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Emilia Clarke shares a S4 clip on the Tonight Show

Last night, Emilia Clarke stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk up season 4. In addition to reminiscing about her audition for GoT and a shout-out to Fallon’s Game of Desks parody, the actress unveiled a new clip from season 4.

The scene, one surrounding a contest between Daario Naharis and Grey Worm, features the first spoken appearance of Michiel Huisman as Daario, taking over the role from Ed Skrein.

Ours is the Fury: I really enjoyed the scene. It may not be one from the books, but that’s not a problem for me. This was just a small taste of him in the part, but I’m looking forward to seeing what Huisman has to offer in the role this season. What do you think of the new Daario so far?


  • Meh, didn’t really like it. I usually don’t like those “sitcom scenes”, like the Podrick stuff in season 3. New Daario doesn’t look bad though.

  • Paul allen has mistaken me for this dickhead Marcus Halberstram. It seams logical because Marcus also works at P&P and in fact does the same thing I do. He also has a penchant for Valentino suits and Oliver Peoples glasses, and we agree that Euron Greyjoy should be played by Mads Mikkelsen. Marcus and I even go to the same barber, although I have a slightly better haircut.

  • Kind of a mixed message. She empasizes how dark this season is then shows a clip that makes it look like a silly ‘buddy’ comedy

  • Uhm, I’m sorry, but isn’t Daario (and his whole relationship with Daenerys in fact) sitcom’y in the books? And therefore, the show does justice to the book version of Daario…

  • Meh. I don’t mind the comedy scenes – after all, there are plenty of them in the books. This looks to me, however, like a product of splitting a book into two seasons and wanting for extra material to throw in

  • A bit of levity following some of the darkness last season isn’t all terrible. Don’t want viewers to commit suicide.

    And the books are actually pretty damn funny, though that humor is sometimes difficult to translate into the TV show since so much of it is internal monologue.

  • The scene is only thirty seconds long, I don’t think the show is turning into a buddy comedy. It’s good to have occasional light moments to balance out the constant drama. Book-Daario is pretty campy so this is actually a more subdued version still.

  • I enjoyed it too, as well as Lena’s much darker clip with Jaime, on the late late show or whatever it’s called (the one after Fallon that I caught half-asleep, purely by accident).

  • I really like this actor. The only problem I have is that I am VERY familiar with him, and it’s going to take a while to separate him from his other roles. I watched him for 4/5 seasons on Treme (where he was excellent, BTW) and now for two seasons on Nashville.

  • Ser Osis of Liver:
    I enjoyed it too, as well as Lena’s much darker clip with Jaime, on the late late show or whatever it’s called (the one after Fallon that I caught half-asleep, purely by accident).

    Can we have a link? I wanna see!!!:)

  • Ours is the Fury,

    I don’t mind light moments, but that was just silly.

    Oh that Danaerys! She really put those boys in their place! Girl power, eh Fellas? -(nudge, nudge, wink)

  • The Cersei/Jaime scene which they played during Lena Heady’s interview on Late Night with Seth Myers was so much better

  • That’s a really stupid scene. I don’t know what else to say to be honest.

    It does nothing to move the plot, which is what is supposed to happen with every scene you write. This just stalls it into some dumb (and unfunny might I add) comedy scene.

  • Emilia is very charming. Daario seems… human. I have to get used to that, I had reasons why I thought the Fabio look suited the character.

    And I really like these little scenes, they give everyone the chance to act a little normally. I like a playful Grey Worm, I doubt the Unsullied had much fun in their lives so far.

  • I can’t believe people are complaining about this super quick scene. It shows how dedicated Dany’s allies are in serving her – that they would sit with their arms outstretched for hours just to ride next to her.

  • People will complain about anything!

    It shows their complete dedication and devotion to her, and her absolute power and authority. It does it in a few seconds, and in a light playful way and not a totalitarian way.

    Geez, WTF is wrong with some people?

  • Haters gonna hate.

    This scene does advance the plot and character development, albeit subtly. It establishes the fact they are going to Meereen, Daario’s charisma and playfulness, Dany’s ability to command hardened warriors, and both men’s devotion to her. All within thirty-odd seconds while providing a much-needed bit of levity in a very dark story.

  • Dave,

    Not every scene has to be plot related. In fact quite the opposite. Who cares about the plot if you can not relate to the characters in it? You need character moments for that and this very much is one. It might be a silly one or not depending on taste, but as
    Stephen has pointed out, it tells us a great deal about Gray Worm and Daario.

    Ours is the Fury,

    Could you please unlock a post for me? Its sitting in moderation hell for about a day now. :)

  • Well…it certainly is a new scene. My opinion on it? Meh. I don’t really like it, to be honest.

  • The show needs lighter moments like this !

    The scene amused me and as somone said above, it subtly advances the plot ! I liked it !:

  • Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, Queen of the Andals & the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains & Mother of Dragons. Doing the Funky Chicken xD I think I just died of laughter

  • Does anyone else think the new Daario looks an awful lot like Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell)? I seriously get the two of them confused sometimes….. and I’ve read the books several times! I just think the actors look a lot alike…..

