that are from season 4.

We’ve seen Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) wearing this costume in trailers but here’s a closer look:

The exhibition provides us with a sneak peek of the sword Oathkeeper in its sheath. The amount of detailing is absolutely incredible.

At SXSW, HBO has also unveiled an artistic countdown to season 4, featuring the work of Robert M. Ball. In a series titled Beautiful Death, every day a new piece will be posted with the artist’s interpretation of an iconic Game of Thrones death. The picture below is for day 2, surrounding the death of the boy Mycah at the hands of the Hound in “The Kingsroad.”

Visit to see what Ball has posted so far, and to enjoy the creative countdown until the season 4 premiere on April 6th.

Ours is the Fury: The official Game of Thrones Twitter has shared some more photos from events and the exhibit, and a few teases of future BeautifulDeath days, so check them out as well.


  • Hodor-inspiring :)

    Oathkeeper especially! I wonder how extravagant Widow’s Wail will be by comparison.

  • Oathkeeper is beautiful ! And I love the Hound artwork !

    So, no flowers apparently on Oberyn’s locket. At least not on this one. ^^

  • Road tripping tomorrow from Dallas with a friend. So excited! I’ve been rehearsing my Iron Throne-sitting poses.

  • Yago,

    What’s funny is because they’re both so tall, to me it looks just like a typical picture, and like Maisie is just a really short kid.

  • Yago,

    Some clever guy or gal created this size chart for the first 2 seasons of the show. Maisie’s probably grown by a few inches since then, but Gwen and Kristian really are giants amongst men (and women).

  • Wow everything this show produces is so beautiful and detailed and really does warrant an exhibit.

    Oberyn’s wardrobe looks amazing I totally want to wear that and walk around lol…

    Oathkeeper looks better then I could imagine.

    Also, kind of off topic but on the subject of wardrobes, has anyone seen the new Devinci’s Demons season 2 trailer?

    I just bring this up because I watch the trailer every time just to see the Inca Tribal Priestess and I was wondering…

    Why doesn’t Dany ever wear an outfit like that (minus the headpiece of course).

    I mean Dany has beautiful gowns and dresses for when she’s holding court and stuff, but when she’s on the battlefield couldn’t she wear something more warlike?

    I know the outfit is just for show to highlight a woman’s curves and beauty but in the books Dany is renowned for her beauty and I think wearing an outfit something like this would make Dany even more sexy and standout as a dragon queen even more…

    Here’s a link to the only pic of the Inca Priestess I could find, just imagine Dany in something like this without the headpiece and with a Dothraki feel…

    I hope by the time she invades Westeros she has some kind of battlefield wardrobe style like this and looses those summer dresses

    Her dragons are growing, changing and becoming more aggressive in attitude and appearance, as should she…..

  • I was there at the event 30 minutes before it opened on Friday. There were only 20 people in line and the shop outside wasn’t even setup yet.

    It took about an hour to walk around, look and take pictures of everything. There were only a few people in line to get their picture taken on the throne so I took advantage of it to try to get a “Joffrey” picture.

    The virtual reality lift was actually pretty cool. It didn’t take me long to get vertigo from looking all around me. I think the coolest part was being able to look straight up and see where I was being lifted. Also, it takes you to the very edge of the wall and allows you to look over the precipice and feel wind blowing against you. Of course, you end up being shot off the wall by a wildling arrow and plunge to your death where the experience ends.

    Overall, it was pretty cool. I wish I could have seen some of the cast but I’m glad I avoided the crowd.

  • Arthur,

    That dress is horrible and cheap, the only purpose is to show as much skin as possible.
    Sorry, I don’t like it and I would hate to see Daenerys in it.

  • Balerion,

    Showing skin is bad?

    Dany never shows skin huh…

    It’s ok, I like it but I understand its not something everyone would like to see…

  • Ours is the Fury:

    What’s funny is because they’re both so tall, to me it looks just like a typical picture, and like Maisie is just a really short kid.

    …. Maisie looks shorter, but definitely a voluptuous ” kid “. Yowza !

    Valyrian Plastic:

    Some clever guy or gal created this size chart for the first 2 seasons of the show. Maisie’s probably grown by a few inches since then, but Gwen and Kristian really are giants amongst men (and women).

    Exactlty ! These two are somewhere nearing 7 feet, in height. That’s… how
    many centimeters in height ? I dare a guess.

    The three of them look to be having a grand ole’ time. Nairn seems likes a fun guy.

  • Arthur,

    It’s a matter of taste, while Dany does show skin in her dresses (especially the new bellybutton dress) I just can’t see the appeal of a dress like the one you posted. A full body armor like this one:×279.jpg would fit Dany better imo.

