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Pictures from Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 4 “Oathkeeper”

Pictures from this Sunday’s new episode of Game of Thrones, “Oathkeeper,” have been released. This batch includes a new look at Daenerys and her trusted advisors, Brienne of Tarth looking usually serious, Bran and Hodor in front of a fire, and some familiar shots of Jaime Lannister and Jon Snow.


  • I wonder if dany will be gifting armor to barristan as she did in the books while in meereen? I’d like to see what they come up with for him if they decide to keep that in the show!

  • Bran looks like a little Eskimo girl lol.
    Can’t wait for the next episode.

    Just noticed the sword in the back of the Bran’s pic.

  • I don’t know how I’d survive the wait without… Thank you all, Internet overlords

  • The picture that features Bran was clearly taken in or adjacent to an indoor location – a cabin of some kind. Obviously the exact nature of the location can’t be definitively ascertained, but that sure looks like it could be Craster’s Keep. Possible confirmation that he gets captured by the mutineers?

  • Surely they could’ve done better than 3 shots of Jon with the same outfit in the same place and probably the same scene too. He can switch sword hands as much as he wants, but I’d rather see more Night’s Watch characters in full view. First World problems, I know.

    EDIT: Though on the note of those straw dollies, I hope they use them in the barracks like in the books, and maybe bring in Satin from Mole’s Town (though I have a feeling that farm boy Guymon is the show’s version of him).

    I’m mostly looking forward to seeing Jaime and Brienne’s interactions return, especially as it’s Cogman’s first of two episodes this season and it’ll be their last interaction for quite a while.

  • Bran being at Craster’s seems too much like the scene from last season, where he barely missed meeting up with Jon. I hope they don’t go that route again.

  • Wish we could get more wolf scenes.. I know its expensive, but how about a short Wolf Montage? I’ll take Ghost, Summer, Shaggy, but I really want to see Nymeria & her pack.

  • JR,

    I miss the wolves most of all :( :( :(
    Not a majority opinion: but I like Direwolves more than Dragons. There are more situations where they can use Ghost or Summer. They are hard to control just like Dragons, but at least more practical to include.

  • jwal,

    Oh, maybe they’ll have Ghost bound in to save Jon during the attack at Craster Keep? It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve used the direwolves as a deus ex machina, or even the fourth really. It would be a decent way to reintroduce Ghost, who was last seen walking into the woods around the Keep. I’m not keen on the idea but I accept it as a possibility.

  • –Wow, Hodor looking pissed off and dangerous!?

    –And I just have to say, I’m so jealous of Jon’s hair. What I wouldn’t give to have curls like that….sigh…..

    –Is it me or is Barristan looking decidedly pudgy in that first pic? Does that look like they’re inside of Meereen?

    –Can’t wait to see Brienne’s reaction to being given the new armor and the new sword. I wonder how long it will take Twyin to notice that it’s gone?

  • JR,
    Valyrian Plastic,

    They could do some really great montage scenes using a doggie cam…how much does that cost in the grand scheme of things anyway?!

    I keep wondering why they aren’t showing them more. It’s making me think that the wolves aren’t really that important to the long term story. Maybe it was only ever the warging ability that was important and the wolves were just a means to transfer that knowledge to the reader.

    So, I too am disappointed in how little we see of the wolves.

  • Dark Heart,

    Direwolves have been seriously underrated since season 2. Ghost is a ghost. At least we get to see them from time to time, especially with Bran & Summer.

  • Mrs. D. Ranged in AZ,

    I was thinking the same about Barristan… Although to be fair he is not in a good angle and It doesn’t help either that he is standing next to Jorah who looks there like some kind of middle aged male model.

  • It’s fitting that Cogman should write the Oathkeeper scene given that he did the tub scene.

  • I feel like this is going to be a slow episode! Perhaps the slowest of season, hopefully im wrong…

  • chamush,

    I have a feeling it will be kind of like kissed by fire from last season (also written by Cogman). It wasn’t the most action-packed episode but it had some great character scenes like Jaime and Brienne in the tub and the Tywin/ Cersei/ Tyrion scene and the end where Tywin told Tyrion he must marry Sansa. It was my second favourite of season 3 so I have high hopes for Oathkeeper.