  • LOL, given how enjoyable I found the scene when I watched it last night, I should have known that book fans on here were going to hate it.

    Great scene and wonderful organic character building.

  • Susie-Q,

    not me. (When in doubt, just look at the clothes. That’s how I was always able to tell Merry and Pippin apart in the LOTR movies.)

  • So, remember how I said Martin’s last press outing appeared delusional?

    Well, now he’s demanding TEN seasons of GOT, to be capped with a film. A film with a $100m budget.

    OK then.

  • Yes, I forgot the number one rule of the Moderation and spoiler policy.
    1. You must like everything about the show no matter what, or be branded a “hater” and “Troll”
    2. The comments section is only for saying you like things, never for saying you don’t like something.

  • OK.. finally need to start commenting on all this stuff too… Can’t stand the waiting..

    I like comedy. I am capable of liking non- book stuff.. (Pod stuff was funny, one or two jokes too many, but funny) but that new clip WAS strange. Grey Worm RIDING?Daario is Daario certainly supposed to be Daarioish… and getting Grey Worm into the act as a wounded child that finds an older brother… I get that … grrr just that one word… unless they have a scene before it where they get him a horse as a new commander… I suppose that would be good for another few laughs… cut boy learning to ride

  • Fairly funny scene. Probably would have enjoyed it more in context, but whatever. I do like the ligher moments of GoT (and ASOIAF), to balance out all the darker ones. It adds to the realism as well – real people joke around. Guys tend to get playfully competetive – and we know they both would like to impress their queen.
    Blue Rose Prince had some good points here as to why this scene is well worth the short time it takes up.

    Regarding our new Daario – I’ve no idea what to think of him, really. I don’t really see how anyone can find this clip convincing. Not that the actings bad, I just don’t see Daario here – but then, ofcourse, he can’t be all flamboyant bad boy ALL the time… So we’ll just have to wait and see.
    I sort of like his look. Wish it wasn’t as vanilla – in the GoT-world – as it is, but he’s certainly good looking enough.

  • Stephen:
    I can’t believe people are complaining about this super quick scene. It shows how dedicated Dany’s allies are in serving her – that they would sit with their arms outstretched for hours just to ride next to her.

    It also shows that ultimately, she favors Jorah (for now) and Barristan more because they are fellow Westrosi. As much as she will be getting away from the goal of going home, Westeros is her endgame.
    D&D aren’t as good at writing comic relief as GRRM is, but that’s OK. AS OITF pointed out, the clip is 30 seconds long.

    I love that for days it’s been nothing but hate for GRRM around here and now that a clip that wasn’t book canon is shown everyone is back to hating the show and D&D.
    Calm down people!

  • How half of WiCnet feels after seeing anything: “How could they?!?!?! I HATE IT!!!!”

    How the other half of WiCnet feels about the first half: “Stop hating everything!! Calm down!!”

    How everyone on WiCnet feels at the end of the day (I hope) – “How awesome is it that this story has been made into a badass show”

  • Dave: It does nothing to move the plot, which is what is supposed to happen with every scene you write.

    Well, no, that’s just patently untrue. Every scene is not meant to “move the plot.”

    I don’t mind this scene, and I find the new Daario more looks like the conception of the character, albeit less ridiculous than in the books. It’ll take a while to get used to, although once we look back near the end of the show’s run, we’ll be thinking, “What’s with that first Daario?”

  • Book nerds, book nerds everywhere, btw the guy that complained how D&D write Dany, what was with those pieces of shit of chapters from ADWD, can you honestly call that quality writing without being laughed in your face ?

  • I liked it. It was short, too. I found it interesting Dany is on the road to Meereen (ding, ding plot) before she’s ‘pointed’ there. Can’t recall the case in the books.

  • Deathdreams That’s a bit hypocritical considering Censoros.org which i’m sure that’s where you came from censors all the negative commnets about the two latest books .

  • Guarantee if this scene was in the GRRM-written episode, people wouldn’t be bitching.

  • Stone Cold Bastard So you got that from 30 seconds clip of a scene, ok, i can tell you like wrestling, it shows from your intelligence .

  • Daenerys is the worst, played by a bad actress, and I will forever hate scenes with her in them. There wasn’t anything bad about the scene, other than the acting for Daenerys is still atrocious. Her line delivery for everything is just awful. The only exception was the Astapor scene.

  • I don’t think this scene is too over the top plus it’s so short and it serves a few purposes…besides humor it shows just how all the men around Dany are vying to please her…as they should. And it shows how Dany feels about their male posturing. She doesn’t mind them vying for her attention but being stupid and wasteful about it, yeah, that she minds. And it shows that Daario has some machismo issues and is still having to prove himself to the men who have been around Dany for much longer. Ultimately, I liked it.

  • If this Daario can give Grey Worm a taste of the childhood he never had, silly boyish contests and all, then I like him. And he gave it to him in a way that preserved his pride, by putting it in terms of “who gets to ride next to the queen.”