    PS: I can’t seem to be able to make the link clickable on my phone.

  • GRRM is such a tease. That World of Ice and Fire post in his blog… That picture… Has nothing at all to do with TWOW, and still somehow made me hopeful. Son of Kong my ass.

  • Arthur,

    Awesomely ridiculous.
    But I definitely would like Dany to get some black and red armor for potential future battle scenes.

  • She’s the only cast member I can’t stand looking at.
    It’s so annoying that I can’t go on the internet a day without seeing her face everywhere.
    I cringed so hard listening to the commentary of the Stark kids when she kept swearing.
    Com’on, Isaac was right next to you! Don’t be such a bad influence

  • Balerion,

    It’s all good, I just know from reading the books that by the time she is older and sacks Meeren her beauty becomes somewhat legendary and a wardrobe like that Inca Priestesses would really flatter Dany’s beautiful figure and give truth to that legend, that’s all I was saying.

    Don’t get me wrong Dany looks beautiful and sexy in all her gowns but I want to see her in some kind of badass Dragon Queen armor sometime soon, save the elegant gowns for when she’s holding court.

    The Armor would just be for show, Dany would never get near hand to hand combat so why not play with that fact a little and give her some outrageously sexy armor like that Inca Priestess, the Dothraki are kind of similar anyway…

    Also I think Dany’s appearance and attitude should always kind of parallel that of her dragons. As they get more and more powerful and outrages so should Dany, in attitude and appearance.

    Just thought I’d share my thoughts and opinion on the matter and that Inca Priestess always makes me think of Dany the Conqueror…

  • Tereeza 777,

    Yeah that outfit was amazing, from The Mumny 2 right?

    The cool part was most of that was just painted on her skin and when her king saw a smudge in the paint on her body he knew she was cheating…

    But that kind of “Wardrobe” would be to outrageous even for me! Hah!!!

    Idk man just that stupid trailer with that Inca chick gets my eyes popping out everytime then I think how Dany should be wearing something like that when she’s on the battlefield…

  • Hand of the Kingslayer,

    I’ve never seen Da Vinci’s Demons before but from the glimpses I’ve seen, this is indicative of a real gap of production values between it and GoT. Most other shows with a period setting have costumes that are either bland, unoriginal or don’t seem grounded. Its funny that GoT takes place in a made-up world and yet works better visually than many historical dramas.

  • Arthur,

    I totally agree, is just that I don’t find that kind of ‘armor’ effective and hot: A light full body armor would work better in my opinion.
    But I do agree that they should start playing with Dany’s wardrobe.

  • Did Robert M. Ball do the crow with sword feathers for the poster that came out not too long ago (the one with the bad blue gradient background)? The style seems similar. I like the death stuff!
    Wish I could see this exhibition. Never in the Midwest. Sigh.

  • Konradsmith,

    Well that explains all the scars then. I wonder if that box contains the actual fake member that Gemma claimed was used for Yara’s reaction in Mhysa?

  • i love that Oberyn’s robe screams I AM FROM DORNE!! lol LOOK AT ALL THE SUNS!!!

    Its beautifully made as well… love it!!!

  • With regards to Dany’s costumes, something like that depicted in artworks showing Aegon’s sister wives(can’t spell their names from memory) looks striking.

  • Konradsmith:
    Hand of the Kingslayer,

    I’ve never seen Da Vinci’s Demons before but from the glimpses I’ve seen, this is indicative of a real gap of production values between it and GoT. Most other shows with a period setting have costumes that are either bland, unoriginal or don’t seem grounded. Its funny that GoT takes place in a made-up world and yet works better visually than many historical dramas.

    …really in agreement with you. I’m a fan of “DaVinci’s Demons”, yet this and others,
    as you’d mentioned, get poor marks in the costume and physical environment setting.Sometimes the viewer needs to actually see stuff through the artistry of
    real/live demonstrations and perceive/sense about the rest. DD is a great show,
    with intriguing script that offers new dramas based on ingenious historical fact,
    so I tolerate the external flaws. However shows like ” Merlin “, to name one, with
    por execution and script, it’s just difficult to put in the extra work at imagery. I’m
    not impressed with actor Mark Addy’s new gig, either.

  • Does anyone else think the Oathkeeper lions have features of dragon and direwolf too? If it weren’t for the fact I know it’s a Lannister sword it would be very open to interpretation. The Widow’s Wail reveal in the trailer was cool, but Oathkeeper looks cooler.

    Widow’s Wail looks like someone flayed a baby hedgehog’s back and coated it in silver.

