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Winter is Coming Live: Purple Wedding Recap

The Purple Wedding went down last night on the latest episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones. This week’s episode was all about the wedding of King Joffrey and Lady Margery Tyrell. There was a lot of action and we talk about it all on this week’s episode of Winter is Coming Live.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch “The Lion and the Rose” yet, definitely don’t watch this video as it is spoilerific.

If you did and want to check out the conversation, plus some behind the scenes photos from this week’s show, proceed.

Winter is Coming Live Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 “The Lion and the Rose” Recap by Winter Is Coming

Check out some behind the scenes photos of the cast of WIC Live.


  • Tomfrey,

    He isn’t. Not sure why they said that. Jamie is the only one who is actually nice to Tyrion both in the books and the show from the very beginning.

  • Really enjoying these, liked the improvements made for this episode from the last one, still a few kinks to work out the intro of the hosts was obviously a bit awkward, but overall very enjoyable keep it up!

  • I liked this episode quite a bit more. Maybe it’s just that I’m warming up to the hosts, but it seemed much more relaxed for me than the last one. Good job.
    If I had one little nit-pick it would be that I feel the hosts should get house names, not unsullied names, which, to be honest, I find a bit silly. But since the old and honourable tradition of given the WIC staff house names has been broken off by the new staff members anyway, it’s not a big deal be any means.

  • Jaime was never anything but loving toward Tyrion.

    Anyway, though I find the whole “he should have suffered more” stuff grating, I am digging the show. In only two episodes you’ve already made me look forward to your weekly discussion.

  • Leading questions and Tyrion-Jaime relationship misperception aside, I rather enjoyed this friendly but “hurried” discussion between some really cool women and one lucky Sullied man. Nice weapons too. Keep the discussion going!

  • Jamie was always nice to Tyrion, however, Tyrion was furious when he found out Jamie never told him that Tysha was not really a whore, but a simple crofter’s daughter, like she claimed. The bravest and best knight in the realm couldn’t stand up to his father on this one thing.

  • Oberyn dissing Cersei to her face several times and threatening Twyin to his was definitely my favourite part of the episode.

  • Yeah Jaime was really nice to Tyrion. In fact he was the ONLY Lannister who was ever nice to Tyrion. So yeah I think it is very important to clear up that misconception. And remember this is the first time we have seen Jaime and Tyrion together since the second episode of the series!

  • I really don’t understand everyones theorising about who killed Joffery, It seemed pretty clear to me by Margaery’s continued spoon feeding of pie to Joffery, Her immediate absence as he lay dying in his parents arms and the cleverly crafted words spoken by her mother that this was orchestrated by the Tyrell’s, who have just secured their new position… Not mention the title of the episode “the Lion and the Rose” (The sigils of house Lannister and Tyrell.)

    I haven’t read the books so could be wrong, but it seems the answer is right in front of everyones faces.

  • Bran’s vision snow on the iron throne and Lord Ramsay rising to power… House Bolton will rule!!

    Our blades are sharp!!!!!

  • If I were one of the guests to the Wedding celebration and saw the King choking, I wouldn’t find it odd seeing Jamie and Cersei running to his aid. As a viewer, it’s obvious it’s mother and father running to son, but to those attendance it could be seen as Mother and Head of the Kingsguard/Uncle running to him. Jamie’s job is to keep the King alive, so it’s not that odd.

  • Good question, how would I want Joffrey to die? I actually was quite satisfied with how he did meet his demise, so I guess I would stick with that. In public, and in such a underhanded, brutal manner? Yes, please! And I look forward to revealing the events behind his assassination. I enjoy hearing the theories of the Unsullied.

