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John Bradley and Maisie Williams interviewed on the Season premiere of Thronecast

The return of Game of Thrones also marks the return of Thronecast, Sky Atlantic’s companion series featuring episode reviews and interviews with the cast.

This week, John Bradley joined the hosts in studio to sit the Iron Throne and chat about his experience working on Game of Thrones so far, and what we can expect from Samwell Tarly, Jon Snow, and the Night’s Watch in Season 4.

Maisie Williams also sat down to talk about Season 4. Maisie discusses Arya losing her sense of home, her respect for death, the magical elements of the show, and more.

Sky Atlantic has released video footage from the cast Q&A held at Season 4’s London premiere. Liam Cunningham, John Bradley, and Sophie Turner answer some lighthearted questions from the fans including who they’d like to trade characters with, and how they’d like their characters to die.


  • Yes! I freaking love Thronecast. The host is really funny. :) Not the same guy who’s doing the interviews, but still…

    Anyway, these interviews are great. I really liked their answers, especially Sophie’s about a long, drawn-out death and Liam’s about fainting.

  • John Bradley’s definitely my favorite when it comes to interviews. Always so witty and fun.

  • CM Punk,

    Yeah they actually have people from the show coming in . Kinda like Talking Dead is and WIC Live is supposed to be but fails .

  • Maisie is always so articulate and very well spoken when talking about Arya, I love how much she understands and thinks about Arya, it’s lovely.

    The Q&A was funny, everyone’s always dry and witty. John Bradley has some gold moments! And Sophie talking about getting hate is so sad, it makes me so angry. She’s an actress, it’s her job, please don’t hate her for it.

    But being hated because your character is meant to be hated, haha, she’d be an excellent Joffrey!

  • Wot. Happend. Too. Geoff. Lloyd?????

    I’m afraid. Did he quit? Was he replaced? Who’s this crappy doppelganger?

    This is very worrying.

  • They are all so charming and well spoken. I just love this entire cast.
    ps: People who actually walk up to Sophie Turner to essentially shit on her character, do not deserve to ever watch the show again.

  • Morna the Witch:
    Nice interview with Kit from The Daily Beast:

    I’m really looking forward to Jon’s material this season. I haven’t been overly thrilled by the character’s material over the past couple seasons. IMO, his character development hasn’t been well conveyed – admittedly a difficult thing to with a character as internalized as Jon is. But even in just his one scene in Two Swords, you can see how much he’s changed now that he isn’t “under cover” anymore.

    A lot of that has to do with him just having more than one or two words to say, lol. :D

  • Thronecast was always a cring-fest with Geoff Lloyd presenting. I’m so glad we have a proper presenter now.

  • John M. W.

    I agree. There was another short interview with him, which, for the life of me I can’t find right know. But Kit sort of tentatively mentions a scene that will happen at the end of the season that will apparently showcase Jon’s coldness (after a lot has happened to him of course), and I hope it’s Janos’s beheading

  • Siobhán Mooney:
    Yes!I freaking love Thronecast.The host is really funny.:)Not the same guy who’s doing the interviews, but still…

    Anyway, these interviews are great.I really liked their answers, especially Sophie’s about a long, drawn-out death and Liam’s about fainting.

    The hosts have completely replaced…. Geoff and Grace were much better IMO

  • I miss Geoff Lloyd too. I always found him hilarious, in an “I can’t believe he just said that,” self-deprecating kind of way. :( It won’t be the same without him!

  • patchface:
    Poor Sansa.I can’t believe people hate her character.That’s just so stupid.

    You can’t blame them. Sansa’s arc is very stagnant so far and people don’t like to relate to a victim/prisoner

  • Sansa is actually doing everything right as a hostage according to the advice the US State Department gives to their employees in the event that they are taken hostage. It’s funny/sad that people hate her for being too intelligent to try and escape. That just would have gotten her killed.

  • WeirwoodTreeHugger,

    Woah, fun facts all the time on this website. I knew Sansa was being logical by keeping quiet and trying to please but it’s more concrete when you look at the facts. Thanks for that!