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Live Stream tonight’s Game of Thrones Season 4 Red Carpet Premiere

VerizonFiOS is hosting a live stream for tonight’s Game of Thrones Season 4 red carpet premiere, and has invited Winter Is Coming along for the festivities. The live stream will begin at 6pm EST, and we will joining them in what promises to be a fun Twitter conversation, answering and proposing our own questions throughout the event this evening.

#FiOSRedCarpet     #WinterIsComing

Nearly the entire cast has descended on New York for the event. Along with our favourite show runners David Benioff, D. B. Weiss the following cast members have been listed as attending by HBO: Alfie Allen, John Bradley, Gwendoline Christie, Emilia Clarke, Liam Cunningham, Charles Dance, Peter Dinklage, Aidan Gillen, Jack Gleeson, Lena Headey, Conleth Hill, Kristofer Hivju, Sibel Kekilli, Rose Leslie, Rory McCann, Michael McElhatton, Pedro Pascal, Diana Rigg, Sophie Turner, Carice van Houten, Maisie Williams, Isaac Hempstead Wright and more.

So please, join us in the live stream and festivities of tonight’s red carpet premiere, we’ll be here all night!


  • Is GRRM going to be there? Or is he actually serious about getting the book done and stayed at home.

  • Wiener, wiener wiener oneeeeeeeee weiner next to another weiner, two weiners next to yet another weinerrrrr, weiner weiner wiener weiner, threee weiners nice and soft not erect weinerssssss wiener weiner !!!!

  • Wow, the Spider and Joffrey on top of everyone else? Really pulling out all the stops.

  • Carne,

    …And then the livestream finally went live, just missing Emilia and Kit’s inexplicably simultaneous full-frontal wardrobe malfunctions, and the wailing of distant fans was heard all through the month the world over.

  • What’s the difference between this and the live on Facebook ? Will you have the trailer and interviews with actors too ? I hope it’ll be recorded to watch both. The FB live is recorded I believe.

  • Conleth Hill is gonna be there!? Right on! So glad Jack Gleeson is there too. Gonna be the last time. Thanks for all the memories Jack! Also, Michael McElhatton? That’s pretty damn cool too.

  • So i take it the Fat Man isn’t actually going to attend it, maybe he is actually serious about wanting to dedicate more time to writing, that would be a shocker .

  • Rygar,

    You mean your “shift,” as in the vulgar word for dung?

    Seriously, though. I expect it on YouTube, but why here? That wiener joke plays on such a tired misconception of the show.

  • Zero minutes left and nothing is happening. Not here or on the facebook page linked………… I missing something?

  • Where’s Natalie Dormer????

    Busy is my guess. Shooting some other stuff like Kit?

    ETA: The fat man is there and D&D too I think.

  • You think that’s cold, Sibel? It finally hit 30 degrees here yesterday and people were out in shorts lol

  • He IS a freaking dork, isn’t he? It’s like they grabbed some guy off a high school newspaper to interview people.

    Ser Pounce:
    Why is the Facebook host guy so boring and retarded.

  • Ser Pounce:
    Why is the Facebook host guy so boring and retarded.

    I really think you could have used a better word than retarded to describe him, or are you really that ignorant?

  • KG That’s because he is an actor not an interviewer, he was a character on True Blood, givi him a break people, it’s his first host job most likely .

  • Facebook host is sort of a bore. At this rate, we will never see everyone that is in attendance there.

  • Wonder if the drogon prop is hinting at the their size toward the season’s end (the herder BBQ clip from the trailers)

  • JonSnow17:
    KG That’s because he is an actor not an interviewer, he was a character on True Blood, givi him a break people, it’s his first host job most likely .

    oh right he was the gay preacher right?

  • sati:
    The Loon,

    Dinklage interview was so awkward…that tweet they chose was almost offensive.

    ha yeah “you look like you were born to play Tyrion”

    why cuz I’m a dwarf?

  • hmm, so they talked to George about it 2 hours ago eh? I wonder how his next comments on the subject will go

  • WompWomp: Missed it. How bad was it?

