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John Bradley and Kit Harington on Sam’s finest hour and Jon’s power struggle in season 4

After being separated north of The Wall, Samwell Tarly and Jon Snow will find themselves together again at Castle Black in Season 4. But after rescuing Gilly and killing a White Walker, Sam won’t slip back into his sidekick role so easily. “It’s much more of a 50-50 relationship going into season 4. They bump heads a lot and they argue a lot, and we’ve never really seen them argue before.”

In an interview with HuffPost TV John Bradley says that Sam’s development will continue this season, with his journey culminating in his finest hour yet.

“Sam’s progression over the 10 hours of Season 4 is one of the most rapid, dramatic progressions we’ve ever seen because he starts in a relatively content place, makes some catastrophic decisions — based on his own neurosis and his own self-loathing — that plunges him back down to the lowest emotional point he’s been in the series. For Sam, that’s kinda saying something. From then on it’s a very, very slow, a very, very palpable upward progression, culminating in what will essentially be his finest hour.”

Sam’s finest hour will surely involve some of the bravery he displayed while facing a White Walker last season, which John believes is the best kind.

“Sam is the best kind of bravery there is. He’s the best kind of hero because he doesn’t know he’s a hero. I was doing an interview the other day and the reporter pointed out the parallel between Samwell and Joffrey, that they’re both completely unaware of their blind spots. Joffrey’s unaware of the negative aspects of himself and Sam’s unaware of the positive aspects of himself. Sam is the last person to acknowledge that he’s any good at all because he’s been told all his life he’s no good and worth nothing. There’s so many places where he doesn’t have time to think, to convince himself not to do something. He has to act impulsively and that’s when you see the best of him. I think he’ll have plenty opportunity to flex those muscles this year.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Kit Harington reveals that Jon Snow will also have to flex his bravery muscles this season, having to answer for his actions north of The Wall, and stand up to the commanding officers at Castle Black.

“This season is Jon’s biggest season. The major thing for him is he doesn’t have the usual patriarchal figure over his head telling him what to do. There’s no Uncle Benjen, no Qhorin Halfhand, no Mance Rayder. He’s found himself back at The Wall and he knows there’s an imminent threat from the Wildlings. There’s a power struggle between him and the Castle Black commanding officers. He has to account with what he’s done and where he’s been to Master Thorne, who we haven’t seen since season one and never liked him in the first place.”

Standing up to Alliser Thorne won’t be Jon’s only challenge, Kit says that Jon will also be forced to step out of his silent brooding comfort zone. When trying to inspire the men of the Night’s Watch to stand up against a Wildling invasion, a speech is in order.

“This season he had a speech and it felt very weird and unnatural playing Jon Snow for three years — he’s such a silent character — for him to make a stirring speech. It was very well written, you can tell he doesn’t want to do it but he has no choice.”

Whatever may happen in Season 4, Kit promises “a lot of payoff for his storyline and The North storyline.” While John warns “Don’t get comfy. This season, just when you may be thinking you’re starting to catch your breath a little bit, something’s going to shock you.”

8 days to go.


  • This interview further proves they have cut LSH. I’m so depressed I’m going to snort more oxycodon.

  • Ser Pounce,

    Wtf? How do we go from an interview with characters at the wall, to the conclusion LSH isn’t going to make an appearance? Please tell me. I think LSH will be in it because I’m sure George mentioned the importance of that character later on to D&D and they can’t afford not to mention her. (hopefully a season finale ending)

  • Well, we ought to actually discuss the interviews. This Sam material seems to be largely invented, so how do we think it’ll play out?

    I will say that according to Gran de Lys the critic on AFOIAF who’d seen the screeners, Sam sends Gilly and the baby to Mole’s Town (with instructions that she’s not be whored). I guess that’s the decision he regrets after the wildlings start raiding and whatnot. We know that Gilly will survive the raids though, because Hannah Murray talked about being in episode nine.

  • ryan,

    Calm down bro. I was just posting like those idiots who look at episode titles and production photos and confirm characters being cut. I’m not one of these inferior pleb show watchers who haven’t read the books LOL.

  • God i love this series so much, the books and the show, as a fan its very irritating to connect to the fan community and see people complain so much and spew filth.. let them Hodor all they want, its one post (1-3 to be realistic), does it really bother you that much. through your walk through life, you get on a fan site and see fans being…. fans, and it takes you to that place… like come on. where else are they going to do it if not here?

