Brienne of Tarth Gwendoline Christie Interview Season 4

Gwendoline Christie on Brienne of Tarth’s stay in King’s Landing

The premiere of Game of Thrones Season 4 found Brienne of Tarth in an uncomfortable place: King’s Landing. Despite her noble birth, she feels very much an outsider in the capital city, with her closest ally, Jaime Lannister, being a bit distracted. In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Gwendoline Christie talks about how Brienne has been handling herself so far.

After all they have been through, Jaime would like to slip back into some normalcy, but Brienne is making sure that he doesn’t forget the promise that he made to Catelyn Stark.

“It’s been such an extraordinary arc, it’s been such an incredible journey that they’ve gone on together, and they’ve both evolved so much as human beings that I think that she wants him to maintain that… In light of Catelyn Stark’s death, they both now are united through the experience they’ve had in [Season] 3, but then, both now united in a sense – the mission now is to carry out the wishes of Catelyn Stark, which is to keep the daughters safe. And I think that Brienne is motivated by a dedication to the greater good. It’s a very pure, altruistic, moral sensibility, and so, I find it quite inspiring because in light of things not being evident in the material physical world, it’s still upholding honor.”

Although Jaime is the only person Brienne has a connection to in King’s Landing, and perhaps the only one who truly understands her, Gwendoline believes that reminding him of that promise isn’t just a ploy to keep Jaime in her life. “I can see your point, but I don’t think that that is conscious… It’s not at the forefront of her mind and I think what’s delightful about that character is that she is so unaware of that side of things. She’s so unaware of what this relationship might mean and when she does allow her thoughts to wander, she’s embarrassed and she’s scared of it.”

Jaime may not be her only friend in King’s Landing, in the premiere episode we saw Brienne approach the Tyrell ladies. When face to face with Margaery, the future queen herself, Brienne feels the immediate urge to tell her the truth about what happened to Renly. Gwendoline explains why Brienne felt the need to unburden herself of that: “I think that Brienne is a very genuine character and it would weigh very heavily on her mind that there was — she knows few people there and one of the people that she does know there is a woman that, perhaps, would have a poor opinion of her, born of out of something — an event that she’s very confused about. Because we’re dealing with the supernatural, and the two other people that were there are dead, and the one person that was associated with it – Margaery – is there. To an extent it’s unburden, but it’s very important for it to be known how genuine she is in her affiliations and she is a woman of honor.”

For more from Gwendoline’s interview, including what it was like to work with British legend Diana Rigg, and Brienne’s culottes, visit Access Hollywood.


  • Is there a better quality version of the In the Weeks Ahead promo anywhere outside HBO GO? There is this version on Youtube, but it’s so bad I have trouble making out some of dialogue.

    Sorry for the off-topic post. It’s just there are whole days between today and the time the second episode airs and one’s gotta do something :)

  • Looking forward to her episode 4 scene. She’s probably more of a knight than any man in Westeros

  • I enjoyed her scene with Jaime. I liked how she asked him to look in her eyes and tell her that Sansa was safe in KL and he couldn’t do it. Also that she would make a great Lannister if not for her looks.

  • In terms of how they’ve been handling it, Jaime’s response to Sansa’s situation feels plausible (and I appreciate that they had Brienne shoot down the lame justifications he tried to offer about how Sansa is safe where she is, which is the same thing some fans have been saying). But Brienne not even talking to Sansa despite being in the city for weeks feels massively contrived.

  • Sean C.,

    Some of the only problems I had with the episode stemmed from the contrived feeling of having skipped ahead a few weeks from 3×10. I would have liked to have seen Jon’s initial reaction to the loss of Robb (and how he’d react to the loss of his not-mother, also) too.

  • I felt the marg olenna brienne the weakest scene of the ep. Almost forgot olenna was in the episode. Im looking forward to briennes story though. I think i might have to rewatch as i enjoy the 2nd round watch more for some reason

  • Stannis for King,

    Multiple sites are claiming “The Mountain and the Viper”, “The Watchers on the Wall” and “The Children” but HBO itself still hasn’t confirmed them. It’s been that way for weeks now. We’ll see the first come Sunday in the advanced schedule catalog and if it jives it’ll be safe to assume they’re legitimate.

    Now that I think, though, didn’t HBO Latin America post those already as well…?

  • Dark Heart:
    Jeff O’Connor,

    I agree, it was a shame we didn’t get Brienne’s reaction to Catelyn’s death, or Tywin’s first reaction to Jaime’s severed arm.


    Still, if that was the time-based price to pay for a proper introduction to Oberyn, I suppose it was worth it.

  • Jeff O’Connor: Stannis for King, Multiple sites are claiming “The Mountain and the Viper”, “The Watchers on the Wall” and “The Children” but HBO itself still hasn’t confirmed them. It’s been that way for weeks now. We’ll see the first come Sunday in the advanced schedule catalog and if it jives it’ll be safe to assume they’re legitimate.Now that I think, though, didn’t HBO Latin America post those already as well…?

    Ah thanks been trying to find out the rumours for a while – people kept alluding to them without saying them. Episode 8 is a little obvious but I really like the title for episode 9. 10 is ok if a little vague, although it does apply to a few things that may happen in that episode!

  • Stannis for King,


    I think what really throws people off is that all three begin with “The”, which seems amateurish at first glance (or perhaps with subsequent glances as well). Still, I kinda like how the last three, which are separated from the first seven by a one-week hiatus, share that and are reportedly all big episodes in their own right.

    …which is really just me being the typical fan and very likely reading between too many lines, but hey, I am what I am!

  • Ser Low-Res,

    It’s interesting from that promo that Tywin acknowledges the dragons and that they come up at a small council meeting (I don’t remember if they did or not in ASOS.)

    Also there is Brienne starting her quest.

  • As great as the season premiere was, the jump ahead to several weeks after the Red Wedding must not have been an easy decision for the writers to make. For the Unsullied it puts them in a position to pick up the pieces in between. Already on’s GoT Unsullied forum (the new home of the TWOP Unsullied cast offs) there is a lot of confusion and accusations of retcon and people acting out of character. For example one UnSullied doesn’t understand why Cersei is treating Jaime this way and the very fact that it is the famed StillShimpy making these comments is quite telling. Perhaps the pieces will fall together in the next episodes, but for whatever reason (the dragons needing some time to mature perhaps) they have cut out some significant character interaction (ie: Brienne and Sansa). I feel that this may be one of those occasions where one or two extra episodes may have been a good decision to make.

    Still, I am very happy with the finished product.


    Speaking of Gwendoline…

    Fantastic IGN interview with her which was just posted, but be mindful they discuss Brienne scenes from the second and third episodes as well!

  • I am so impressed not only with how lovely and talented Gwendoline is but how warmly and intelligently she expresses understanding of the character in interviews.

    What a casting coup, even if she’s (a common problem) far too good looking compared to the book version. :-P

  • Please, please, please will someone pick up this character and rearrange her slightly, put her in a modern setting and give her her own series. Gwendoline Christie playing big and ugly is good a find to waste.