Game of Thrones Recap Season 4

Video Recap Roundup: Breaker of Chains

For those of the video persuasion, here are this week’s collection of video reviews, discussions and recaps.

Categories for now are Book Readers, Unsullied or a combination of the two. Like with the written recaps, an abundance of opinions were had. For your convenience, the length of the videos are included this week.

Sandrine and His Axcellence break down Breaker of Chains: Show Watcher and Book Reader (7:34). Are you an Unsullied who needs a inside look at the Kings Landing Whodunit? Our friends have got you covered!

ComicBookGirl gives her many Sullied insights this week into the third episode, which she enjoyed: Book Reader, i.e. here be spoilers (18:22)

Gay of Thrones got high off this week’s episode (3:21)



The nerds at SourceFed have a discussion about the finer points (and otherwise) of Breaker of Chains: Show Watchers, Moderated by Book Reader. (20:22)

Nostalgia Chick and Companion are speechless : self-dubbed “Book Virgin” and “Book Slut” (13:12)

ThinkHero puzzle out the poisoning (22:10)

Total Films takes us through the highs, lows and wtf of this week’s episode  (19:13)

Afterbuzz speculate on the happenings of episode 3 (58:54)


Show Watchers/Unsullied:

Dino and Byron break up and will never speak to each other again (Kidding, Byron drops by Dino’s place)   (1:29:50)

Otaku Assemble finds Breaker of Chains a solid episode and dubs the Davos/Shireen scene his favorite (36:10)

What The Flick?!? notes that tons of stuff happened, might rate it among their all-time favorite episodes (50:00)

Schmoesknow points out small moments that could have large parts later in the story. And creepy things. (7:54)


Winter is Coming Live:

Winter is Coming Live Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3 Recap – April 21 by Winter Is Coming



Book Readers:

The preminent chucker of fabulous axes gives a rundown of Episode 2: the Lion and the Rose (7:02)

That’s our smattering of videos for you this week. It’s still a guessing game in terms of categorizing a few of these, so helpful comments are always appreciated.


  • I enjoy comicbookgirl19 videos. Even the ones about stuff I normally wouldn’t care about.

  • Most of the ones linked here are ones I love. My favorites are Dino & Byron, CBG19, and History of Westeros (now that they cover the episodes). But What the Flick? is also a lot of fun. I also have a love/hate relationship with AfterBuzz.

  • I enjoy What the Flick’s coverage with these particular people because it reflects the takeaways of the more invested casual audience. With so many readers running their own review series, very few manage to distinguish themselves, and being a reader myself, they usually cover familiar ground and predictable criticisms. I’m generally much more interested in how people react to the show on its own. There tends to be a lot less baggage.

  • WompWomp,

    I agree!

    I am watching it right now and its so funny that dude thinks the poison was put on the sword? Haha!

    But yes you’re right its fun to hear how the more intelligent TV viewer tries to put all of the storylines/plots together.

    What the Flicks and CBG19 are now my favs…

  • I liked ASOIAF better before every pseudo-intellectual douchebag on the internet had opinions on it. CBG19 I’m looking at you. Stick to the truther conspiracy vids, lady

  • Arthur,

    Yeah, you can’t replace pure enthusiasm. Wish there was more of that going around the informed fandom, to be honest. This season has been an embarrassment of riches so far. Even the Sam scenes. I’m just so pleased to see the Night’s Watch whole again.


    I just wish her pet robot would project and enunciate more. That’s my only gripe.

  • WompWomp,

    Me too! I noted it in my response to the first episode, but I’m loving the NW stuff. I’m sure that I’ve been one of the more annoying critics of Kit as Jon Snow but I loved what he brought to the show so far this season. It must be that I’ve just missed having them all together at Castle Black.

    As for video reviews, I’ve long been partial to What the Flick but I wasn’t wild about the first review this year. Was too short, and the guys I’m used to weren’t there. Any other fans of that one? Have the two newest reviews been better?

  • Zack,

    The last one is the first What the Flick one I’ve watched, and I enjoyed it a lot (except for a few remarks about the rape).

  • Huck,

    They’re part of the TYT Network, which is a very liberal-leaning group, but a few of their staff can be fairly coarse when it comes to such issues. It’s regrettable, but not inherently malicious.


    I try to see the best in the show as often as I can, but I still think Jon could have been handled better in S2 without affecting the integrity of the production. Bygones are bygones, though, and even before S4, I noticed just how much more I enjoyed S1 than I remembered, even after the highs of S3. Part of it was the joy of seeing at least some of the Starks in each other’s company most of the season, seeing them all together at the start, and observing Jon Snow and his brothers at the Wall warm up to each other. I’m surprised by how much I missed Pyp.

  • Dino and Byron’s reviews are excellent. If I were unsullied I would not be as smart as them when it comes to analyzing and making predictions

  • CBG19 had me at “Welcome”. Great attitude. I guess I prefer the female perspective when reviewing GoT with book references. Smart, Sullied, cartographically-inclined, tattooed women with purple punk hair, crazy black cats, comic-book wallpaper and dumb robot pals are so damn sexy. Will tune in again. Thx for the post.

  • Huck:

    The last one is the first What the Flick one I’ve watched, and I enjoyed it a lot (except for a few remarks about the rape).

    Thanks! I’ll watch it tomorrow.

  • jentario,

    Someone’s trying awful hard to be legitimately funny…

    P.S. They’re spelled “crêpes.” Don’t expect to scrape by in France with spelling like that. [laughs]

  • I love What the Flick, it’s my go-to review. This week’s was funny, when Cenk got close to guessing R+L = J.

    I’ve also been enjoying Larry so far this year.

  • I’m an Unsullied and enjoy reading and hearing about the past events and deeper explainations of the world. So I watch Inside the episode and find it interesting to read the history in the game of thrones wiki (NOT the ASOIAF). Comicbookgirl19 is her, the bookreader, and the Robot who i think is Unsullied. Anyway I don’t think they spoil anything (not what I’m aware of at least) other than the past..

  • CBG19 sometimes spoils things. She mostly does a good job but every now and then she talks about things that haven’t happened yet, either because she thinks they won’t be doing it (like the Arya/Hound fight in episode 4.01, which she essentially spoiled in her 3.10 review), or making references to things that aren’t obvious to the casual fan because the show hasn’t tackled it yet. But I still think her reviews are awesome.

  • I just noticed the other video links on the page. I nearly choked listening to Gay of Thrones. Loved all his names for the characters.

  • Lex,

    Every monday. I watch Larry first. What the Flick doesn’t always have the same crew, but the crew that recapped ep. 3 is my favorite trio. What a poker face on John (the book reader) when Cenk was … speculating.

  • What the Flick is the current king of GoT recaps and reviews. CBG19 and Game of Owns are great as well.

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  • ace: surely you jape

    Only an ape in a cape would jape of rape while eating crêpes filled with grapes behind closed drapes.

  • CBG19 is my favorite. She knows her stuff, is sexy as hell, and has a Lannister tattoo. What more could a man ask for?