  • chamush,

    Slow isn’t a bad thing, if the dialogue is sharp. Just from the previews, it seems like it will be a very Jaime-centric episode. We know he has a scene with Cersei, a scene with Tyrion, a scene with Bronn, and at least 1 scene with Brienne. The scene with Littlefinger and Sansa should be great, and looks to feature Littlefinger’s monologue from the book. Lots to look forward to.

  • Greenjones,

    I vaguely recall that Cogman expressed some affinity for certain characters, Jaime and Brienne in particular. For whatever reason, he can really get into their heads and I think he’s awesome at it. I’m really looking forward to this episode moreso than usual because he wrote it.

  • jentario,

    Pfft. We can never have too much Jaime, except for the scene that shall not be named. Jaime or Sam? Hmm, I’ll take more Jaime.

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Too much Sam in episode 3 really killed the pacing. It was if they rushed all the big scenes into as little time as possible and they gave us ten straight minutes of Sam staring at Gilly with his *oops I shit my pants* face. I like Sam and love John Bradly, but that Sansa scene could have used a few more seconds, that Dany scene could have used minutes, that Jon scene where they move immediately from discussing the Thenns to Grenn and Edd (casual viewers everywhere: who?) arriving after escaping Craster’s Keep and the mutineers could have been two separate scenes, and they really didn’t explain it well. Rushed episode + ten minute Sam scene… I guess they were running out of money :/

  • So characters confirmed for this week:

    -Dany, Jorah, Barristan, Grey Worm
    -Jamie, Brienne, Cersei, Tommen, Tyrion
    -Littlefinger, Sansa
    -Bran, Hodor
    -Jon, Thorne and probably new recruit Locke

    That’s a rather small set of characters. We know we’re getting a lot of King’s Landing, but that doesn’t quite cover the length of an episode does it? Are we going to see a lot of the rest of the groups or are HBO hiding some scenes from us? I’d really like a Bolton scene now…

  • WeirwoodTreeHugger,

    Dany banishing Jorah and the dragon’s munching on a kid and getting chained will be good as well. And we’ll get a sex scene too, not that that means too much. Also, they’re probably making a lot of changes to Meereen- hopefully it will be more interesting in the show.

  • jentario,

    Pimp, You’re spot on with Sam. Those two Sam scenes dragged so badly that it was painful to watch the second time around. In fact, I just fast forwarded that shit, boring…

  • Cant wait for the the sonsof the harpy.
    Should show them targaryens how things go in Meereen.
    End of fairytale for Khaleesi.

  • Half the comments I write disappear into the void. Is anyone else experiencing this?


    I had an answer for you but it got sucked away. The gist is that they’ve already used the “small team infiltrates Meereen from the back door and open the gates for Dany’s army” thing in Yunkai. Meereen will be different- it seems like a slave revolt.

  • jentario:
    Half the comments I write disappear into the void. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    This happened to me the other day within the “Recap Roundup” discussion I was having with Turncloak. Sometimes after “active” posting and editing, it seems the system misinterprets your activity as spam and subsequently sends most everything from your alias to the spam folder. You have to send a raven to the editor to get your alias back to normal posting mode.

    [or its the FS folk messing with you…]

  • wizardeyes:
    House Mormont,

    Maybe if the show actually gave him something to do he would shed a few pounds…

    Ha, yeah. There are few things about the show that have genuinely bugged me but this is one of them.

  • Jeff O’Connor,

    Yeah although to be fair I only started to really like Barristan when I read his PoV chapters – he should get his chance to shine in the show once Jorah is out of the picture.

  • Watched the wedding again plus e3 with an unsullied fan, then the wedding again. Then referred back to e1 n laid it all out. I felt guilty but they asked for it. I double checked but they said go. It felt so good :D finally s3 is over (for me). I can sit back n look forward to more superawesomewtf.


    I need this season to end as the book does. Oh em jee <3

    ps pls no more Daarionoob

  • Annara Snow,

    That occurred to me too, then I thought, that it might also be after Bran wargs into him and Hodor is not best pleased with it.. Then again, we’ve never seen Hodor have a hostile thought or expression ever, so you’re probably right.

  • jentario,

    You’re not the first person to say that the Sam scene lasted 10 minutes. What gives? It was more like, 5 minutes, between both scenes.

  • cosca: Yeah although to be fair I only started to really like Barristan when I read his PoV chapters – he should get his chance to shine in the show once Jorah is out of the picture.


