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Pictures from Season 4, Episode 2 ‘The Lion and the Rose’

Pictures from this Sunday’s new episode of Game of Thrones, “The Lion and the Rose,” have been released. The batch includes three new shots of the happy couple, Joffrey and Margaery, on their big day (including our first high-res look at the wedding gown, zoom away), as well as a new angle of Stannis and Davos. It also includes some pictures we’ve seen before, but gives an idea of what we can expect to see in the episode besides the opulent royal wedding.


  • GODDAMN, Picture 3 is incredibly awkward. Joffrey looks so puny smooching Margaery.

    On the other hand, nice to see that Selyse hasn’t been forgotten!

  • These pictures are making me so excited! But…

    I have conflicted feelings about this next episode. Hate Joffrey with a burning passion, but I love Jack Gleeson :(

  • atomixign:
    Joffery is standing behind Joffery in pic2?

    No, that’s Tommen. (recast this season, and they appear to have aged him up slightly)

    He (Tommen) looks pretty tall there, but I think most of that is a trick of the camera perspective.

  • Myranda, one of Ramsay’s servants. You’ll probably remember her as the would be septa that seduces Theon just before he gets castrated.

  • Nice to see Tauriel making an appearance in pic#6. Wonder if Legolas will be in this episode too.

  • Yayyy Selyse! She’s all like ‘behold my cheekbones!’

    So I guess this episode will begin with a few pre-wedding chats – Tyrion/ Jaime, Tyrion/ Varys and probably Tyrion/ Sansa then there’ll be loads of chats at the wedding feast. We saw a glimpse of Tywin and Cersei talking to Oberyn and Ellaria in one of the preview videos.

    Then we’ll catch up with Reek and Ramsay and Ramsay goes on a hunt.
    Team Dragonstone as Mel sacrifices some suckers.
    Bran having some wierwood interaction beyond the wall.

    Any news of anyone else? When is Roose coming back?

  • Its intresting to see how Joffrey is now strictly in Baratheon collors (gold and black) and no longer minds having roses on him (antlers+ roses crown). Before he was always in Lannister crimson red.

    Im sure Tywinn has not failed to notice this, especially afther their last converstaion where he ended up sending Joff to bed.

  • I think this episode will be the feel good episode of the season for unsullied. I mean Tywin is a dick but I’ll be sad to see him go, he’s just such a fun character.

  • Yes, more Charlotte Hope is always a plus for this show. It would be cool if they portray her as a female Ramsey and even perhaps his half sister (lol). Bolton’s like keeping in the family too.

  • I wish the show didn’t reveal Sansa’s age last season. It basically confirmed that, at most, 2 years has passed since the pilot episode. Now tell me, how are we supposed to believe that Tommen grew that much in 2 years? He looks like he could hop in the sack with Margaery right now and consummate their marriage.

  • Death of Joffrey is a big turning point in the series, we will lose our central villain who was with us from the start. :_(

    Noone (well except Ramsey :-) but thats another level of evil ) in the books came close to replacing him in my eyes.

    Sad, sad day is about to come.

  • Sorry it it appears I’m spamming this but I want folks who have moved from the Brienne thread to the pics thread entirely to have a chance to see this.

    New IGN interview with Gwendoline Christie, but beware it’s got spoilers for some of her upcoming Episode 2/3 scenes as well.

    If I’m missing that someone already posted this, apologies.

  • Laura,

    That is Myranda played by Charlotte Hope. She was one of the women who “seduced” Theon last season before Ramsay shows up to ruin everything.

  • Why is this episode titled “The Lion & and The Rose”? Shouldn’t it be “The Stag and The Rose”?

  • Matt,

    Do not read this comment if you are Unsullied!
    If you are a fellow sullied, you will remember that it is Lady Olenna who poisons Joff at the wedding.
    That is why the episode is named “The Lion & The Rose.”

  • Matt:
    Why is this episode titled “The Lion & and The Rose”? Shouldn’t it be “The Stag and The Rose”?

    Cat’s long since outta the bag about that one by now.

  • wizardeyes:
    Yayyy Selyse! She’s all like ‘behold my cheekbones!’

    Those cheekbones…I would give anything for those cheekbones.

    Tyrion Pimpslap:

    I feel the same way about Joffrey/Jack Gleeson. Unsullied will never realize what they had until he is gone.

    Agree. He will be missed. All hail Jack Gleeson.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    I dont get why you have a hard time believing a teenage boy grew that much in two years when the show is about ice zombies and fire breathing dragons.

    Also who the hell from the casual fans would remember the scene where they indicate sansa’s age.

    No offense bro. Just expressing what i think.

  • You have to love how some people have no comprehension of why the spoiler option is there. You quote a spoiler comment and THEN REVEAL THE SPOILER IN YOUR COMMENT???


  • Wow, the wedding outfits are awesome. Joff’s, especially. I hope there will be an after-episode extra about how they were made.

  • Laura:
    Who is the girl in the 6th photo supposed to be?

    Ramseys girlfriend. I don’t know why he needs one other than “girlpower” nonsense though.

  • So i heard that this episode was set all in Kings landing from reviews of people who got advanced copies. Was there some last minute editing?

  • I spent my lunch break yesterday looking at wedding photographer portfolios to pick someone to shoot my upcoming wedding, and I spent my lunch break today looking at Joff/Marg wedding photos. The reality line in my brain is starting to blur a little, lol.

  • J,

    Maybe she’s there so that YarAsha has a named character to kill off when she attacks the Dreadfort.

  • Rayanna,

    It’s the antithesis of what they were seeing in the first episode those. Those were all very large and bulky. This one is more delicate and pretty, at least. Considering how awesome the costume design has been for this show, if that necklace seems a little meh, I can easily forgive them.