    Basically the question was about Peter being born to play Tyrion and how Peter is similar to the character.

  • HA! could Dan & David be more ambiguous?! At least seven, we are hopeful Martin will finish the last book before the last season… We’ve discussed this with George 2 hours ago in the hotel! I mean no one really knows or they just don’t tell!

  • D&D: “Ideally the last book will be before the last season.”

    “AT LEAST 7 seasons” well, I never invested in that 400+ comment fest. whew.


    I really don’t get the hate for the host. Aren’t we “dorks?” We’re fans of a fantasy series here, just as much as he is. He seems to have an in-depth knowledge of the story. I can appreciate that.

  • Morgan:
    What were Dan and Dave saying about George and the books? I missed it.

    just that they want the final book to be released before the final season…basically a “no sh!t” comment

  • sati:

    They should have chosen someone more qualified.

    He is a HUGE geek/fanboy who happens to act and write comic books, and has been a part of many comic cons on both sides of the microphone.

  • [email protected] says:

    Morgan, They said they were fresh off talking to him about the book-show race, and that they like him were confident (or hoping) he’d get the final book done in time. You have to wonder if they know something we don’t or if they at least tried to groud him in reality following this weeks statement.

  • He is a HUGE geek/fanboy

    He is just a bit over-excited. I find it kinda cute. The tweat questions are mostly bullshit anyway.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    him being a knowledgeable fan is the only redeeming quality to his performance…that and he seems to know everyone’s name without being prompted…but his “banter” is cringe inducing

  • Stannis fanboys will have a field day on Liam Cunningham saying Stannis is “easily lead” and is controlled by Mel.

  • Morgan,

    They said “GRRM is our bitch, fuck the books”. Benioff then proceeded to tear up a copy of Feast for Crows, laughing maniacally, while Weiss ranted about how much he hated Stannis.

  • what an awful non energetic host… except for that i’m loving every second.

    feel like punching the host… someone tell the host to get some energy drink

  • Well, at least now we have two dorks goofing off there.

    Finn <3

    Is Finn drunk?

    Probably just high (on x? I’m no expert in drugs).

  • Wait did D&D just said that DOS will come out before season 7, meaning WOW is closer then we think?

    I´d love to belive in that but you could see Dan´s face looked akward when the gay vampire started asking them about it.

    Loras is insulting gay vampire and avenging Peter Diggler.

  • [email protected] says:

    So Finn Jones is one hyped up guy. Loving his style and how he completely out-paces the interviewer. :D

  • Why is Dillane not there, anyway?

    IIRC he is also one of those actors that are not much into the whole red carpet stuff.

  • super awesome shot of Drogon towards the end

    the live stream stopped suddenly and now is OFF AIR

    DID enybody notice Benjin Stark in the promo??????

  • So was that a fake Arya confirmation or a Brienne seeking Arya instead of Sansa reveal?

  • love all the people that are going to freak out because the trailer makes it look like Brienne is going to be searching for Arya

  • King of the Ashes:
    “why”grite?? really guy

    That is not any worse than that Simone chick, supposedly a huge fan, and she mispronounced everything. I hope she isn’t back this year. Highly annoying.

  • Considering travel time from NM to NY and back and probably 2 days in NY, GRRM could complete 10-20 pages, a whole chapter. Unless…he is also in NY to see the publisher, perhaps he hand delivered a package to them.

  • I really enjoyed watching that live. Not one to usually go for that but it was interesting to listen to the actors and see more of them outside their ‘character’.

  • That new trailer was awesome!!!

    When will that new trailer with Drogon growling at the end be posted?

  • It’d be cool if Brienne DOES decide to search for Arya, but I hope she searches for Sansa too, I mean why wouldn’t she? She at least knows Sansa was alive much more recently than Arya was last known to be alive.

  • [email protected] says:

    First of all: AWESOME TRAILER! Reek, the Bolton objective, the new perspective shot over King’s Landing, Drogon (!!!). This season seems to be quite the visual feast.

    Second of all: They are gonna upload the full thing at some point, right?

