Game of Thrones Humor

Printable Game of Thrones Chess Set

The folks over at Lightly Buzzed have created a printable Game of Thrones chess set!

Here at WIC, we get a lot of videos, drawings and other various submissions from fans of the show. It really is amazing the creativity our readers possess and the show certainly helps bring out that creativity.

With so many diverse characters in the Game of Thrones world, we imagine one could craft many different combinations beyond Starks vs. Lannisters. We wouldn’t mind seeing a set of White Walkers and maybe even some Freys. According to Lightly Buzzed, they’l be releasing a new set each week!

You can get all the pieces and instructions over at Lightly Buzzed. 

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Get the entire set at Lightly Buzzed. 

What other houses and characters would you like to see Lightly Buzzed create?