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Game of Thrones Oathkeeper: Live Stream Recap

This week saw another great episode of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones but like most episodes we’ve seen there were more questions raised than answers given. Thankfully, the hosts of Winter Is Coming Live are here to provide us with analysis from this week’s episode and will dig into the roots of Oathkeeper to find out just what exactly we can expect to see moving forward.

Join your host Adam Rady, along with Tybee Diskin, “Maester” Bryan Forrest and this week’s special guest, Alison Haislip.

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If you have questions for our hosts, leave them in the comments below and they might answer them live. You can also participate in the live chat that will start once the show begins streaming, right here. 

The Oathkeeper recap show will stream live at 12 p.m. ET and you can get the discussion rolling by asking questions in the comments now.

Winter is Coming Live Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4 Recap – April 28 by Winter Is Coming

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  • Awesome, i’m finally awake early enough to catch the show Live! Really cool that Alison Haislip is a guest, too. I don’t have any questions for the hosts, though. I was just excited. Carry on.

  • This is a question for the non-book reader: how did you feel during the Tommen and Margaery scene and where do you think the two will go from there?

  • Adam, Rady…. are these episodes now ahead of the books in any way? And will Margaerty & Tommen eventually do the ‘horizontal bop’ ?

  • What made the white walkers come back, and is the reason craster gave them his sons was to keep the whie walkers away

  • For the first time, I was actually completely surprised by a episode, good job to the writers!!!

  • Re. Tommen. It seems abnormally normal that a King and a young man(nearly) should have a pet cat. Makes him seem almost almost unique.

  • How long is it to the beginning? I’m sorry, I’m from Europe, non-English-speaking country and I’m not exactly sure about US time, so I was just wondering whether I could watch it live or not… Thanks for a kind answer and sorry to bother.

    Anyway, this was a great episode and as a Sullied I really appreaciate the element of surprise it contained. The show might be diversing from the books, but I dare to say the it does it in quite a faithful way, so I hope we see more of these nicely surprising episodes.

    And if I can have a question, how serious do you think is the White Walkers’ theat getting now, after we’ve seen more of them? Do the Seven Kingdoms stand any chance against them?

  • I hope white walkers story unfolds more , and after watching 3 seasons , I am expecting another stark is gona end up on spike.

  • I hope white walkers story unfolds more , and after watching 3 seasons , I am expecting another stark is gona end up on spike. ;D