GoT Laughs: A Game of Goats and Chickens

Before this evening’s nuptials, let’s have a few laughs.

The Hound has become the unofficial ambassador of Kenutcky Fried Chicken this week, after displaying his unrivaled desire for chicken in the premiere episode of Season 4. The scene has spawned fan graphics and Colonel Sandor’s very own logo. Jimmy Kimmel joined the fun, creating a new marketing campaign for KFC, introducing their new “Every F**king Chicken In This Room Deal,” a bargain at only $19.99!

Game of Thrones has joined the ranks of Taylor Swift and Chris Tucker, with their very own goat parody. Spanish comedy site Marca Blanca has orchestrated a choir of goats (featuring Bob, my personal favorite) bleating out the Game of Thrones theme in grand fashion. #GoAT