Podcast Season 4

Game of Owns: Love and Chicken

Game of Thrones Season 4 is finally here. Join Eric, Zack, and Micah in the finer points of “Two Swords,” and listen to your Owns of the Week be read for the first time since last year’s season.

Our beloved Game of Owns returns for the first episode discussion of Season 4!

Episode 208 – Love and Chicken

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Game of Thrones Season 4 is finally here. Join Eric, Zack, and Micah in the finer points of “Two Swords,” and listen to your Owns of the Week be read for the first time since last year’s season.

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Differing opinions
Arya visits an old friend
Fatherly advice
Enter the Viper
It’s great to see you together
Tyrion and Shae
Trouble in the North
All things East
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  • I’m glad this is up, I just watched the little TV show from Fansided and I could help but wish you guys were on it instead of people that had to have the “Rains of Castamere” explained to them again because they still didnt recognize it.

  • He’s underwhelmed because “khaleesi” hasn’t made it to Meereen yet? To Meereen?

    Somebody kick this guy off the show NOW, cause if not, he’s gonna be making it a living hell in the upcoming seasons.

    Also fourth for “Maester Illyrio.”

  • So a question I should have asked before episode 208, are these for readers or non-readers? I’ve never been sure looking at the list of topics, which sometimes seem to hint at spoilers just as a list of topics. Thanks for all the great work that you do.

  • I thought more than a couple of weeks have gone by? Couldn’t get a clear idea of how long, but its been a few months.
    Made me sad when they were melting ICE down.

  • Chris:
    So a question I should have asked before episode 208, are these for readers or non-readers?I’ve never been sure looking at the list of topics, which sometimes seem to hint at spoilers just as a list of topics.Thanks for all the great work that you do.

    Both. One of the hosts is a reader, the other two have only read to the end of ACoK.

  • Chris,

    Non-Readers by a mix of both. But they read the books show by show chapter by chapter(and made shows about it) up through the end of Book 2. So they have read and continue to stay behind the show so it’s all fresh.

  • Zack! You called it on the “Countdown” GOO podcast…Jamie and Brienne are friends. He’s still a sarcastic prick with her, but in a respectful way; he really wants to her to understand his viewpoint, i.e. “Arya’s been missing since her father was killed, she’s probably dead…what could be safer than dead?”

  • Jesus. I’ve got to hand it to Eric. He really works hard to live up to the standard set by his favorite character. *smacks forehead*

  • Renly’s Peach,

    There are plenty of legit reasons to dislike him, but he was saying its weird how much the dragons have grown before she even got to meereen.

  • Eric scull is a goddamned idiot…. The guy who can’t pick up even the most obvious of details wants to say the mechanics in this were off? What a joke he is.

  • I mean his fellow podcaster is now the editor (albeit phantom editor) of this whole site … I mean if your entire base is telling you we hate this guy, why doesn’t he get replaced?

  • Rory had a interview with Rolling Stone and it was fantastically funny. He talked about getting drunk from the inn scene having to drink all of the beer David and Dan made him drink and making himself vomit in the woods. I wanna be his best friend.

    Thought I’d mention that since the adventures of Arya and the Hound were such a hit this episode. (What the fuck’s a Lommy?)

    Great show guys!

  • I’ve always tried to give Eric a fair shake, because I think he means well. But often I just don’t know what to make of some of the things he says. He seems to prompt a lot of WTFs from me on an increasingly regular basis.

    On the subject of hosts, I really miss Selina’s contributions to the podcast. I know she’s (understandably) busy, but GOO has felt off-balance ever since she stopped being a regular.

  • No. Just a lot of people on this site don’t have the type of personality to be mean or criticize someone.

    But don’t confuse that, everyone on this site thinks he’s a joke and would rather him not be on the podcast.

  • Darkstar,

    Well if they aren’t voicing their displeasure, we can’t really assume that it exists and therefore they can’t just kick him off of the show. There’s also the fact that they are friends. If you had a friend you did a podcast with about something you enjoyed, would you just kick them off because listeners don’t like them? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for him either. But I think you are exaggerating the percentage of their listeners that want him gone. And unless they have some solid proof that EVERYONE dislikes him, he’s not going anywhere.

  • Getting hung up on the growth of the dragons is such a weird, arbitrary complaint. I mean, if Bran can go through some major growth spurts between seasons, why not the dragons? Heck, Daario managed to turn into an entirely different person and that didn’t seem to be a big deal.

    I’ve tried to get into this podcast a few different times, but that kid has always managed to turn me off of it.

  • Darkstar:
    I mean his fellow podcaster is now the editor (albeit phantom editor) of this whole site … I mean if your entire base is telling you we hate this guy, why doesn’t he get replaced?

