Editorial Season 4 Speculation

Looking Forward, Game of Thrones Ep. 401 and What It Means

The waiting is the hardest part.  And now my friends, it is almost over.

The trailers have aired.  The interviews have been done.  The momentum has been built.  Welcome back to the in-season WiCsters.  Time to suit up…


Once again, by somewhat popular demand, a man has returned for the in-season version of Looking Forward.  This can only mean one thing… we are literally hours away from a new episode.

But you already know that.  If you are a WiC regular (meaning you frequent here for after hour cocktails or to get through the day at work), then you are likely well aware of my role and the army I represent.

However, if you are new to WiC, then here is your warm welcome.  Consider the carpet rolled out and the mat on the floor.  Come on in and make yourself at home.  Check the swords and crossbows at the door for we are a (predominately) friendly community.  However, you may want to leave the chainmail on… the shit can get pretty rowdy during season airings.

In the case that you are new to the growing WiC family, here is a bit of info that may be helpful.

This man goes by the name of Oz and I am the Unsullied leader for the non-book reader army at Winter Is Coming as voted on by multiple courteous readers, most of which I have never had the pleasure of meeting.  I was brought on board by the great and powerful founder of WiC, WinterPhil (all hail his name).

However, I am but a very small piece of the great puzzle that makes up this site.  Many other, more professional personas surround me including (but not limited to) Ours is the Fury, Hear me Roar, the Fabulous FaB (Fire and Blood), Lightbringer, our fearless editor Zack, and other new contributors to follow.

I bring all of this to light just to say this: most of you have friends and/or family that view the show.  There are many viewer-only types that do not enjoy the experience of the show discussion online before, during, or after air for fear of the ever-present potential for spoilers.  And most of them are wise to do so.

But here at WiC, we offer equal opportunity for all to take part.  This is their invitation to join us, so invite someone!  Send them a raven, or tweet them this article.  The more the merrier.  If you are Sullied, then you have nothing to fear.  But if you are Unsullied and nervous about spoilery, then fear not.

The Oz posts are spoiler free and offer a place for the non’s to discuss the show, future predictions, likes and dislikes, and anything else that may pertain to GoT (occasionally, we delve into off-topic stuff like bird watching and football).  But most of the time, we stay on point.  The moderators look after the comment section (although most commenters here are quite respective of the non’s).  And the Sullied do drop in to say hi and to remind us that we truly know nothing.

Looking Forward is a place for us to discuss the upcoming episodes and will typically be posted on Friday or Saturday (it is meant to give us a place to mull over the show while hopelessly wasting away our weekends waiting on Sunday Nights).

The Newbie Recap (Unsullied, non-book reader show recap) will be posted sometime Monday morning where we will discuss the events of the current episode, what shocked us, what awed us, what made us cry, and what made us drink.

And that is just the tip of the ice on The Wall.  The entire week is filled with news, analysis, and informational posts from the many other more well-seasoned-than-thou contributors.  The bottom line is that WiC is the place to be for everything GoT.  So stay a while and fix a plate!  You and yours are welcome here.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to bidness…

What It Means

The wait for Season 4 (and to understate the obvious) has been long.  Ever since the Red Wedding, we have contemplated where the story may go and just how much darker and treacherous this fantasy world could be.

The outlook isn’t all that great.  The Night’s Watch is a mess and the Wildlings are about to ring the doorbell.   What’s left of the Starks are spread all over the countryside.  Stannis and Red Velvet are low on fire and appear to be heading North.  And the Lannisters seem to be in complete control of most it (except for the white walking dead, of course).

Meanwhile, Dany and the Jedi’ continue to meander around Essos while Dany practices crowd surfing in preparation for Music Festival Season.  While she is busy, someone has been feeding the dragons.

The fact that we get to see another on-screen chapter Sunday night is almost surreal, and in a nutshell, here is what it means:

It means Roose and it means Ramsay!  James Bond Bolton hopefully meets his sadistic bastard son for some one-on-one screen time where they will surely discuss sausage types, the ins-and-outs of Reeking, and relationships with women all while taking in a round of golf.  Could this mean Fat Walda?  Yes please… fill my plate with some Fat Walda.

