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Purple Wedding Recap: Winter is Coming Live

The infamous “Purple Wedding” is in the books (geddit?) and the major events that occurred in last night’s episode of Game of Thrones have sent shockwaves through the unsullied side of the fandom.

Today on Winter is Coming Live, we’ll be talking about all of last night’s action. The show will stream live, right here on Winter is Coming at 12pm ET / 9am PT. (Spoilers below)

You can watch the show here and take part in the discussion in the comments. There will also be a live chat over on our Daily Motion page. That is a great place to submit questions during the show and to follow WIC Live.

If you prefer to stay on WIC, you can also leave your questions for the hosts below and “Maester Bryan” will choose some to be used during the show!

Here are the topics we will be discussing on today’s show:

1. The King is dead. The hosts react to the death of Joffrey.

2. A lot happened at the Royal Wedding.

3. We’ll talk Reek and Ramsay. Is there any of Theon left?

4. We’ll also touch briefly on Bran’s latest vision and check in on the latests between Stannis and Ser Davos.

5. Finally, we asked you last week to help us choose unsullied names for our unsullied hosts, Jessica and Tybee. We’ll announce our two favorites.

Winter is Coming Live Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 “The Lion and the Rose” Recap by Winter Is Coming


  • With all the hype and reaction justifiably around the Purple Wedding, I actually think there were some surprising revelations about Bran’s arc this season. For those who thought their journey north was moving too fast, I think this episode revealed that there will be new content with Locke chasing Bran north. My prediction is this is how Coldhands will be introduced, appearing and saving Bran and co. from Locke’s hunting party.

    What do you guys think?

  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooodddddddddddddddoooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
    the king is dead finaly…but it was soon for ep2،wasnt?

  • Brilliant time slot, I have to say. Almost as good for European followers (between 5 and 7pm depending on where you live) as for the Americans, so why not put the Europe (CEST or BST) time as well?

    It would be quite easy to do and it would ensure that all Europeans followers of WiC realise they can actually watch something live for once.

    Just saying, the first show was good and I think it’s a bit sad not to maximise the potential number of viewers by advertising a third time zone.

  • Hello followers of the realm:

    Question- on Bran’s vision – which do you think were future and which past and who was speaking? My daughter was sure it was Jon snow.

  • GoT three:

    – Did you get a weird vibe at any point during the wedding, like all the tension was going to erupt and something was going to go horribly (or perfectly) wrong (or right)?

    – What do you think happened to Shae? Did she get to the boat or did Tywin get to her?

    – Was Jack Gleeson singing the Rains of Castamere during the end credits?

  • I thought the episode was a little strange and had bad pacing. Still better then 99% of TV out there. The final 5 minutes of the episode more then made up for any of the issues.

    It was fitting that he died in his parents arms.

    Right now the show feels like it has too many story lines going. I just don’t see how they can add in more Dorne and Iron Island stuff going forward. Things will have to be cut.

  • Have you seen the Purple Wedding reactions on YouTube? They’re hilarious. Include some of them in the video. Funny contradiction to the tragic reaction last year. People are cheering for that fucker to die. Props to Jack Gleeson!

  • King DBC,

    I have watched a few of them and most are incredibly cringeworthy since the majority is now people who already know what’s going to happen, all alone in a room, filming themselves, badly acting surprised. “Watch me watching some stuff”.

    Fuck them, fuck reaction videos, and fuck the King.

  • Patrick Allen,

    Do you think there will be new content involving Bran with Locke chasing Bran and co. north? I think this is how Coldhands will be introduced, appearing and saving Bran and co. from Locke’s hunting party.

  • Question – Do you think that the world of GoT actually is a hell, like Mel said to Stannis’ daughter?

  • Mr Baratheon looking seems to be chopping Heart Trees every once in a while. Refrain young one! The North Remembers.

  • Tyrone:
    Do you think Bran will become more obsessed with warging and potentially turn evil?

    I would also be very interested to hear your take on this. Maybe next week?

  • I can’t believe that in just 8 episodes that have to fit in:

    Attack on the Wall
    Stannis at the Wall
    Lord Commander Snow
    Viper vs. Mountain
    Bye Shae
    Tywin on the toilet
    Lysa free falling
    Dany’s boring stuff
    and Lady F’n Stoneheart

  • justice was served up by someone last night. not sure who yet but I have my suspicions. last night was really something!

  • Well now that Dontos is back I can imagine we’re right back on track for him to die, perhaps in a very similar way to the book.
    It was indeed good to see Jamie and Tyrion together. From the books and from the show comes the vibe that they’re close but we see them together so seldom. In fact… when DID we last see the two of them? Could it have been way back in the Winterfell brothel in Season 1? We already know that Jamie is protective, as with his donnybrook with Ned Stark …which sets us up well for a certain jailbreak in the not too distant future.

  • I don’t know if I did it somehow, but on mobile using Chrome I can see the black spoiler text. I don’t remember clicking on it. :(

  • I think it is interesting that the focus on House Lannister is so dominant and House Baratheon is almost an afterthought even though Jofferey’s claim to the throne is through the Baratheon line. The Lion seems so much larger than the Stag on the sigils and the colors .. and the big” L”on the design behind the dias, The cloak that Joffery used during the wedding ceremony looked completely Lannister. They are being so blatant :) I wonder if that will be addressed in upcoming episodes?