Arya Stark Interview Maisie Williams

Highlights from Maisie Williams’ Live Q&A with HBO Connect

Yesterday, HBO Connect held a live Q&A with Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams. Maisie fielded a variety of questions from the fans about her work on the show as well as her personal life. Here are a few of the best Thrones/Arya related answers:

Firebyte1: Which do you think was the most epic Arya moment?

Maisie Williams says: I still quite like the most recent episode. Killing Polliver was pretty cool and I liked that so far. I think Episode 3 of this year when she’s talking to the farmer and the Hound and she’s lying about the Hound being her father and all that. It’s a big deal because Arya can pretend and for her that was a pretty cool moment where she can actually lie to everyone and still come out on top.

JAKE_CLEGG: What is the most significant experience you’ve taken away from working on the set of Game of Thrones so far?

Maisie Williams says: I think I just matured. That’s the biggest thing I could have taken away from the whole thing. I’ve had a fast track to who I want to be. I know all of my friends are struggling to what to pick in college and I’ve been given a fast pass to kick start my future. To have an ambition and a goal at this stage is amazing. I can’t ask for anything else, I’m so grateful. What I can take away is that I’ve been given the chance to do what I love. I’ve got my foot in the door and I’m not going to back down on doing what I love.

ElusiveIllusion: What is the costume process like during filming? Is Arya’s clothing comfortable?

Maisie Williams says: I wouldn’t say any costumes on GoT are comfortable (and that’s coming from the character with the most comfortable outfit). If I’m not comfortable, I can’t imagine what Cersei feels like! The costume process because we shoot in Belfast, I wear two layers of thermals, skin colored socks, my trousers, my costume top and my jacket thing and my belt and sword and I have a massive neck rag. The neck rag sounds like a scarf but every morning I have to get stitched into it. And then I wear boots…Arya Stark is a trendsetter!

MRTN93: how much chicken can you and the hound eat put together?

Maisie Williams says: It would be in the thousands somewhere. I am such a chicken fiend! At the end of the day they had so many chicken legs we didn’t end up eating so I took them home with me. I was like it’s free chicken guys, what’s wrong with you! I didn’t have to buy any dinner that night, I was beaming from ear to ear when I walked back to the car with the box full of chicken. I’m really happy, I’m glad that the world liked that scene.

For the full Q&A visit HBO Connect.