    I imagine it’s because they’re friends and it’d be hard to just say “hey, we don’t want you doing this with us anymore.” But it’s obvious. I mean YOU CAN TELL the other two guys get audibly annoyed with him a lot of the time. I’m sure he means well and is genuinely a fan of the show, but Eric just comes off as uninformed and purposely wrong all the time. When he’s not getting basic info wrong, he’s completely missing and forgetting things or complaining about random stuff.

    To his credit, though! ..
    I will say that the dragons’ sizes have been fairly inconsistent from season to season. And they have grown quite a bit from the last time we saw them in Yunkai (which would have supposedly been 1-2 weeks back in show time).

  • My whole point is this is an everytime thing … Every post on this site about this podcast has the majority of the comments not talking about the podcast but how awful Eric is. And I mean I get they know each other and all that but, if you suck, you suck.

  • Seriously, bitching about the distinction of whether the head was sewn or fastened with arrows, and that a girl in the capital has the wrong idea about which one of it it was? Really?

    “The show presenting it like that”. No, the show is presenting a grieving young girl and the awful rumours she’s heard about what happened to her family.

  • As far as the dragons go, why is this latest growth spurt such an issue as opposed to how much they grew between Seasons 2 and 3? Or, for that matter, how about how much the child actors grew between seasons?

    And, honestly, I’ve had it with the endless complaining about Jaime’s hair. I mean, seriously?

  • Darkstar,

    Even if all the people who commented on these posts were to comment 10 times under different names, it would still probably not be a very large portion of their listeners. Not nearly large enough to tell their friend who has been with them from day one to get out.

  • Darkstar,

    You suck at life. You suck at being a person. You suck in every single way a person can suck. I truly hope you are young. Because if you are older then 17 you are 10x more pathetic than you already seem.

  • Hmmm, almost stopped listening in the first 2 minutes, but luckily I didn’t and it got better. Though the unnecessary complaining about dragons, Jaime’s hair etc….. Who cares? It’s like those complaining about Dany/ Cersei’s wigs…. Who gives a shit? Focus on the story

  • I enjoyed Eric’s back and forth this episode, even though I wasn’t as bothered by some things (speaking of which, am I the only one who remembers Jaime having much more of the Lannister blonde gene in the first season?).

  • Literally nothing (game of thrones related) beats me down more then being really excited to hear my favorite podcasts thoughts on a first episode of the season that most of us seem to agree was one of the best first episodes of season we have had, and then some of the first words being how underwhelmed he was. It literally immediately took away the excitement i had to listen to podcast right from the first minute. Differing opinions are fine and if Eric didnt like it, normally it wouldnt really bug me, but then his reasons were just so ridiculous and as they examined plot point by plot point he basically said he really enjoyed everything. So even worse he was just saying he didnt like it without any real reasons other then the dragons grew too much?

    I am one of those mentioned in a post above who doesnt really like complaining about someone like this, but the way Eric almost made me want to turn off the episode from the first ten seconds warrants me speaking up. I think Eric is a good guy, he has his funny moments, I think he does like the show, but it cant be denied he is just a beating sometimes.

    I wont ask him to be taken off because having listened to the podcast from day one I know they are all friends and wouldnt do that, but zach if your reading this maybe on your after episode reaction podcast, add a couple other voices so that maybe Eric’s will get lost in the shuffle.

  • The Freys tried to sew Grey Wind’s head on at first, but it was so heavy it fell off very quickly, so that’s why they created that crude brace for it. Just to clear that bit up. Quibbles aside, this was a lovely bit of GOO!

    Sandor gets the own from me for EVERY SINGLE THING he said or did! It would probably go to Oberyn if his material hadn’t been overused in the promos.

    On a similar note, F&TC has released the first in a series of reviews called “Pun of Thrones”, which is somewhat dumbed-down but still very funny. The commentator’s clearly a big fan of the show (and maybe the books too) but I just hope she sticks to doing the interviews in future.


  • With this I have finally caught up to GOO – just in time for season 4 :D. I started listening back in mid January; my computer was broken and I was bored. In need of entertainment I, naturally, turned to WiC.net on my iphone. However, as it was the start of January there was no real news and the only things being posted were the new episodes of GOO. After a few days of angrily dismissing GOO as an annoyance that shouldn’t be there, I finally caved and decided to give it a go. And I never looked back. I gradually caught up on the podcast over the following three months, and loved every second of it. Never have I been more glad to have a broken computer.

