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Spirits of Westeros: Tyrion-tini

The folks over at WIC Live have released another Game of Thrones cocktail idea in a new edition of Spirits of Westeros! Last time we learned how to make The Bloody Melisandre and the week before that we learned how to make a Red Wedding Martini. This time around, Jessica Kinney shows us how to whip up a Tyrion-tini, aptly named after Tyrion Lannister.

Tyrion is at an interesting crossroads in the series as he’s currently being held captive by the Lannisters — his own family — on suspicion of killing Joffrey. While we know that Tyrion is innocent, he’s consistently gotten the short end of the stick from his family.

Right about now, Tyrion could use a good drink and knowing that he’s not yet safe from Cersei means we can all use a drink to take our minds off of things, so why not make it a Tyrion-tini?

Spirits of Westeros: Tyrion-tini by Winter Is Coming

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  • Love the necklace. Nice touch. Jessica, you are such a lush! What would you serve to the Hound if he stopped by? Are you the new owner of the Inn at the Crossroads?

    Also, for the director, Jessica needs to be in HD please.

    Finally, the acronym for this segment is very tempting but not appropriate.

  • I know running a site aint cheap… but all this commercialism is ruining this corner of the GOT fanspace…thats my opinion…

  • Alright, this is the first one of these spirits of westeros segments that looks like a real recipe, I mean, the Red wedding martini was a DISGRACE, that thing was practically straight up vodka. lol

  • Why only spirits? What about all the food? For example, Tyrion’s Turtle Stew, Bowl of Brown Fleabottom Style, or Hot Pie’s Wolf Bread?

  • I do think that if set in more modern times I could imagine Tyrion always with a martini in hand as opposed to ale/wine he drinks in Westeros. Almost James Bondesque in a tuxedo.