Game of Owns: A Visit With Brewery Ommegang

Episode 206 – A Visit With Brewery Ommegang

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Brewmaster Phil Leinhart and Publicity Manager Allison Capozza join the show for a look back at the past few years working with HBO in creating the coveted Game of Thrones beer series, and all things to expect as the clock moves forward.

Discussion Topics
An even newer Thrones beer coming soon
Nature of the Limited Release
How this relationship with HBO began
Creating the beer
Fire and Blood release events
Iron Throne Blonde Ale’s story
Fire and Blood ale
A Brewery of Thrones
How to find the beer
Ommegang’s Summer Events



    Quality is Buzzy in the beginning. Also I found some more Take the Black Stout last week and I have it reserved for Sunday. w00t

  • I am a huge GOT fan and live a half hour away from the brewery they have the best beers in the world over there I am lucky enough to still have one bottle of the first beer left unopened I haven’t tried the new one yet but look forward to it. I encourage anyone in the area to check them out

  • On my days off I start drinking at noon. You don’t get to interrupt that.

    Unlike Rust, I love snobby beers.

  • I had some on tap last night and one saved for sunday. It’s been the best out of the three for sure!