  • Good trailer. Lots of new footage, particularly of Kings Landing and the Boltons. And there was even a Bran sighting … away from his favorite Weirwood! Setting the footage to “The Devil Inside” was a very apt choice as well.

    I couldn’t tell if the end of the trailer got cut off by the live stream ending. That last shot of Drogon roaring seems like a natural endpoint, but I would have thought that they would at least stick the title and the premiere date on at the end.

  • tysnow,

    more and more I’m starting to think that GRRM is VERY close if not entirely finished with TWOW…I’m probably very wrong but a lot of little anecdotal stuff that I’ve read the last month or so seems to be pointing that direction

  • The last shot was of Jaime roughly grabbing Cersei and asking

    “Why have the Gods made me love such a hateful women?”


  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Neither I think. I assume that Brienne will want to look for Sansa AND Arya, and Jaime is indicating that as we know, no one has heard of Arya being alive in forever.

  • The Loon:

    more and more I’m starting to think that GRRM is VERY close if not entirely finished with TWOW…I’m probably very wrong but a lot of little anecdotal stuff that I’ve read the last month or so seems to be pointing that direction

    I had this same thought.

  • wow, watched it again…didn’t see that post title bit with Jaime first time…”why have the gods made me love such a hateful woman” nice!

  • Ah, I was able to see the end of the trailer on Facebook. Jaime grabs Cersei and spins her around to face him, asking her “Why have the gods made me love a hateful woman?” That’ll put her in the mood for some crypt sex.

  • Interviewer needs to find out where he left his balls. THAT’S the question you are going to ask George Martin? Come on, son.

  • Nathalie looks beautiful – that dress – and her hair and everything else. And that dragon is so tough looking. And Finn liking it “quick, cheap and easy”! And GRRM looks a little tired – like maybe he’s been writing a lot – and that would be the best of all things. And the accents on the Viper and Elaria are so perfect. Can’t wait!

  • Tyrion Pimpslap:
    The Loon,

    Maybe he is refusing to talk about the progress of TWOW and a publicist informed the interviewer beforehand.

    Probably true. Guess what? At a live event, you ask it anyway. What’s the worse that can happen? No more interviews granted with GM or HBO? Big deal. You aren’t going to make a career out of ASOIAF or GOT. Both have a shelf life.

    Always put your best pimp foot forward and roll.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap: hat a fake Arya confirmation or a Brienne seeking Arya instead of Sansa reveal?


    Perhaps both, perhaps just the second, with fake Arya being reserved for Season 5

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    there are ways to ask the question indirectly…something like “how’s writing going?” you don’t have to specify what so he can respond by talking about TWOW or some other project…but at least you are on the right topic

  • Tyrion Pimpslap:

    So was that a fake Arya confirmation or a Brienne seeking Arya instead of Sansa reveal?

    I don’t know about the former, but the latter is definitely not true. That’s just misleading editing.

  • Cumsprite: That’s awful close to fanfiction, buddy.

    Drop the buddy, buddy.

    Not so long as the comedy comes front and center. Besides, GRRM already leaves precious little to the imagination. Who’d want to fic after him?

  • Bah, compiled a list of all the new stuff I spotted but then for some reason it all disappeared when I saved my comment :(

  • – New shot of King’s Landing.
    – Cersei walking away from Tywin.
    – Tyrion: “Sooner or later Cersei always gets what she wants.”
    – Dany: “Let the priests argue over good and evil.”
    – Extended shot of object being catapulted over the walls of Meereen.
    – Ramsay (while being shaved): “The Starks have always ruled the North. If they are alive the country will rally to their side.”
    – Roose without his armor.
    – Bran being carrying through some bad weather.
    – Jon focusing on something.
    – Sansa looking rather scared/sad/angry.
    – Jaime: “Arya Stark hasn’t been seen since her father was killed.”
    – The Hound killing someone at the inn.
    – Brienne (to Jaime): “I’ll find her.”
    – Jojen: “This isn’t the end. You need to make it.”
    – Bran amidst what looks like human bones.
    – Burning at Dragonstone. Melisandre present.
    – Reek behind bars.
    – Jon fighting at Craster’s Keep and Castle Black.
    – Oberyn: “Can I tell you a secret?”
    – Joffrey: “I broke Stannis.”
    – Davos: “The war is not over.”
    – Baratheon ship.
    – Wildlings getting riled up.
    – Oberyn and Ellaria kissing before the duel.
    – The Hound tipping a table at someone.
    – Myranda shooting an arrow at a fleeing girl.
    – Jon: “Mance has all he needs to crush us.”
    – Construction on top of the Wall getting hit by something.
    – Dany with Drogon.
    – Jaime: “Why have the Gods made me love a hateful woman?”