    I seriously nerdgasmed when Lady Olenna was playing with Sansa’s necklace. :)

  • this show just got good …last week was kinda annoying but i actually liked the hosts this week … good show mates … i think tybee shud be given an elven name … or perhaps rebel tinkerbell lol …. as for my take on the episode … loved oberyn and ellaria …. i think ramsays words “jon is half a stark” or something along those lines was another way of telling roose “hey im half a bolton at the very least so cut me some slack here ” … im also seriously afraid for fat walda … i did not like the way ramsay was kinda nice to her … plus she seems like a stupid smitten lost teen … lastly ive heard people say olena or margaery or cersie cud have poisoned our newly departed groom but wanted to know what people think about sansa … shes the 1 person who had her hand over the cup and it seemed to me like she cud have slipped something in cuz her expression even when she hands the cup over was so “yeh u think im innocent” …once again though -hats off to sansa for showing us just how strong she actually is … i think any of us wud have burst into tears and screamed at king crossbow if we were put through his kinda torture

  • Great improvment, you actually deleted the ”web section” of the show and it was a great idea. Don’t ever do that again.

    Though I must say, maybe it’ll work itself out, Maester Brian… Just call him Brian. I know, nitpicking. And to the guy host I forgot his name, stop saying you read the books, you say it a lot.

    Great show. Looking forward to more.

  • Good episode, I’m enjoying enough to keep watching. Would like to hear the girls talk more, if possible. I like how Adam keeps things moving along, but I think he could make his transitions a bit shorter, to try to give them more time with their answers.

  • Nice episode. I wanted Joffrey dead for such a long time but now that he is it feels kinda strange. What will happen to Tyrion now??

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  • suprised that no one picked up that Jaime was trying to save Joffrey not because he was his son and he loved him, but because he was LC of the Kingsguard, and its kind of his job…

  • Yes, this was a better episode without the runthrough of memes and more time for reactions and speculations. I would have liked more speculation on storylines and murder suspects than reaction though.

  • Johan Sporre,

    I agree. These types of shows are entertaining for the reactions and speculation. Could be that the show is only 30 minutes long and feels rushed when covering 1 hour of multiple storylines.

    This was a great opportunity to have a show where the unsullied hosts try to speculate on who did it concerning Joffrey’s death and for me as an unsullied, the Bran scene. Love it when shows put scenes that are open to interpretation for us to have a reason to go back and look for details. This episode gave us a lot to analyze as Unsullied.

    I’m assuming Book readers are having fun knowing what those quick shots in Bran’s vision mean and what they’re leading to and finding the scene where the show reveals the conspirator behind Joffrey’s death while I’m going back and trying to pick it out from multiple scenes in the show.

  • Adam is a very good host and looks properly engaged. However Jessica and Tybee couldnt be any more annoying even if they tried. Their thoughts about the show are shallow and thus not interesting. They look like they would like to be somewhere else.

  • Jaime was never mean or patronizing to Tyrion “in the earlier seasons”. They actually only had two scenes together, in the first and second episodes of Season 1. In both, he seemed rather pleasant to him – even asking Tyrion to go to the feast with him because he didn’t want to be alone with the annoying Starks.

    It’s a major point that Jaime is the only member of Tyrion’s family who treats him with the basic respect of a brother.

  • Patchyface…PAY ATTENTION. The voice asks Bran to go NORTH: They are BEYOND THE WALL. Jon Snow is SOUTH of them, at Castle Black.

  • Soopa Doop,

    actually some of the prophecy stuff in the show sullied are as unclear on as sullied, as some of the stuff that is refered to both in brans vision and the house of the undying, hasnt happened in the books yet either

  • like others have said Jaime rushes to Joffrey because he is Lord Commander of the King’s Guard and it’s his job to protect the king (not very good at it but at least this time wasn’t intentional) and he’s never been cruel to Tyrion…not sure where that came from

  • KJ,

    Sure it is, and if GRRM was right about this being loosely based on the War of the Roses, with Lannister I presume representing Lancaster (the Red Rose) and the Starks the Yorks (White Rose), then would the Tyrells represent the Tudors? I first thought the Targaryens were the Tudors but I could be wrong.

  • Soopa Doop,

    The books so far actually don’t reveal Joffrey’s murderer so we Sullied are in the same boat as the Unsullied. There are quite a few theories of course, which will make speculation all the more interesting when the Sullied and Unsullied catch up to each other.

  • Maester Victor,

    I totally agree. Let them lead the discussion. Much more interesting. Adam can fill in information gaps and provide speculation but I’m not a fan of him asking leading questions and talking most of the time.