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Game of Thrones cast members promote Season 4 in Brazil and Australia

It’s been a busy week for Game of Thrones, as the cast continues to blaze the promotional trail, greeting fans and press internationally to celebrate the arrival of the new season.

Gwendoline Christie and Pedro Pascal visited Brazil to promote Season 4 and bring the travelling Game of Thrones Exhibition to Rio De Janeiro.

The pair explored The Exhibition together, taking their turns on the Iron Throne, and participated in a Q&A.

They also sat down with members of the press, providing us with some great interviews to watch while we wait for tonight’s new episode.

  • Gwendoline and Pedro share interesting stories on how they were cast
  • Would the Red Viper beat Brienne in combat?
  • Pedro teases Oberyn’s big battle scene
  • Gwendoline discusses the significance of the bathtub scene

  • Gwendoline is tight lipped about potential ear biting
  • The pair discuss their characters’ Game of Thrones strategies
  • Gwendoline talks about her casting in The Hunger Games
  • How would they like their characters to die?
  • Gwendoline on Brienne and Jaime’s relationship

  • What are their characters doing in King’s Landing?
  • Brienne and Oberyn at the Royal Wedding
  • The status of Brienne and Jaime’s relationship
  • How the Red Wedding changed Westeros
  • The exciting structure of Season 4

  • Brienne as the voice of feminism on Game of Thrones
  • Pedro Pascal’s family history helping his portrayal of Oberyn Martell
  • Pedro’s iPhone audition

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau premiered Season 4 of Game of Thrones in Sydney at its iconic Stage Theatre on Monday.

Scoopla spoke with Nikolaj about filming with one hand, and Nikolaj plays a game of bed, behead or betroth.

Spotlight Report asks Nikolaj if he had to audition for another Game of Thrones character which one would he pick, and who does he hang out with off set while filming?

Sum Yung Gai put together a full video report from the premiere, including a look at Nikolaj coming out on stage to greet the fans, and getting the crowd to participate in a bet with David and Dan.

That’s The Tea asks Nikolaj what we can expect from Season 4, and about his experience filming his latest film in Australia.

Happy Royal Wedding day!