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Game of Owns: The Purple Wedding

Game of Owns returns to the studio, moments after the earthshaking events of the Purple Wedding. So far, Game of Thrones Season 4 does not disappoint, with a second episode worthy of the shock and awe to follow.

Episode 210 – The Purple Wedding

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Game of Owns returns to the studio, moments after the earthshaking events of the Purple Wedding. So far, Game of Thrones Season 4 does not disappoint, with a second episode worthy of the shock and awe to follow.

Discussion Topics

News from the capital
The tension did rise
The blame game
Brandon Stark returns
The hunt
At the Dreadfort
Training partners
A brother’s luncheon
Breaking up
Owns of the Week
Stand for Jack


  • “we are never ever ever getting back together” – Shae Swift

    *edit* hey GOO people, we have homework. Brush off your old Clue skills and let’s do this.

  • Just a Random,

    ‘cuz I knew you were Ramsay from your sly grin
    And tying me to a cross
    Flaying a piece of my pinky skin
    Then you cut my dick off
    I knew you were Ramsay from your sly grin
    And tying me to a cross
    Flaying a piece of my pinky skin
    Now I’m trying to eat a warm live rat

    Snow! Snow! Bolton, Bolton, Bolton

  • Just a Random,

    Thanks a Marillion!

    I just wish I had the means to put it to music :(. Then I’d do “Don’t You Worry Starks (Martin’s Got a Plan For You)” or “(Up All Night to) Get Joffrey”.

  • Winter: Purple wedding

    I think there are four reasons; wine color, Joffrey’s face, purple being associated with royalty & the spoiler reason you are alluding to.

  • Zack Luye: Please perform this during our next episode

    Just provide the beat and I’ll do the rest, but I can’t guarantee my singing voice will deliver. I’m no Symon Silvertongue really.

  • I can’t wait for the breakdown of Bran’s vision. That kid saw everything! Dragon shadow at King’s Landing, him falling (shame he won’t be able to confirm the Cersei/Jaime relationship soon), White/White Walker (not sure who’s reflection it was on that piece of ice), Ice the Sword, 3 eyed raven in the crypts of Winterfell, the ravens that followed Sam after he vanquished the White Walker, the voice that spoke to him could be significant, an undead horse, the throne covered in snow, and Ned!!! Really interested in what/who is under the weir wood tree. Oh man, if it turns out to be uncle Benjen Stark who had just vanished without a trace, I’ll go crazy! Anyone who is Sullied, please don’t comment regarding my shot in the dark there.

  • I don’t understand how it doesn’t occur to Micah that he’s leading them to conclusions. Really, dude? You remind them you’ve read the books, state that it was obvious who did it, and then say “Oh yeah there were a lot of interesting things and shots involving the queen of thorns.” Do you not understand that if they’re actually listening to what you’re saying and not just waiting for their turn to talk, you are spoiling them? You’ve read the books and therefore your opinion on what does or doesn’t stick out and what is or isn’t obvious needs to be kept to yourself. What’s the point of having an unsullied point of view.>

  • haltwhogoesthere,

    LOL some of my comment got deleted because I’m a noob…I will finish it now What’s the point of having unsullied point of view if you’re just going to poke and prod them and influence their perception of events? Let them lead the conversation and if they don’t notice something don’t draw their attention to it.

  • This episode is just full of gems. Ok, now I’m putting on my theory cap and going for a full reach. Don’t know if the show Joffrey put on involving the “5 Kings” is in the book, but I find it interesting that Balon Greyjoy’s “death” was acted out. All the other defeats were acted out accurately. Stannis defeats Renly, Lannister defeats Stannis, Lannister defeats Stark. Now obviously, Robb didn’t kill Balon, but the fact that George R.R. Martin wrote this into the show is interesting to me. Is it foreshadowing a Stark killing Balon? I can’t imagine Jon, Bran, Sansa, Rikkon or Arya meeting Balon. My guess would be Theon who was raised as a Stark and with Ramsay taking him to Moat Cailin, that could be where Theon may see his father. Perhaps Ramsay conquering Moat Cailin will cause Balon to run to him.

    If anyone’s allowed to be as creative with such a heavy episode, it would be GRRM. And it seems that this episode is so full of foreshadowing with the Ironbank mention to Tywin, wedding murder comment to Sansa, and Bran’s vision, I find it hard to believe that GRRM wouldn’t take the opportunity to put something in that scene that we’ll be able to look back on. Again, this is full on Unsullied analysis of a scene that may have just been written to give sympathy for Sansa and hatred for Joffrey.

  • Renly’s Peach,

    That’s what a lot of people suspect was the case, if you prowl unsullied forums. Some think she did it directly, others think maybe she tried to poison Margaery and messed up/

  • haltwhogoesthere,

    What you’re saying is don’t have a perspective, which is impossible as a host of a podcast. I happened to think in this episode there were very clear moments that hinted at the Queen of Thorns being the killer. I didn’t have a chance to go through them. If I had pointed them out, would that have made it less spoilerish to you? Because I was actually using physical evidence from the show? This is a podcast that balances Sullied and Unsullied perspectives. I can’t just sit there and nod or shake my head from side-to-side. The point IS to draw their attention to things they may not have noticed, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. And the reality is she isn’t even the one behind it all.
    Just a puppet on a string.

  • Good point Micah I will admit when I first heard this episodes podcast I thought you were giving away too much as well by pointing out the Queen of thorns then I went over to dinner with my parents this evening and my Dad went on theorizing about who the poisoner was, and I suddenly realized how difficult it is too actually discuss it without giving away clues and hints even when you are consciously trying not too. I have a new appreciation for how tough that is for you now. and you are right about the real mastermind not being on any unsullied radar screens

  • Weirwoods only see the past and what is happening now. Not the future. It’s the Black Dread of history that Bran sees.

  • Mycah… I really feel like you were overly pushy with your comments about how “obvious” it was who did it. It’s really only obvious when you know what happens next! There was a ton of carefully crafted misdirection in the episode that GRRM and the showrunners put in to keep our eyes away from the real culprit(s) and I’d have loved to hear what Zack and Eric thought before your pushed your book reader agenda. ;)

    Then if you want to give your opinions after, that’s cool! But I wanted to hear what Zack and Eric thought the clues were beforehand.

    I love you all anyway.

  • Micah: . And the reality is she isn’t even the one behind it all.
    Just a puppet on a string.

    I disagree with this. IMO it was a collaborative “effort” :) Give the lady some credit!

  • Micah,

    I’ve read the books and had thought that the Queen of Thorns was the killer as well but then I started look at a map… HOLY SHIT! The light bulb went on.

  • ‘Finally got round to listening to it, and George R.R. Martin was always going to be my own for making this incredible episode (and series) possible to begin with. A GRRM DVD commentary with Jack Gleeson and Alex Graves would be AWESOME!

    But for the sake of balance, my character own would have to go to Jack, for owning Lives of Four Kings with Widow’s Wail.

  • I wish there were commentary episodes for Season 2 to continue what happened last year. A commentary episode sandwiched between recap and preview episodes of Season 4. Really entertaining considering GOO started with Season 2 and how cool it may be to see how opinions might have changed since so much has happened in the series and the differences between the show and book.