Season 4, Episode 1 – Two Swords – Comic and Facebook recap

Azad Injejikian is back with his Comics of Ice and Fire. Here is the first one of the new season:

Likewise returning are the popular Facebook recaps. Simply click the screen cap below to see the recap of ‘Two Swords’:


  • It’s good to see these are continuing for this season :D!

    I love how Bran always likes Jaime’s comments, I wish I could individually like the statuses of my favourite characters too :(.

    And the comic was… cute. Everyone should have their own distinct style to work with and Azad certainly has, so they’re just fun to look at, even if the jokes fall flat.

    At least he gets the colour of Kingsguard armour right. I wouldn’t have minded that little detail if it was just Jaime’s, but it’s supposed to be all white because it’s a reversal of the standard fantasy trope that those fighting in white are always the good guys.

  • Facebook recap was comedy gold.

    Reread the comic to see if there was a hidden/subtle clever punchline. So far, to no avail.

  • OT: So apparently there is a new “Weeks Ahead” trailer on HBO GO, I’ve tried to search on the HBO GO in my country but I couldn’t find anything. For anyone in the US with HBO GO here’s what you have to do:

    Go to HBO GO, click on the episode ‘Two Swords’ and select ‘info’. There should be related videos below it and one will be the the look ahead. There were a few new looks at scenes we have yet to see. One showed Joffrey demanding Tyrion to kneel. Another featured a small council meeting where Tywin and Varys are pointing out that Daenerys is a threat and Cersei says that they “have no need to fear a little girl.” Varys then informs her that she supposedly has dragons. And then the final voicover is Tyrion saying that he saved the city, and that he should have let Stannis kill them all.

    If someone finds it, could you please record the video and upload it to youtube? I’m sure the international fandom would be very grateful! :)

  • Favorite reads of the week…

    1) Twitter compilation
    2) Facebook recap

    That “Eat all the chickens!” meme in the Facebook post…gods that’s funny.

  • Carson:
    Here is a link to the Game of Thrones: In Weeks Ahead on youtube. The video does not have the best quality but it is better than nothing.

    Awesome. It took a while to load, but there were some very interesting visuals (and I’m not just talking about Emilia Clarke :p) and lines of dialogue in there :d

    so Tywin recognizes the threat that Daenerys poses. That took him a while.

    Take the Arc! And let’s cast Mads Mikkelsen as Euron!

  • Carson,

    Holy shit, that’s awesome! Very low-quality visuals, but worth it if only to hear the dialogue we can look forward to! Anyways much of the visuals have been put on tumblr in gifs, but this audio is great stuff! Good dialogue all around.

  • Joffrey in front of the “Mission Accomplished” banner….the Facebook recap just kills me (in a very good way, not a GOT way)

    And I’d like to add the graphic for the Hound that says “Eat All the Chickens” was created by or in the style of the author of Hyperbole and a Half If you want to laugh you derriere off, check it out!

  • Loved Joff under the “Mission Accomplished” banner, as well as Arya liking her “Murder Pony”

  • Good job Azad, I liked your comic. Don’t listen to the naysayers, they haven’t created anything in their life!

    Although if you accept some criticism maby you could have skipped the second and third from last, and just left the last balloon? Leave that connection for the readers to make ;)

  • I want to like everything GoT-related because I love GoT. But this is painfully unfunny. These have always been painfully unfunny. There are hundreds of comics about GoT out there being made by fans that are actually hysterical… yet these keep getting featured. Methinks there was an agreement made at some point to cross-pollinate site clicks with a facebook comic page… and this is the one they chose. Sad really.