  • The Loon,

    And funny how few people will stop to think that the trailer was edited that way in order not to spoil some things for the Unsullied, namely Sansa’s escape from KL.

  • Cumsprite,

    I won a 5 dollar bet saying he wasn’t going to ask about the WoW release because of how much of a book fan he proclaimed to be.

  • shywalker,

    You are not alone. Been saying the same for a while now. Welcome to my happy, positive, optimistic (perhaps delusional) world! ;)

  • Ashara D

    There are quite a lot of us, you know? More concentrated on some parts of the net than others, Lady Dayne. Hope might be a bitch, but dies last ;)
    Good to see some of my kind around here. It is a collective delusion. Much more fun that way!

  • Shadowcat85: She’s been filming Mockingjay in Atlanta.

    O I had wondered that.

    Hmm… was Gemma Whelan there?
    She’s been missing from recent trailers recently.
    (But then Ciarán Hinds has been totally missing.)

  • Lord of T-down,

    What do people here on the site think of Kristoffer Hivju? Is he doing a good job?

    Most actors bark like dogs. Arf, Arf, Arf, Arf. No grace. No skill. But not Kristoffer Hivju.

  • Kick ass trailor! Boltons! Jaime! STOKED.

    Ashara D,

    I love your delusional mindset. Remaining grounded in reality while maintaining a positive attitude and a healthy life is not so easy these days. Worth a bit of delusion.


    Didn’t know you were on board. Nice to have a “king” in company

  • Yago,

    the audio book narrator saying George told him TWOW is “nearly ready” some chatter from people saying they know Random House will announce a release date this month, the new sample chapter for the GOT app also being released this month, George releasing a sample paragraph and EW saying they can’t tell us a release date “quite yet” the endless talk from George and D and D about the show catching up to the books and the comments tonight of how they met with George before the premiere to discuss it…for a long time we have had NO talk about a TWOW release date through legit channels…in the last 3 or 4 weeks it’s been almost daily…now that might just be because the season is about to premiere and it’s on people’s minds or that George had made significant progress…I mean he hadn’t said word one about TWOW on his own blog until just recently…it’s just a lot of talk about the book from multiple sources in a short period of time after a LONG period of radio silence

    add to all that the fact that he HAS to be close to finished if he indeed doesn’t want the show to catch up

  • zambi76,

    Well, at least now we have two dorks goofing off there.

    Finn <3

    Probably just high (on x? I’m no expert in drugs).

    Seems likely. I couldn’t see his pupils but I have heard young Brit’s love a party. I can’t wait to see if he breaks the other interviewers “who’s your favorite character,” “how are you like your character” routine as thoroughly as he broke this guy’s.

  • I am sick of hearing the same questions asked over and over again. Here are some I would like to hear.

    Jack: Do you believe Joffrey knows how few of the people around him buy his act or is he as clueless as he seems?

    Kristian: Actors love body swapping stories because it give them the opportunity to swap parts. If the warging story line progresses to it’s logical conclusion (no spoilers I honestly don’t know) are you prepared to play the role of Bran Stark?

    Nathalie: I a world of warlords and warriors is a linguist and master diplomat in some ways more powerful?

    Finn: Can I have some of what you’re having?

  • The Loon:
    the audio book narrator saying George told him TWOW is “nearly ready” some chatter from people saying they know Random House will announce a release date this month,

    He didn’t say TWOW, he said “another one”, which could refer to any number of things (inlcuding that new short story with Prince Daemon).