  • WildSeed,

    Actually I didn’t mind “Merlin”. I didn’t watch it for a long time because they changed the myth but when I did watch it I quite liked it. It was a show written to fill the early evening gap on a Saturday evening when the nights are getting darker and so that parents can watch with young children. BBC shows are never going to equal shows like “Game of Thrones” on the CGI front as they don’t have the budget. At one time the BBC did instigate interesting drama but under the Thatcher government a ruling which is still in force was passed that they had to factor out much of their drama. Also people have to pay for a licence to even have a TV in the UK and the BBC get their spending money from the licence fee and the days have gone when they can unilaterally put the TV licence up to any amount they want. The TV watching public is likely to complain loudly if they think licence money is being spent unnecessarily. Mind you there’s a school of thought that some of the TV executives are overpaid … if they were paid less that would free up funds for other things. I agree that Mark Addy’s latest show [I take it you mean “Atlantis”] has been sloppily thought out. The showrunners (same as “Merlin”) followed much the same pattern as “Merlin” – dip into the myths, change them blah-de-blah. They made Guinevere a servant initially in “Merlin” and made Medusa, surprise, surprise a servant in “Atlantis”. So they have been lazy. I think the Beeb would have done better to have gone with a completely different formula in that time slot even if they brought back a fantasy story a few years down the line. And here endeth the lesson according to …… sorry Wild Seed didn’t mean to go on quite so long. I agree that the CGI Titan is very impressive as are the dragons (I did like John Hurt’s voiceover as the voice of the dragon in “Merlin” though).

  • Lol, that pic is awesome, Gwen and Krist look like the parents of a ten year old whose wearing a padded bra.

  • OldeCrone,

    John Hurt’s falsetto could tame any dragon or viewer ( : I’m just a little disappointed,
    that’s all. The audience weighs in on too much expectation, in order to remain faithful.
    I enjoy the telling of these myths, yet there is no denial of the promise a thoughtful if
    fresh take, could enliven viewers a bit more. I’m thoroughly enjoying ” DaVinci’s
    Demons”, for just that. Remaining resistant to adaptation prevents any appreciation
    for the show’s merits . In the case of DD, I enjoy the lead actor, whom often rise above
    the sometimes formulaic side stories. Really unfortunate the production got rid of the king’s hand in S1.

    Well, a big year for BBC lies ahead. With new a new season of ” Orphan Black “, ” Doctor Who”, ” Broadchurch”, ” The Hours “, there’s little complaint of what there is to watch.

  • I didn’t like how it looked in the trailer but Oathkeeper looks good in this picture, what we can see anyway. I still take issue with the blade for a number of reasons. First of all I just don’t like the shape, it’s too wide and the point is weird, but arguably more importantly the actual coloring of the blade is changed. In the books both Oathkeeper and Widow’s Wail like all Valyrian steel swords are black with an almost wood grain pattern similar to that found of Damascus steel, they’re made even more unique with the red ripples. None of which is present, Longclaw is the only Valyrian steel sword to be anything like it’s book version, although not black it does have the Valyrian steel pattern in the center of the blade, though not on the edge for some reason. The assassin’s dagger is kind of similar to how it’s described in the book, it has the pattern and although not black is notably darker than average steel, however it shouldn’t have any gold inlay or that big ruby, Joffrey was the one that sent the assassin and armed him with the knife believing it to be any old knife because (being the idiot that he is) he wasn’t familiar with Valyrian steel and dragon bone could easily be mistaken for a number of other substances to an untrained eye such as Joffrey’s. Game of Thrones is without questions my favorite tv show of all time but I’m really unhappy by how they handled the Valyrian steel, also Dany’s eyes not being purple bothers me.

  • Alex,

    I agree about the Valyrian Steel, the show hasn’t always handled it true to the source material. The best example I can think of is in “The Night Lands”, when Jon is sharpening Longclaw with a whetstone, even though the blades never dull. Ice had a good smoky look to it, but it looks like Widow’s Wail will be missing its red glow.

    Oathkeeper’s hilt looks okay, though as I mentioned earlier, the lion heads look more like thoses of direwolves and a bit of dragon mixed in. I didn’t even realise the creature on Widow’s Wail was a stag until I examined the scabbard (which looks even better than the sword really). It seems like a smarter decision for Tywin to commission a stag design on the hilt over a lion as described in the books, but the ruby appears to honour the Lannister in him.

    The reveal that Joffrey was responsible for sending the catspaw would help boost the audience’s enmity for him when he doesn’t have much time to be the little shit anymore. But the reveal that Ice was melted down through Sansa and Tyrion’s perspective will probably be cut out for time, seeing as it’s already going to be a busy pair of episodes.