It means Lysa, dammit.  And it’s about damn time.  The interaction with Littlefinger should be worth the price of HBO alone.  Sprinkle in some breastfeeding with Robin and we’ve got one f***ed up family.  God, I love this show.  Breastfeeding Boys Unite!! Trend of the weekend: #breastfeedingboysunite.  Make it happen.

It means the possible ménage à trois of Tyrion, Sansa, and Shae.  The little man who wouldn’t fly for Robin also wouldn’t bed his adolescent bride, and Paw Paw wants another grandchild, pronto.  The stubborn girlfriend won’t leave King’s Landing either.  There certainly will be repercussions.  I remain optimistic about Sansa in hopes that she escapes the grasps of the Lions (and Joff) in the near future.

It means Part 2 of the sure-to-be instant classic, The Stark and The Hound, and their trail of destruction.

It means Bran and Hodor, and the potential for subsequent wargings of Hodor, followed closely by a Band Called Reed (and after rewatching S3, Bran’s storyline is the one I’m most interested in seeing evolve).

Hopefully it means the return of Locke who became famous for his teeth, removal of the son of the Hand’s hand, storing horse piss in a canteen, and memorable bear quotes. All shall bow to Noah Taylor.

It means Theon without his Theon (aka, Reek) and his heroic savior sister Yara and their potential showdown with Bolton and Son.

It means the Queen of Thorns and her resolve to find a way to squirt the milk back up the udders.

It means another chapter of the epic tale, Adventures of a Sword Swallower, starring Loras Tyrell.  Synopsis: An unlikely wedding with Cersei is planned but potentially thwarted by the Man with the Golden Hand (yet another spinoff).

It means Ygritte, the lover scorned.  A Giant, the lover uncovered.  And a Giantsbane, the lover like no other (baby seal?).

It means new Daario.  New Mountain.  New characters.  New plots.  New schemes.

It means the man, Jorah Mormont, most likely brings his house of undying love back to Dany while new Daario parades around attempting to become the stepfather of dragons.

It means Mance doing his “biggest fire the North has ever seen” dance.

In theory, it means the return of the Brotherhood Without Banners serving up another helping of Beric, Thoros, and Anguy with an arrow for your fat head.

It could mean Bronn with hookers.  Or Podrick with hookers.  Or (God forbid) Pycelle with hookers.

Of course it means royal wedding vows between King Crossbow and Margeary Tyrell, and the subsequent match made in hell.

It means Vipers, Lions, Bears, Stags, Wolves and Lord Oafs, all getting caught in the webs of a Spider.

And if that wasn’t enough

It means recaps and discussions.  It means adaptation arguments and character spin.  It means 800 comments about D&D and GRRM, what was left out and what was left in.

It means fabulous FaB twitter recaps, and Marko will be Roaring, Fury from the Fury, and news from the Bringer.

It means analysis, and plot lines, and statistical data.  It means controversy, nudity (bewbs), and gratuitous sexual activity.

It means overtime for the WiC crew, and fresh episodes of GOO, and a bunch of new contributors to add to the stew.

It means ale, and stag, and viewing parties, and toasts.

It means looking forward and looking back, and speculation and previews.

It means long Sunday nights and early Monday mornings with hangovers at the water cooler and necessary indulgences of caffeine.

It means death, destruction, dialogue, debate, disdain, deliberation, discourse, disputes, Dany, Davos, Daario, Dragons, dracarys…

What the fuck are we waiting for!?!?!?

Break out the breastplate stretchers and strap it up, boys and girls.  Have a shot of ice and fire and put it on the Oz tab.  The wait is over, the hour is upon us, and finally the Game is on!


“Unbowed.  Unbent.  Unsullied.”

REMINDER: This is an Unsullied post.  Please DO NOT place spoilers in the comments.  Your courtesy is appreciated. -The Mgmt


  • Hodormendous! Right, now I’m all out of suffixes, ‘Guess I might as well read this page.

