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20 new pictures from Game of Thrones Season 4

Only 4 days to go until the premiere of Two Swords, and we are treated to yet another set of pictures from Season 4. Thanks to Collider, the 20 new pictures include some Game of Thrones fan favourites that were missing from the last batch such as Daenerys, Brienne, Margaery, Tyrion, and of course, Team Stannis. We also get our first high-res look at Drogon.


  • And if you thought shit got serious at the end of last season, just you wait. Take it from a sullied.

  • They must have hundreds of pictures of the one true king yet they choose one that makes it look as if he were the one born of incest. Typical.

  • I love the intense, miserable, sour look on Stannis’ face. It’s perfect. And Brienne looks suitably awkward and out of place.

  • Stannis is actually grumpy cat :P

    And is this out first look at Varys in S4?

    As I posted in the Littlefinger thread, my predictions for season 4 are finally complete. As always, my predictions contain MAJOR SPOILERS from the books, so proceed at your own risk:
    Now with fewer continuity errors! (Although the pacing is probably still off for a few storylines :P) mods
    I noticed the Facebook post about finding new writing staff. Is there going to be a post on itself about it? And roughly when will the new writing staff be chosen and the change to fansided take place?

  • …there is an idea of a Euron Greyjoy, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable: I simply am Mads Mikkelsen.

  • Ser Tahu,

    According to some people who’ve seen the first episode Styr and the Thenns meet up with Tormund’s group in the premiere

  • Is that the Round Room of the White Sword Tower that Jaime and Joff are in? Have we ever seen that room before if it is? I like the looks of it.

  • Varys!!!!

    Natalie Dormer looks gorgeous in that second last photo wow

    Wonder what that Tyrion/Varys scene is. I don’t want the actual answer if it’s from Two Swords and you’ve seen Two Swords

  • Holy shit enlarge the drogon and dany picture and look how manic he looks, don’t wake the dragon.

  • Ser Tahu,

    We’ll be introducing a few new faces into the chaos (new writers) next week, will also serve a dual purpose as we’ll most definitely be asking for those among you willing to stand, and can feasibly dedicate the time necessary. Currently rifling through close to a hundred emails from those of you who responded to the message yesterday with Fury, it has been quite the undertaking. Regarding the FanSided transition, that was completed during the first of the year with Phil — you are now living in said chaos. Those of you that are interested in joining the fray can get in touch via the contact page, I’ll spare the email bots their meal in this comment.

  • Don’t care:
    Stannis: ” I had fun once Ser Davos, it was awful.”

    Hahahaha. Pretty much.

    I knew that photo would garner complaints from Team Stannis, but really… I mean, I suppose he’s one of the good guys (?), but he’s a grumpy sh*t in the books too.

  • cosca,

    Correct. I saw the first episode at Barclays and Ygritte and Tormund meet up with Styr, the Magnar of Thenn.

  • From reading a comment above I was reminded of something that happened on premiere day last year. Some people had gotten a pirated version or somehow accessed a way to watch 3.01 early and were posting episode spoilers, tagged or not, in the pre-episode discussion/speculation thread. Sullied readers typically read threads with spoilers viewable obviously, not expecting them to contain those kind of show spoilers. Hopefully this can be avoided/stopped if it happens again this Sunday.

  • I might be wrong but I’m pretty sure we have episode titles for 8-10

    The Mountain and the Viper, The Watchers on the Wall, and The Children.

    First two were predictable but the last one.. I saw some other people rooting for that one. Im disappointed. What does that mean?

  • cosca,

    This is what I thought but I second guessed myself because I didn’t know we were getting a big Bran scene in this episode. I didn’t think they would be coming into play that much this season. Welp

  • For episode titles I was hoping for “Long Term Parking,” “Ozymandias,” and “Chuckles Bites the Dust.”

  • Ser Tahu,

    I have read your predictions and frankly disagree with much of what you say about Bran and Jon. I can see you have read the books but it seems to me you are making up some seriously convoluted occurrences such as Jon killing the mutineers and Bran being captured etc. What you said seems very unlikely for the show.