    Anyway, my own of the episode goes to white book of the Kingsguard. If you pause when Joffrey is talking about Arthur Dayne you can read the page before Arthur’s entry. It is clear that the page is about Ser Gerold Hightower, and at the end of the entry it reads “Died in the Red Mountains of Dorne alongside his sworn brothers, Ser Arthur Dayne and Ser Oswell Whent. After refusing to bow a knee to the new King, Robert Baratheon, all three were defeated by a small force led by Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell”. I believe this is the first reference to the incident at the Tower of Joy on the show.

    Oh, and Eric – Theon is one of my favourite characters.

  • I would hate it if Eric was out of the podcast.
    I dont want to listen to an hour of “Oh my God! this is awsome; right?”
    However, he was a bit too negative this episode, and having more hosts or guests is alawys a good thing.

  • Darkstar,

    Ha! How Joffrey-esque of you. I, as a member of the entire fan base, love the varying views within the GOO Gang and their fearless opining, sullied and non, and the rich conversations that occur as a result of these differences. Keep up the good work guys (and occasional gals) – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

  • Sansa Bird,

    Rory’s interview with Rolling Stone is insightful! He’s outright saying we’ll be hearing more from the Hound about who he is, why he is that way, etc. I think D&D’s decision to reveal who he is over several seasons has panned out really well. I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Eric’s insistence that Dany should have reached Meereen by now assumes that the story is going to pace itself the same every segment–sometimes they go fast, sometimes they go slow for reasons both dramatic and/or practical. This next bit may be too spoilery, so the book reader in GOO should read these next few blocked out sentences before Eric does to determine if it is (because I think Eric is an unsullied, right?) The books D&D are adapting right now aren’t written chronologically speaking and the producers have to lay things out in a particular way so that all the ends meet up at the right time and places. Dany’s story is going to go slow for a bit now because of the way that GRRM wrote it–what the author has referred to as the infamous Meereenese Knot. I think if the producers speed it up, she will be out of sync for the rest of the series going forward. Final point on this issue is that he is assuming this slow portion of Dany’s story might actually be necessary. Be patient Padawan Eric, this slow period may still bear fruit.

    The “more girls” scene was funny as hell. You can get an animated gif or an mp4 with audio of the scene here http://wp.me/pYORZ-14d

    You’re assuming Dontos will play a role…BUT the hairnet in the book was amethyst, the necklace TV Dontos gave her is not. Maybe D&D are going to make Dontos role different than what is in the books? We’ll have to wait and see.

    I loved Lady Olenna’s take on Brienne! And Brienne had no idea of how to handle the compliment.

    My Game of Owns — Arya’s smile as she rode away from the blood soaked inn. I told my family who was watching the ep with me, “that’s the first time we’ve seen that poor girl smile in ages!”

  • I love GOO & think all the hosts are fantastic! I think it’s more entertaining to hear diverse opinions. Keep up the great work guys! Amazing episode! (As usual)

  • The dragons are not bigger “because the plot requires it” – they’re this big in the novels.

    In a novel, dragons can grow *gradually*….do you seriously think a TV show budget can afford to redesign the dragons incrementally across ten episodes?! They have one “look” and size for each season.

  • It amazes me how sometimes he’s the one who loudly, loudly doubles-down on odd interpretations of events:

    NO, the direwolf’s head was not held onto Robb’s corpse “by arrows”…”by arrows”, what the heck does that even MEAN?

    In the books, they just say it was “sewn onto his body”

    The scene with the Freys later in the Season 3 finale points out that, realistically, a direwolf head is so heavy that if you simply sew it on, it will tear off, including chunks of flesh with it.

    So to take into account real-life physics more, they staked the head onto his body with a rod or sword or something, BUT also aided attaching it by sewing it on — as the Frey soldier explains, they basically hooked the needle under his collarbones to make it sturdier.

    But where you got “arrows” is beyond me.

  • I appreciate Eric keeps the podcast on track, otherwise the other hosts tend to lapse into tangents and go on a bit too long with silly bits.

    But yeah he kind of lost sight of it here.

  • So. I don’t think it is wrong to ask that the show stick to a certain continuity. If a character in an episode says that a “couple of weeks” have passed, I expect the rest of the episode to agree with that statement. Complaining about Bran’s obvious age differences between seasons is not something I care to do. I know it is unchangeable, as a year passes between seasons. But it is NOT the same as complaining about the dragons, who don’t exist and had to be fashioned on a computer. I don’t know about the show “running out of money” to come up with different computer models for the dragons for this season, but on comment alone I believe it is a legitimate complaint. Other seasons had smaller or larger time gaps between them, and the dragons grew accordingly. They are too big for it only having been a few weeks. It looks more like years. Maybe one year if they’re fast growers. But not a couple of weeks.