Game of Thrones Ned Stark WIC Live

Weapons of Westeros: Ice

Winter is Coming Live chat “Maester” Bryan Forrest is a pretty talented dude. When he isn’t fielding your questions during WIC’s official Game of Thrones recap show, Bryan is an actor, stuntman and a blacksmith!

That is why we knew we were lucky to get Bryan to help out on WIC Live. Recently, we decided to start filming a short new segment called “Weapons of Westeros” where Bryan could talk a little bit about some of the weaponry used in Game of Thrones.

After the jump, check out the first edition of “Weapons of Westeros” where Bryan takes a look at the ancestral sword of House Stark.

Weapons of Westeros: ICE by Winter Is Coming

Bryan Forrest is a diverse entertainer known for his work as a blacksmith, stunt fighter, voice over artist and clown. He attended university to become a classically trained stage actor and ended up studying everything related to performance. Shakespeare, clowning, mask work, puppetry, fencing and ballroom dance were just some of his subjects of study while holding down a job as a Senior Scene Technician at the University’s Scenic Shop for all four years culminating in earning his Bachelor of Fine art from the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Acting Conservatory.