New Game of Thrones merchandise is on the way

With the fourth season of Game of Thrones just around the corner, the hype is building and new products are arriving.

Most exciting is Pyrrha‘s new line of Westeros-themed jewelry. According to the Los Angeles Times, the line, which launches April 4th, will include talisman necklaces and rings. Each talisman features the sigil of one of the Great Houses – Targaryen, Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Tyrell, and Greyjoy- handcrafted in sterling silver and bronze.

The Pyrrha Game of Thrones collection is priced in a range of $98- $900, and will be available at the HBO store, at, and in select Pyrrha retailers.

In other merchandise news, Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros (priced at $41.93 on Amazon currently) is a nice addition to any fan’s stash. The guide is inspired by the show’s memorable opening sequence, featuring locations such as King’s Landing, Winterfell and the Wall unfolding into a 3-D landscape. No description of the Pop-Up Guide will be as good as this video demonstration:

The HBO Shop regularly introduces new products into the Game of Thrones line throughout the year, and there are some additions this season.

The “Valar Morghulis” character posters for Season 4 are available, in 11 x 17 form, at $9.99 a piece. All of the characters can be purchased individually. My favorite of the lot this season is the Jaime Lannister poster. (Only partly because of the pretty.)

The Winterfell Coin Set ($59.99) is the newest special collectible for A Song of Ice and Fire fans to arrive in the Shop. The set includes a pfenig, stags, and pennies featuring Eddard Stark of Winterfell (with a direwolf on the reverse), and Torrhen Karstark, the King Who Knelt.

With the creation of Brewery Ommegang’s Fire and Blood Red Ale, it makes sense to have something to drink it from. This new glass, also named after the motto of House Targaryen, should do the trick. The custom glass (priced at $9.99) displays the dragon sigil, the brewery logo, and show title.

A replica of Eddard Stark’s greatsword Ice is available, although the real-world version swaps Valyrian steel with high carbon steel in the 42-inch blade. If the price tag of $300 is too steep, try the letter opener version of Ice, which will only set you back $23.99 and probably make opening your bills a lot more fun.

The House Lannister Dolman Women’s Loose Fit T-Shirt ($29.99) is a nice addition to the store. The new shirts have a lower neck and softer fabric, along with the looser fit, and come in House Targaryen and House Stark sigils if that’s where your loyalty lies.

If the Brewery Ommegang glassware wasn’t enough for your Game of Thrones party needs, you can also check out these Wax Seal coasters ($19.99). The silicone coasters feature the sigils of Houses Targaryen, Stark, Baratheon, Tyrell, Lannister, and Greyjoy. The set comes in a Game of Thrones reusable tin canister.

Ours is the Fury: I really appreciate how much of the Game of Thrones merchandise relates to drinking and partying. We’re a very festive fandom. I also love that the official store is finally getting in a better variety of women’s shirts, fit-wise, as the previous ones were very limited and not comfortable. Here’s hoping the looser fit tees extend in time to more designs.