    “Or (God forbid) Pycelle with hookers.” :) I Love your observations even as a sullied viewer. This makes up for no Laughs posts today (as there really should’ve been).

    Wait! I’ve got a couple more to get out my system.


    Okay, I’m done.

  • Oz of Thrones,

    Good on you! Seriously, how many viewers of the show actually read the books either before or after the show? Less than a quarter I imagine, and the die-hard book fans will only begrudgingly watch the show to make comparisons (not naming any names here).

    When you’re done with the 5 books in a month or 2, maybe you go back for a re-read, but there’s still the ever-present wait for Winds to keep this ship a-sailing! Pretty soon, you’ll be the group who has the edge over the book readers!

    You provide a valuable bit of spoiler-free comic relief for unsullied fans, however many there may be lurking here actively or just as browsers. Just as Varys said to Ned in the Black Cells. In this game, just as in mummery, everyone has their own part to play. Keep up the good work : )!

  • Patchy Face:
    Hoyti Von Totiy,

    And, once again, the last two are NOT crap – would rate book 5 close to second best.

    ADWD is actually my favorite. I think it’s the most intricate and well-written book, and even as an English teacher, I consider it on par with classic literature.

  • the episodes air at 4 in the morning on monday where i live, i don’t get to watch them until monday evening (my time)… those 12 hours are the hardest

    btw i pay the iron price to view GoT, but i buy the blu ray to make up for it

  • Just a reminder: There should be no spoilers posted and no book talk in Unsullied/Oz posts. Thanks!

  • The first book is easily the worst. nothing happens really until the end. Well it takes forever to really get into the story.

  • hedsmashedinbfflojmp:
    The first book is easily the worst. nothing happens really until the end.

    I don’t find it the worst at all, it is just so different from the other 4. The first book is a murder/mystery where the others are action..? The first book does feel different than the others but I think the first season is that way too.

  • OZ!!!!!! Welcome back, great Master of the Unsullied! I love, love, love ur posts! Cannot wait to read u weekly again. Love to Ozette and the Ozlings!

    Btw, WiC folks: Will we be getting the Twitter recaps again? Hilarious!

  • “And a Giantsbane, the lover like no other”
    I wonder if we’ll see what the big fuss is all about!

    And perfect pic of Oberyn charming Tyrion with that intense stare of his and loving chin touch. That should make for an interesting relationship.

    Looking forward to reading The Newbie Recaps!

  • These posts make me wish I stayed part of the unsullied army, damn my curiosity, but lets recruit some more!

    My biggest hope is more Brienne-struggling-to-get-out-of-a-hedge scenes like the one in 3×02, that easily ranks up there with the fuck you doing to my bear

  • Valyrian Plastic,

    I honestly do plan to read them when the show is concluded. The only reason I didn’t start is because WinterPhil made me swear the oath, and Fury sent me a few general, unspoilery warnings.

    It would be a great way to pass the time during the off-season, but I am now bound. All men must serve.

    Glad you got a kick out of the post. I did take note that in future seasons, you would like to see Pycelle in the act if we don’t get any in S4. I’ll be sure and pass it along to the HBO Brass. :)

  • Oz of Thrones: I did take note that in future seasons, you would like to see Pycelle in the act if we don’t get any in S4.

    Nooooooooooooooooo thank you! I’d rather see Pycelle get what’s coming to him, not him coming to someone else ;). I’m looking forward to seeing if that deleted scene with Tywin from last year really was rewritten for inclusion this year, though based on the reviews I don’t think it’s in the first episode.

    You’d be better off reading the books just before aDoS finally comes out (whenever that may be). The familiarity with the show made it very for me easy to breeze through 200+ pages a day, so stay away ‘lest you be kept waiting. The worst thing about GRRM’s pace at the moment is, the last 2 books may never get Roy Dotrice’s wonderful (if sometimes cringe-worthy) narration.

  • You know, if they called him new Daario on the show, I think that would lessen any confusion people might have about the recast. ;)

  • Valyrian Plastic,

    The worst thing about GRRM’s pace at the moment is, the last 2 books may never get Roy Dotrice’s wonderful (if sometimes cringe-worthy) narration.

