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Game of Thrones Cocktail Recipes: Red Wedding Martini


Watching Game of Thrones, much like coming to WIC to talk about Game of Thrones, is a social activity for many. There are a lot of folks that gather with their friends each week to have “watch parties” so they can take in all the blood-splattering, fire-breathing goodness of HBO’s hit series.

If you’re throwing a GOT watch party, why not have some specialty cocktails to add to the fun?

Jessica Kinney of Winter is Coming Live will now be filming weekly segments during which she presents a Thrones-themed cocktail and shows the audience just how to whip it up.

This week, Jessica is showing us how to make a Red Wedding Martini.

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The Red Wedding Martini

Game of Thrones Themed Cocktails Recipes: Red Wedding Martini by Winter Is Coming


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  • Jessica gets more interesting with each post. And “Valar Morghulis” is spelled correctly on her shirt…not that I’m staring or anything…

  • Anyone else having trouble viewing the newly formatted site on an iPhone? The text is too big for the whole screen to show.

  • Diana,

    Hi everybody, welcome to your cocktail of the week for Game of Thrones for Winter is Coming Live. My name is Jessica Kinney. I’ll be showing you the drink today. We’re going to be doing a Red Wedding Martini. It’s going to have a sugar rim so be kind of sweet on the outside and be bloody and pulpy on the inside.

    First, you just want to take your lime, go around the rim a little bit and get that lime juice on there. An you just dip that into a plate of sugar. Whala.

    Next, we want to take a couple slices of orange. Now, I suggest you use blood orange at home. We have these right now, unfortunately we couldn’t find blood orange but if you can find them it will be definitely better. Put one lime slice in there as well and go ahead and muddle those up. If you don’t have a muddler, you can use the handle of a knife. Just don’t cut yourself.

    Next we are going to get a little bit of ice in there. Now, you’re going to want to do three shots of vodka. I’m using regular but if you want to spice it up a little bit, you can use raspberry, mandarin, maybe even vanilla. That would be good with the orange, I think. You’re going to do three shots of vodka and one shot of cointreau. Shake that up all nice. Empty that into your martini glass and garnish it with a little slice of orange and whala. Mmm.

  • She’s a talker. Talkers make me thirsty.

    Can I has chicken with that? (and Walder Frey’s head)