  • Alasdair Fraser,

    Why would Jon not kill the mutineers? He didn’t make any of that bit up, it’s confirmed that that’s been written by david and dan and will be in episode 4.

  • Ser Tahu,

    I love your focus on Jon and the idea that the election for lord commander will take place in this season, but I dont think it will. Id love if it did because this is definitely one of the best parts of the book, but I can pretty much guarantee it wont be in this season. Theyre going to give jon the short end of the stick like always and have him doing some mundane stuff around castle black for most of the season. Hell have his fight with the mutineers and then the big moment for him will be the battle – Lord commander should be in the beginning of season 5. As sad as that makes me

  • Alasdair Fraser,

    Sorry to disappoint you mate, but Jon killing the mutineers and Bran getting captured by them has been confirmed for a while, and you can see Jon fighting the mutineers in some of the trailers.

  • Shan,

    I don’t see how a season where Jon where rallies volunteers to kill the Mutineers, and is given a a whole episode worth of heroic moments can be considered giving him the short end of the stick. But it’s irrelevant anyway, because he’s going to be elected LC this season.

  • Love the pic of Tyrion & Jaime; one of my biggest gripes about SOS was
    that they only met at the very end.

  • Adam Sinclair,

    Season 4 filming wrapped months ago, and season 5 won’t start filming for several months. Maybe it’s an Israeli April Fool’s prank?

  • Yeah, no.. they don’t even know about the show, when they say “the main location for the shooting of the last episode.” They film the show out of order.

  • That shot looks like Davos farted and Stannis just caught a whiff.

    Stannis: “Don’t try to sneak away and blame that one on me.”

  • Someone needs to fire the janitors at Kings Landing! That floor (first picture) is nasty! Its the master of coins for the Lord of light’s sake!

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    They could be using it for 1 scene in the finale. They came to America to shoot the bear pit scene weeks after they were done filming in Europe for season 3. Though it was posted on April 1…

  • JamesL,

    Even still they wouldn’t be doing it this late. And if they’d done it earlier, like say in the Spring, it would have been reported then.

  • Alasdair Fraser,

    … Did you even watch the trailers?

    I actually want it to open S5, and I think it would thematically fit S5 better, but I am convinced that if the truly plan to finish with 7 or 8 seasons it will almost certainly be in S4. Also, John Bradley has talked about Sam having his ‘finest moment’ this season, and I believe Kit has talked about Jon being a leader this season, so I am fairly confident we will see it this year.

  • Adam Sinclair,

    What the fuck? Israel’s South (where the deserts are) could make for a good Dorne… And I could be an extra. This doesn’t look real though.

    There. I fucking revealed my home country. You happy, Summer?!

  • ace,

    Here’s my guess of what they’ll give the first three episodes based on what they’ve said.

    Two Swords: A-

    The Lion and the Rose: A

    Breaker of Chains: B

    They’ve never given a GoT ep. any lower than a B, which is pretty good because AV club are tough graders.

  • I made that Drogon pic my wallpaper and noticed they photoshopped the kid he is about to roast out of the shot.

  • Zack Luye,

    Thanks for the reply! I already emailed expressing my interest, although I fear I may come across more like someone applying for a job than someone volunteering for a position in it :P.

  • Adam Sinclair,
    The report is definitely mistaken about it being for ‘the last episode in season 4’. However, if they are correct about it being chosen as a future filming location then I could easily see it as Sunspear :P

  • Balerion The Cat,

    No reason to film this early though. And I’m sure we would have known about it from other sources if it’s true). Also, no casting news… Just makes very little sense. Maybe what the article meant to say was that the Tower of David was being scourge out as a potential location for season 5? I know they scouted out locations in a roughly similar time last year (and we got reports of it).

    You know what. I think I’ll give this museum a call. Might as well… And someone should ask Bryan Cogman on twitter if it’s legit or fake. If it’s real in any way then it almost confirms Dorne for season 5.

  • HOLY SHIT! I checked the Facebook page! It’s real!!! They said it’s been chosen. for the OPENING EPISODE OF SEASON 5!!!