    It just felt like ten minutes.

  • Really looking forward to this episode, more than the others after it (until ep 8). Not sure why though, the title of the episode perhaps?

  • UnbowdUnbentedUnhodor:
    Really looking forward to this episode, more than the others after it (until ep 8). Not sure why though, the title of the episode perhaps?

    It’s one of Cogman’s two episodes this season. Cogman has a good track record so far, so this episode should be pretty good.

  • ^Do the eps. always begin where the recaps leave off? If so it would make sense to begin with the revolt, sort of like how another Cogman ep. “Kissed by Fire” began with the Hound vs. Beric. It’s an interesting move putting action at the beginning rather than the end of an episode but it worked well in that case because then they could have a bunch of Arya/BWB scenes after it.

  • That’s Benjen Stark’s (50/50) sword behind Bran, if you look at pics from season one, his sword’s pommel is round and flat with a little knob at the top. Just like the one in Bran’s photo.

  • Guys Ser Barristan is so fat because they’re merging his character with that of Strong Belwas

  • JR,

    What ever happened to ‘ Ghost ” ? seems like he disappeared from the TV series all together …

  • I’m not sure if this will sound creepy or not, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Dany in that Meereeneese dress we’ve seen flashes of in some BTS clips.

    P.S. House Bolton, House Frey, Stannis Baratheon, Sons of the Harpies. Valar Morghulis.

  • Broken Wolf,

    Given that it is a sex-filled show based on sex-filled books, a comment like that really isn’t creepy at all, or out of place. It is a great dress and she looks great in it. Better than she’s looked since episode 101 really.

  • LMFAO at the the Barriston clowning. I mean, poor guy. But these comments are too funny, can’t help it. Perhaps THIS is how McElhinney prepares for the role.

    Cannot wait for Sunday, bloody sunday.

  • Sister Wrister,

    Hah, cool reference! I picked up that book a fortnight ago on eBay and it’s really good, I’m really looking forward to a follow-up. I’m surprised that Fury hasn’t cracked down on all these jokes yet.

    They ought to have a replacement scene for the Mero fight in the books which can’t happen now. Just something that get’s him fighting fit in time for the Battle of Fire. The one time he’s drawn his sword so far in the show is to throw it at Joffrey’s feet.

  • There are 8 swords in a circle on the wall behind Lady Brienne. DOES THIS MEAN TO HELL WITH THE SEVEN??? THE SHOW WILL GO 8 SEASONS!


    Bran’s cool. Lets get him a lightsaber already.

  • Valyrian Plastic,

    I need to get that book! A friend has it, I have yet to indulge. And you make a good point. The crackdown may be as immanent as a Barriston the Bloated screen name. :)

  • Leave Barristan alone, it’s not like he is fighting that much at the moment. And Ian McElhinney, as has already been stated, is an older gentleman. I find him attractive anyway. Jeez, imagine this was an attack on an actress’s weight…

    Ghost was last seen by Sam at Craster’s Keep. I am still convinced he will play a role there. Maybe not meeting up with Jon yet, but it could be karma if he ends up ripping Rast’s throat out. A Summer/Ghost meeting would be cool too.

  • Morna the Witch:
    Leave Barristan alone, it’s not like he is fighting that much at the moment.

    This was wizardeyes’ point :D just havin a laugh, that’s all. And yes, he is a handsome dude. Even in his Belwas costume

  • I’d choose direwolves against dragons anytime ! But D&D dont seem to be on the same page ! We need more wolves actions ! I’m starting to suspect we wont see Ghost at all this season ! But reintroduce him for the Craster’s raid is a good idea if ever !

    I doubt we will ever see Barristan fight. Ian McElhinney is great portraying him but I dont think seing him fight would give the character justice !

  • I really hope Arya is in the next episode (Episode 5). I would be annoyed if she misses two episodes in a row

  • Sister Wrister,

    He’s not THAT fat, it’s him standing awkwardly with his back angled. Else we would have noticed in previous episodes. All the outdoor scenes were filled back to back in Croatia, so unless he gained a helicopter over a day, I doubt that image really shows Ian well. I mean, he isn’t the fittest man in the world but he isn’t the fattest either. I’ve seen interviews, he’s not fat at all…

  • jentario,

    It’s not that the great warrior, Ser Barristan, comes across as “fat” in the show, it is about his lethargic storyline. He rarely shares any of the infinite wisdom that he carries with him to Dany. Besides a few anecdotes about Rhaegar and a quick manticore skewering, he has been relegated to almost nothing of interest. As another poster said earlier, if anything, they need to “fatten” up his contributions. (fingers crossed)

  • I’ve just realised how many curtain calls we’re gonna be getting this year. Episode 8 – Pedro Pascal. Episode 9 – Rose Leslie. Episode 10 – Charles Dance and Sibel Kikelli.

