Video Recap Roundup: The Lion and the Rose

For those of you who like your recaps/reviews to be a bit more…animated, here are some video wrap-up and discussions, based on your own recommendations. In these posts, we will compile a collection of video reviews and recaps with varying degrees of irreverence (and length!).

Many thanks for helping sort the written recaps; your comments have been invaluable. For now, categories for videos will be Book Readers, Unsullied or a combination of the two.

Sandrine’s Face says it all in recap with AxeChucker: Show Watcher and Book Reader

SourceFed Nerd hosts discuss the shocks and surprises of episode 2. Show Watchers, Moderated by Book Reader.

Gay of Thrones gets Spanish!


Nostalgia Chick recaps Episode Two with a Book Reader (here be potential ‘that wasn’t like the books’ type spoilers)

Think Hero has been waiting for this episode since season 1 

Total Film shocked (in a good way) by an episode 9-caliber hour in the second episode of the season

Afterbuzz excited for the opened “can of worms” (potential ‘that wasn’t like the books’ spoilers)


Show Watchers/Unsullied:

Dino and Byron exult over the Purple Wedding, which Dino dubs one of the best of the series

Otaku Assemble goes live, feels season is now on track, deems episode awkwardly good

What the Flick?!? thinks Joffrey deserved more…

Schmoesknow point out that weddings in this series usually don’t end well

Book Readers:

ComicBookGirl19 reminds us it’s not cool to spoil in comments in her recap of the second episode (comparisons with book)

Ser AxeyFabulous reviews Two Swords as only he can do

Winter is Coming Live Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 2 “The Lion and the Rose” Recap by Winter Is Coming


  • Kinda off topic but does anyone find that the former TWOP / are merely hate watching the series now? Even StillShimpy can’t resist at making fun of the show at a given moment. The board seems jaded and bitter then from before. Also they are not liking the necklace aspect and their primary suspect for the Purple Wedding is Cersei!

  • SoSandrine + AxeChucker >> WIC Live >> SourceFed Nerd

    One does not simply warg into GRRM.

  • Joshua Atreides: Kinda off topic but does anyone find that the former TWOP / are merely hate watching the series now?

    I disagree completely. They are totes excited about episode two, and are loving the murder mystery angle.

    Regarding the necklace, book readers should take a page from their… book. The concept of the Tyrells purposely smuggling the poison in with the hairnet in order to frame Sansa never made much sense. There’s too many ways it could fail (Sansa doens’t wear it, or someone sees the QoT adjusting it, etc). But, that’s what GRRM wrote so they went with it. GRRM’s assassinantion attempts don’t make a lot of sense much of the time – it’s like he’s trying to be too clever. Think about the wineseller poisoner in S1/Game of Thrones.

    Regarding Cersei as a suspect: I think they’ll change their minds pretty quickly once they see what happens next. The only problem at the moment in suspecting the Tyrells is motive. They appear to have everything to lose (which is why it was perfect timing in fact). The idea that Marge would actually become engaged to Tommen has been brought up and discarded as ridiculous, because, well, it kind of is… OTOH, Cersei technically would gain if Joffery dies and Tommen becomes king.


    how would reading the books help if they were indeed “bitter”?

    Anwyay there’s no sign of them being bitter, except maybe 1 person (whom I won’t name, and has always been kinda negative).

  • The funniest thing about the pw is that in one of the behind the scenes videos they showed us an amazing table full of towers of cheese, bread and other edibles as well as a gorgeous wedding cake. They commented all of this was really expensive and hard to do and they explained the significance of every detail, but none of that was seen in the episode. One would think they’d at least have a shot of a table like that especially when it costs so much

  • Axell Florent is Selyse’s uncle and currently watching Storm’s End. Her brother is Ser Erren Florent. Also it was Alester Florent that was burned, since he tried to negotiate the return of Brightwater Keep to his family from Garlan Tyrell with Tywin. Seems like mentioning that Selyse’s family is from the Reach is too minor a detail for the show. You’re dealing with a continent with seven “countries”. There is going to be a metric shit ton of details involved. This isn’t anywhere as hard as trying to understand the history of the Habsburg Family and it’s affect through a milennia of European history.