    Elio debunked the rumours of an impending release date on

  • Sean C.,

    no, he was talking specifically about ASOIAF at the time he said that…and what has George released since then that he would narrate? Not one thing…and he has nothing else lined up that he would narrate besides TWOW

  • and the reason why I think the comments about Random House made on westeros hold weight is because they have not been deleted…if I were to go on there now and say that I ran into GRRM at a restaurant in NYC tonight and he told me the book was done it would be deleted in short order…those comments were posted weeks ago and Elio et al have not removed them…and they run that website with an iron fist

  • Sean C.,

    then why doesn’t Elio delete the random house comments on his site like he does with every other bit of made up bit of information about TWOW? Elio is a good soldier…he gets to basically proof read each novel before it comes out for GRRM…if he was told to debunk a rumor he’d do it no questions asked

  • Guys, what drug was Finn Jones high on? He was definitely on some drug.

    Also, holy hell the interviewer was SO awkward

  • Guys, what drug was Finn Jones high on? He was definitely on some drug.

    On reddit they seem to think coke, which scares me a little (for his health).

    My did I become a concerned nelly in my old age.

  • Finn Jones is alway so funny & subversive with interviewers, the guy didn’t know what hit him!
    But he does often seem pretty high in these red carpet interviews, no judgement & maybe I’m totally mistaken & that’s just his natural exuberance (!!) , but if he is I hope he quits while he’s ahead, if you need to be high to deal with something that’s part of your job, it ain’t gonna end well… But stay high on life & everything will be possible!

  • While I don’t want to go back to that topic again, I would like to point out that D&D, while talking about the issue of the show getting ahead of the books, seemed more or less optmistic about George getting his stuff done before they do. It’s one thing calling Martin delusional but calling all three of them delusional seems like a stretch to me. They’re also writers so they should be able to estimate the whole situation quite well and they are working together with George the whole time long so his progress shouldn’t be a secret to them.

    Call me delusional, but I think that we’ll be seeing “The Winds of Winter” quite soon…

    Great interviews by the way! It was really great seeing Conleth Hill and Jack Gleeson! And it’s always a pleasure to see the Mother of Dragons and Lena Headey.

  • If anyone is interested, there are a ton of photos over on Getty and WireImage of the stars both red carpet and the after party. I have to say a lot of them looked horrible with the outfits they chose to wear. A couple of the actresss’ hair looked like they just rolled out of bed! Is Isaac trying to look geeky on purpose or is he just having trouble going thru late puberty? Thumbs up to Rose Leslie, Rory, and Peter!


    I just spotted this response from Finn Jones himself on the Youtube vid:
    “I’m the guy who plays Loras. is it not possible for someone to be enthusiastic and excited without having to be ‘coked out of their mind’. Come on, what world do you live in that your first reaction to seeing a bit of life in someone is to say that they must be on something. It’s called making an effort, having a bit of passion.”
    I feel pretty bad about making the assumption he seemed like he might be ‘high’, clearly he’s got great natural energy & I guess we’re all just so used to seeing people who are devoid of it we don’t recognise it when we do see it.
    I think he’s doubly brilliant now :)

  • I feel pretty bad about making the assumption he seemed like he might be ‘high’,

    Yeah, me too, because like I said I don’t even know anything about such stuff. It’s just that even for Finn Jones levels of hyper & energetic-ness (that I love him so much for) this seemed a bit much. But even a sleeping-pill like myself would probably be a bit excited in his shoes.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    I second that! Finn would be so fun and entertaining, unlike the interviewer we saw in the live stream.

    And I never knew that I wanted Renly and Loras to make love and produce baby unicorns until he mentioned it. ;) I guess we could have R + L = U.

    Btw, if anyone wants more of Finn’s wackiness, here’s another interview that he did on the red carpet:

  • siberia82,
    “What would you name your sword in real life?”
    “All I can think about is my penis”
    Hahahaha!!!! I can’t think of anyone else who would say that on the red carpet. And the unicorn zombie decaptation…. Oh boy, love it!

  • Does this show a live stream of the actual premiere as well?!
    Because that would be brilliant