    Dorne! Hopefully I can be an extra!

    EDIT: The post was released in April 1st… I don’t know if I should be excited or not :,(

  • Shan,
    Sorry, it was foretold.

    On another note, I really like Brienne looking lost. She’s a field operative not some palace cohort.

  • Hand of the Kingslayer,

    Damn you April 1st!!! You can’t joke with something like that! That location looks so much like the Sunspear in my head (it will still need some CGI though to make it look more exotic) that it would be a shame if that news is indeed a joke…

  • Pictures and more pictures. There are only three days left, so why don’t they reveal the final three episode titles.

  • jentario,

    Cruel indeed.
    Maybe the joke had a grain of truth in it. Maybe they’re in talks with the GoT team on filming there this summer and knowing that, they decided to do an April’s Fools joke about it (the joke being that they’ll film soon for 4 days there).
    Wishful thinking I know, but it seems strange that they would think of this cruel joke out of nowhere, and the museum looking a lot like Sunspear.

  • jentario,

    Oh, damn it! I’m still hoping, who knows. But for now, I’m really dissapointed.
    And to whoever thought of the prank: congrats, you really got me…

  • jentario,

    i hope not. I don’t like them, too many eps start with ‘the’.
    The mountain and the viper is unoriginal.
    The watchers on the wall sounds better like Watcher on the wall
    The children is interesting though

  • Ser Tahu,

    I really would love that. And you’re right, that does explain Sams moment, which I had been wondering about. Kits interviews I just attributed to the speech we’ll get from him that weve seen in some trailers but you could be right. I thought it was a given that it would be in this season a while ago but everyone else seemed to think otherwise and I sort of got swayed into thinking that because D&D have a tendency to spread things out to make for less exciting seasons.

    I know people hate on Feast/Dance but its not as if we dont have enough Jon material for S5 without LC… well need a lot of Stannis Mel time and introduction of wildings and tension between brothers. And then episode 9 will almost DEFINITELY be Jon receiving the pink letter, giving an epic speech about marching on the Boltons and then getting stabbed.

    Anyway, not sure. We shall see

  • I love the picture of Tyrion and Oberyn. It’s like the Red Viper is saying “Look here, boy…”

  • Y’all just don’t understand the complexity of the changing hair color! I had platinum blond hair growing up, but as I began to see the world for what it really was, it shifted to a dirtier shade to reflect the harsh truths I encountered. Some have said this was in relation to my not getting as much sun, and it is true my hair has lightened somewhat in recent years as I’ve gotten involved in outdoor activities, but I am convinced the lightening stems from finding my purpose.

  • ace,

    Seems odd someone so familiar with the books is of an opinion most of the good stuff in ASOS has been done with already and this won’t likely be a fan-favorite season.

    I suppose it ultimately really depends on which characters’ horses you’re watching most closely, but I really do feel very strongly that more of ASOS’ best elements have been preserved for Season 4 than had been utilized in Season 3.

  • jentario,

    The other day I suggested Namibia being used for Dorne… I found some pics of the Namib desert and they’re fucking beautiful. There’s literally nothing, so need to remove man made things in CGI, a CGI Sunspear is all that’s needed! I could see Arianne and her traveling company staying over in that abandoned house (minus the random bathtub)

    Check out the pictures:

  • King DBC,

    Wow, yes! It looks like the recent re-issue cover for A Clash of Kings, but better. Just Like Iceland in winter, there’s so little they need to add to enhance the images (though at least the days should be longer in the desert). I don’t envy the poor bastards who have to work in those conditions.

  • Cumberbatch. HAS to be in GOT who? Rheagar! maybe. I am not sure but they should use Sardenia and Cali for Dorne!

  • Macharius,

    It’s not brown. It is his natural hair. The same natural hair from season 1-3. It’s not like they decided to dye it darker or were dying it in the previous seasons but decided not to this season.

  • Macharius,

    No offence, but people have been saying for years, that Jaime’s hair is brown, and it’s one of the few things that really start to get on my nerves now… Jaime’s hair is not brown, it is blond. Blond has very little to do with yellow.