  • Theory: Who made the pastry? Could it have been Hot Pie? For some reason I want to believe when its all said and done, that its Hot Pie who comes out on top!

  • Josla,
    So, you wanted a full shot/ shots of just food? A real good close up of cheese, grape and bananas?

    Yeah, they should’ve spent at least 20 minutes just zooming in and out the food. That would have been very entertaining and especially faithful to the books.

    I know some people like to complain, but I didn’t expect to read someone complaining about the high production values of the show. Damn.

  • I had a feeling Larry Williams would be back. I enjoy his reviews, even if his relentless hatred for Sansa irks me.

    Speaking of Sansa hate, the woman on What the Flick saying that Sansa is “the dumbest character in the show” kinda made me want to throw my computer out of a window.

  • Gregory:

    Speaking of Sansa hate, the woman on What the Flick saying that Sansa is “the dumbest character in the show” kinda made me want to throw my computer out of a window.

    Yeah me too… and I wanted to throw her by the moon door when she said that… ugh!

  • Sigh. Waaaaay to many articles on WIC now that are related or rehashes of previous articles… hard to keep a continuous discussion anymore.

  • Lord Mord:
    “Valar Morghulis” on Sandrine’s shirt is spelled wrong.

    I thought it was an intentional joke…especially since she pointed it out, but maybe not…

    Nice conversation starter though.

  • slayjoy:
    Sigh. Waaaaay to many articles on WIC now that are related or rehashes of previous articles… hard to keep a continuous discussion anymore.

    Bound to happen once it was acquired. Need to generate as many hits as possible to motivate that revenue stream. Though, for now at least, I’ve mostly appreciated the articles posted.

  • @Bex

    The “What the Flick?!” link links to the wrong review: It links to the review of episode one of the season rather than the one for episode two.

  • LOVE comicbookgirl19 on youtube. Her ‘EPIC HISTORY’ vids of each major house in Westeros are EPIC. If you’ve never checked her out, please do so. Best looking Nerd-girl in the history of Nerd-girls and she knows her stuff.

  • I think Larry is back reviewing because he’s now getting paid by zeebox (now called Beamly) to review for them, so repeating his review for his own youtube channel makes sense.

  • Great recap! I had to re-watch episode 2, because I realized that I didn’t catch all the details with the dwarf battle. It was really well done, with Stannis riding Mel, and Renly riding the Knight of the Flowers, the headless King of the North,Possibly Penny?and it moved too fast! Would more focus on the costumes help? Could Bran’s story have been left for next week, and more attention been paid to the brilliant battle of 5 kings? Joffrey viciously insulted everyone, and then died…

    What’s wrong with the spoilers. I can’t even show them on my laptop!

  • LA Times forum and Flicks in City definitely belong!

    I love these, they’re great time killers. Glad to see better ones establish themselves.

    The TV Show Show is awesome. Trisha is easy on the eyes.

  • those two vids you embeded are awful…literally unwatchable…STOP MUGGING FOR THE CAMERA…crying out loud…so many great podcasts out there will be skipping those maniacs forever…WiC Live is good though…but borderline being too much

  • “Valar Morguhlis”? from the official GoT HBO store? I cannot…

    Also, who the frell is Sandrine and why do i love her so much already?

  • Comicbookgirl19 has the best videos, I actually came here to add her to your video recaps and was happy to see she was already included. The recaps she is doing this year are awesome. There are book comparisons, but not spoilers. She is very careful not to spoil, even disabling comments.

    Side note her house histories are FANTASTIC and hope she finishes the rest of the houses. I also would not consider these spoilers, but there is history that is not in the show, so watcher beware.