    Nah, the worst thing about his pace at the moment, is that ADOS will probably never be released at all.

  • Great post Oz! I may be sullied, but you’ve got me reaching for my chain mail breastplate and my sword & shield. Ready for action, right behind you, my unsullied friend. Dracarys!!

  • A fun read as always Oz, see you on the other side. (Monday, that is…).

    My body is way beyond ready!

  • Great post Oz, and welcome to Season 4! Take a big bow for this:-

    Meanwhile, Dany and the Jedi’ continue to meander around Essos while Dany practices crowd surfing in preparation for Music Festival Season. While she is busy, someone has been feeding the dragons.

    Classic. Looking forward to all your comments as the season progresses.

  • I love your posts Oz. I always read them because they’re a fantastic way to pass the time and find out what Unsullied might be thinking/feeling. It is really refreshing.

    I’d love to see more posts from Unsullied. Any idea how to get them out of hiding?

  • Braincandy,

    Gracias Mr./Ms. Candy. Incredibly grateful that you enjoy them!
    That is a damn good question on how to get the Unsullied to speak up. I know that locally, there are many Unsullied friends who simply don’t want to look uneducated when commenting here since the site is saturated with intelligent readers. Maybe some are slightly intimidated?

    I think part of my job is to try to make all Unsullied feel comfortable.

    I am open to suggestions.

  • Sister Wrister,

    LOL. In season 1, Robert is trying to fit in his armor for a potential joust that he never participated in thanks to reasoning from Ned. He gets pissed and sends Lancel to get the “breastplate stretcher”.

    Funny shit. I miss Robert Baratheon.

  • I can’t wait for the Twitter and Facebook recaps! I look forward to them almost as much as the episodes!

  • Well, this post officially has me pumped for what is to come between the episodes :P. Great job, Oz!

    I’m also curious as to who these new contributors will be (and if I will be one of them). There are definitely interesting times ahead for the show and for WiC.net!

  • Oz of Thrones,

    At least someone used to slap Cersei back then. I totally reminisced recently with Cersei spouting off to Robert “I ought to wear the armor. And you the gown.”

  • Patchy Face,

    I second this. It had a chance at being my favorite, if only it had a proper ending. But books shouldn’t be the topic here. Season 4 is coming, and it will be delicious! Well done Oz, prepare yourself for the carnage.

  • Currawong,

    Thank you for the bird education, Mr/Ms Wong. When I said in the post that we delve into off-topic stuff like bird watching, I was somewhat joking. But now, I am proud to say that we actually have discussed.

  • Leo,

    “Thank the Gods for Bessie and her giant tits.”

    Robert doesn’t get enough credit for his one-liners.

  • Oz of Thrones,
    No, thank you Lord Oz!

    On the topic of Robert one-liners, my personal favourite would have to be:
    “Start the damn joust before I piss myself!”

  • Yay Oz! Can’t wait to enjoy the Season 4 ride with you! Daario – attempting to be the stepfather of dragons!! Laughed out loud at this one! :D

  • Lord Oz, thank you so much for sharing your enlightened view. I have enjoyed your posts over the last year, but I got such a kick hearing you on GOO, a man realized he needed to speak up for the first time. Cheers and Happy GOT4 day to you, Ozette and the Ozzlings.

  • Lino,

    Glad you got a chuckle Lino! I am seriously interested in seeing this transition (or lack thereof) with the new Daario. I was not a huge fan of the first one, so hopefully this will be a welcome change. We shall ride S4 together!


    You are most welcome! And thanks for listening to my input on GOO. Please, don’t be a stranger or let this be your first and only comment. My biggest satisfaction from contributing is interacting with good people like yourself. Happy GoT4 to you as well!

  • 2014.storm of swords-2 season4.
    2015.feast for crows/dance with dragons season5.
    2016.feast for crows/dance with dragons/winds of winter season6.
    2017.winds of winter seaso7.
    2018.dream of spring season8.

    Perhaps even a season 9 when the battles out of Winds and Dream become too big and the too big, like in Storm.

    8 Seasons is the minimum, not 7.