  • Hoyti Von Totiy,

    Ah, but go look again at the “wallpaper” behind the happy couple in the very first picture. First of all the entire background color is Lannister red, plus the ONLY initial intertwined is an L. No B for Baratheon, and no T for Tyrell. Certainly that was intended to make a helluva statement. ;-)

  • Fienix:
    Hoyti Von Totiy,

    Ah, but go look again at the “wallpaper” behind the happy couple in the very first picture.First of all the entire background color is Lannister red, plus the ONLY initial intertwined is an L.No B for Baratheon, and no T for Tyrell.Certainly that was intended to make a helluva statement. ;-)

    wow nice catch.

  • Premislaus:
    Tommen 2.0. is kinda old, but completely believable as Joffrey’s brother.

    Not so believable, considering he is expected to be a child, easily manipulated by Cercei and doing what the grown ups tell him to do, without understanding very well what he is being told.

  • Just a heads up but I believe the solo Jaime pic is actually from episode 4 because

    in the Weeks Ahead trailer that was released there’s a shot of Jaime looking back at Brienne as she leaves for her quest and the background of that shot looks VERY similar as the one in that pic. Also, Jaime doesn’t have Oathkeeper with him in that shot because by then he already gave the sword to Brienne.

  • I know everyone expects this episode to contain a certain climax, but could it actually be they split the wedding in two episodes?
    I’d allways thought they spent alot of screentime with the evenings festivities, and I just dont see how they can squeeze both the wedding ceremony, and the evenings feast into the same episode.

    Not if they also put other scenes from Kings Landing, before the ceremony, like these pictures indicate. Plus the gift giving scene, which we’ve seen clips from in the trailers. As well as Dreadford and Dragonstone scenes.

  • Rob,

    Excuse me then, but i don’t get why Tommen is growing so fast either.
    But you mentioned ice zombies and dragons?

  • It is going to be difficult to adjust to such a grown up Tommen. Where’s the sweet little beet hating, kitty loving kid?

    It must mean they are planning on expanding his role and adding some more adult scenes. It also means that the marriage to Margaery will be super creepy. He’s old enough to find her attractive and for him to be manipulated by sexuality. However, he is too young to actually enter into a sexual relationship. It should be as uncomfortable and gross as the Sansa/Tyrion marriage and it should up the ante on the fighting between Cersei and Marg. The change could end up being a good thing. They must have done it for a reason.

  • Lou Reed,

    Pretty sure it’ll be the climax we’re expecting. I think I read somewhere that the second half of the episode is all KL and the wedding.

  • I never thought I’d miss Joffrey but now the moment is here I’m really going to miss the son of a bitch and his presence in the show. Jack has delivered an amazing performance right from the beginning. Joffrey has become world famous and is part of the pop culture zeitgeist! Hopefully they do his death scene justice and he gets a great send off! Thankfully Iwan Rheon is fantastic as Ramsay so I think he’ll take up Joffrey’s crazy, evil flag and will run with it.

  • glad to see that Jack Gleeson got to kiss Natalie Dormer. Even if a screen kiss, must be a good day!

  • Given how Ramsay treats women in the books, I find it curious that Myranda is dressed up like a hunter and carrying a bow.

    Regardless, I have to suspect Season 4 will eventually go quite poorly for her. Unless they want to take us in a wildly different direction and have her take the place of the Bastard’s Boys to save on casting.

  • Laura,

    She was one of the girls that came to Theon when Ramsay was torturing him. Basically, she’s one of Ramsay’s girls.

  • The picture of the girl with the bow and arrow – along with short sequence of her in the trailer – gives me some understanding as to why quite a lot of women like “bad boys”. This girl is so sexy in this outfit together with her bow and arrow. Her scene with Theon last season though…sexy only as long as there’s a (male) chastity-belt between us.

  • A Secret Baratheon:
    Got more excited about seeing Selyse than I probably should have…

    I think you’re in luck. Apparantly she has quite a big role in the Dragonstone scenes of this episode!

  • I can’t get over how amazing Margaery’s dress is. Those thorns!

    Lady Olenna sent 6 girls out to find the best necklace for the wedding and that’s what they came up with??????

    I have no clue why it says never where I meant to quote this above. D’oh. Preview is my friend.

  • J: Ramseys girlfriend. I don’t know why he needs one other than “girlpower” nonsense though.

    Probably so he can brutally kill her at some point. They’ll have to get rid of her somehow if they’re going to go with the fake Arya storyline, although I can’t for the life of me figure out how they’re gonna do that without a Jeyne equivalent that Theon will care about saving.

  • Andrew:
    Wasn’t Balon named second by Stannis? Shouldn’t he be dying before Joffrey?

    I wonder if that’ll be announced early in this episode. Might’ve telegraphed too much if it came any earlier.

  • Angelo: Not so believable, considering he is expected to be a child, easily manipulated by Cercei and doing what the grown ups tell him to do, without understanding very well what he is being told.

    So a sheltered kid gains a few inches of height and automatically becomes a confident and politically savvy adult who would never pay the slightest bit of attention to his ambitious mother or terrifying grandfather and could never ever be manipulated by the much older and more experienced people around him? By that logic, the least vulnerable person in King’s Landing is Sansa Stark.

  • kurozukin,

    Additionally, Hodor is behind all the events of the series. Wololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol!

  • Interesting that Jaime is slouching in bis chair to be at the same eye level with Tyrion. Awww

  • Strategically I thought it would be beneficial to put the wedding on Easter sunday when everybody will most likely be watching… But i guess we’ll have to see what happens…

  • Joffrey has become a central ingredient to Game of Thrones. He’s such a popular character that the first episodes without him are going to feel really weird. Sort of how the premier felt slightly off-kilter with our central conflict solved in the Red Wedding