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Game of Thrones gets the Honest Trailer treatment

Blessed be the day! Some of my favourite comedic content on YouTube is Honest Trailers by Screen Junkies, and now they went and actually did one for Game of Thrones! Obviously, spoilers for seasons 1-3 abound. Enjoy it, this thing is simply hilarious.


  • and bewbs!

    Love that channel and check it every day for new stuff. Was thrilled to see a GoT one show up. :)

  • Hahah pretty funny. BEWBS!!!

    Screen Junkies usually do a good job with those I especially remember their hilarious Prometheus Honest Trailer.

  • after all the “I-don’t-know” names, shoulda gotten Podrick Payne right at the very end haha

  • The spoiler-free version is even funnier, especially during the Sean Bean part. Mostly just a long series of bleeps and occasional consonants.

  • Brilliant vid, but I’ll pass on a subscription. It kicked the shit out of that “Not-Literally” trailer a few weeks back. Was hoping for something better than “Joffrey is Justin Bieber” though. Don’t worry, irritating voice-over guy, he’ll be gone pretty soon. A little too soon really; I was hoping the PW would be in episode 3 so they could build-up all the other plotlines beforehand.

    Best April Fools’ EVER!

  • Abyss,

    Because of the tits. IDK where you work, but for most workplaces, a small box to cover nipples wouldn’t be enough to make it SFW.

  • This whole thing was absolutely hilarious. “Ummm, can we just fast forward to that part?” And as someone who has been on the receiving end of my Unsullied friends who don’t know all of the characters- “the lady who had the demon baby!” sounds about right. Loved the end: R+L=J

  • haltwhogoesthere,

    Well, if these small boxes are good enough for youtube, where everybody and there little sister can see the clip, then they should be good enough for a working places where usually grown-ups hang out, don’t you think? – And if someone’s boss is really so tense about covered breasts, then you should better get to work and not watch youtube anyway. ;-)

  • “All men must die…who are in any way close to Sean Bean.” That was my favourite line.

  • Why is it fashionable to pretend you’re an idiot and don’t know anything or anyone? Or are most casual tv watchers REALLY that stupid?

    Consider my jimmies thoroughly ruffled by this shit.

  • That was fantastic. I especially loved the long run of guessing minor characters’ names and the R+L=J wink at the end. The “Six Degrees of Sean Bean’s Web of Death” bit was great as well. And of course, bewbs.

    Suffice it to say that I wasted a fair amount of time today watching the other videos on that channel. Great stuff.

  • Veltigar,

    Okay forget it – I get it. Took me a moment but OMG that’s so exciting!!! Mads Mikkelsen = one of my all-time favourite actors EVAR!!!!

  • this was amazing

    especially the ‘characters you don’t know’ bit, that was so accurate, can’t say how many conversations i’ve had with casual viewers where I’ve had to describe people as “the fat guy” or “demon vag lady”

  • Best moments:
    When he talks about Sean Bean, that was epic.
    “I don’t remember her name but she’s super hot” about Margaery ;)

  • WOW! So funny…especially the part where all men must die …who are in anyway close to Sean Bean!!! So true!!

  • That’s awesome, loved it!

    It says a lot that my girlfriend can pretty much name all of those unknown people they showed. When it started she had NO interest or knowledge of any of it. She’s a convert.

  • “R + L = J” !!! I knew it – I knew it was true!!! and the “family dogs” – so sad – but funny – but still sad. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  • The guys who make those videos must be fans of GOT. They have ripped apart other shows and movies before. They were rather nice on GOT.

  • LMAO ‘r+l=j you know what i’m talking ’bout’ hahah oh yeah feel like such a nerd for laughing out loud

  • The Bastard:
    The guys who make those videos must be fans of GOT.They have ripped apart other shows and movies before.They were rather nice on GOT.

    Super, super nice. More than it deserves, really.

  • I actually know the voice actor behind these vids, Jon Bailey. He’s a really nice guy, has volunteered to do so stuff for some of my projects in the past. It’s been great to see him rise in fame over the years with his various works

  • Hahaha pretty dang funny! The “it’s just boobs” part has gotten old, but the way the narrator says “Beeewwwbs” was hilarious.

  • Renly’s Peach,

    They’re not stupid. You read the books, where a character is presented in any given situation by name, in the series it is by image. Most casual viewers know to tell who a character is by their looks, but the names are a problem. This show has more characters than many standard shows have combined, and these characters don’t have particularly simple names (some names are even very similar). It’s not surprising that casual viewers forget names, and they’re not stupid for it- they’re just casual viewers.

    I will say that people who think Dany is called Khaleesi piss me off, though, since that’s clearly a title and not a name. If they’d call her “the Khaleesi”‘or even the mother of dragons I’d be okay, but they call her Khaleesi and that’s annoying.

  • …That is another actual problem. Most characters have 2 to 5 names and/or titles and/or nicks.
    “The thing of nouns”. I love this guy.

  • thought i might not like this since honest trailers often point out problems or thing they really dont like about films or tv shows, but they really did a good job with this, it was very funny, and didnt really say anything which was seriously bad about it

  • Best part was the names thing. “Nope. nope. Nuhuh. OH YEAH faceless assassin he’s awesome!!”

    I mean, I honestly don’t remember the names on most shows I watch. I couldn’t tell you the names of ANY character on True Detective despite marathoning the whole thing 2 weeks ago. Unsullied are so screwed.

  • Hanth of the Kingthlayer: I will say that people who think Dany is called Khaleesi piss me off, though, since that’s clearly a title and not a name. If they’d call her “the Khaleesi”‘or even the mother of dragons I’d be okay, but they call her Khaleesi and that’s annoying.

    Dude it’s not a problem to call her Khaleesi when practically every other character she interacts with calls her Khaleesi on a constant basis. No one ever calls her “the Khaleesi”.

  • Turncloak,

    Meh, I think its kinda dumb to get mad about what other people call a character. If the trade off for Unsullied thinking her name is Khaleesi is millions of viewers and a consistent budget increase, I’ll take it. Although I did draw the line when my wife suggested naming our next dog Khaleesi. Won’t stand for that lol.

  • “she’s out for vengeance against those who killed her family…….eventually……… of these days……..seriously can we just fast forward to that part.”