  • King of the Ashes:
    God i love this series so much, the books and the show, as a fan its very irritating to connect to the fan community and see people complain so much and spew filth.. let them Hodor all they want, its one post (1-3 to be realistic), does it really bother you that much. through your walk through life, you get on a fan site and see fans being…. fans, and it takes you to that place… like come on. where else are they going to do it if not here?


  • Are we 100% certain that Gilly’s in Episode 9 ? I’m trying to figure what could possibly throw Samwell into such a low spot, and having Gilly die in the Mole’s Town raid would be one thing that would make him inconsolable. We know the baby has to survive as he’s central to the story, and although it would make sense to have Gilly around as a wet nurse, I’m trying to think of what else would be that devastating to Sam. Besides, we need both of them around for FPM in season 5!

    About the only other thing I can think of would be knowing of the raid itself, fearing for Gilly, and then seeing Jon being sent on what might appear to be a suicide mission. That actually makes more sense.

  • the fact that D&D had to “juice” up Jon Snow action shows how much it lacks in the books….

    In the books he has a Valyrian steel blade which he uses only 2 times in 5 books (when he steals Ygritte and the Queens crown fight…both small skirmishes )

    Halfhand fight is a staged farce not a real duel so that dont count.

    Makes you think why did GRRM ever had Mormont give him the sword .. he should had given him a longbow….

  • Ser Osis of Liver,

    Hannah Murray gave an interview at an awards after-party or something in which she said that there is an episode this year that focuses on the Wall and the Night’s Watch and that she was honoured to have been a part of it.

    I don’t remember where that link was, but yeah, she’ll be around still.

  • Hodor, Hodor, Echo Hodor!

    Off topic, but here’s a graph tracking the IMDB ratings of each episode. No big surprises. In general they’re lowest at the start of the season and climb throughout. Rains of Castamere is the highest followed by Blackwater And Now His Watch Has Ended. Mhysa is lower than Fire and Blood or Valar Morghulis.

    ETA: Forget to include Blackwater

  • Tatters,

    Nah. It’s only the “best” because of the Red Wedding. Other episodes were better overall IMO (not that it was bad).

  • Hoyti Von Totiy,

    He used it in the battle against the Thenns South of the Wall too. And that sword has a bigger part to play. It was pulled from the fire, just like the prophecies said it would be. Longclaw = Lightbringer.

  • Hand of the Kingdlayer,

    Best directing, best overall acting (Kit, Michelle, Richard, Iain, Isaac, Art, Natalie and Maisie), and most consistent writing. Everything is top notch, but never obvious.

    Kissed by fire was a little bland too, but written by Cogman and faithful to the book, so it passes.

    A Golden crown has maybe the best writing in the series.
    Joffreys secret blew my mind, the ending was as good as possible.

    Blackwater has the most impressive tv production i have ever seen, and is unique. Relies a little too much on the tension, making it not that fulfilling.
    May be topped this year.

    I would have put Baelor and Valar Morghulis in there too, pretty much flawless, if you are unsullied of course. Otherwise you are probably dissapointed.

  • Hand of the Kingdlayer,

    I thought ‘The Rains Of Castamere’ was surprisingly better on my rewatch. I think I sold the episode short originally. I even liked the stuff with Jon/Bran. I wouldn’t put it as the best episode of the series, but it cracks my top 5, which I didn’t think when it first aired.

  • Greatness Arrisessss,

    Don’t mean to mock. Just affectionately teasing

    Then, fake Arya and lady stoneheart put their rings together and morph intoSUPER MECHA FAKE ARYA

    I’m watching too much tv with my kids

  • One thing that is of concern is that if the election is in ep 10 ( which I hope it is) dosn’t leave enough time for all the great complex political maneuvering at the wall. I understand some stuff may be cut but perhaps they’ll put some of it before the battle. That would be the best option since they’ll have a lot of things to include in ep 10 anyway.

  • I love the north story line. I just hope it doesn’t get buried with all the stuff that is happening in kings landing. Many people just don’t seem to care for the wall anymore and that is sad. Sorry to be a downer, i am just a pessimist at heart.