    (Of course there’s no way of knowing from this clip whether that was Daario’s intention… but it got the job done all the same.)

  • Ozymandias,

    Why though, right? I don’t understand all the hate, or rather, i understand that people have the right to differ on opinion but i liked the civility in the begginning of this site better, people disagreed but they were way more civil about it.

  • hey now: Could some of you twats overreact anymore? I’d love to see it.

    Impossible. The person that starts marketing crying towels to all these pussies before each season begins would be a millionaire.

  • Now I remember why I rarely look at the comments section of WIC anymore. So much viscous hate. Jesus. There’s no pleasing some people.

    I liked the scene. It was charming. Not EVERYTHING in the show has to be so serious and depressing. We’d all throw ourselves off a cliff if there was never any light to balance out the dark.

  • Sometimes I think all the people who complain here are a friend of mine in disguise, because this shitload of posts complaining about a TINY scene are just what she would say. Go on now, whine some more

  • I didn’t like the scene. It is silly, poorly written and makes everyone looks like little children. There is a thousand better ways to portray “girl power” (I think that was the ultimate point of the scene?). New Daario looks good, though.

    Usually I don’t like those little snippets of comedy they do, and not because I don’t have a sense of humour, but just because the writers rarely succeed in making a joke that is actually good. The Podrick-the-sex-God was the worst added little plot on the show so far — silly, misonygist, and probably better suited for a movie like American Pie.

    Call me a hater if you want, I still love the show and would never cease to watch it because of that. And I guess that applies for most people who also didn’t like the scene. We really don’t have to like everything.

  • Guys, are we going to get some feedback on the 1st episode after yesterday’s screening? I mean, 7000 people saw it right? I wonder if any early reviews are going to pop up online.

    By the way, is HBO releasing the 1st 4 episodes to the media in advance? Thanks a lot.

  • Dave,

    Well, I think it may not have anything to do with moving the “plot line” forward, but it does have everything to do with letting the TV viewer know that Dany’s beauty is Legendary and her followers are super loyal and even, one might say, infatuated with her.

    I know we all can read a paragraph and each one of us pick up something different from it but from my experience reading the books Dany did have a very big reputation of being a woman of tremendous beauty.

    I liked the scene, nothing wrong with it, its nice to have a few normal “slice of life” type scenes to counterweight all the dark drama here and there…..

  • Andrew,

    Did they only see the 1st episode or the first 3 back to back which would add up to a major motion picture release, time wise?

    I just read an EW article about how Pedro rocks the house as the RV and the writer said she saw the 1st 3 episodes…

    I am a little confused…

    But yes when will all the reviews start pouring out???

  • Winter Rose,

    How on earth was the Podrick sub plot misogynistic? – I assume that’s what you meant there. While I do not agree with it, I get where people are coming from when they call the it silly or pointless, but misogynistic?

  • Lmao at the book nerds. Go eat sour grapes silly kids. It was a small clip & yes appropriate scene to share at a late night show. Does not make it a whole episode or the season.
    Go cry to mommy now.

  • It’s really hard to judge anything from a 30 sec scenes. It just confirmed for me that new Daario is less close to my book-version image of him than was old Daario.

    Also I saw no problem with the previous one’s acting/writing, hewas even quite good in that character. That said for now there is none with the new one either so all good!

    It was surprising how many of you disliked him. i’m curious why? I found other actors have given bad performances over the season and didn’t get so much hate (for example, Loras starting season 2 became somewhat bland didn’t he? And that is definitely not bad writing as could be argued for Jon…).

    A Secret Baratheon,

    Except that it would definitely be one of those scenes someone else added to his script afterwards!! :)

  • Just saw the scene after work. You guys are way overacting. I was expecting something much more awful. Instead I just feel indifferent. Is the dick measuring scene a little cheesy? I guess, but it’s too short for me to care

  • Ozymandias,

    It’s popular for a reason. They’re the weakest performances. I don’t mind Kit, myself. It’s just Emilia I find unbearable.

    Saying you don’t like someones acting is not a dickhead comment.

    If that’s how you hear it, sure. But I, and most people who don’t like the delivery, just hear her trying too hard to sound regal and just sounding monotone and awkward.

  • haltwhogoesthere,

    You make a derogatory comment about Emilia in damn near every post about her. Don’t pretend that constantly making negative comments about an actual person isn’t being a dick. You know many actors from the show read this website, right?

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Tyrion Pimpslap:

    You make a derogatory comment about Emilia in damn near every post about her. Don’t pretend that constantly making negative comments about an actual person isn’t being a dick. You know many actors from the show read this website, right?

    So now a critical comment can’t be made because the actor/actress might come here and have their feelings hurt? Really?

  • JP Dayne,

    Because her troops weren’t were they needed to be makes her a bitch?!? If Dany was my man stannis or robb would they be bitches too for scolding their generals? Not riding next to her sounds fair don’t u think.

    Simple minded people on this site is hilarious