  • wizardeyes:
    I’ve just realised how many curtain calls we’re gonna be getting this year. Episode 8 – Pedro Pascal. Episode 9 – Rose Leslie. Episode 10 – Charles Dance and Sibel Kikelli.

    No love for Styr or Lysa or Orell’s eagle? :) Rast and Karl are going down too!

  • Arkash,

    I reckon he could do a fight. I’m sure Mcelhinney would be up for it – the writer’s just need to give him the opportunity!

    I really hope he gets some awesome dragon-themed Queens Guard armour for season 5

  • wizardeyes:
    I’ve just realised how many curtain calls we’re gonna be getting this year. Episode 8 – Pedro Pascal. Episode 9 – Rose Leslie. Episode 10 – Charles Dance and Sibel Kikelli.

    We’re also getting one for the hound. I don’t think it will be revieled this season that he survives and becomes a gravedigger for the faith

  • Valyrian Plastic,

    That is what I thought as well regarding the farmboy being a sub for Satin. Makes sense the way they slowed down the scene to show him watching Ygritte. Jon will teach him to shoot and the kid will end up killing Ygritte at the battle at the Wall I’m guessing.

  • I have to agree with most on this post (rhyme unintentional)that D&D need to have Ser Barristan the bad ass display his fighting prowess, sooner than later. Casual fans I am sure would love to watch him cut through enemies like cutting through cake. Wow and epiphany, was Ser Barristan behind Joff’s demise? Remember the threat he spoke before Joff at his dismissal. The cake was poisoned.

  • jentario,

    I caught the thread at just the right point in my cups that the progression of fat jokes was really funny to me. He’s all good, and I don’t think anybody was really getting personal.

    And yes, for one of the greatest swordsman in Westeros, and self-proclaimed victor of more single combat situations than any man alive, both he the warrior and he the historian are getting a bit sluggish (there is only so much screentime to go around, yeah yeah). I hope we get some more dialog out of him, with Dany, at some point this season. Perhaps the same ep. as some Branvisions, maybe even some RV/Mountain lead up, to tie in some Targ history. Barriston the Bold is a great window into Rhaegar and Robert’s Rebellion, and would work great opposite some other perspectives.

  • Sister Wrister,

    I think it’s time for ‘Mr.Friendzone’ to be banished so Barristan can take on a greater role. Sorry Ser Pedo Bear, go have some fun with the Imp.

  • Actually it would work quite well if Alliser Thorne dies in the battle because then Janos would need someone else to suck up to – que Stannis and his awesome put-downs. “Shut your sniveling Janos. You were a lecherous cretin when I knew you and I see you haven’t changed.”

  • Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Yes, it’s time for some terribly awkward unrequited love, followed by hangover style whoring and face tats . Where is Mike Tyson when you need him?

  • Sister Wrister: There are 8 swords in a circle on the wall behind Lady Brienne. DOES THIS MEAN TO HELL WITH THE SEVEN??? THE SHOW WILL GO 8 SEASONS!

    “Lots of cunts.”

    RE: Thorne & Janos & the LC vote. Thorne could die at the attack and perhaps Locke being sent to the Wall could serve in Thorne’s place as Slynt’s smarmy fuckwit and also take the place of sending someone to the wall later to murder Jon? Just a thought. 98% probability of being absolutely wrong. :)

  • gewa76,

    Well, the video was removed. Can anyone hint in as spoilerless away at what this scene was (I want this season to surprise me, when it can)? Was it really Barristan fighting?

  • Instead of Barristan the Bold, they need to start calling him Barristan the Blimp. I think he’s a BIG fan of lemon cakes too. He and Sansa should start a new house, “House Lemon Cake”

  • the “we have to go back to Crastar`s keep and kill Karl and Rast thing” wasn’t in the books right ?