  • Tatters,

    I really hated their decision to split Ygritte and Jon’s goodby from the standard Queenscrown moment. It made Jon look like such an idiot. Get outpaced by a girl on foot when you have a horse? Stop for a drink when you’re close enough to get caught? Just ended up making Jon look bad. Kit’s acting in that scene didn’t help. But that’s actually Mhysa, so there isn’t much I can say about Rains. I still think that 304, 305, 308, 209, 210 and 106 are better, though.

  • Hand of the Kingdlayer,

    Yeah, but I mean, 2/3 of the episode are setup for the RW, or the RW itself. You can’t discount that, because it really dominates both in impact and in screen time. It’s not like it’s just 5 minutes tacked onto the end of a weak episode. And Queenscrown was pretty damn good as well, as were the Bran scenes.

  • Hand of the Kingdlayer,

    They’re all my favourite episodes too. You ser have excellent taste, FOR COCOA PUFFS ;P!

    If it were a case of picking 2 episodes per season, I’d add either 105 or 109 to that list too, but bar maybe 102, 202 and 307, I like them all equally really.

  • WeirwoodTreeHugger,

    Genuinely surprised as to how low Kissed by Fire is.

    Anyway, my top 5:

    1. And Now his Watch is Ended
    2. Blackwater
    3. Fire and Blood
    4. Kissed by Fire
    5. Rains of Castamere

  • Hand of the Kingdlayer,

    They haven’t even cast dragon poo yet. Or maybe they’re keeping it under wraps until the show airs. I hope they get Robert Pattinson to do a very steamy performance ;).

  • 307 is the absolute worst. Sorry GRRM, they just gave you that one episode where nothing happens. 208 comes close, maybe a little 202 as well. Some 302 there as well. Mhysa could make it there, if only because you expect more from a season finale.

    Definitely no 102, 105, 107, 108, 203, 204, 206, 207, 306, 309, 310 in the bad list, though. All of them are exquisite. Still these aren’t the best of the best. In my opinion.

  • Hand of the Kingdlayer,

    Isn’t it book canon that a dragon poo glass dagger can also kill the others?

    Edit: it seems that your name is a little different today. Not into slaying kings anymore, just delaying them?

  • Tourist,

    I think the fact that it’s really getting beefed up in terms of action and screen time this season will help get people re-invested. I mean, we’re going to get a whole hour at the Wall in episode 9, as well as all the scenes previous to that.


    It’s actually just the poo. No glass involved. If I remember correctly, it only happens if the White Walker inhales the steam. Dipping one in it won’t do.

  • Hand of the Kingdlayer,

    I’d give the crown of worst episode to 103 personally. It just felt like an incredibly clunky episode in many ways, just so much exposition it’s overwhelming. I’d add 104 to the weak episode list as well.

  • cosca,

    104 is a Cogman episode and pretty much the only great Kit one. We only just saw how capable Dinklage is as well. The Robert/Cersei scene and Sams introduction. All that was pretty good. But its weak nonetheless.

  • Tatters,

    Robert/Cersei is actually 105. I agree that the Wall stuff in that episode was strong though, as was Dinklage. I feel like Cogman was finding his feet as a writer, and that he’s improved with each episode he’s been given. I also think Kit was better in 307, particular the scene where he says that they’ll all die if they attack the Wall.

  • GQ’s April edition also has an interview with Kit, and they put him on the cover. He’s got a nice jeans and leather jacket vibe going on.

    The quality of the Jon scenes just goes to show that Kit’s acting improves the more dialogue he gets. The Wall scenes look to be very dense this season and I’m looking forward to seeing Jon and Sam argue. There are some pictures out of Kit filming Testament of Youth. His hair is straight and shorter and he has no beard. He looks very different, but it is a wig, apparently.

  • Hodor is the most pointless character in the series. I dont get why they cut CH or belwas but not this fatty.

  • PetitionToStopHodoring:
    Hodor is the most pointless character in the series. I dont get why they cut CH or belwas but not this fatty.

    what would they do with Bran, how would he get around… He is very important to bran’s storyline.. how and why would they cut him? Bran is very important.. and Hodor is very important to Bran

  • Hm, yes I guess this is Jon’s biggest season, UNTIL NOW, season 5 should be even bigger, but who knows what HBO is planning? and how far they are taking each story??