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Game of Thrones Season 4 premieres in Dublin

Last night, the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin hosted a special screening of the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere episode. Hundreds of fans gathered to be some of the first to see the new episode, and were also treated to a Q&A session with Michael McElhatton, Kristian Nairn, Liam Cunningham, and Ian McElhinney. spoke with the cast on the red carpet, who discuss their Irish co-star Jack Gleeson and his decision to stop acting once his run on Game of Thrones comes to an end. Michael McElhatton talks about the fan reaction to his Stark betrayal, and Ian McElhinney discusses the Thrones phenomenon and his character Barristan Selmy. The cast also tease this season’s big events and body count.

Spin 103.8 has some soundbites from Liam Cunningham on the possibility of ending Game of Thrones with a movie, and Michael McElhatton on what’s in store for Roose Bolton in Season 4.

The Daily Edge went to the premiere armed with one very important question for the cast. Which Game of Thrones character would they kill off and why?

Liam Cunningham: Who would I kill off?I think it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? That Melisandre. That Red Woman has to go doesn’t she? She’s the bane of my life.

Michael McElhatton: I think you’ve got to get rid of Joffrey, haven’t you? He’s just horrible, I can’t think of ANY redeeming features for him so he’d be my top most hated character.

Ian McElhinney: Oh… well I’d certainly kill Joffrey. Now Tyrion is dead on, he’s a loveable rogue and he’s got to survive. Jaime is becoming a better person so he’ll probably survive. Even Cersei is getting some redemption because the father is SUCH a b***ard. So the father has to go, and at some point but not yet because she’s so good in it, Cersei’s got to go as well. I’ve got my sights on the Lannisters.

Kristian Nairn: I would actually kill Bran because we sort of traced back all the problems to him falling out that window and disobeying his mother. If he had just not climbed he wouldn’t be handicapped, he wouldn’t have started a war with Westeros so it actually all comes down to that.

TV3 also interviewed the cast, but unfortunately for most, the video can only be viewed from Ireland.